Waking into Nightmares: State of our Union 1

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D.L. Crumpton

Daniel Louis Crumpton is a political activist, poet, artist, student of comparative religions, philosopher and novelist whose debut novel "THEN CAME THE FLOOD" is soon to be released.
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We are on the cusp, lassies and laddies. We are on the absolute cusp of the turning point in history and I look around and wonder just how many of you out there are actually aware of this fact. You see one of the first things you notice when you manage to fiddle your fingers to the back of your skull with the direct desire of removing the plug inserted into your cerebellum, is that our generation (and when I say our generation I mean those of us privileged enough to be alive on this planet at this particular moment in time) has been somehow deceived into believing that there is no more history. We have been fitted with the collar of obedience by thinking that all that can happen has happened already and all we are doing is holding down the fort. I cannot express to you how futile and fruitless that line of thinking actually is. Let’s take a real, long, hard look at this shall we.

Lets face it, most of the people alive today might as well be soaking in the cyber pod simulated reality we see so prevalent in science fiction these days. Their world may be only in the early days of such a matrix but we on the outside can see the desired effect has still been achieved. Most people’s idea of how the world is and how the world should be is directly formed by the monster in our living rooms and bedrooms known as the television. It, for the masses, has written a narrative of reality and the masses have swallowed it sweet in their mouth and bitter in their belly. They walk around in an unprofound daze, these left brainers as I coin them. Only able to have thoughts in the left side of their brain which we all know lacks the creativity and imagination which is required to really get what’s going on here. Their best friends are judges on meaningless idol shows, their dearest family ties are in the sitcoms they never miss, and what they will wear to work tomorrow will indeed be predetermined by someone spotted on the red carpet of a place made of stone and sand like every other place. They will passionately pronounce their theories on why so and so should win the singing contest, or have a winded discourse on why Jennifer Lopez done been did dirty to but what do you expect from those of us who were raised on MTV and babysat by Kurt Loder and Kennedy? We are a generation that willingly walk around like human commercials and billboards adorning ourselves with name brand sneakers and trendy shirts with logos emblazed across the front so others passing us by know round about how much we spent for a shirt or a pair of jeans that otherwise is inferior when it comes to actually serving the purpose of covering us up and sparing us from the elements. Our cars have now become clownish candy wrappers and the vocabulary of the many has been reduced to what can fit into a text on the face of the latest cell phone that we fit snugly into the back pocket of our pants which now have to be pulled up every other second because their usual placement is well below the area of the crotch.

There are some in this stock having one foot firmly planted in the materialistic, realize that perhaps they should also be somewhat aware of what’s going on in the world in case they are ever engaged in a conversation about such topics. So they dabble in the realm of world news, and in my estimation are much more dangerous to us than those who simply choose to ignore it all together. The reason I say this is because they limit their delving of the news to small sound bites or five minute pieces aired on the propaganda channel of their choice and walk away feeling they are fully informed when in fact they couldn’t be more ignorant than they were before. Yet, with this flimsy idea of knowing what’s going on they actually go out and vote sometimes and heaven forbid; run for public office on occasion. If there is any doubt to this statement all you need to do is take a look at the current field of candidates running for president of these United States. How is it possible that such a gang of no nothings have managed to slither upwards into the public eye and somehow convince a multitude that they are operating on all cylinders in the area of logical and rational thought? They have though, and what are the fruits of this labor?

FOX=Good guys\Other guys=Bad guys

Our country is suppose to be different. Its suppose to be a beacon of freedom, peace and prosperity for the world to envy and to top it all off we invite the downtrodden to make their way to our shores and become a part of such a great experiment, namely a nation not ruled by monarchs or the power elite, but ruled by the people who are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. To secure this we even have a document called the constitution which enshrines these ideas and to which we demand all in office swear an oath of allegiance to its inklings. How’s that working out for us? Not so good I would have to say. We look to our economy and see it is completely controlled by a privately owned Federal Reserve which can simply print up unseemly amounts of monopoly dollars at the drop of a hat…any hat, and often done before congress can put its hand out. The money is created from thin air, loaned out, and on it interest which is passed on to you and I to pay back with the curious technicality of it actually being impossible to pay back never brought up. I mean have you ever stopped to think about our national debt? Have you ever wondered how insane it is that we are suppose to live in the wealthiest most powerful country in the world yet somewhere on Times Square is a billboard with digital numbers in the negative racing across the eye at warp speed? I mean, you, Billy Smith or Ethel Jones, why is it that you feel obligated to take your hard earned money, money you have created by the sweat of your brow and the passion of your heart, money which in all actuality says something about your value as a human being and send it off to a system which will put it to uses you probably despise and find abhorrent? What are we doing? Why do we not all see the madness of this and if by chance we do why are we only shrugging our shoulders as if this is the way its suppose to be?

I assume that none of us are actually still under the illusion that there is a terrorist hiding under every doormat or that all our mail is being spiked with anthrax cocktails. I’m sure that most of us know by now that the myth of radical Islamism coming to kill us in our shopping malls is nothing more than a creepy bed time story to keep us distracted from the fact that the C.I.A is actually responsible for putting drugged out, brown skinned, teenagers on airplanes with M-80’s in their fruit of the looms to keep the show going. So why is it then that our government can pass laws like the NDAA which aims to protect Americans by making all Americans terrorists, forever deprived of habeas corpus and subject to a black bag over the head never to be seen again? Why would we allow them to do this knowing full well that the war on terror is actually a war on the frightened and insecure? How is it that we consistently fail to heed the warnings of Ben Franklin when told never to sacrifice liberty for security?
These crusty old suits filled with what once were men who congregate in the halls of the district of Columbia and simply throw darts at a map of the middle east to choose where next they will claim their little Frankenstein, Al Qaeda is plotting and planning take no thought to the lives which will be shattered and lost at their whimsical wars. They do not see children kissing their uniformed father goodbye, possibly for the last time. They cannot hear the cries of the maimed and crippled civilians of the countries they send eighteen year olds to fly a video game controlled predator drone over reigning hellfire below as it whizzes by. No, the fact that our military has an epidemic of suicides and untreated PTSD does not phase them at all. The depleted uranium which caresses the ammunition they use seeps into their skin and sends them home with a lot of little unexpected treasures like testicular cancer for one, or two. Those of us who have compassion on the soldiers and civilians caught up in a spider web neither weaved and stand up to suggest that perhaps we should stop abusing their loyalty to follow orders by sending them all around the world in wars as of yet undeclared, we are branded with labels like unpatriotic or accused of not supporting the troops. As if sending young men and women into the battle field for three, four, five on up tours of duty which is undoubtedly taking a toll on their psyche somehow equals supporting the troops.

To be continued…


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About D.L. Crumpton

Daniel Louis Crumpton is a political activist, poet, artist, student of comparative religions, philosopher and novelist whose debut novel "THEN CAME THE FLOOD" is soon to be released.

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