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Dorian Flagg

Dorian Flagg is a journalist, satirist, and political activist currently in the 8th congressional district of Georgia.
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If you happen to be down in Valdosta, Georgia near 2001 West Gordon Street you may per chance come across a little shop called “Divided By Zero”. I have not been there myself, though …and for purely journalistic reasons…I may be in the near future. This shop which I think the kiddies still call a “head shop”, seems to be in the middle of a controversial whirlwind right now and there’s nothing more I love to do than go fishing in the middle of a whirlwind. Evidently the owners and operators of “Divided by Zero” have a political sign out in front of their privately owned business, and not just any political sign either. No, this sign is a political sign which evokes hatred, oppression and violence. It’s a Ron Paul sign.

How this unfolded, to my understanding, is a concerned citizen happened to either patron “Divided by Zero”, or drive by the storefront and became startled such a derisive message of hatred, oppression and violence was being displayed as an affront to the community. This good citizen, Allison Parsons, performed her civic duty to the community by racing to find their face book page and asking the question quite boldly as to why they had a Ron Paul sign out front “do you not want any black customers?”. This apparently snowballed into a boycott put up on face book by Allison Parsons against “Divided By Zero”, to which her intent is to discourage potential customers of this small business because of their association with Ron Paul and his ideals.

Ron Paul did not support the Civil Rights Act nor does he support taxpayers contributing for a woman’s right to choose, clearly racist and bigoted positions in Allison Parsons eyes. Therefore because those positions represent the promotion of hatred, oppression and violence the power of force from the community should be utilized to compel the individual business to comply with its wishes. The community cannot tolerate hatred, oppression and violence therefore must condemn “Divided By Zero” based on their associations to politicians representing such views. So there you have it. This is the situation as your narrator has understood it thus far. Now what I am going to do is climb inside my magical, phone booth like, evocation of the First Amendment and give you my opinion of this little tug of ideological war. Allison Parsons is absolutely correct. One should be held accountable to the views, ideals and actions of the political figures they associate themselves with. It is every individual’s responsibility to educate themselves as to the platform of their preferred candidate and buy into them wholeheartedly, both fully informed as to its agenda and fully prepared to help carry it out. If you hook your wagon to a horse you go right off the cliff with the thing, that about right? Now let’s suspend the notion that Ron Paul’s positions on the Civil Rights Act and women’s rights reflect Allison Parson’s imagination of them for just a little while and run with her logic on this little spat.

A brief click surf through the social peep stone of our personal comings and goings would certainly lead one to believe that this concerned citizen of the community, Parsons, is a true blue democrat. She is all about empowering the rights of minority groups and women. It would also lead one to believe that she is most definitely a supporter of Barack Obama. Wagon is now attached to horse.

One of the primary supporters of Barack Obama is of course Planned Parenthood. In fact, Planned Parenthood and the entire democrat party are practically intertwined like a double helix. Planned Parenthood makes contraceptives and legal abortions readily available for minorities, specifically targeting the African American communities. Planned Parenthood, when conceived…hardy har har…was known as the American Birth Control League; its founder was one Margaret Sanger. Now this part is history so pay close attention because when one knows history one is more capable of making important life decisions and not spin their wheels on petty crusades which in the end amount to nothing in the dust bin of history.

Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist. This is a person who does not recognize the rights of individuals, rather only the rights of the collective, or “community”. The individual’s rights are secondary to the good of the whole. In her case the good of the whole was creating a super race amongst mankind, therefore for the greater good the individual was now simply collateral damage. In her view certain “races” were less evolved than others and simply existed as weeds among the garden of man, fit only to be plucked up and destroyed until whole stocks of “inferior genetics” were eliminated from the population completely. Thanks to the writings and ideas of Margaret Sanger this process of ensuring the rights of the “community” were preserved and advanced in Nazi Germany by another man who actually lived named Adolph Hitler. Thanks to Adolph Hitler we now have and appropriate word for the ideas of Margaret Sanger; Holocaust.

Meet Margaret Sanger:
Nutball clip#1

Nutball clip#2

Nutball clip#3

Nutball clip#4

Now if that isn’t the creepiest flesh vehicle I have ever seen Beelzebub walk around in I don’t know who else would be in the running. There you have it in her own words, the purpose and intent of Planned Parenthood. It has nothing to do with the rights of minorities or women, it has to do with wholesale genocide cloaked under the good of the “community”. But wait, there’s more in this one time offer of absolute insanity:

It’s also a well documented fact that one of Margaret Sanger’s strategies in executing her plan to eliminate the African American population was to hire charismatic, young, black religious like figures to lead the sheep to the slaughter.

Well it looks like an altar to me anyway.

Now since Allison Parsons decries that she is a very informed member of society and well versed in the positions of the politicians and platforms she backs this would lead one to conclude that she is already privy to the above information. According to the standard she has set in her boycott of “Divided By Zero” she should be held accountable to the “community” for being a party to the perpetuation of hatred, oppression and violence against the African American population. Perhaps this boycott of hers, which endorses the platform of admitted eugenicists, should be brought to the attention of the local chapter of the NAACP, which to my knowledge is headed up by Leigh Touchton. I’m sure that the chairperson of the NAACP in Valdosta would be very interested in holding Allison Parsons accountable to the “community” in who’s Rights she is working diligently to preserve. Oh…wait a second. I forgot the NAACP actually already knows about the genocide being conducted by Planned Parenthood and the organizations roots with an admitted racist and helped to suppress a resolution which would have brought these facts under brighter lights.

Well so much for the NAACP playing a part in preventing the perpetuation of hatred, oppression and violence. Perhaps we can still hope and pray that Allison Parsons along with those like her, who also are privy to and wholeheartedly endorse the silent holocaust happening in America today will somehow withdraw their participation in industrialized slaughter.

Furthermore let us pop the flawed, bubblegum logic of Allison Parson’s silly little insignificant boycott. Her entire hissy fit which more likely than not stems from being chubby in middle school or some such nonsense, is that Ron Paul’s position on the Civil Rights Act is racist. This is key in understanding why a supporter of homicidal mania, (Allison Parsons Via Barack Obama via Planned Parenthood via Margaret creepy Sanger) would wish to boycott the rights of an individual business. From The Book of the Cog we read; “The Rights of the whole cannot be added to by means of subtracting the Rights of the Individual”. This eternal Truth is shared amongst all of the wisest of faiths and philosophies this world has ever known and is the embodiment of our Constitution. That eternal truth is that each and every Individual life regardless of its form, color, gender or religion is precious to Nature and to Nature’s God not because it is a part of a group; rather because it is an Individual.

My diagnosis? I would imagine that Allison Parsons has a nasty dose of “group think” or “herd mentality”. This is something that is also found in spiritual schools of wisdom since the beginning of time. Few there be that find the path to salvation, only a handful have reached nirvana and so few have yet to touch the Source. This is because people in a “herd mentality”, people who only see titles which are nothing more than proof that you’re someone’s property, people like Allison Parsons apparently; they don’t understand Individual Rights…because sadly they don’t understand Individuality. They do not understand that we all are the captains of our destinies and our fate is only limited by the limitations we choose to accept as Individuals. No, having no real depth of person nor exceptional qualities of merit cultivated by the respect for ALL life unconditionally these type of people have no choice but to identify themselves with a party, a group, or a crusade albeit a worthless and empty crusade nonetheless. Always the victim, always the downtrodden and generally displeased with the allowance of self expression of those around them. Smacks of Stalin. Smacks of Hitler. Smacks of Mao.

I don’t have to defend Ron Paul’s position on the Civil Rights Act because quite frankly a fourth grader with a pocket Constitution and Google can clarify why he voted the way he voted and the only excuse for not already knowing is because the ignorant simply don’t want to know. Ignorance is the most powerful weapon of the state for it has always been through ignorance that genocides are allowed to transpire one way or another. Ignorance may be bliss, miss Parsons, but it still makes you look like a twit.

I would urge everyone to become better informed on the real plight of the African American community and visit, support and aid BlackGenocide.Com or similar organizations.

I believe there will soon be a “Divided By Zero Appreciation Day” and encourage all of you to do your best to attend and support local business owners and Individual Rights for all people. Perhaps if they make a little extra bread they can send Allison Parsons a gift certificate so she can have a pipe to smoke this in.


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  1. Michael Hawke says:

    Great article, but I thought it could use one more piece of information. Much like Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in fight club, Allison Parsons is Leigh Touchton. It was admitted after a lot of debate. Strange how the President of the Valdosta-Lowndes County NAACP has to use a fake Facebook profile to stir up social tension when she has the ability to protest through official channels, huh!? Thought the readers should know this!

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