I wanted to take a moment and address all the Zen in the Car subscribers on a matter I think is most important. I know most of you are Ron Paul supporters and fellow travelers in the river of sovereignty and personal Liberty. I understand that those of you who read from this site are coming at the current theatre of politics from a spiritual perspective. I understand and both sympathize as well as whole heartedly unify behind the idea that the fight we all are engaged in is one of Good vs. evil, Light vs. dark, Positive vs. negative. I know that you have been disheartened by what transpired in Tampa, but I would hope to lift your spirits.

I am not privy to any inside information so don’t take any of this as anything more than my hopes and dreams. What I do know is that Ron Paul ran the gauntlet of the republican party’s game of becoming an electable candidate. He did it honest, he did it according to the rules. As did we all. We joined the party, we showed up, we played by the rules and in the end the system within the GOP wouldn’t allow us to be heard. They cheated us, they slighted us, they scripted the most important vote in the history of the republic.

Where are we now? Well we know that a great majority of the delegates in Tampa were ostracized and aren’t too happy with the GOP. We know that Ron Paul could’ve been nominated from the floor, had the rules been honored as they were intended. We know that due to the misfittery of the RNC the liberal media is devouring this story like red meat in the den of lions. From this chaos we hear that Ron Paul intends to appear on the Jay Leno show on September 4th with some sort of special appearance
Now I do not know what this appearance is all about but I cannot be shy in saying I hope and pray that he intends to run third party. I am in the greatest spirits that what Ron Paul is going to announce is that he and Gary Johnson are going to challenge the game show election we would be subject to otherwise and change history forever.
With the funds they have reserved, and the shielding of Rand Paul by his endorsement of Mitt Romney, we might have for the first time an unbeatable third party ticket. You and I both know how that would shift history forever and I think that we can all agree such a great shift is needed.

So, I am humbly asking all of you to right now; go to your church, go to your gardens, go to your temples, your mosques, your closets and your inner souls for prayer. To whichever God you serve, may you beg and plead with him with all the firmness of your imagination that what we are to see on September 4th is nothing short than Ron Paul making history by running third party. May all the brothers and sisters of Freedom and Liberty bring this about by belief and may they blossom its fruit by action.

Your thoughts or pearls of wisdom are welcome below.


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  1. But what if the God I serve is, like yours, Ron Paul himself?

  2. Commencing with the praying to the Universe in…3…2…1….

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