Formless and void with darkness in the deep
A choking sea of black; This world in which we sleep
A slumber of night has kept all our minds at rest
Lullaby’s of lies and lies Hymned by the very best
Their song forms walls of prison cells, shackles of the mind
They keep us tethered in the dark, to seek but never find
For if we reached beyond belief, and grasped a distant key
We’d learn the truth of what they fear, the Truth of you and me
How to keep us looking down, our eyes turned from the light?
Of course they use that fear again, to keep us in such plight
On T.V. screens they lay the scenes, we watch two beacons fall
And in the dust and clouded smoke, we fail to count them all
Terrified in thickened fear, we send our young to war
It’s with our trust they fight them all, not knowing what it’s for
Our fear is spread to foreign lands, with tanks and rocket bombs
It’s how we free the world you see, dead kids, dead dads, dead moms
Better yet lets catch them young, we’ll weave within the womb
The ones we can’t annihilate, just make their minds a tomb
Shots for this and shots for that, how’d we live this long?
Before the state could rearrange the things that God did wrong
For those too old we’ll hypnotize with tubes of flashing lights
Game show host celebrity, these traps will blind their sights
Make them bow before the brow of idols we have made
Then build a hedge around them now, just build it as a maze
Dress the priests in different garb, all with texts to read
Yet keep religions separate now, don’t let the slaves be freed
Sucker them with fiction debt, exchange their gold to green
Then flood the world with currency designed to break their spleen
Blame the left when within the right, when switched just do the same
We’ve got them all in left brain now, they can’t see it’s just a game
He that wins or he that falls, we’ve penned from front to back
So raise your voice and cast your votes, your elections in our sack
And when they stir or comprehend, the morgue we’ve made of man
Mix cocktails of meds and drinks, but all that grows be banned
Hand them titles, give them names, make them who they are
Keep things void and formless still, push the dawning far
Is this the way the world remains? With darkness on the deep?
Or will the light break forth a dawn, and promise of fate we keep?
Will each of us forget the lies that we are mere machines
And find ourselves within this world with motives and with means?
The time has come to rise against; we within the sleep
To turn our fear to angered wrath on shepherds of we sheep
Without war and without wound, we burn their black away
And as all cycles spin around, our fire brings their last days
Each of we have keys within to toss the chains aside
And if the world outside will change we first must change inside
For no army stands against our minds, nor weapons aimed at me
What armys’ ever won against our long due ideology?
So all we open eyes of light, write this tale in different fonts
But what we breathe in living words will be The Last Renaissance


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