Welcome back all you Zennners. Perchance ye have noticed and perchance ye have not; but Zeninthecar.com has been a tad silent as of late and we all hope this hasn’t been as bothersome as we deep down inside really would like for it to have been. However as most of you understand already, everything that has an Alpha must have an Omega, and those of you really paying attention will Know that makes a circle. A cycle. The cycle to be more precise.

It is the natural course of every thing to have a birth, destruction or death, and inevitably a resurrection or rebirth. Take a look around. Everything is literally doing that. So why shouldn’t your favorite political and philosophical website of sarcasm enshrined within a brilliant light of nose flicking towards authority do the same? Exactly! It should, and it has. Like Shiva doing the Rasa Dance, the vibration started by the drum of the right hand has played its cycle to the flaming tongue of the left hand, met its demise of destruction and from the ashes of the old, something new is rising.

Though you are free to go to the ABOUT page in order to gain more enlightenment as to what ZENINTHECAR.COM is all about, I don’t think it would hurt too awful much if we took this time now to elaborate on what exactly the purpose of ZENINTHECAR.COM is or what its place is in the Universe. It’s like this; imagine politics and philosophy going out on a date, parking dads car underneath some darkened trees one romantic night, and climbing in the back seat to make out. Now one thing leads to another and before you know it you got yourself a new life form which is magically brought into being by the union of the two. Well that’s ZENINTHECAR.COM.

All great countries and all great societies go through the aforementioned cycle of birth, death, rebirth and ours is, nor shall it be, an exception to that rule. What is happening now in our federal government is proof positive that the second law of thermodynamics is very active in America and that which once was good has certainly degraded. Yet chin up, that only means the next logical step in this ride is a rebirth, a new beginning. The word Revolution simply implies a circle, or a cycle. It’s something going round and round. The first American Revolution was the natural evolution of an enlightened people who heard the call to flee from tyranny back across the pond. Our Founders wanted a country of their own so that at the very least they could THINK for themselves. Fortune favored the bold and after the ashes of the war our Founders took all the Wisdom of civilizations past from their greatest of times and handed such principles to us within the Constitution.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we forgot our country was founded by Philosophers. By men and women of enlightenment, of Wisdom and of virtue. We have been fooled into thinking they were politicians who happened to be at the right place at the right time and fumbled some document together that’s dated and flawed. Poppy friggin cock. A brief walk through history will tell you that all great Republics which have ever existed or will ever exist have no foundation on legality and politic, rather the bricks of the foundation are built on philosophy.

Of course, unfortunately, somewhere along the way we forgot that philosophy is not the same as religion. Religion is a means. Philosophy is the end. Once again the shell game was played on us with this as well and we were fooled into thinking that religion is wise or spiritual at all. This one two punch has left many in this country afraid to speak of either of them at all but most certainly in the same conversation. You have no doubt heard the adage of not speaking religion and politics in public. Yeah, people who say that are on the same level as the cats back in Salem who thought if you drown in a rushing tide you were innocent of witchcraft and if you floated you were guilty preceded by torches and pitchforks. We appreciate the dark ages and all but let’s get serious here for a moment. The two most influential components of this orb we are all spinning on is religion and politics. These two things effect every last one of us and recently they have been effecting us a whole lot in some creepy child molester ways. Of course we are suppose to mix the two topics because all enlightened people will tell you that you cannot have social justice with a dumbed down populace. No, for the gears of a Republic to move squeaky clean, the People must be in charge but in order for them to take that rightful place they must be enlightened.

Here at ZENINTHECAR.COM politics, both locally, state wide, national, or world are dealt with in a right brain type of way. We are not pundits paid to pimp out a party line to you. We are not political commentators with micro managed agendas. We want Peace. We want Freedom…and we want it for everyone. The only exception being the freedom of those preying on the Freedom of those who do not entertain such things. Those guys are pricks. Here at ZENINTHECAR.COM we like to point such things out. No, here you can expect stories to come from a broad, common sense, philosophical perspective because my God it’s about time our people started to think again.

Also, now that the Ron Paul campaign has come to an end and the RELOVEUTION it brought into being is changing form in order to fight tyranny on a state and local level, ZENINTHECAR.COM will also be gearing more of its material towards this endeavor on a more active basis. This will serve as a type of information hub for all those locally to any activism opportunities which may spring up in and around Georgia as well as national activism. Expect petitions, links, officials to contact. Also new types of media from ZENINTHECAR.COM will be coming to your inbox once we get all those eggs in a safe Styrofoam basket. We will be supporting local businesses, local media in the Liberty movement, and local activist pages as well as websites.

We are also excited to have a new section called “Voice of the Vets” where regular guest contributors in the armed forces, or retired from the armed voices can stand on their earned soap box and say whatever they so desire free from left or right slant. Of Course all vets or active duty are welcome to submit articles to Zeninthecar@yahoo.com for possible and probable publication. In addition to that we managed to snag the talents of the “Last Renaissance”, primarily the up and coming Ashtopher Cloud, a poet snatched from his own time and brought into ours so the art of thinking might become commonplace again. Have you noticed that lately there isnt much credit or attention given to poetry? Or short stories for that matter? These are the best means of transmitting Knowledge from one generation to the next, and yet, our culture has nearly abandoned them altogether. Poetry is exercise for the mind. It is a craft of men to bend their minds to the whims of words. It is a medium which can evoke great ideas in visual language. Brush Fires in the minds of men. You can look forward to their continual contributions to our site in whatever forms they may manifest. You might have also noticed the facelift on the home page blazing with some Gustav Dore and some “Paradise Lost” imagery. That’s just our little way of celebrating and promoting the soon to be released novel from our very own D.L. Crumpton. Wait for it to hit, no doubt all you Zenners are going to get a real kick out of it.

So welcome back. We hope you enjoy the upgrades and welcome any suggestions as to how our site of Zen and enlightenment can better serve your happy place needs. Hit some like buttons. Leave some comments. Read some books. Get some smarts and then take what you find here and pass it right along to the next person you meet.

Be well, and enjoy ZENINTHECAR.COM


  1. Great new look! Easy to navigate, love the background artwork and love the new logo ; )

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