Resistance to Georgia “Secure ID” Spreads

Dorian Flagg

Dorian Flagg

Dorian Flagg is a journalist, satirist, and political activist currently in the 8th congressional district of Georgia.
Dorian Flagg

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Hey all you Zenners, just wanted to give you a quick update on the status of the anti “secure ID” movement here in the peach state. It seems that many of you out there have headed the call from the piper and are expressing your long overdue dissent to the overbearing restraints and regulations coming from Washington D.C.. Kudos to you. Just wanted to drop this post and let you know that if you haven’t written to governor Nathan Deal, or at least expressed some sort of displeasure to your local representatives and sheriff’s then you are probably a loser. You talk about freedom, you talk about liberty…but you just talk. If you are reading this and havent taken some sort of action against this new tracking, tracing and databasing in the state you so reside there is still a chance to redeem yourself. Do so now. Sign the petition at, make some calls, send some emails and help the rest of us bring Freedom and Liberty to the generation up and coming. In the meantime, read this article by a kick ass car, salesman (yeah, I know most of them are snakes and out to pinch your wallet, but this guy is a whole different breed; he actually just sells you what you want) Scott Tyner. You can read his article

Is Georgia Department of Driver Services Profiling Against Certain Americans


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