The Ignorance of Enlightenment Part Two: Organised Religion

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D.L. Crumpton

Daniel Louis Crumpton is a political activist, poet, artist, student of comparative religions, philosopher and novelist whose debut novel "THEN CAME THE FLOOD" is soon to be released.
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Unenlightened people are both a funny thing to watch as equally as a tragic thing to watch. You see them, they sort of resemble you, in that they typically traverse this world with five limbs, five senses, two eyes and a spinal column of some structure. Yet it is obvious, once the mouth opens, there is no light in there. Out of the abundance of the heart the lips do flap, and when the words of those still in lower animalistic left brain thinking fill the air around your ears, you can place all bets on whichever number says you are about to be inundated with stale, pre-chewed thoughts in a weak attempt at presenting them as original.

Unenlightened people can’t really help it that they are so incommodious. They probably deep down inside the gut that their energy seems to be stuck in wouldn’t want to be as niggling as they are, but alas they are trapped. They are trapped in dogmatic thinking. Thinking only in terms of logic and propagandistic methodology passed onto them by the generations ignorant enough to have passed it along before them. They base the very essence of their being and self worth on left brain, materialistic terms. Youre born. You grow up. Get an education. Get a job. Get an insurance plan, maybe a 401-K. Get a house, get a spouse, pop out a few spawn. Have some vacations from time to time. Get the spawn to grow up. Get them an education. Watch them get a job and so on and so forth and then youre done. Youre dead. Save some unexpected cutting down in the chaos we call life before each of these bases can be covered. Generally though that’s what the people around you have to offer. How you like dem apples?

As much as it pains the enlightened person to say (because the enlightened are always typically optimistic) they are the “masses”. The herd, the sheep, the Borg collective which come in a few different shades here on planet Earth, but generally they all behave and think the same despite the titles they choose for themselves. And oh boy do they have some titles. Did you know for example there are over 33,000 registered denominations of Christianity out there all claiming to be the one with the whole skinny according to Issa? Which brings me to one of the chief indicators of how you can safely assume someone is unenlightened; they are religiously religious.

Now as you know there is a huge difference between religion and spirituality. Naturally at the mere mention of the word religion most people shy away, as they feel their gag reflexes kick in. The human being gets an icky feeling automatically when something is not normal or natural. So even people who are religious will usually try to distance themselves from the word religious because they are in denial that they are religious. What does it mean to be religious?

The word religion basically means to reunite with what one calls God. The name doesn’t matter so much, only the concept. All giants of spirituality have a personal name for God, so just goes to show that the Divine Source isn’t all that nit picky about what you call It. I’m sure that would suggest that God, by whatever name It is called, certainly wouldn’t want us to go around napalming each other or dropping atomic bombs on one another over it, that’s for sure. So if you must take your pick from the infinite amount of names for God, or better yet; pick your own, let’s assume that you wish to reunite with It. That is where religion comes in. Religion, no matter the name on the sign outside is, is the prescribed method for achieving this goal. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for someone who enters into the hedge maze of religion is at the very least hearing the call to enter into some type of spirituality. The rudiments and rituals of any given religion are taught to a person but little is explained as to the why of such rudiments and rituals. They are taught to do things, but are left on their own when it comes to understanding why one should do these things. The misfortune of religion is that most people who enter into in to it get the rudiments and rituals down pat, perform them on a religious basis (this includes abstentions as well) but very few ever seek to discover the meanings or purpose of what they believe. The spiritual sloth will be content with what he is fed and can go years or an entire lifetime spinning their wheels in this fashion, never advancing in thought or deed the true intent of that which has been revealed to him or her.

This outer wheel of spirituality is ripe for the picking to those who seek self aggrandizement, power, money, prestige and oppression over the minds of men. When someone believes that their eternal soul is on the line based off of the teachings of another then you have a slave with invisible shackles because all men are attempting to preserve their own soul. Yet most do so amiss. This structure, religion of the blind, has shown us throughout history what its eventual conclusions are and a brief look through history will inform you that it comes in terms such as the Spanish inquisition, the dark ages, the witch burnings, and the new face of religious bloodshed; namely the war on terror. All great human tragedies can most certainly, when followed to the true root, be laid at the feet of organized, priest class religions. The priest knows better than you and if you think otherwise you had better get used to being Swiss cheesed by pitchforks thrust into you by little demon imps in the burning, fiery inferno of hell created by an all loving Creator. See, controlling people is easy when you keep them in fear. And if there is anything religion is good at it is instilling tangible fear within the flock. Fear; the one emotion condemned by all great spiritual giants who were liberated from this maze like prison of dogma and doctrine.

An unenlightened person will typically be caught in this trap. That is not to say that all people within all religions are not becoming illuminated, quite the contrary. Enlightened people will have to go through this process and work their way through the maze, guided by what light they have and it is well documented that all great teachers of enlightenment have gone through this maze. The difference between the enlightened and the unenlightened is that the corridors of religion, dogma, doctrine and method are simply a passing phase for those ascending to higher Gnosis or Knowledge of the Divine. They are the shadows and not the Light. However the unenlightened will foolishly bow down to the dancing shadows on the walls of the maze and be content that they have arrived, which is always the declaration of the fool.

They will see all others who do not believe what they believe exactly as they believe it as some demonic spawn of Satan. They will view human life as less than human life so long as they can disassociate themselves from them by basis of creed, color, nationality or other frivolous differences. They will firmly believe that they are doing the will of their god by supporting, endorsing, advocating or funding the wholesale slaughter and implementation of force by way of the state on those they see as heretics.

For example; the world today is on the brink of World War 3, if not already in it, and when all the clever geo political lingo is stripped away what one with eyes to see and ears to hear will conclude is that our tensions around the globe are springing forth from the ruptured pipe of religion. The worlds three major religions are being pitted against one another based on their misinterpretations of each other’s religion. Just for a moment imagine that we could delete the words, Christian, Muslim, and Jew from our vocabulary. If that were to happen then the news would be reported very differently. Instead of radical Islamist, or right wing Christians blow up a pizza parlor, you would see “People blow up a pizza parlor with people in it”.

This is the effect of the cause in religion. It removes the unenlightened from the Fact that we are all people. No one would support a war on people, being a person themselves. They would say to themselves “Why are we going to war with people? We are people too!”, and it is this very epiphany that the guardians and partakers of religion do not want you to see. They do not want to believe that we are all equal. They do not want to believe that we are all created Divine and each and every person on this planet is God manifest in the flesh. If they ever entertained that notion then they would be stripped of the pride they hold in belonging to a collective of thinkers which are exactly as they. They would be deprived of being a part of that one true church, that one true religion, that one true denomination. Their very self identity, which is connected to group think or herd mentality is threatened when the Truth is heralded by people such as Jesus of Nazareth. And we all know how things ended up with Him when he brought this to the attention of the people in the bondage we have been discussing.

To make matters worse, all religion is based on text or scripture unique to time and location on this planet. Every religion has a text and though those texts, when read in context, advocate peace and love among all mankind, the unenlightened will always be able to draw out the diametric opposite of such truth and vomit it onto society.

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About D.L. Crumpton

Daniel Louis Crumpton is a political activist, poet, artist, student of comparative religions, philosopher and novelist whose debut novel "THEN CAME THE FLOOD" is soon to be released.

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