Romney Defeated: Republicans, Sad

Dorian Flagg

Dorian Flagg

Dorian Flagg is a journalist, satirist, and political activist currently in the 8th congressional district of Georgia.
Dorian Flagg

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Yesterday was the big day, it was Election Day. The moment everyone had been fighting for was here and coverage of who would be the next president was bleeding from the radio, television, and internet. Excitement was high, enthusiasm was high, and I’m sure that most people I know were glued to some sort of media outlet biting their fingernails…but I didn’t give a crap.

No, in my view the 2012 election had long ago turned into the multi- car pileup, on the side of the interstate of presidential elections. Unlike the masses who slow down to get a glimpse of the red stuff, or maybe a limb tossed here and there, I chose to put my hand to my face and speed past the twisted metal of morbidity. I didn’t watch the news, didn’t check the polls, didn’t turn on the radio, and didn’t even really think too awful much about it. I just curled up on the sofa with a book and learnt me some history till the wee hours of the night, completely isolated from the moment to moment, blow by blow narration of the 2012 presidential election script. Now though, it’s the next day and how I discovered that Obama was reselected for the white house is a rather funny …okay, it’s actually really sad…story that I think is worth sharing because its witty, and contains a moral nugget like all those Aesop fables and Bible stories meant to teach the reader a life lesson in order to not screw up repeatedly in a given area. Here we go.

After the alarm clock summoned, and the obligatory first cup of coffee was warming up the innards, I noticed a bit of a scratch in the back of the throat. Apparently the recent weather was bringing about the sniffles in your author’s temple so a quick trip to the drug store would be needed to retrieve a soothing substance for his throat. When I walk through the door I’m greeted by the cashier.
“Heeeey” she drags out lazily “Wantcho flu shot D’day?”
I chuckle as I a breeze past her and a knee jerk “Hell no.” mutters out from my strep throat. I make my way to retrieve the soothing throat product then its back to the checkouts where a young African American woman is standing to take my feddies. As I place my merchandise on the counter, the door opens, and in comes another young African American woman who stops for a moment near to my cashier to say a word or two. I take a glance of her t-shirt, which bore the image of Barack Obama beside that of Martin Luther King Jr., and obviously my curiosity was peeked.
I pointed at her shirt and asked “Oh, did he get it?”
“Who? Obama?” she responds.
“Yeah, did he win?”
“Yes!” she says with a smile from ear to ear, and I can see that moment of triumph shining in her face.

I maintained the permanent smile on my face without blinking an eye, but on the inside I was rather bent. Martin Luther King Jr. happens to be one of my highest role models. You have to respect a man who had the wisdom to look outside of the box for a solution to the problems of his day. He saw the non violent, passive resistance techniques that a great man before him had won an entire war with, namely Gandhi, and despite looking different than he, being of a different faith than he, being from a different country than he, and being a different color than he; Martin Luther King Jr. understood that for his people to be Free, All People Must Be Free. All struggles are only truly won when the people within the struggle adopt this philosophy and protect it as a precious jewel adorned on the forehead of Sophia. So for me to see one of my heroes, a man who wasn’t so much for African American Rights as he was for Human Being Rights, beside Barack Obama insinuating that the legendary “Dream” of MLK was a dark colored man in the white house; I have to tell you that it makes my heart take a couple of odd beats.

What saddens me more than the idiotic insinuation is that the young African American girl wearing the t-shirt is probably oblivious to a great many logical conclusions due to bias and or propagandized information. When I see this in people while out and about I always feel it is my civic duty to at least try to inform a mind here or there as to the reality of the situation they are in, and speak up with words that probably sound insane when hearing them from a stranger.
“Hey, glad you’re happy Obama won but can I fill you in on a little ditty?” I ask.
“A what?” she replies, confused.
“Never mind,..look, have you ever heard of Planned Parenthood?”
“Who is that?”
“No,” I say “It’s not a person. It’s an organization.”
“No, never heard of them.” she answers.
“Great, let me tell you about them real quick. They happen to be one of the largest contributors to the Obama machine, they give this guy tons and tons of money and then he turns around and gives them tons and tons of money from the public coffers. Do you know who founded Planned Parenthood? No, you don’t? Oh, well it was this nut ball old lady named Margaret Sanger who believed the black race was a human weed and needed to be exterminated so she set up abortion mills in every black neighborhood she could find until fast forward to today and 52 percent of every African American baby in this country is murdered in the womb. Did you know Obama was giving money to those guys?” I said, making her aware of the moral dilemma.

I watched the confusion on her, and the cashiers face as this time, an elderly African American woman came in and stood behind me in line. After a silent pause, the young lady with the t-shirt looked me in the eyes and asked, “Are you serious?”
“Oh, quite. Go look it up when you get home. Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood, Obama.” I answered.
“I did not know that. “She said, shaking her head in disbelief.
I glanced at the cashier and could already see the stink eye forming as she snatched my merchandise and jerked it across the scanner. That one’s a lost cause. So I look back to the potential with a compassionate expression.
“Don’t feel too bad” I smile “Mitt Romney ran a company called Stericyle that he made millions off of for scraping up all the dead bodies Obama helped to put in trash dumpsters across the country.”
Her jaw drops, her hand comes to her mouth, she is experiencing astonishment, she is experiencing logical connections rapidly being made in her brain and I foresee her waking up in five, four, three, two …
“Its like they are both working together. The democrats and the republicans. “She epiphanies.
I turn my head to one side, admiring the spark I see in her eyes and say “Yeah, it kinda seems that way doesn’t it?”
“Thanks for the information; I’m going to look that up. I am. “She affirms before giving me a friendly wave and skirting off into the aisles of the store.

I turn my attention back to the transaction at hand and see that my cashier has morphed into angry girlfriend mode. Pursed lips, exaggerated half smile at the corner of her mouth, head hovering in the JFK pattern (that’s back,…and to the left) and a subtle tone with a hint of ‘I know my voice sounds like I’m calm, but if you say one more thing and I will remove your face from your skull.’
“Nineteen seventy, does you gotcho wellniss card?”She asks.
“I does not.” I answer.
“Can I see ID?”
I flip open my pimp tight Legend of Zelda wallet containing my ID behind a transparent sleeve so the cashier can clearly see it. She shakes her head, denying my ID flash.
“I needs you to takes it out. “She says, adding just a little more misery to my day by causing me just a little more trouble than need be.
“Okie dokie” I smile, not really angered easily.
“All that true?” She asks.
“About Obama taking and giving millions of dollars of African American blood money to donors? Yeah, every bit of it.” I answered
She snatched my card from me, rang me up, threw my merchandise in the bag, tossed the receipt into its depths and held the bag up to my nose.
“Here you go sir! You have a blest day.”
It didn’t take me too awful long before I understood that to mean “Go screw yourself you racist.”, so I shrugged and took my belongings. She snapped her head to the elderly woman behind me, dismissing me coldly.
“How’s you today, maam?”She asks.
“I’m fine. We got us a black president” the elderly woman replied.
I look over my shoulder only to see the cashier perform a slow motion roof raising of some kind; her stink eye shoots in my direction to scorn me. And that’s how the next pivotal four years started off for me.

Now wasn’t that absolutely insane? What can we glean? Well, that some get it and some don’t and those that don’t are typically the majority; a majority stuck in us vs. them, left vs. right paradigm of team mentality over principles and self evident truths. Here this cashier was, proud of Obama’s victory merely for the sake of similar skin tone. She is presented with documented facts of the reality of her situation not being what she believes it to be. Rather than do just a little bit of bias suspension in light of new information and take the time to investigate if these things be so, she chose to ignore the notion that a third possibility was staring her in the face; going back to dream land where two legs good, four legs bad is a common mantra. What will be the ultimate fate of those on the animal farm of illusory democracy? Well let’s just say that the federal government isn’t growing taters on that there farm, no, this farm is where all the little piggies are gonna be squealing once they’re good and fat. How can anyone sane identify with a man who endorses the very antithesis of what one claims to hold most dear? How could a young black woman still cheer for a black president that is facilitating the extermination of his and her own species? Simple, deny that its true and that makes all the noise go away. Pretend that your man is really the man you imagine him to be, and sweep all those embarrassing contradictions under the rug.

So let this be a lesson to the Republican Party. Not only has your treatment of the Liberty Movement this election cycle been absolutely appalling, but the depths of depravity you have stooped to in order to change rules so that Mitt Romney was shoved down all our throats defies the very principles our country was founded upon. You compromised the banner of conservatism, the banner of protecting and preserving the Constitution by anointing, once again, a limp fish into the race that is absolutely clueless when it comes to what America is all about. Much like placing Obama next to a diametrically opposed Martin Luther King Jr., you tried to place a man that wrote Obama care, profits from infanticide, will add to the deficit, wants more drones, more wars, more dead people overseas, less civil rights, less human rights, more crony capitalism, more bailouts, more inflation ….gasp…up against the Founding Fathers.

Those of us in the Liberty Movement tried to plead with you, we warned you that if Romney was the shoe in we simply would not vote for the lesser of two evils; that we would vote third party or write in our own candidate. Not only was this ever expanding voting bloc surely a contributing factor to Romney’s humiliating defeat; but surely the republican base itself dealt the candidate a deadly blow. The grassroots republicans decried from the very beginning that they simply were not enthused with flip floppin’ Romney, and only at the last stretch of the game did the GOP attempt the limp wristed “Alright, guys, we may not be happy with our nominee, but we are all on the same team here….right?” maneuver. How’d that work out for ya?

My advice to the republican party would be that until they understand that doing exactly the same things as the democrats, and compromising what is right for hollow victories, is suicide; then they can only expect this to be the beginning of a long train of snooty defeats. We the People are tired of the Constitution being paid mere lip service to. We are tired of these wars. We are tired of this fiat money. We are tired of fabricated terror. We are tired of politicians going through corporate revolving doors. We are tired of the police state. We are tired of the nanny state. We are tired. And if the republicans wish to survive as a party rather than completely sliding into the dust bin of history (as its currently doing), then I think the next four years had better be some reformation time. Some reflection time. Some time to go back and read the ideals of our Founding Fathers regarding personal sovereignty and Liberty. And rather than denying reality, and running a candidate that’s exactly like the guy you want to defeat, you probably should consider the third option of not doing that.

You may not see the results of the election the same way I do, but there’s one thing that is self evident and it’s this; the republican party movers and shakers tried to shove McCain down our throats in ’08, and Romney down our throats this time but the fruit of their labor has been Obama shoved down all our throats for two terms. And this time, baby, I think he’s a goin’ deep. Cheerio!


  1. Awesome article.

  2. PattyFromTexas says:

    People believe what they want to believe. They make their own reality.

  3. God bless you for speaking so honestly.

  4. Best article I’ve read all day. Maybe things will be so fucked up by 2015 that more folks will wake up and liberty will have a chance in 2016 (if the dollar hasn’t collapsed by then). Big thumbs up to you all the way from Bat Shit Crazy Kalifornia!

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