Republican Civil War: The GOP Strikes Back

Dorian Flagg

Dorian Flagg

Dorian Flagg is a journalist, satirist, and political activist currently in the 8th congressional district of Georgia.
Dorian Flagg

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If you can use ‘Star Wars’ as an analogy, it’s usually a good idea. People like ‘Star Wars’ and the people who don’t at least know everything there is to know about it because our culture has been permeated with George Lucas’s creation far beyond my decades on Earth. It’s also easy to do because the story of ‘Star Wars’ isn’t just the crazy imagination of a kid from the sixties who pulled the mythos from nowhere; no, like any good artist George Lucas understands that his role in the world is to somehow take the lessons of our collective, repetitious history and present it the next generation in a way they can understand. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, as history shows over and over again, and now a day you won’t see many people actually opening up a history book of any fashion for any length of time, however you will have no problem seeing them lined up outside of theatres in pitched tents for hours on end waiting to purchase tickets to a midnight showing of the entire ‘Star Wars’ saga in 3D wearing makeup while they wave around plastic light sabers. With this truth in mind, George Lucas has clearly decided to try and make the world a better place in the best way he can; which has been by encoding our history and inevitable future in bubblegum for the mass consumption in hopes that some might have it dawn on them that Republics fall in galaxies far, far away exactly the same way they do here.

If one were so inclined, they could probably use the ‘Star Wars’ mythos as a type of divination to see what era they are living in, as far as Republics go. Are they living in a Republic just prior to false flag terror attacks which bring about fear, warmongering and a bleak empire under the banner of national security? Or are they possibly living on the cusp of the empire falling (as all empires do because it is their nature) and a Republic resurrecting? Even to a historical impotent, the remembrance of the falling Roman Empire would seem to indicate that thus far George Lucas’s model has been correct. As in Episode III, as the Jedi Knight were all eradicated in a single blow; so too were the Templar Knights by the pope on that notorious Friday the 13th all those centuries ago. Extinguished were the remains of the Republic as the flames of the dark ages flickered black over the Spanish Inquisition. Or if you prefer speeding forward we might find ourselves at the night of the long knives around the same time Adolph Hitler designed a false flag terror attack on his own government building in order to blame it on Poland to justify an empirical, expansionist war that took the lives of millions. You see history and ‘Star Wars’ lay over one another like a nice transparent slide. So where, in the series are we? Well let us consider current events and see what lines up, so that maybe we can see where this thing is going. Sound like fun? Well if you are over thirty, under fifty and still get excited when they bring back ‘Count Chocula’ and ‘Franken berry’ of course it sounds like fun.

The Liberty Movement has been simmering for years; however there is no doubt that it came to a boiling point with the Ron Paul Revolution in 2008, exponintiated in 2012. People from all walks of life began to understand that something is seriously wrong with the state of our country and the preservation of the principles our Founding Fathers tried to entrust to us. We have been asleep at the wheel, and while we slumbered politicians and opportunist flooded our political system. Rather than independent statesmen, serving out of piety and gracefully returning to the private sector; we have been strangled by career politicians and CEO’s revolving in and out of the congress and the senate. While we are paying for endless wars and paranoid schizophrenic devices within Homeland Security, our Freedoms have been all but completely stripped away from us by the rewording of our Constitution at the stroke of an executive pen. This threat to our Republic finally started to get some resistance in 2008 and had it not been for Fox news and its propagandistic deception to the senior citizens unable to use the internet, this resistance would have put a stop to the likes of Karl ‘look a -like a piggy from animal farm’ Rove, and of course republican party favorite Dick, Morris. Alas, it would not be so; yet victory seemed assured in 2012.

Well, that’s if you were assuming that the GOP establishment still had humanity within it and wasn’t willing to dive to the depths of Satan’s bunghole itself in order to change rules in order to garner centralized power at the tip of the pyramid, wiping away actual local and grassroots opinion whatsoever, and blocking delegates from entire states in order to ram a limp fish down our throats. I mean seriously, this is a meme but it’s the truth…the republican establishment picked a candidate that lost to the worst president in history…that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Yet, we see the fruits of their death star approach. It came in the form of the wide swath of people who are simply fed up staying home or writing in cartoon characters preferable to the joke which was Mitt Romney. Could this have been the destruction of the first death star in Episode IV?

The Liberty Movement had been cheated at every turn in 2012. Cases of voter fraud and election rigging are widely documented and available to any honest truth seeker, live on the internet. The only excuse for not knowing now days is that you simply don’t want to know. So, as expected and as delivered, the GOP pushed our voices completely from the national convention, and in doing so they ensured that what is good for the goose will most certainly be good for the gander. What they reaped was the second coming of Barak Obama. This may have, on the surface, seemed to be a deadly blow to our Republic but actually it was a sign that the voices of descent are legion. The empirical ideology of the republican party suffered a devastating blow and could no longer assume that its base were going to do the lesser of two evil thing one more time. From this refreshing backwash in the face of the neoconservatives, everyone paying attention understood that within the Republican Party a civil war had begun. Who would take the helm from this point on? Would it be the old school Trotskyites, or the up and coming Liberty Folk? As the stew began to mix we were fortunate enough to see men like Rand Paul and Justin Amash wedge themselves in key places to confront key issues. For the Liberty Movement it was not a complete loss. They had managed to get key people in key places. Now things such as indefinite detention and the Federal Reserve would be screamed about by a chorus rather than the solo of Ron Paul decades in the keeping.

You would think that in the aftermath of the Romney slip and slide joke of a run for office the GOP establishment would learn from their mistakes and evolve by including the incites of the Liberty minded activists activated by Ron Paul, …but as you know they haven’t.

No, it seems that the republican big wigs are hell bent on steering the party itself directly into the bosom of the democrat party, which we all know has been hijacked by the communist left for quite some time. In some freaky bosom embracing of ideology what we now see on the public screen is a hybridization of the republicans and the democrats. Now they are all for big government and in order to show you how much they waste no time with the neo night of the long knives; first hacked is Justin Amash.

That’s right, speaker of the house, Boner, and I am so sorry but that is how you pronounce his name. You can put lipstick on a pig etc. etc. but etc. etc. so that’s his name okay? Continuing; Boner has decided that he and the hidden few of the GOP can now monitor the votes of republican fellows, score them, and based on if they lean towards empire or not, can be removed with the whisk of a teary eyed speech. That may sound like a conspiracy theory but here’s you some chops to lick on my friend.

If we team this with the lines being drawn with the new catch phrase…fiscal cliff, which really means “Surprise! The Federal Reserve has been ripping you off your entire life!” we can begin to see a pattern. There aren’t two parties in Washington. Only one. As any student of history,  or ‘Star Wars’ fanatic will tell you this revelation of absolute tyranny is only the beginning. Now they will lash out, they will attempt to suppress the rebellion on the ice planet Hoth. Justin Amash must be purged. As he was, in suit of many to follow.

The GOP is beginning a purge of the concerned citizens who marched in this last election cycle. What that means is that they are beginning a purge of you and your voice. John Boner is selecting who is and isn’t a republican with the new, up scaled, rules they established at the national convention and quite frankly, you as a citizen have no say in matters whatsoever. You may click like on Fox news all you wish. You may share Glenn Beck’s feminine product commercials to kingdom come, yet Kolob will still await.

In Georgia we have the snot rag of history known as Saxby Chambliss. That’s right, from here until eternity the word snot rag and Saxby Chambliss will forever be connected,…and this is a good thing because that’s what he is. Here we have a person of privilege who could’ve joined the political process in order to help his fellow man; however that’s not what he did. No, he joined the political process in order to further himself and his imaginary value of self worth in the stock market rather than actually represent the people of his office. How do we know he is nothing more than a circumstantial whore of opportunity and compromise? By his own words of course.

So here we are. We are seeing the GOP establishment not only not learning from their sad mistakes before, rather they are digging in. They are digging in and they are attempting to strike back by stripping our people from places earned by our consent, and changing rules to restrict the voice of the lesser man. So you tell me, where are we in the series?

Perhaps it’s that dark period in Episode V, when all seems lost and the heroes seemed scattered. The Empire of the authoritarian, neoconservative Republican Party is drawing its line in the sand; they have not been willing, nor are they now neither willing, nor will they in the future be willing to compromise with you, the voice of the old Republic.

We have two choices here, if George Lucas has anything to say about it. We can either take the position of believing the senator from Naboo, has indeed become the emperor; or we can rip away the façade and know that the emperor is indeed the terrorist and begin to formulate a solution. In the very near future the republicans will be holding their mass meetings. We will see one of two things; either the numbers from the Ron Paul Liberty movement will show up, or they won’t. It’s as simple as that. If we see the same amount of volunteers appear for the precinct meetings, then we will be able to say Liberty is around the corner. If we do not…then you are free to paint your own apocalypse…because it is a surety unless the Liberty Movement finds a way to make it not so.

As the objective observer, I can honestly say that the outcome will be as much as a mystery for me as it is for all of you. Almost like a serial novel, yet in this one you play the pivotal part.


  1. Robert Fallin says:

    Justin Amash and the other GOP members of Congress who voted against the “Boehner Budget sellout” should vote en masse against John Boehner for Speaker. There were 22 at the time (one being Ron Paul) and it takes only 16 to deny Boehner the Speakership. “Draw blood” now, you won’t get a second chance.

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