Hoco 4 Liberty Raises Awareness of Lenco B.E.A.R.C.A.T.

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I don’t think that most people pay attention to those chance meetings as much as they should when doing this thing we all call life. I don’t think that most people appreciate that when certain people or things cross your path they aren’t just random encounters. Those random moments are actually doorways into a brand new world that most of us are afraid to open, or on the other spectrum, answer. We live comfortable lives and we try to convince ourselves that we can surround ourselves with certain people, objects or places that can protect us from change and the truth of the matter is; nothing could be further from the actuality of what really is. Life is change. Life is fluid and either we move with it or it cascades over us, filling our nostrils and our lungs until we drown.

I myself, a student of the human mind and of human experience have always tried to be open to the doors of opportunity that present themselves and this is especially true when you find yourself in an American diner around 3:33 A.M. and there is some strange bloke in the corner scribbling poetry with dangly bits of iconography hanging from his neck. Knowing full well that each and every icon represented some fragment of his psyche I had to indulge in his offer to discuss psychology over a cup of coffee. I suppose this is how Daniel Louis Crumpton tempted me to become a contributor to ZENINTHECAR.COM. A discussion ensues and before you know it I’m neck deep in the philosophy of mixing spirituality with politics, and for the first time since I moved to the states I can see the connection between the two. “No commitments and no obligations” he says as he passes a folded sheet of notebook paper with his contact information on it. Before you know it he has me convinced that somehow or another I can make a contribution to this website and the Great Work he and his fellow patriots are working towards.

So here I am, tasked with writing a foreword for ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. and the recent push in Warner Robins to oppose the purchase of a $250,000.00 assault tank. Though I am new at this sort of thing, I have been assured that whatever I say will be acceptable and edited to shine my crazy diamond despite typos and intellectual fallacies; therefore I will do my best and hope not to disappoint you.


Recently the Warner Robins City Council had a resolution brought before them which would allocate the above funds to purchase what has been described as a “rescue vehicle”; however Jason Patrick, Daniel Louis Crumpton, Valerie Sargent Martin and Curtis Sirmans understood that this language was vague and deceptive. They being Liberty Activists already knew that this vehicle was anything but one for rescuing and decided it was time to make a stand in the channels of public authority. It was time for someone to stand in opposition to the militarization of peace officers in the land of the free and the home of the brave. As someone that has come from a place in the world where the idea of Freedom has been diluted to the constituency of water; I have to say they inspired me greatly in the area of lending my expertise and my voice. As the latest member of the ZENINTHECAR.COM family, I am happy to present to you the freshest of information from the 8th congressional district of Georgia. And I hope and pray that each and every one of you welcome me and my voice to the site. So enjoy the following ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. and please lend your support to those fighting in the fray.

Houston County For Liberty Raises Awareness of Lenco B.E.A.R.C.A.T.

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