Police incite violence everywhere every day. Is this fact lost on you?

Perhaps it is time to change police actions so things don’t reach such a fevered pitch? Blaming the symptoms of a problem I.E. civil unrest rather than the glaring problem of a disrespectful militarized police force leading things up to this point is naive and irresponsible, in my humble opinion. When/if things do return to normal? What changes? When the answer is “not much”?

The problem remains as do the symptoms. There is no justice.

No justice = no peace.

Are you really that surprised? Police can do anything they want to whoever they want whenever they want for whatever reason they want and get away with it. Lying and embellishing facts on police reports is common and encouraged. Are you surprised there is a riot and looting? Attitude reflects leadership. Every form of government is operating in near total anarchy and is out of control. The Constitution is dead and completely ignored.

photo from humansarefree.com

photo from humansarefree.com

That law (the constitution) is/has being ignored by every single person that has taken an oath to it. Some of those same people steal loot and incite and commit violence against American people all day everyday under “color of law” that is really not law at all and we all know it. Attitude reflects leadership. Leadership operates in near complete anarchy from the top down and the bottom up. When this shooting is eventually deemed “justified” (as it may well be) and the riots and looting stops?

The real under lying problem of a disrespectful militarized police force enforcing unconstitutional laws on nonviolent peaceful people will remain. I will gladly do “their job.”  I’d lose it very quickly as it is their responsibility not to enforce unconstitutional laws. I will not enforce unconstitutional laws. What you see now is a result of these “good men” doing their job while ignoring their responsibility. I work and have worked to change laws and legislatures as well as cops and departments.

No one is listening and everyone blames someone else.

Seems riots are the result and that is unfortunate. You can’t treat pneumonia with cough drops. The cough is not the problem. Responsibility must be taken, from the  Top down or bottom up. If police are the bottom? Their refusal to take part is necessary. A responsibility that seems to be ignored and somehow celebrated.

Just doing my job” where in history have we heard that?

It ends very badly, then and now.

Protectin’ and Servin’

HOCO GOP and the 1st ammendment

So, I finally got fully involved in politics. I know, I know, it’s a fools en-devour but how else are you to change anything. I’ve tried ignoring it….but it didn’t go away.
My dive head long into it came as a result of Dr. Ron Paul. Have you seen this dude? He has been fighting tyranny in the U.S. Government single handed for a long time. I have become more than irritated with B.H.O. our current tyrannical, dictator President. So I headed out to the county GOP convention. I registered as a guest and set up a camera to catch the debate for future reflection. It was mundane to begin with and after an hour and a half (apparently the time it takes for a committee to weed out the candidates they do not approve of, while building a majority in their favor) the fire works started. There is a 70+ man named Aaron running the meeting and a 30- man named Kevin raising question. Well this is exactly how political meetings are designed to go. Astonishingly, this Kevin fellow has read the rules and is following them quite well ad this Aaron guy is pissed.
Shockingly to me, I did not have to go as far as the White House to find a tyrannical dictator. This guy Aaron that was running the meeting became so enraged that he told Kevin to “sit down and shut up”. I was shocked but I continued to film. Well…. it did not take Aaron 10 seconds to realize I was filming and he made a B-line for me and demanded that I cease and desist filming. What? I have been here with my camera for three hours? You have seen me hear the entire time? Why is it that now (only after you acted like an a$$hole) you wish to kick me out? Well he beckoned to a policeman (with a gun) and demanded that I turn off my camera or leave. I said I was not going to turn off the camera so the policeman (with a gun) said I had to leave.
I was shocked! I am being forcibly removed from a political event for simply covering the political event! Is there not a first amendment afforded by the Constitution? It turns out… No, not today, not in the Republican party.
It was depressing for me to find out that the head of the Georgia Houston County Republican Party is as big or bigger tyrannical dictator than the current president of the U.S. and the GOP has no problem with that.
Since that day, at an executive committee meeting at the Houston County GOP the current dictator in question stated the “he” will no longer allow video at meetings and “he” has spoken with the GOP lawyers and they approve this measure.
I’m not sure about you? I have been a Republican for a very long time and this is counter to what I believe we stand for.
As it turns out….the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution has no place at all inside the Houston County GOP? That is unfortunate!

What does warrantless mean?

“All Signs Point to Douche Bag”

So the sitting U.S. Congressman from the 8th District of Georgia gets called out by a savvy young gentleman regarding the NDAA and drones in America. This all happens in front of his constituents at a dinner at the District convention. I am sure this had to be embarrassing for the congressman. He has to defend his vote to some savvy young guys in front of people who are used to worshiping the ground he walks on. How rude! Oops, not everyone is asleep worshiping district eight’s young congressman. So what is a congressman to do? Well, write legislation of course. Something good too, you know to save some face. 😉 So H.R. 5925 ought to do. Right? “To protect individual privacy against unwarranted governmental intrusion through the use of the unmanned aerial vehicles commonly called drones, and for other purposes.” Sounds real good…Right? But there are exceptions? Exception #2 reads so vague as to say unless someone determines we must proceed without a warrant. Doesn’t that basically mean “warrantless”? But no worries, section #4 says basically that if you have enough money of your own you can fight the federal government in court. If that government court actually lets you win. The government might pay you back for your costs of grievance? So the bill protects against warrantless surveillance, is that right? Maybe the exceptions should be… UNLESS THERE IS A WARRANT! But the congressman seems to be saving face for the moment. My question congressman….Does your bill really change anything?