Does the World Need an Enema?

Samuel Gene

Samuel Gene






Family…what structure to desire it so.
A house on a rock as winds give a vengeful blow.
What did Alice find, on the bottom to land?
What? Was it fate, or by a devils quick hand?
No one cries yet sighs from most bothered eyes.
From house or home…and a stone that defies.
Shot gun shells of spells…so swallow it down.
The idol sees not but gives a bitter frown.
A miserable existence, to not join happiness so dear.
Fighting for Love with shove and no longer fear.
You look innocent, given the best two-face…
..and crooked crown.
Shout freedom for all before the gavel…
..slams down.
The love of money, that yearn and burns in the end.
Ashes float as we cope and gone with the wind.
Are you innocent? With best look money can buy.
Or a key to castles floating in the sky?
What fate we have if Love is not true?
Or mental capacity to judge between kind or cruel?
Full-Deck ready, between misfits of order…
..and clowns of chaos.
All around the sound of slaves yelling…
..”free us!”
Do you want peace or die to this inner war?
Trigger happy, and many lifeless on the floor.
Divide and conquer. Yet the people do see.
Cover us in caves, for wrath we cannot flee!
Trouble me sunshine on a very dreary day.
Bring to Light while shadows shift and play.
Expose the many liars, killers and selfish thieves.
Give no rest to evil. See how boldly it breeds.
Chance and roll the dice. Gather up every cent.
How can fire consume, if you have no flint?
Banners of fear wage no rest in the night.
What to fight, if the people have no might?
Bitter pills and to vomit is only natural indeed.
Hands up asses and from wood we allow this greed.
Dine with wine, maybe trouble to be gone tomorrow.
Reason with the “loonies”, to help their sorrow.
Lovely hive and the bees will still sting!
How cumbersome, for whom the bell does ring?
A crazy genius is me, with equipped slaying eyes.
Cut asunder between one Truth and many lies.
So pout and bicker with utter inflamed delight!
Dream dreams of peaceful streams under the night.
To what price between the rod and guiding staff?
The hand from a man and His continuing craft.
Writings on the wall and that kingdom is numbered.
From rage of fire, and your lightning and thunder.
Those not planting will inherit the bitter wind.
And those on the wayside to be consumed… the end.
Yet! Bitter brooks give angered looks.
To shelter is most unwise.
Before all, the giant is brought down to size.
Diabolic intent, to eat more than mere skin.
Fight for life and forgive another’s sin.
Who cares? Who spares the soul of ignorance bliss?
How does control feel, before the snake to hiss?
No new thing under sun and skies of white and blue.
If too many chiefs, then tell me who does rule?
Cast in your chips and see if fortune will come.
Pay tribute to Caesar and find a pointed gun.
Slaves as before and maybe happy ever after.
It is mad!” as corporations give off laughter.
A joke to kill and steal. A ransom of very life.
So play along with vises of your own strife.
Soak in the filth, and breathe in the air.
Pick a ‘happy daisy’, and watch the careless care.
Young once, since then we left all youth behind.
A simple call and said words were so unkind.
Between north and south, yet we all walk the same.
Enjoy the silence…and wonder why you came.
Money is your solution and money is your answer.
A lit cigarette to regret and caught by cancer.
Pulled in the water by a most vengeful fish.
Knocked down to death by a hammering fist.
Is this my blood, which flows and nothing hindered?”
Or the childlike victims which softly surrendered?
The gods surround and hound like bloody beasts.
With forks and knives, they gather for a feast.
Ignorance bliss, so kiss wife and kids good…bye.
“Mr. Waterboard” did confess to “Mr.Guiltys” crime.
Lies and Truth, for some other to someday fix.
Broken bones by stones, bricks and sticks.
So pull the pin and throw the grenade in.
And hope this blast covers a multitude of sin.
Sick in the head, in the bed with every lover.
This joker picked wild, and the game almost over.
Falsehood walks and stalks the kids at play.
Catholic priest fornicate in the light of day.
Holy riders rage under bullet-proof glass.
Urging us onward and never learn from our past.
Till frogs fall and in the water is blood.
We play like pigs in the filth of mud.
The day almost done, and hurt was so much fun.
Turn on the lights and watch the fearful run.

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Scream in silence, unto a wall…do yell.
Question the four walls of this solitary cell.
Within your parade, others’ shadows I see you follow.
Another pillow of tears to feel and wallow.
Take life by the hand in its sacred trust.
The first is last and the last is first.
A riddle is me, chased daily by an angry bee.
And as I fell, lovely arms gave a place to flee.
Sweet nothings, now dismal…fading to gray.
No one but me to keep the harlots at bay.
They strut their fancy with words as blades.
Caught in grip of emotions as oceans of fierce waves.
My love is ever true and forever sweet.
Add something to nothing, as one yearns to be complete.
Be not the ship that will never come back!
No light in dreams and all…turns black.
Desire. An aspect of honor, if used the right way.
Without love, I am merely a lump of clay.
Breathing in eternity and to share with that fortunate other.
Beneath the tree, is me and my sultry lover.
Beat soft my bleeding heart.
To embrace light and no dark.
Flesh cursed with dreadful stain.
As love costs, yet most is vain.
Her tan skin, I did long to hold and touch.
I did not know that I desired too much.
Sweetness, even now gives me songs to write.
Contemplations gave melody in the still night.
Dripping dreams taught my heart…to love.
In this grand world of push and shove.
The enemy, though hidden from eyes to see.
Is it light or his darkness that we flee?
I am the rebel, turned and twisted by words of men!
Feel my thoughts penetrate the depth of skin.
I entreat wisdom which is my dearest delight.
Though we conquer and win the fight!
Fill my glass with happiness and fill yours too.
A toast we give for the mere reason…to be true.


Bra burners instead of grace.
Hippy justice disrupt the race.
Save the whales instead of human-kind.
Killing babies and not call it “ genocide”.
Ironic, turning things to their favor.
A woman has choice before her labor?
I save my pity for lives never known.
Buried in trash instead of under stone.
Much drugs filter through the ages.
If we came from the apes in cages?!
Cut down to size, in the past and ponder.
Youth is gone, but look down yonder!
Happy children I see as I quickly pass.
In this day, can their joy truly out-last?
Beyond the vial or tarp that guides your way.
Conquer the sadness and madness of this day.
Oh the trickery, and the one tricked, it was me!
This rose of red I held, helped me to finally see.
Ingenious, through fast array we come to our fate.
Vessels of love rises above the stream of hate.


What fondest things seen,
when dictated by the tv screen.
Lapse of judgment and loss of time.
A vessel am I, thus filled with wine.
Violence surrounds, yet peace within.
To come is glory…beyond the den.

Bands of friends, if ever in need.
Glory of heart from whence we bleed!
I also believe in the red, white and blue.
Yet not in the station or house most cruel.
Your first thought is probably most correct.
The illusion of change, and the child we all neglect.
Season the food with friends under the dim light.
Discuss the worlds’ many wrongs and one right.
Curse the gloom, and sweep the floor of every room.
Or accept the pre-paid path of danger and doom.
Wretched was I when I peered the sky!
Order in my face, yet an individual am I.
An open curtain and the truth is ever known.
I became a servant of the weak…and strong.
The lightning clashed twice, and the third it did hit.
Chaos was behind and the great waters did split.
Blissful is the way in which my heart was taught.
Through the many battles I’ve seen and fought.
I entreat with a smile and magic under sleeve.
Dreams of might to conceive and believe!
Elders showed the way and long since lost theirs’.
Become a rock against tides and the worlds’ cares.
Days of darkness and the fears of dread.
Bring the light back in the corners of your head.
Taste the wine that’s bitter and sweet.
Contemplate before a table…and eat.
It’s a drop of water unto the smallest seed.
It is the sun and air for which we breath.
And for this time the darkness seems to dance.
Wild and vengeful, sends screams of hypnotic trance.
Wage the war for love in the most fearless delight!
And do not shudder at the darkness of night.
Unto the end, I do pray that you are very well.
This side of heaven or this side of hell?


Beginnings, are sometimes sweet and soft.
As a comfortable house or loving loft.
Alone, one would thrill till someday…die.
Another to learn how to rape, kill and lie.
One sat before a host of typical shrinks.
Written down was his motions and rapid blinks.

He believed that he was a genius of many sorts.
A colorful king that owned mountains and forts.
A scientific enigma shared in song throughout the ages.
While the doctors gently sifted through their pages.
A wanderer with no freedom left or desire yet to go.
Yet, many of the great has shared his pain and woe.
Warm metal plates given from which to eat.
Black and red loafers from mother, upon his feet.
Finger nails bloody and bitten to the quick.
A leisure site to see when one…is sick.
An actor to play and often did sing with others.
While pity hit hard from the sisters and brothers.
Sleepless, yet he was more than tired.
Hourly medication kept the mind wired.
Sobriety came, for one more time to begin.
One more step to see the mystery within.