For me, it has only been in the past few months since I was perusing social media when I saw a post regarding this flat earth theory going around. Like most people, I kind of snickered and kept on scrolling until that little, certifiable voice in the back of my head said “Now wait just a second; you are supposed to be an objective observer pal. What harm would it do to hear them out?” Always one to listen to my certifiable voice, I took the time to click a few videos claiming to have proof that the Earth…she’s a flat! Now before I get too deep into this let me first lay out my position.

Matrix_Wiki_Seraph_Matrix (1)I am more in the David Icke School which leans that the world, no, existence itself is a holographic simulation that our consciousness chooses to enter into for the purpose of experiencing itself; a simulation or Matrix if you will. That being said, I can neither take the position of a globalist or that of a flat Earther because from my view the world will be whatever shape the collective consciousness wants it to be. For the past 500 years the collective consciousness has decided that the world was round and poof…she’s round. So if tomorrow the collective consciousness decides that the world is flat, well, then reality will bend to suit a flat earth. If I am correct in saying that reality is in fact a virtual reality in need of programming then the shape of the Earth is completely at the discretion of the programmers; for the most part that is all of us as a collective and I would go so far to say that even a few individuals of a certain level of consciousness. So the question isn’t if the Earth is round or flat; it’s what shape is it right now?

I will say that my entire life I have had to depend on what I was taught in public school and the information given out by NASA, Star-Trek and every other tid-bit of science fiction I can get my hands on. So obviously my understanding of the cosmos would have me conceive of the world as a globe, or near globe. I really had no reason to doubt that and have gone about my life with that little nugget of galactic goodness in my pocket. I joined the so called “Truth Movement” not too long after we were told that jet fuel could melt steel beams and quickly discovered that the Truth Movement was not limited to false flag terrorism rather including Truth in all different fields. That means that truth seekers want to know the skinny on everything from secret cabals in government, disclosure of extraterrestrial life, who killed Princess Diana and where the hell did Elvis go? So I suppose it was a matter of time before the shape of the Earth came back up. After all, we were lied to about everything else, why not the helio-centric model?


A lot of the evidence I have seen from flat Earthers is indeed compelling. I myself have seen countless hours of YouTube videos making the case for a disc shaped world beneath our feet but is that enough to convince me? Nope. But to be fair NASA can’t convince me it’s a globe, an egg or a pear either. As I have said before; the only way I will know is if I personally buy a rocket ship and see it for myself. I am a believer in first hand experiential knowledge and until my own eyes can behold the world from space I won’t take a position one way or another. However as a philosopher I will say that I think that the discussion is worth having and should be had with a sense of civility amongst those who may disagree. If one side begins calling the other side insane or heretical then we have left civility in the dust. After all, one of the contributors here at ZENINTHECAR.COM is a staunch flat Earther and I obviously am not. But as you all know, this site is structured around the notion that several points of view can come together and reason in peace. ZENINTHECAR.COM as a whole does not take the position of a flat earth model or a globe model but in the tradition of intellectual freedom, it does allow all sides to express themselves.


Unfortunately this has not been the case all throughout the Truth Movement and sadly shots of ridicule have been shot across lines. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Santos Bonacci of UNIVERSALTRUTHSCHOOL.COM; a teacher of astrotheology, syncretism, comparative religions and now the flat Earth theory. While making my objective position clear, I did want to allow Santos the opportunity to make the case for his beliefs for the benefit of my audience in hopes that they would simply make up their own mind. While I disagreed with some that he said I also agreed with much that he said but I simply don’t believe it is the place of us in the public eye or those of us behind the microphone to issue dogma and doctrine. Our place is to offer ideas and trust that the most buoyant ones will float in the minds of others seeking the Truth. With that mission in mind I allowed Santos to discuss his beliefs on flat Earth without ridicule, accusations, a demeaning attitude or ad hominem attacks.




Sadly this has not been the case across the board. From my understanding a feud amongst flat Earthers and globalists has arisen causing much unneeded strife in the whole of the Truth Movement. This rift is evident in the recent back and forth between Santos Bonacci and Max Igan; two men I equally respect which makes it all the more difficult for someone like me that chooses to remain neutral in the debate. It is my understanding that these two gentlemen were once good friends and this debate over what shape the friggin Earth is has caused an upset in that relationship. Both sides have gone on air spitting venom at one another for taking or not taking a certain position and as someone who has learned from both of these men; I have to say it is a sad thing for me to see them slinging mud at one another over an issue that simply does not call for it.


throw-out-the-baby-with-the-bathwaterLike the debate of the shape of the Earth, on the issue of Igan vs Bonacci, I will not bow to team mentality here either. I would urge all of you to do the same and simply stay out of it without affiliating yourself behind team Igan or team Bonacci. The last thing the Truth Movement needs is a civil war. We have already taken too many lumps in the past few months in other areas. At best I think it would behoove all of us to request that both parties, Santos Bonacci and Max Igan, bury this silly little hatchet as soon as possible so that we can remain unified as a movement and take on the real villains out there. The information put out there by flat Earthers is just as valuable as the information put out by globalists and we can’t go around throwing babies out with bath water if we wish to get anywhere at all.


Likewise, for anyone spending countless hours and keystrokes in threads regarding the topic I would ask you to show a little bit of civility because regardless of the shape of the Earth; it still needs our help. How about we save it first, and then with the Freedom we attain, study its shape later? The debate, by my estimation, is a distraction to side track all of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. While I don’t consider Santos or Max to be leaders in a leaderless movement, I do consider them to be valuable researchers and activists in their respective fields and want nothing more than to see them unite in what they agree on, and disagree on matters they don’t with the class of gentlemen. If they can manage to do that in haste then we as a movement can combine our research and findings, regardless of what side of the isle you are on, and maybe come up with something completely new that has yet to occur to any of us. Be well, and when you disagree, disagree with dignity.

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Daniel Louis Crumpton is a philosopher, political activist, and researcher of spirituality and comparative religions. He has compiled his research into the novel “Then Came the Flood” (on sale now at, AMAZON.COM, BARNESANDNOBLE.COM , WESTBOWPRESS.COM, BOOKSAMILLION.COM and ZENINTHECAR.COM), which offers an alternate and daring perspective to the events transcribed in the book of Genesis. Daniel is also an editor and frequent contributor to the political/spiritual/news website ZENINTHECAR.COM as well as the producer of ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. which covers topics ranging from political activism to enlightenment.
Daniel does not identify with any particular faith, however describes himself as a Sophian-Helio-Gnostic. He uses his experience and knowledge of the metaphysical as well as the occult to guide others to their individual understanding of enlightenment so they might be free from the bondage of Plato's cave. His message of wisdom, compassion and balance is heard by many who wish to see free and tolerant societies where all are allowed to walk their unique path without fear of condemnation.

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