D.L. Crumpton

How to end this? Oh…people; we’re funny little machinations aren’t we? When at the behest of my brother to start a blog five years ago I had little clue in the beginning as to what such an undertaking would be founded upon. After yet another long drive to work, in deep meditation, it struck me like a bolt of enlightenment that the only thing I really had to offer readers would inevitably have to be the strange trains of thoughts I had while in the car. Seeing as how much of my time just so happened to be in a fiberglass cage on wheels and the only real place I was going was deeper into my own thoughts, it seemed to me that a treasure trove of writing material could be pulled from that well. With that epiphany and a few keystrokes later, ZENINTHECAR.COM was born. Where that particular car would take me, well that is an altogether different story.


So you started a website and published your thoughts ranging from the mundane to the profane. You hold your breath and hope that someone’s eyes will grasp your ramblings from religion to philosophy and the giant leap down to politics. You try to find some magical, mystical way to tie and bind them altogether so that those who can hear would suddenly realize that all of those things are interconnected. Perhaps shooting rubber-bands at the moon in hopes to make it wince would have been an easier endeavor; nevertheless you shake your fists at the heavens anyway and try, try, try. At the end of long and winding so called “blogs” you hit a button and cross your fingers as you try to spread your ideas and ideals through any method possible. You envision that maybe you can use the only true passion and talent the Gods have given you to start some sparks in the minds of men and women and sit back as you watch this mythical thing happen called…gasp…change.


Change? What is this? Why do you want it exactly? Well that is an easy one of course and the answer is because you see that the world you are living in is quite screwy and that doesn’t really sit too well with you seeing as how you are all enlightened and shit. You watch the masses around you fill their bodies with GMO foods and drinks, cocaininate their brains with tons and tons of bleached sugar and brush it off with sodium fluoride for that nice calcification of the third eye. You listen to small crowds cheer for their god that approved of the bombing of this country or that; not sparing the body parts of little brown babies to boot. Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor and don’t forget to nail their babies to the door. While wondering why the gods won’t fight their own goddamn wars, on occasion you are daft enough to ask and have to endure a nosebleed as the reply usually comes back around to some small strip of land in the Middle East that isn’t even big enough for any valid God to wipe its ass with. But for some reason or another, pulpits across your so called country spoon feed their flocks with this type of reasoning and back it with threats from the Almighty if they dare question it like the school yard bully of the Universe. You quickly see that the bleating sheep invariably carry this to their monthly republican meetings where they decide who is and is not worthy of being in the political process of your so called “free country”. You have to somehow reach into these machines with the swift and steel darts of your words. Perhaps aimlessly you use each article, each video attached, each link and every bit of verbal symbolism you have at your disposal in the effort to activate some activists within the machines and pray that you can dislodge some cogs that might just do something about the ills of the world or die trying.


othersTime goes by and little by little you see that you indeed are not alone in your endeavors and there are in fact others willing to jump into the fray. You are not so arrogant to think that you have been the catalyst for this thing that is unfolding, but you do certainly feel some pride in knowing that indeed you have played a small part. From time to time you have to smile as you hear activists mention something you proverbially scribbled with your keyboard under one alias or another for the purpose of covering your ass at the republican meetings. While by design you have deliberately separated your words from your face and your name by several degrees for the purpose of remaining effective as a delegate; secretly you want to jump out from behind the curtain and shout “It’s me! I’m the wizard!” …but then again that would be a little melodramatic now wouldn’t it. So you are content to let some imaginary characters you created take the credit for a scathing report you published regarding the failings of the political process as it unfolds. As some character from a movie once said “anonymity is like a warm blanket”.


teamzenWhen the election cycle is over and your side was once again snubbed you decide that it’s time to take a more aggressive approach and recruit others to your little Zenterprise as it treks beyond party affiliations and into outright guerilla activism. One by one they come, having been inspired the groundwork you have laid and then it’s off to the races! A YouTube channel opens up with a brand you created, you and your counterparts are soon regular guests on several radio shows across the internet spreading the idea of Freedom and Liberty and all that jazz followed by speaking events from one rally to another protest. The idea of bringing a team together to prove that people from all religions or faiths and political parties becomes a reality and more hear the call expressing a desire to suit up alongside you. Your vision expands to become a kind of Professor Xavier for others; taking them under your wing, teaching them the ropes and then sending them off to star in their own series. The attempt to create a hydra with so many heads aimed for change that change has ultimately become inevitable is a ball that is already rolling fast. You have every reason to be proud, you have every reason to be happy, you have every reason to feel that you are at the height of your life…but you don’t. In fact you feel as if this little car of zen that could has driven you straight off a cliff into utter despair and desolation with its message of Freedom and Liberty. And why? Because of what it has cost you on a personal level. Because of what you were willing to sacrifice of yourself under a belief that it would liberate others. Perhaps that part was true; but while being true you know that the mission certainly hasn’t liberated you of anything but your contentment and state of zen.



Then it occurs to you that you have finally gone and done it. You have finally gone back to sane and the way that you once looked at the world has now become your life. All those notions of flags and founders and crusades of brushfires in the minds of men had consumed you to such a point that it put you in the very position of those that first inspired you to start this little adventure to begin with. Those notions themselves had not driven you here and perhaps are even true; but at some point you had begun preaching them so loud for others to hear that you yourself forgot to live them out in your very own life and your very own life now resembled the end result of a mandala. Once carefully designed and beautiful having been so carefully built it now laid wasted before you in a blur of what it once was. Zen lost whilst in the car. Of course, that’s just what I was thinking today.


In all seriousness though I do think that those of us who set out on a path to save the world or change the world run a very serious risk of being consumed to a point where we might find ourselves losing our own personal worlds and maybe even for a while our very souls. It is indeed a noble notion to want to see change even more so to be active in bringing about that change. I believe we should all run that course for a while in fact. However now that I am five years older or perhaps five years wiser I believe that we should know when to pass the baton and gracefully step off the track and back to the smeared mandala of our lives. When we do go back to that once beautiful design and sit before it in contemplation we will most certainly weep at what the act of being a hero has cost us. We fully understand that to be a teacher to the masses ultimately leads us to the hill of the skull where all heroes must face the cross and death. This is the price we have to pay for being spiritual and political upstarts. But cheer up dear reader, it aint all doom and gloom. You see, what the mandala teaches us is that nothing is permanent. Nothing really ever lasts. Now we can bitch and moan about that. We can cry in our beer as we grasp at the colored sand before us wishing it to go back to the way it was…and for a while that might work. But the key is this; don’t do it for too long. When the monks destroy a mandala they instantly begin to plot out a new one and in a single instant they lay down the first colored piece of sand that over time will become one much more intricate and beautiful than the one before. That’s you, that’s me, that’s all of us. And that is what makes us the envy of the gods.


comixSo, how to end this? Oh…people; we’re funny little machinations aren’t we? Knowing this I could think of no other way to end five grand years of ZENINTHECAR.COM with the faith and hope that someone else behind us will pick up the crusade of changing the world and leave us to enjoy it not as we would have it but as it simply is. That being said, I thank everyone who has contributed to the site as well as supported it over the years from the bottom of my heart. It was one hell of a ride, bruises and all. That being said I’m sure you know what to expect from this particular voice on a figuratively regular basis…out of the car. Be well.


D.L. Crumpton



Why is it so hard to uncover the Truth?


The truth(s) of our World & Nature is really getting out there thanks to people posting it everywhere. They will try to stop the world waking up to their scumbaggery, be the truth comes down to this 1 question… WHY? Why must they keep the truth(s) hidden, suppressed, disinfo’ed, delusions, distractions etc… 1 answer = no, not the money… no, not the power/ego and enslavement (but they required that to get the job done)…, Its to hide our spirits and connection to each other and beyond. For our creator is also working on fixing things up here on our flat earth, the centre axial spin of our known Electromagnetic universe/dome/stars. Our Creator is causing the wake up! Don’t you feel it? We are electromagnetic creatures with a soul/spirit, we are an amazing organic antenna. Why would you be blind to this and then over the space of a few years/decade say, some of us start to wake up, and we are doing it together. We discover for ourselves our true nature and our Corrupted world via egoic corruption of the mind and his-story.

The internet is a tool that has back fired on their plans. IF they take it away (shut us down), we will find other means to continue the push for truth. New people arise and new opportunities come forward. New videos are made, new members and subscribers that know you from reputation come back in a rush. … Think of it like losing your PC hard drive, no back-up. You just start again and it all comes back. Why? because we are the ones who care, we are the ones who want for a peaceful Utopia world, another golden age that is always possible. It will happen if we don’t let them get to us. Stand firm in your heart and self-power of knowing the truth. For this is what we that will bring about justice in this very corrupted world. The house of cards will fall soon, as long as we are tenacious and stay in the present moment of mind and one’s power, we will change the world… piece by piece, person by person, conversation by conversation. For it is the mind/spirit that we are communicating to.  To other people’s hearts’ and minds about what is the truth. All that is required is Words and the actions manifest themselves. The signal that we hu-mans are receiving from the Creator is why we are waking up. Listen to your heart (with awareness of the egoic mind to keep you balanced), and together we be Triumphant!  Stick it to ’em Truthers. I am, with every conversation. And everyday you do speak up and sow the seed with people, you are to. Don’t let the minions, the shills, and their scumbaggery get to you. Otherwise they win.  Point is, WE ARE WINNING, because you can’t hide the truth forever, and that’s all that matters.

One has to know how to deal with egoic scumbaggary. To do so one has to first recognise it in the self, then after working on the self, be able to recognize in others. Then one can see how to interact and communicate with them in such a way that they cannot get what they want from you. If you stick with “love and light, karma and christ consciouness” then you are leaving yourself open to their nasty selfish tactics. You will be screwed over time and time again until you have suffered enough, and force yourself how to learn to deal with their selfish egoic scumbaggary. This IS what humanity at large is dealing with. We are still hoping to be looked after, whilst actually being screwed over, and we are suffering over and over, until eventually we have had enough, and will deal with these corrupt selfish pricks properly.

Like say END ALL OWNERSHIP, ie Private Central Banks, Corporations, The Crown, and the corruption of Political figures via money.  No single person should own anything other than a basic home and simple luxuries. We are all familiar with the pyramid structure of power creating enslavement of the entire worlds human population. The common man at the bottom. the ownership level of the minions and their corporations, the political prostitutes and inhuman laws created and enforced by the Judges and Magistrates. The next level is how the later is also owned via the Private central bankers. The handful of major PCBanks that control the flow of money via the anti-generous, anti-human, anti-love for life and mankind, with structures of taking. These created structures are things called, interest, tax, registration, licences, fees, venue raising fines, rates, insurances etc… I will call them Money subtractions. Everything in our lives is about paying for it. You must have money in-order to live and exist.

Well sure, when it is stripped down to just the need for exchanges of goods, and services, wages for work done, (and not profits made)… we find there is NO NEED for any of the money subtractions, and is only created for profit and benefit someone else ‘above you’. Taxes are not needed to create things for the community. We just make them. We use our labour and skills to create them from natural resources from our mother Earth. So why do we need someone making money from this process? Why because of PCBanks and their ownership of greedy selfish racist and nationalist egoic minds. They must continue to take, take, take and justify the system of enslavement is the only to get things done. WRONG! If we all stood up to the criminal thieves, we could very easily RESET the financial system for benefit humanity.

Ryan Marshall. 19April2016.


For me, it has only been in the past few months since I was perusing social media when I saw a post regarding this flat earth theory going around. Like most people, I kind of snickered and kept on scrolling until that little, certifiable voice in the back of my head said “Now wait just a second; you are supposed to be an objective observer pal. What harm would it do to hear them out?” Always one to listen to my certifiable voice, I took the time to click a few videos claiming to have proof that the Earth…she’s a flat! Now before I get too deep into this let me first lay out my position.

Matrix_Wiki_Seraph_Matrix (1)I am more in the David Icke School which leans that the world, no, existence itself is a holographic simulation that our consciousness chooses to enter into for the purpose of experiencing itself; a simulation or Matrix if you will. That being said, I can neither take the position of a globalist or that of a flat Earther because from my view the world will be whatever shape the collective consciousness wants it to be. For the past 500 years the collective consciousness has decided that the world was round and poof…she’s round. So if tomorrow the collective consciousness decides that the world is flat, well, then reality will bend to suit a flat earth. If I am correct in saying that reality is in fact a virtual reality in need of programming then the shape of the Earth is completely at the discretion of the programmers; for the most part that is all of us as a collective and I would go so far to say that even a few individuals of a certain level of consciousness. So the question isn’t if the Earth is round or flat; it’s what shape is it right now?

I will say that my entire life I have had to depend on what I was taught in public school and the information given out by NASA, Star-Trek and every other tid-bit of science fiction I can get my hands on. So obviously my understanding of the cosmos would have me conceive of the world as a globe, or near globe. I really had no reason to doubt that and have gone about my life with that little nugget of galactic goodness in my pocket. I joined the so called “Truth Movement” not too long after we were told that jet fuel could melt steel beams and quickly discovered that the Truth Movement was not limited to false flag terrorism rather including Truth in all different fields. That means that truth seekers want to know the skinny on everything from secret cabals in government, disclosure of extraterrestrial life, who killed Princess Diana and where the hell did Elvis go? So I suppose it was a matter of time before the shape of the Earth came back up. After all, we were lied to about everything else, why not the helio-centric model?


A lot of the evidence I have seen from flat Earthers is indeed compelling. I myself have seen countless hours of YouTube videos making the case for a disc shaped world beneath our feet but is that enough to convince me? Nope. But to be fair NASA can’t convince me it’s a globe, an egg or a pear either. As I have said before; the only way I will know is if I personally buy a rocket ship and see it for myself. I am a believer in first hand experiential knowledge and until my own eyes can behold the world from space I won’t take a position one way or another. However as a philosopher I will say that I think that the discussion is worth having and should be had with a sense of civility amongst those who may disagree. If one side begins calling the other side insane or heretical then we have left civility in the dust. After all, one of the contributors here at ZENINTHECAR.COM is a staunch flat Earther and I obviously am not. But as you all know, this site is structured around the notion that several points of view can come together and reason in peace. ZENINTHECAR.COM as a whole does not take the position of a flat earth model or a globe model but in the tradition of intellectual freedom, it does allow all sides to express themselves.


Unfortunately this has not been the case all throughout the Truth Movement and sadly shots of ridicule have been shot across lines. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Santos Bonacci of UNIVERSALTRUTHSCHOOL.COM; a teacher of astrotheology, syncretism, comparative religions and now the flat Earth theory. While making my objective position clear, I did want to allow Santos the opportunity to make the case for his beliefs for the benefit of my audience in hopes that they would simply make up their own mind. While I disagreed with some that he said I also agreed with much that he said but I simply don’t believe it is the place of us in the public eye or those of us behind the microphone to issue dogma and doctrine. Our place is to offer ideas and trust that the most buoyant ones will float in the minds of others seeking the Truth. With that mission in mind I allowed Santos to discuss his beliefs on flat Earth without ridicule, accusations, a demeaning attitude or ad hominem attacks.




Sadly this has not been the case across the board. From my understanding a feud amongst flat Earthers and globalists has arisen causing much unneeded strife in the whole of the Truth Movement. This rift is evident in the recent back and forth between Santos Bonacci and Max Igan; two men I equally respect which makes it all the more difficult for someone like me that chooses to remain neutral in the debate. It is my understanding that these two gentlemen were once good friends and this debate over what shape the friggin Earth is has caused an upset in that relationship. Both sides have gone on air spitting venom at one another for taking or not taking a certain position and as someone who has learned from both of these men; I have to say it is a sad thing for me to see them slinging mud at one another over an issue that simply does not call for it.


throw-out-the-baby-with-the-bathwaterLike the debate of the shape of the Earth, on the issue of Igan vs Bonacci, I will not bow to team mentality here either. I would urge all of you to do the same and simply stay out of it without affiliating yourself behind team Igan or team Bonacci. The last thing the Truth Movement needs is a civil war. We have already taken too many lumps in the past few months in other areas. At best I think it would behoove all of us to request that both parties, Santos Bonacci and Max Igan, bury this silly little hatchet as soon as possible so that we can remain unified as a movement and take on the real villains out there. The information put out there by flat Earthers is just as valuable as the information put out by globalists and we can’t go around throwing babies out with bath water if we wish to get anywhere at all.


Likewise, for anyone spending countless hours and keystrokes in threads regarding the topic I would ask you to show a little bit of civility because regardless of the shape of the Earth; it still needs our help. How about we save it first, and then with the Freedom we attain, study its shape later? The debate, by my estimation, is a distraction to side track all of us with eyes to see and ears to hear. While I don’t consider Santos or Max to be leaders in a leaderless movement, I do consider them to be valuable researchers and activists in their respective fields and want nothing more than to see them unite in what they agree on, and disagree on matters they don’t with the class of gentlemen. If they can manage to do that in haste then we as a movement can combine our research and findings, regardless of what side of the isle you are on, and maybe come up with something completely new that has yet to occur to any of us. Be well, and when you disagree, disagree with dignity.

How to become a successful Awakener

Andy Kehoe2

What’s beyond our world?  Beyond the outer perimeter of the Southern regions of this electromagnetic Flat Earth?

Is there life beyond it? We can see that physical life is only here on Earth and beyond.  Not above us in the stars and planets, as Nasa likes to tell us.  Thanks to modern amateur telescopes, we see the stars and ‘wandering stars’  are nearby lights in the firmament, created by sound in water emitting light. Flashing and Pulsing and streaming around the top of us. (You Tube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJJ_z6pwUrE  – Frequency of the Heavens: Cymatics, Bio & Sonoluminescence, actual stars and planets


What if other lifeforms, extra-terrestrials, call it what you will, are here from beyond the cold icy inhabitable landscapes named “Antarctica”?

What if another form of humanoid species existed in yet another area of habitable land, with its own life giving +Sun? What if this habitable area and its species were far more advanced and evolved than us?  Capable of traveling to our region, and communicating, but not living due the differing bacteria’s and viruses etc, that recycle, and thus could not co-habitate with us?  Or they could live amoungst us, have done so via co-breeding with us. Earthborn, so to speak.

What if this species was good, bad, or somewhere in between?

What if it is they who are governing our world, with all of its enslavement?

What if their purpose is to simply supply their own region with minerals from Earth, all taking for themselves, but keeping us working, so to supply themselves?

Keeping the illusion of a cage with ‘ untested theories’ that the Earth is a spinning  globe.  In-toxifying us so to stay asleep, egoic and materialistic… brainwashed into being a good slave and you will be rewarded… Do business and be rewarded with the sorcery of Money and ownership.

As we see doing business and being most profitable (rather than helpful to humanity) involves one to lie, cheat and steal their way into wealth.  To compete from the crumbs of profits from what should be a basic needs as humans, with luxuries always secondary.  Too much luxuries, material gains, and distractions keeps the need to be rich and classy.  The ego wants for this alone.  And to be rich one must become powerful, and to do so in business, the corporate/financial world is easily corrupted by lies, deceptions, con’s, inside information, pocket unity in secret, government connections and the corrupting of political positions via the funding and backing that is required to compete for the job.   Man’s lust for luxury from wealth and ownership and the need for power control of the domain the industry is involved in, is clear in this world.


Why is it being propagated clearly via mainstream media?  Via mind-control, the egoic mind is lured.

Why is there no teaching, or schools for understanding the Ego – The Inner Dialogue Trauma Loops?

Why because ‘they’ have control of the education / enslavement / indoctrination school.

They have control of the Legal system too, via writing new amendments and by-laws, or statues over the top of the simple existing Common Law.  It should be called “Common-sense Law”.  The judges may or may not be corrupted, and a jury of common people are  the deciders, so they just make new laws, new court houses, and preside over them.

Why is also science, full of theories and predictions, and lacking severely in future techs discovered but suppressed, like Nikola Tesla’s work for just 1 example?

Why because ego has rule over the currency of man.

If they wanted us all dead and gone, it would have happened long ago. Oh don’t get me wrong here, they clearly don’t care who’s dies, when or why, they even created wars to reduce the population and keep us docile.  And are doing it today in the form of vaccinations, food, water  and sky poisoning, ignorant health diagnoses, and brutal medicines and pharmaceuticals. This list goes on…


So if we are being controlled, enslaved, dumbed-down, and having our wealth and resources taken from us… by a species that cannot live here, but instead uses its bloodlines , pawns and minions and bought-out Kings and Princes, to do its bidding.  It sounds like they want us alive somewhat and working, but never to strong too unite and take back its freedoms and power.  To hold them at bay at the outer rim, and from our minds.  All this is not going on in space, millions-billions of light years away, but somewhere outside our Flat Earth region, and in our minds.  The Hindu texts speak of 4 quarter groups of 3 per quarter of habitable zones, that are centred around an enormous mountain.  Like an Atlantis.  This bigger perspective brings us to possibly 2 other nearby habitable zones, and yet another 9 more.  All in it together.  Perhaps the nearer ones are the ones in control of us currently, and they are able to not only travel to our zone (camped out in an icy area at the perimeter, but install the required mind-control of ‘gods’ in our world, along with the element of money, ownership, and enslavement, also fear inducing mind-control via scarcity, poverty and crime.


All this is clearly happening in our world today. Yet humans in a natural balanced state of being are loving, caring creatures.  The writing is on the wall, and we can see who the minions are, but they are not the top of this food chain.  There MUST be something far more powerful and capable of seducing man’s heart to being egoic and selfish.  And ALL the scriptures point to a Satanic influence in our world.  Depending on which way you see the metaphors of the biblical accounts of certain figures and their role in all of this grand set-up.  Such accounts of our past contain an element of a deceiving one, a malicious one that wants to rule us and be looked upon as a King or god.  And that we are to not only bow down to them, but work hard or else suffer and die.  Could such an Evil element of control over us has to come from a neighbouring habitable zone? Perhaps some of the other 9 zones are trying to help for the good, but it’s not as easy as it seems with this Evil one.  For we all know the Prime Creator that can never be seen, is above us, beyond the firmament, where physically does not reside.


Point here is… We can do something about it, once knowing the whole story.  We do what they fear most.  Unite and stand up for ourselves.  And push them back, because they can’t live here.  Do you think if we held our own they could further attack us with large flying warships with future tech weaponry or something?  And if they could, then it wouldn’t matter in the first place, and I’d rather die trying, than die a poisoned suffering slave.  Sounds a little like the Marvel story now doesn’t it!  Minus the space part.  Or the similar to the Matrix movies.  And all very plausible, right?! (I highly recommend Daniel Louis Crumpton’s Book “And Then came the Flood”)


So the only thing standing in our way to freedom and world peace, would be waking up the mind-controlled masses to unite together and bring justice to the current controllers of the system,  and implement new anti-corruption laws to our system and networks.  Where we are all equal and looked after properly and humanely.  It sounds simple enough, but clearly very hard to do.  Such a grand task of awakening and uniting humanity together requires first, exposing the corruption, and the evil bidders behind it all.  And then secondly making a Earth think-tank to discuss without single leaders to create something that will stand the test of further corruption.


To get to this point we all have to do our bit.  Those awake need to awaken and heal others.  This involves working with not only the raw information of ‘truthing’, but also of understanding the egoic mind, not only in the other but in the self.  For it starts in the self.  The knowing from within the self is created, the peace of mind that is generated from understand the inner dialogue and emotions that come from thinking  in un-reality, in selfishness.  From understanding how the self is shaped and created from the thinking mind in trauma events from the past.  And currently re-creating them over and over again in a blind attempt to get them resolved.  This awakening within and from the level of self perception, is required before anyone can successfully transform other people lives into a full awakening.  Many try to understand the truth of the world, but get lost in their egoic mind and the dramas it plays out with other humans. And instead the truth is almost wasted on them.  But never entirely.  If used correctly, uncovering some of the truths of our world, whilst teaching one about the egoic mind, can help facilitate their OWN awakening.  This is what is required if we are to unite and bring back our freedoms all encompassing.  To not do so, means the evil of our world remains.  I for one, are most fed up with this highly poisoned and corrupted world of enslavement.  Aren’t you?


So to all the ‘truthers’ out there trying their best, here is question for you?  Are you aware of your own mind and created egoic sufferings and lessons?  Are you engaging in drama, righteousness, or competition?  Are you trying hard but seem to be getting nowhere and feel useless in this whole truth exposé? Do you find yourself attacked or having to defend yourself to others about truth issues?  These are elements of the egoic mind still effecting you.  If you answered yes to any of these, then without sounding harsh… You still need to do some work on yourself first.  And this takes a lot to push through, because no-one is going to help you look and see within, only you can do it, or discovering yourself.  There are some teachers out there, that have written books or do seminars on the subject, but they are never a Guru, Master or Leader, only a messenger.  You have to do the work on yourself, and free your own mind.  Then the ‘truth intel’ will work to motivate you, will inspire you to DOING great things, and getting through to people, and helping people who need it, want it, are ready for it.  There will always be those who are not ready or still fighting their own mind/ego, or others, in its lust quests. They are not lost, but perhaps not worth your time.  Keeping moving on and never be a Guru, and you will find plenty of people ready to work with.  Beware the Guru’s, for some of them know not their own minds, but rather the need to entrap you into their reality and selfishness.  Some are just egoic, but some are evil in disguise.  But your awake and connected heart will guide you.  The evil that plagues our world is easily seen, once the mind-control and delusions, both of self, and those around you fall away.  Your path to contributing to this suffering world will ‘shine’ brightly.  You will see what you can and are capable of DOING.  And it first comes from your BEING.  Your awake heart and aware mind.. DOING what it knows needs to be done.  To bring about the ending of our suffering.  Whether that’s with the few people around you, (family or not), or for the entire human race.


So what’s it going to take?  Are you awake?  Are you aware?  And are you ready to fulfil on what we all know we need to DO individually to make this home of ours free?  If you can’t find any adults to help facilitate their awakening, then at least teach your children to be free of the bonds of the mind and how to navigate the corrupted system with purpose.  For as we all well know, it is our children who take the reins from us, and is why we as children did not get this education as standard.  Because the world is so very corrupted.  Loosing hope in humanity and giving up is also nothing more than a cope out.  And also its ok to have some time-out whenever its required.  After all “we are only human” and are emotional, feeling, sensory, electric beings.  We need to look after ourselves first before we can take on the good fight.  And even this can be hard in this also very poisoned world.  But Nature has the answers to all healing.  Old ways, and grandma’s cooking is what works best.  So fix the gut, the body, the temple, as well as the mind, and you will be a successful awakener.

– Ryan Marshall.  Originally written 02Dec2015.

The Egoic Mind

tv obey

Here’s the main problem we face.

The Selfish Nasty Private Global Banking Cabal (or whatever you want to label it) that is hell bent on destroying humanity and our Earth home, so they can remain in power and wealth, via endless false flags, wars, lies and corruption in ALL levels of our society, can be easily removed from their power structures, if WE the united people do so via their controls of us.  Namely “Ownership of Corporations”.  No one should own anything but their primary residence and safe keeps.  Everything else in our structured society should be public managed for the benefit of humanity, not for lining the profits of these egocentric, Satanic practicing leeches, keeping us enslaved, sick and brainwashed.

So I have heard various intelligent and vocal people like Michael Tellinger, and Ken O’Keefe tell us that all we have to do is remove their ability to issue, print and control the money supply, and then all their agencies, backdoor funded terrorist groups, illuminati etc, will dry up due to the lack of funding, and all those politicians, CEO’s, Hollywood producers, diplomats etc… that are willing to do their dirty work for them (at a price) will no longer have these backdoor contracts with no money to pay them anymore.

This I entirely agree with.  But there is one great big brick wall in the way of this happening.

And that is the brainwashed, deceived and consenting populace are still lost and trapped in their minds, and unable to see the truth in front of their faces, and in most cases act to defend the cleverly disguised system.  They cannot distinguish a Lie from truth.  The Media Prostitutes keep the deception going and young minds born into this slavery system are distracted and deluded further and further with each generation.  Not all but most.

So the question is; What is it going to take to get our heavily deceived and helpless people to open their minds, so we can get on with removing the corruption and healing this whole situation?

My answer is EGOIC AWARENESS.  Each individual must reflect inwards as recognise the ego mind and the damage they are causing to themselves in areas of their personal lives.  For example: In one’s past will be trauma events that happened, where the individual made it mean something about themselves or the people or circumstances involved.  Sure what was thought may have been relevant to then, but they continue to hold that as TRUE about themselves.  “The teacher said you are useless at Maths Johnny” and from then on Johnny has made it mean he is this way forever onwards.  These ‘Inner Dialogue Trauma Loops’ as I like to define them, are rampant in our past.  We are constantly evaluating and judging every situation, mostly based on our past experience.

However this is UNREALITY based in what’s happening right NOW.  All this meanings and emotional trauma based on past events keeps ‘looping’ over and over again due to the egoic mind wanting to protect and survive any further trauma. Instead of learning from the experience (whether bad or good) and then letting it go and moving on.  Just like a family member dying.  It hurts, and we need to grieve for a while, but then if we don’t let them go and move on we are only further hurting and damaging ourselves in grief.  There is a deeper spiritual aspect to our physically dead, but very much alive in spirit forever & ever.

Now these traumas vary from something small and seemingly insignificant, to massive emotional scaring.  Just look back in your past and find them.  But the good news is they are NOT real any more than the past was real once before.  When one is in the moment of now is New and refreshed.  We should only be bringing past experiences with us to help better understand what MIGHT be happening in a new and present moment.  But this rarely ever happens.  Instead the egoic mind goes back to the past and sees the possible incoming hurt or emotional upheaval and does whatever is necessary to stop it or survive it.  This in most cases results in assuming what is happening in the now, and reacting in a way that seemingly attacks or defends the situation, so it will go away.  This separates the person from REALITY, and creates a false reality or perception in the face of what is usually an entirely different situation or circumstance or people involved.

So my point here is… In this very corrupted world, those in power and doing a great job in allowing the egoic mind to rule.  TV media, movies, music,  education, luxury, competition, business, the list goes on and on, and is everywhere.  The brainwashed populace are so conditioned to act or re-act from the ego mind or at the (very least be distracted) via false fear creations and invented social normalities, that it seems almost useless to escape it when generation after generation, parent to child have been under this SPELL.


So how do we counteract such a massive situation?  My answer is to work on the individual. Each person must look back into their past and take responsibility for the fact that THEY have allowed THEMSELVES to become brainwashed.  The Cabal might seem to be the cause, but the CONSENT still ends with the individual.  This is why we DO see people Waking-up, regardless of how bad or easy their lives have been thus far.  Usually those that have suffered enough or are on their death bed recognise this on their own, and have let go of the past self-conditioning, and go on to ‘do the work’ to find and let go of more.  Then as these ‘Inner Dialogue Trauma Loops’ become AWARE to the individual they can bring to the present moment and clear and open mind to each new situation, and not the egoic past that separates, attacks and defends from the minds perception of UNREALITY.

The future outlook of the individual shifts, or transcends the past and lives in the present moment of REALITY.  Then one starts to see with REAL EYES, the REAL situation of the Cabal’s lies, games,  deceptions, power control, genocide etc… and is able to actively pursue a better future, if not only for themselves, but also for other people in their lives, or even the World of humanity.

ONLY then can each individual have the inner want to do something about creating a world that works, without the nasty Cabal Egomaniacs holding the reins and taking us to our graves in slavery.

So if we want the remove the Cabals control of money and power, then we must focus on helping each other to see that it is US, each of us individually and personally that requires inner reflection and work to be done in stripping away the false identities, and past UNREALITY traumas that our Inner dialogues have created.  We must take responsibility for the fact that we are allowing ourselves to be deceived time and time again.  And that the deceptions of the Cabal is only part of the factor.  We must each go to work on stripping away the Egoic Mind, and all the layers of the onion skin that have made it up over time.  The older the individual the more layers and traumas there are to work on.

Without this, we are forever trapped by our own minds and the Cabals brainwashing techniques to keep their power and money structures, and US all enslaved.  Enslaved by our own minds allowing it be this way.  Let’s help each other.  Let’s have compassion for those that are suffering and heavily brainwashed, and stop blaming them and calling them names, and being upset at them for not seeing the corruption and doing something about it.  Sure they are going to be deep in it, but we can only change this world together and united together so the Cabal cannot find ways around the small resistance and crush it.

We MUST stand together and help each other to Wake up.  This is not an easy task, but it is better than stamping your feet at the next protest march.   Start learning how to be a compassionate ‘mirror’ for people’s out of control and automatic selfish ego’s.  Start learning how to make a stand for those that need emotional support in getting past their ego’s manifested traumas, dramas, attention seeking habits.  Start looking deeper into yourself as well, as the ego always goes very deep and all the way back to your early childhood.   The pain that we all suffer from lies within, and is not something ‘out there’ to fix or change.  Who we are in spirit never changes, only the egoic mind is released from the damage it is causing to the self, and in the world.

Then we can start working on the Egomaniacs at the top of the money chain that are also very deluded, and think to control the people in the world is the only way.  Love &/or Compassion is the only way.  And love starts with the self before it can effectively be given outwardly and help and heal others.


We need to nourish the Body, Mind & Spirit, for without bringing awareness and wisdom to these 3 elements of the self, there is only the selfish ego on auto-pilot, trying to survive, with some occasional joys thrown in or forced in.

First, one must know and master the Body, in various ways.  Health and Healing from Nature ALONE, and not via today chemical loaded and nutrient and enzyme deficient, mono-cultured big corp and pharma shit we given at the shops.  Real food grown with love in your own backyard, that’s seasonal.  The non-use of anything artificial and chemical.  There are many ways around the shit we have been programmed to use over the last 100 years or so.  Go and find them!  Nature has the answer for ANY Illness, Disease, Parasite, and also for building a strong immune system.  Start doing your research away from what the medical In-Doctrinated Folk are telling you, and their chemical pharma buddies that pay them and keep them blind.

Second, is the Mind as I have already spoken about.  And the Third, Spirit can enter into a realm of discovering the Truth with Real Eyes.  The Churches that create spiritual Suppression, Fear generating & Ego mind engaging, that takes a past text from the word of man, and only interprets the messages from a literal perspective, instead of literately, being a story that encompasses a higher transcendental meaning.  All Religions are fine when it comes to showing you a path of being good to your fellow man, but then get lost in translation about what God is, and what the scriptures are really saying.  Instead the Churches manipulate the spirit into something that is external and never connected within.  They make us Fear God, and tell us we are sinners from birth. No, the Ego Mind is the Devil /Satan and it resides in your unbalanced Spirit. It is YOU.  But, so to does God, and your Higher Self.  But they speak without words, and one has to master themselves to hear silent messages, of one’s purpose or path that lies before oneself and everyone else.  The Egoic Mind is a mess of constant chatter, judgments, evaluations, and righteousness.  And is a part of you for a good reason… to learn and grow from, to transcend the negative impacts of selfish manifestations and suffering. When one grows up in an environment with Zero Egoic awareness, Spiritual Suppression, and bombarded with bad food and artificial health treatments, the individual cannot function in anything more than the selfish survivalist Egoic mind state, and suffer.  Then enter manipulation, competition, violence, and death.  In the face of a Church telling you, you are a sinner, and the Law wielding its punishments for crimes, its no wonder the world is the way  it is.  And those holding all the money simply wanting it to continue.  It is not wrong, It’s just the Collective Egoic Mind, way out of control.

However, we can rein it all in.  Anyone can turn their lives all around.  But this takes Being honest with yourself, taking Responsibility for your past misgivings, and being someone of integrity in the present moment.  Pain that comes up is part of the healing process.  Because on the other side of acceptance is Freedom and a chance to start again, in the Now in a more balanced way from within the self, and with others around you.  You make your own second chance, and you can do it time and time again.  Or little steps at a time.  The only thing standing in the way of your inner freedom and Peace, is your own WILLINGNESS to transcend the messes and mistakes you have created in your life thus far.  Every single second, every single moment is a change to turn it all around, and regain a life worth living.  Spreading it out to others, so we can all BE and LIVE this way, and return the world back into balance. Manifested from Love of Who We Are, and for each other.

So what’s holding you back?  Money? Job? too Busy? too Distracted? too Programmed? Or maybe just too Messed up?  These are just REASONS and EXCUSES for why not.  What are your reasons for blindly manifesting a life with suffering, and incompletions from the Past?…  A life of bad diets and diseases?… and the Spiritual programs of fear, submission, misinterpretations, and Guru external seekers?  There is only YOU and your excuses, justifications, reasons and Sob-stories.

So the only question is; When are you going to be willing to Wake YOURSELF up? ? ?

And then, get with the Earth mission of helping others towards their own path of self-discovery, so we can start moving forward as a collective, instead of backwards into destruction?


Ryan Marshall. (Revised 09Mar2016) Originally written 27Nov2014.

Who am I?



003-Yin-yang_enlargeI am a drummer, a guitarist, a singer, an artist, a philosopher, a spiritualist, an Ontologist,

A Landscaper, a Gardener, a Manager, an Architect, a Designer, a drawer, a geometrist,

A searcher, a researcher, a truther, a Flat Earther, a humanist, an equalitist, a free speecher,

A father, a partner, a lover, a friend, an uncle, a brother, a son, a human being.

A free thinker, a leader, an electromagnetic antenna, a breather of life given to me from a creator.

What we are is; what we think, and what we do and have done.

What do you think you are?

What have you done?

What are you doing?

What’s next?

And what are you doing about what’s next for yourself, and for others in the world?

Are we blinded by slavery, and dominated by the selfishness of ownership?

Who is one more than another to say they own more than you?

Who is one more than another to say they are the more righteous and deserving of a fair and equal life?

Who’s words  can claim this, and from what god?, if god is the centre of everyone and everything together?

Who’s words can claim to know what is our world we live in and how it’s going to be run?

Everyones, together, the majority abide to follow a set of guidelines for this.

But what do we have instead is Lies and deceptions of what is real, what is life, what is our home, and what is God?  And we follow them to our own demise.  Genocide. Crimes against humanity.

Under the rule of Selfish ownership.  Corporations. Religions, Prostitute Scientists, Politicians, and Media whores, Indoctrinated Doctors, Teachers, Military Rankers, Police Commanders, Judges, Magistrates, all taking orders.

Under this selfish ownership that holds all our wealth via money and mind, our ability to exchange our efforts in life is preyed upon.  And we never know it, until one day the suffering had is enough, and we awaken ourselves to the truth behind the lies.

Those that have suffered and are awakening, are speaking out, but not many are listening because what they say goes against the grain of the system, and seems crazy, even preposterous or Blasphemous!

But those awake cannot stop, even in the face of such rejection. For if we stop, we fail and continue to suffer, generation after generation.


So those that keep standing up for humanity, must remember that by pointing and showing where we ALL are suffering and are blind to it, is the key to the uncovering the lies, and stimulates the want in others to learn the truth for themselves, without having to hold their hand along the way.

Time to make a stand for humanity.  Because we ARE ALL suffering, and it won’t ever stop until we make this stand together.

Would be easier to retreat into the small luxuries and distractions they have allowed us to have, but you forever be out of intergrity, and live a helpless, hopeless, and guilty existence. Rather than a  life of love and happiness.

For waking up to the corruption is one thing.  So is waking up the corruption in one’s own mind, namely the egoic lessons to understanding the self being and doing in life. In every moment, that involves others in interaction.  Locally not Worldly.

What am I thinking?  Is it real? Or is it just what I think?  Or is it what I have been told what to think?

Maybe instead of believing myself, maybe I should find out, ask, and be neutral about it before making a decision about what is Really happening?

What part of this am I personally responsible for making it that way?

If it’s negative, or upsetting, of what use is this way of being and doing?

I could be some other way, to produce a positive and co-operative solution.

Maybe sometimes it’s not them… but me who is creating the negative experience of what’s happening.

In others words, ‘what did I make it mean’.  One must breakdown the meaning from the voice in the head, versus reality, by testing what is reality.

If this is not real, then what is really happening?  Why am I upset?  How am I responsible?

Am I expecting something to happen, or someone to do something, am I communicating this in the first place?  Perhaps I should be the one to make it happen the way I want it to be, rather than blame/point/accuse others first.

What can I say to rectify the situation?

What can I do to help with the situation?

I can blame another, or blame the system for why it is the way it is, but that would only give me more suffering.  So instead I vow to be responsible for making the situation work better than it currently is.  Because its not wrong, its just not working.  Humanity is suffering, and also the human individually (me/I) is suffering.  Whether we want to admit it or not.

Awareness of the real situation is the first place to start.  The uncovering of lies over truth.

Then comes integrity of self to want take responsibility for the situation to shift.  To change into something that works, something that is better than before.  To transform what is, into what could be possible.

And it all starts with the self.  Then the world.


Author: Ryan Marshall (written 27Jan2016)


zodiac It doesn’t take a person in search of demons too awful long to find them. If one were so inclined to seek them out they will soon find that those pesky things are everywhere; under beds, in closets, under lamp stands and in every box of Hanna Montana breakfast cereal on aisle 13. In a world that happens to reside in a Universe that hangs in the balance of signs and symbols one does not have to look too awful far before stumbling upon some sort of sacred geometry and with the ignorance of a child staring into its dark closet, convinced that jacket on a hanger is a goblin, see the devil in the details. As the old adage would state, speak of the Devil and the Devil will appear. Are there signs, symbols and sacred geometry all around us? The answer to that is an obvious yes, of course. Without signs and symbols communication itself would be very difficult for our species to begin with, so if signs and symbols are inherently evil, they most certainly are a necessary inherent evil. That can make things a little confusing when you consider that we are told the heavens themselves, with their worlds and their stars, were created as signs for seasons by the Big Man Himself. The original G, or God as it were seems to admit in his classic appearance in the Bible that there is no one else to blame for the design of signs and symbols specifically including the blanket of the zodiac but He Himself. The notion that God somewhat expects us to understand the signs and symbols created begs the question of how said signs and symbols can be in and of themselves evil?


One of my earliest memories was around the age of six or so. I was riding with my Mother and Father on some back country roads, heading home from some relatives house if I remember correctly. I remember it being very dark and foggy that particular night and to tell you the truth the experience was a little frightening. I myself had not remembered the route we took to our destination and was certainly at a loss when it came to finding our way home. This feat would be even more impossible for me with the added difficulty of the darkness and thick billowing fog pushing against the van. Sure, it isn’t much of a tribulation, but for a six year old it is a sort of horrific venture through the valley of the shadow of death. I didn’t want to be the one to voice my seriously held concerns and upset anyone else in the van to the absolute disparity of the situation. I didn’t want to be the prick that screamed of our impending doom, so I focused on my Mother in the passenger seat who didn’t seem stirred at all, and my father who tapped the steering wheel to Johnny Cash as he casually navigated through the darkness without a care in the world. “Those two must know things I do not” I thought.


night-highway I wiggled my way in between their seats and cautiously craned my neck so I could see past the dashboard and into the night my parents didn’t seem to fear. When I was confident that merely looking into the dark would bring me no harm I started to take notice to things my Father seemed to observe without any concentration at all. At first I noticed that there were bright yellow lines, sometimes solid and sometimes broken dashing towards us and under the van.

“What are those daddy?” I asked.

“Those yellow lines? Oh, well those tell me what side of the road to stay on so I don’t hit another car going the other way son.”

Once that had been explained to me and I was relieved of the fear that we could slam into someone on the way home I look outward a little more and saw to the right of us little, glowing, green signs with numbers on them that darted past us periodically.

“And what are those things daddy?” I asked.

“Those are called mile markers son. They give us an idea of how far we are from home and how long it will take us to get there.” He explained.

The idea that we would be lost in the dark fog for all eternity then fled from me and I was no longer afraid that I would never see my bed with its Popeye the sailor man sheets again. After seeing larger white signs with numbers on them, I inquired about those too.

“Those tell me the speed limit son. They let me know when I can go faster or when I need to slow down.”


For the remainder of the trip home my Father explained what stop signs were for, what yield signs told you to do, why the lights have three different colors and why they change and before you know it we ran out of signs to be explained before we pulled safely up into the driveway of our home. I remember as I crawled into my Popeye bedsheets and snuggled up with my Huey Duck thinking that the ride home wasn’t so scary after all. I could’ve stayed my frightened little ass in the back seat, covered my face with my shirt and whimper to God to please make it all stop as all the signs remained Greek to me; however even at that young age I was a truth seeker. When one is a seeker of the truth they brave the fear of the unknown and at the very least they crawl in between Mama and Daddy and demand answers, they beg for explanations. As the book says, ask and ye shall receive. That night I learned that no matter how dark the night is or how thick the fog of the unknown clouds around you; the signs to lead you home are all around you. However seeing the signs won’t do you much good if you can’t understand what they are telling you. Of course in order to understand what they are telling you, you are going to need some guides that are no strangers to the road.

In that instance my parents were illuminated to the road leading home and they were the only ones that could have initiated me to their level of Enlightenment. While two of my siblings remained in the back seat and napped or twiddled their thumbs, I pushed past my fear rooted in ignorance and asked for the Light of Knowledge. I faced the Devil in that van and the Devil was me. My fear of the unknown was my own personal Satan and once I made the choice to resist him…well whattaya know, he fled from me. The bright light of knowledge burned the very fear right out of me; knowledge passed down to me from my elders. This most certainly could not have been accomplished by the ignorant speculations or assumptions from those that chose to remain in the dark of the back of the van.


illuminatiThis brings me to all this fuss in our day about the occult and the so called Illuminati. In most circles the very mention of either sends shivers down the spines of many. I have to confess, there was a time in my youth when I pontificated about secret cabals that were hell bent on world domination, depopulation, genetically modifying our food, poisoning our water, chem-trailing our skies etc. etc. etc.. Obviously I am not saying such things are not transpiring; it is evident that they are in fact happening. Where I had misplaced blame however was when I, in a paranoid fit, assigned blame for such things to those who are considered to be in the Illuminati or the occult; you know, the ones that flash hand signs, cover one eye, use numerology or sacred geometry to communicate with one another. I have news for you. Those are not the people you should hold hostility towards. They are not the satanic sycophants slaughtering babies and performing black magick rituals at your expense. Can one that believes in an ultimate higher power really doubt that that higher power would allow the demons to run amuck and not send angels or angles of Light that understand the same science as the “they” understand?


To me, it seems that for the most part those of the orthodox Christian faith are the ones most fearful of the use of Illuminati symbolism which strikes me as rather odd considering the 66 books of the Bible actually advocate illumination as well as occult practices. To be clear, the word occult simply means something hidden. It has absolutely nothing to do with Satan worship or black magick. It simply means hidden, that’s pretty much it. If I hide a beer in the fridge it is occult even if it isn’t a Colt 45. With the appropriate definition in hand of occult and a reading from the book of Proverbs which says “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” There is no denying that God itself practices the occult.


The superstar of the New Testament, Yeshua the Christ, was very much an occultist, having outer teachings, inner teachings and inner circle teachings. Yeshua taught in symbolism and code, this is evident in the book of Matthew as we read: “And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand” or as the Authorized Crumpton Version would read: “Those douchebags over there don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and don’t even care enough to figure it out. I aint explaining jack shit to them.”

The whole notion that having secret knowledge that is only passed from master to apprentice being Satanic or indicative of Devil worship is another unfounded claim of the Christian apologetic when clearly Yeshua said: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” or as the Authorized Crumpton Version would say: “Don’t be teaching assholes this really groovy, metaphysical stuff I’m layin’ on ya. Those guys are friggin’ pigs and they’ll cut your throat as soon as they learn a little bit so they can try to conjure up crap for their belly.” Now obviously the Enlightened ones are supposed to seek out others who are looking for the Light, but the Illuminati (Enlightened ones) are most certainly not to force convert anyone. Yeshua said: “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city” or as the ACV would word: “If they aint got time to listen to the Truth…fuck em.” At this point, opponents to occult practices would point out that Yeshua said to preach on the housetops what you have heard in the ear as some sort of refutation. I would respond by saying that there aren’t too many people willing to climb to the roof to hear that which was whispered in the ear so, come on up and maybe we can rap a little but don’t expect me to cast my pearls down there in the street.


maxresdefault (3)The practice of hidden or secret knowledge has been vital to the preservation of such knowledge because as history has shown; the knowers always seem to get burned at stakes or thrown to lions or some other such nonsense as that. If it hadn’t of been for the establishment of secret societies for the intent and purpose of preserving ancient knowledge I assure you all the knowers would be dead and all that they knew would be locked up safe below the Vatican for your eyes never to see. It is true that some secret societies have been corrupted over time, I’ll give you that, but I assure you not all of them. I will even go so far with you as to say that there are some in the occult that do all that black magick nonsense with blood sacrifices to boot, but rest assured there is a balance out here. And as far as I can tell, as of late the balance is shifting more towards those that have compassion on mankind and want to see an evolution in the human species. That word evolution may scare some of you. The word occult may scare some of you as well as the existence of the Illuminati, and for that I am sorry. The only thing I would advise is for you to leave your slumbering siblings in the back of the van, climb your way in between Mama and Daddy and learn how to read the signs all around you. You do that and I assure you that in due time you will find yourself home. See you when you get here.

TAKE A WALK WITH ME: The Road of Religion and the Path of Spirituality

According to the wise words of Robert Plant, “Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” Far be it from me to offer you an absolute interpretation as to what that lyric from Stairway to Heaven actually means, either to Robert Plant or you the listener. Quite honestly I don’t know if I would even presume to tell you what that lyric means to me in any absolute way and I believe that is because I don’t think in such terms. I do however believe that it probably wouldn’t hurt so much if I placed an option on the table of ideology and allow all of you to make up your own mind. If what I say appeals to your palette then by all means serve thyself; if not pass the pot and I’ll be none too offended.


Many great parables use the concept of paths or roads to make a point or bring about a process of thinking. The lyric from Stairway, the road less taken, the straight and narrow versus the broad path to destruction, you get the idea. When I first started with ZENINTHECAR.COM I suppose this concept was probably somewhere in the back of my psyche as well, only rather than focusing on the path, I intended to rather put more emphasis on the vehicle itself that is on the path. One could draw the conclusion that the vehicle on the road of life is the body and I wouldn’t argue with you; however what I would do is also ask that you incorporate the ego as well. Think of the two in a symbiotic relationship, after all if a car represents the body then surely the driver represents the ego, essence, or spirit if you prefer. Neither is going anywhere if both are not in some sort of working relationship.


Like anything, a car is neutral. It has no free will of its own but merely goes or does what it is commanded to do by the operator. A car can be used to give the less fortunate a ride to the grocery store or for the simple pleasure of a joy ride from time to time. It can be used to save someone in need with a quick trip to the emergency room or bring the hungry groceries and for those who really lack perspective it can of course be used to commute to and from a place of work. On the other hand a car can be used to escape a bank robbery, a hit and run, the scene of a rape, theft or murder. The vehicle itself is neither evil nor is it good; it simply is. Ultimately the one at the wheel is responsible for the damage or goodwill performed by the car.


Now I have often said that it was while whizzing down the interstate at 80 miles per hour with trees and other cars darting past me in the opposite direction when I finally attained enlightenment, I should probably correct that to attained a level of enlightenment because I don’t believe enlightenment is something you fully obtain or a place you ultimately end up. Enlightenment is more like addiction to tell you the truth; that first hit is just the beginning and once you have it you will need more and more to maintain the high. In my case it isn’t practical to get a bigger and bigger car and go faster and faster so other methods for me to get my fix would need to be implemented. For me personally I have found that a great level of enlightenment can be attained in the complete opposite way than from how I first touched nirvana and that would be by taking slow and silent walks. Instead of absorbing massive amounts of visual, audible and physical information at high speeds I have found that there is incredible clarity in the observation of the tiniest details around me at a snail’s pace. In that place the Universe is in the moment and in a single moment one can fully experience the Universe.

Today was the warmest day we have had in my area of the world in a long string of very cold and cutting days. So I thought I would take the opportunity to enjoy a slow stroll to the local park I am known to frequent and do a little mobile meditation. Typically when I do this I will have a subject on my mind that I want to work through, or a revelation on something that has been mystifying me for a time. When I set out on my walk I had made the decision to contemplate the differences in religion and spirituality. Low and behold as soon as my boots hit the road I looked on the ground and in the middle of the street was a spoon. I have always thought it strange to find spoons just sitting in the middle of the road because I have to believe that it got there because someone was driving around with a spoon and suddenly just decided to toss it from the window of their car. Nevertheless I happen to find spoons in the oddest of places. Obviously what these random spoons bring my attention to is the line from the Matrix about there actually being no spoon.


nospoon1.2With the concept of there actually being no spoon my mindset is instantly shifted to the personal fact that everything I see that is perceivably around me and outside of me is in all actuality within me and is me. All that I see is merely a reflection of myself; a holographic projection that is manifested and sustained from my own consciousness. Knowing this rather than believing this I take my little walks as if life is in fact a video game not too far off from the scheme of Legend of Zelda where along the journey little bread crumbs will be prepared for me in the “physical” to help me solve the riddle of the spiritual. Taking the spoon and placing it in my back pocket I know that if I remain mindful the answers I am seeking will manifest themselves before I return to my abode.


I continue with my walking and turn my attention back to the differences between religion and spirituality. From my view religion is a path that most will start out on. It is already laid out for you and there is very little effort needed except to walk a path that has already been predetermined by whoever created it. Religion isn’t really open to personal interpretation but demands a strict adherence to what has been established by men and women long since gone. Religion is concrete and tends to speak in absolutes for the most part. It doesn’t allow for the growth of personal and first-hand experience or knowledge rather it demands the conformity and obedience of outside knowledge and second hand experience. Religion is a path designed for the ego, tracks laid out that don’t really provide for the will to express or create but instead carries the ego exactly where it wants the ego to go. What is ego? I can’t pretend to explain it as eloquently as the Buddha but I can describe it from my personal place of understanding. Ego is the you that is not really you. Ego is the identity that was provided for you at the moment of your conception and continuously crafted for you by those around you since that moment on. It is the legal name you were given but did not choose. It is the race you were told that you are but not given the chance to adopt. It is the faith you were raised in but did not seek out for yourself. It is the nationality you were forced into by borders on a map that were not laid out by you. Ego is the job, the net worth, the clothes, the marriage, the disorder, the handicap, the morals, the dogma and all the other things hoisted upon you that you have accepted but did not create. Ego is the car. The neutral and lifeless mass of parts bereft of free will or free expression. Sure, it may have had intelligent design but it truly has no intelligence of its own.


When Buddha set out his journey to enlightenment the concept of the ego was one of the primary conundrums he would have to tackle. Being born and raised a prince in the palace of his father, Buddha was given everything a person stuck in ego could want. Fine foods, luxuries, power, as well as a wife and child. Yet Buddha was one of the few that hear the call for something beyond the physical and from birth felt compelled to head the call of the spiritual. In order to do so he had to shed himself of all the physical that had been built around him keeping him trapped within the ego. That included the union of his wife and child. How can one seek that which is without when confined to titles such as father and husband? In a similar fashion I suppose I can identify with the Buddha in that regard. When the yearning inside me for something more than a home in the suburbs, a 401k, a white picket fence and an identity that was more fluid than the mask I had been wearing overwhelmed me, I too had to walk away from all that the physical ego had created. The most difficult of all these to let go of was a marriage that I was quite attached to and had defined me for thirteen years of my life.


Anyone who has heard of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey will understand that when the call to adventure is heard, and the Hero chooses to take the quest he must leave the place he has called home and found security his whole life for uncertainty, danger, despair and all that comes with the unknown. This formula is true of any mythological character, super hero, messianic figure and believe it or not you and me as well. For me, when the call to adventure was given it was very much like coming to a fork in the road of life where I knew that in order to fulfill my purpose I had to go one way and while it was my heart’s desire that my wife come along with me, it was simply not written in the stars. I had to walk my path and she had to walk hers. As we ventured onward apart, the distance of forest between us only grew more vast with each step we took and while early on I called through the trees to her with pleas of her changing the path she was on; eventually the only sound that returned to me was the echo of my own voice. I had to walk this path alone, that had become clear. The purpose of the hero’s journey is to seek a golden fleece, a holy grail, an Excalibur or some other magical relic which would vanquish the evil of the day and bring peace to the world. In the case of spirituality the thing that must be found is the true self. The individual identity that the ego had imprisoned behind bars of titles, labels and obligations. When one takes this path they find that there is no road laid out before them and there is no track to follow. If you take the road of spirituality you enter into experience which is more fluid and intangible than the rigid road of religion.


As I pondered this on my walk I had found myself at the beginning of a nature trail not too far from my home where a sign stands that many a Christian leave gospel tracts in hopes that some poor, lost soul will read them and eventually come to their church. Now while I am not what most would call an orthodox Christian, I am most certainly not one of those who have animosity towards them, the bible or the message of the man commonly known as the Christ. I am just as content in a Baptist church to learn as I am with a Hindu or Buddhist temple. So with the ability to translate what is said or written by an orthodox Christian church I happily grabbed one of the gospel tracts to see what message the Most High had for me. Here is what it said:


972231_286948341442262_1499513182_n“One of the main objects of the Holy Spirit is to get believers really identified with Christ as the risen and exalted Lord, and to make His risen life real in their experience. As the age moves toward its consummation-the manifestation of Christ –two features will become increasing evident. On the one hand things, men, movements, institutions, organizations, etc., will predominate and draw multitudes after them, and will attach the crowds to themselves. On the other hand, with a growing disappointment and disillusionment over these, a minority will turn to the Lord Himself to find Him alone as their life.

Three elements will inhere in all this. One is the unmistakable development of the principle of Antichrist; that which will definitely supplant Christ, or intend to do so. The second is the alternative to the whole Christ in man-mad Christianity, and imitation life born and carried on by its own momentum. The third, a deep and genuine quest for reality, truth, and inward knowledge of the Lord Himself. In the first case it will be the naked worship of man in human power: a tremendous overflow of humanism, the wonder and glory of man. The third will be Christ altogether as the life.


If the Christian is attached to some thing, such as a teaching, a tradition, an institution, a movement, or a person, the end will certainly be a limitation of life and eventually confusion and disappointment, perhaps worse. The New Testament makes it unmistakably clear and emphatic that the destiny of all is to be “Christ all and in all.” We must learn that a true work of the Spirit of God is to attach everything to Christ Himself. He, Christ, must be the life of our spirit, the “inner man,” so that we are strong in the Lord: not in ourselves, nor in others, nor in things. We shall have to survive adversity by his strength within alone.


Christ will have to be the life of our mind. Perplexity will find us without the power to explain and understand, but the spirit will teach and lead. Christ will need to be life for our bodies. There is such a thing as Divine life for the physical body. Not always does the Lord choose to heal the body, but he does always want to be its life, even in suffering, to fulfill his purpose.

It is the lord himself, and for this to be so, it often has to be against a background of natural inability. The power of his resurrection is the law of union with Christ from the beginning to the end. Days of terrific pressure are upon the lord’s people. Their enemy is taking very little off-time. The only sufficiency is in the Lord himself as our life. Barnabas exhorted the believers at the beginning that “with purpose of heart they should cleave unto the lord”. There is an utterness about this that will be pressed upon us until the time “when Christ, who is our life, shall be manifested.”  


After reading this I had to admit that I couldn’t agree more with the words on the tract though I am sure I translated it differently than the author intended, which is where you get into the land of heresy but as Jesse Herriott would say; “Heresy is good for breakfast.”


Those still on the road of religion would take all of that and interpret it to mean that a person must conform to something outside of themselves, a young Jewish figure that lived two centuries ago in a culture that is alien to us now in the 21st century. They would believe that the only hope of any type of redemption is to call upon and pray to someone or something far, far away that will only be manifested high in the sky some day when you die. I think that is a bunch of nonsense. I believe that the entire message of the Christ is that we…gasp…are indeed Christ ourselves. We, once shed of ego, are the very second coming millions are still waiting for. It was the message of the man commonly known as Jesus that there was and is no difference between him and ourselves. He tried so desperately to relay to us that once we are willing to shed ourselves of an ego which has been indoctrinated with the notion that we are worthless sinners deserving of eternity in the flames of hell and at best we should close our eyes and bow our heads when addressing the Most High; that we would come to the realization of the truth. That truth is that without the ego, we are the sinless and perfected Sons and Daughters of God and we ought never hide our faces from It, but boldly enter into the throne room. Obviously if you come to this realization and intend to express to friends and family that have not, that you are in fact a Messiah, fully expect to be thrown in the loony bin by those addicted to ego and its limited capacity for understanding anything ever written in the bible or any other holy scripture. My advice is to keep the fact that you are God in the flesh a silent secret between you and the other winking spirits you meet that know it to be true as well.


Again, I think one of the most profound things I have ever heard Jesse Herriott say is “Don’t pray to God, rather pray from God.” Which brings me to the concept of Satan or the devil. Like Buddha before him, the Christ performed the ritual of wandering in the wilderness for a time to confront the ego and finally claim dominion over it. The Satan that appeared before him those 40 days and 40 nights was simply the manifestation of himself that we would call ego; the identity one has which is apart from the infinity of what we call God. The devil that tempted him to rely on an outside force was nothing more than his own doubts, fears, worries and disbelief that he indeed was God in the flesh. Like Krishna, Buddha and Christ; we all must face this adversary if we are to continue on the path of spirituality. Of course as the New Testament has stated, this adversary will continue to pop its ugly head up for some time along the journey to tempt us away from the journey we first set out and gave up all in order to travel. After we have come to purge Satan from ourselves it becomes very sly and appears to us as others.


I continued my walk through the woods to the park down from my house pondering this and an analogy from my personal path came to mind. When I had resolved within my soul that my journey would be done alone and without a partner beside me, I eventually came to the place where I understood that regardless of people in my life or things at my disposal, the most fulfilling treasure had indeed been attained. Individuality. God expressing itself through me, with me and from me. I had come to know and appreciate the uniqueness of God within my members and found as all mystics before me that the very knowledge of this was self-sufficient despite all I had left behind. Of course after nearly three years of flying solo, the temptation of ego played on one of my many vices and that was to have my arms wrapped around a woman. I rationalized that I had been single long enough and perhaps I had healed my wounds to a degree that I could give relationships another shot. It didn’t occur to me at the time that when one opens themselves up to include another in their journey compromises in one’s identity must be made. This is not always a bad thing if the two of you are on the same path but as the bible says “Can two walk together except they be agreed?”


One of the problems with being a Messiah is the compulsion to want to save others. Now this isn’t a problem if you do as you should and swoop in, save the ones that want to be saved and then fly off into the sunset. However if you aren’t mindful you might find yourself in the predicament of trying to pull someone out of quicksand that they don’t really want to be saved from. In a brief relationship I entered into this was the fix I found myself in. Some would call this a toxic relationship or a codependent relationship. This is when you empathize with the pain and heartache of someone else so much, when you are holding onto them so much desperately trying your best to pull them out of the muck and the mire that before too long you find that you are being pulled in with them. Though all of your energy and strength had been dedicated to saving them from demise it became apparent that they were fighting against you to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. Your energy being drained, your true identity overshadowed by a new and subtle ego that is coupled with the other person, you must come to understand that you are again being tested by the adversary to abandon the hero’s journey. When I came to understand this revelation, and that the other person I was trying to save was merely me looking through a mirror darkly, the choice was clear. Let go.


You can’t save everyone. You especially can’t save those that have no desire to be saved but relish in the cloak of victimhood. My advice to anyone on the path of spirituality that are not content to do as Paul and remain single; don’t yoke up with someone that needs to be saved. If you are to have a partner in your journey then make sure it is with someone who has already saved themselves. Don’t be pulled down when you intend to pull someone up; instead find someone on level ground that sees you eye to eye. Anything else and you are stepping onto the playground of the Devil where the ego will be tempted to rise again and again.


As I considered this I found myself sitting on my regular bench at the park. I took the spoon from my pocket, bent it slightly and sat it down beside me. I looked around for more breadcrumbs of the Universe and low and behold not too far from me was a nerf dart. It was bright blue with an orange tip. Not one to second guess myself I walked over and picked it up, took a pause and looked around only to see another a few feet from where I stood. Like the good little avatar that I am I retrieved it as well, repeating the process until before long I had 12 nerf darts in my hand. This message from the Universe brought a smile to my face as the story of the Buddha having darts from his dark half shot at him in order to frighten him away from the Bodhi Tree and of course the biblical passage of the wicked one sending fiery darts to those on the path of enlightenment. My own Satan or ego had indeed sent a barrage of 12 darts my way, but the Universe was telling me to remember that they are only made of foam and plastic and that I was never to forget that this Hero’s Journey is just a game after all. Though we sometimes get immersed in the game and for a brief time believe it is real; we must constantly remind ourselves that the point of any game is to just have fun. So in anything be it love, life or spirituality, remember that if you aren’t at the least having fun, you aren’t doing it right. At the end of the day I think that is how one can tell if they are on the road of religion, or creating the path of spirituality.


ZENBLUEPYRAMIDMEMEAs a certain British thespian I am quite partial to once said, “Sometimes Evolution takes a giant leap forward”. He believes that, I believe that and now all of you Zenners can believe it as well. Typically the contributors, editors and writers at ZENINTHECAR.COM take an annual hiatus so that all of us can recharge our batteries and plot a course for the next year ahead. As you all are aware, our hiatus this past year was exceptionally longer than usual but all of us are better for it and now we think you will be as well. While most of the core contributors have been dispersed across this great country in the past few months and of course the issues of life have yet to cease for all of us as individuals; we honestly were still a little fuzzy on what course to plot for the war weary and battle scarred Starship Zenterprise… then in a flash of light something miraculous happened. A giant leap in the Evolution of our thinking took place; there was no time to wait until the next hiatus. The Starship Zenterprise needed a refit and it needed it now.

So as we put the site in dry-dock, Sabrina Black and myself took on the endeavor of making up a new blueprint of how the site would be structured, what it would offer for you guys as well as what courses we would chart. Pushing all distractions aside, she and I poured our hearts and minds into developing something that once christened, would not simply be a step or two forward but instead would be well beyond what we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM have dared to do thus far. Essentially Sabrina and I decided to go all in on what the site could be and let the chips fall where they may. You may have noticed that for the past week or so the site has been under construction without fore warning, and now we hope you see why. Not only do we have a new look to the site, but so, so much more.

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photo from sourcefed.com

photo from sourcefed.com

By now you already know that Leonard Nimoy has crossed over at the young age of 83. Not only Star-Trek fans, but fans of all of Nimoy’s lifetime of work are saddened by this loss and when I first learned of his impending departure I too was saddened before I was able to put this into its proper perspective. As you all know many of the writers here at ZENINTHECAR.COM are huge Star-Trek fans and we make countless references to the franchise in our work as often as we can. We have even dubbed the home base of our work the Bridge of the Zenterprise because we too feel as if we are on a mission to explore strange new worlds of the mind and seek out new life in the realms of the heart. So obviously the passing of Leonard Nimoy demands a moment of reflection for us.
The character of Spock is one which made a huge impact on the world from the very beginning and will continue to thrive as time goes on. There is no doubt that this feat can be attributed to Leonard Nimoy’s ability to bring Spock to life in such a vivid way and keep him alive after all these years. Though after playing Spock for a while, Nimoy resented the popularity of the role; after time he saw its influence and embraced it for the blessing that it was. I believe personally that this is due in part to him realizing that as an actor one can only pull from within, so Spock indeed was a part of him, a part that he brought forth in the form of a character. I believe this is why the follow-up to his autobiography I Am Not Spock was titled I Am Spock. The majority of what made Spock was Nimoy’s own life and faith, right down to the forked Vulcan hand gesture. Though others may pick up the role (you have some might big shoes to fill Mr. Quinto), the character of Spock will forever be Leonard Nimoy.

ZENTERPRISE2I was a Star-Trek fan before it was cool to be a Star-Trek fan. That’s right, before all you flashy J.J. Abrams, lens flare noobs jumped on the bandwagon; I was the guy the guy racing home on my lunch break to catch the latest episode of Deep Space Nine or Voyager. I was the guy with stacks of Star-Trek novels in the corner of my room waiting to be read while three or four were scattered about and halfway or mostly read. Now I am not into the T.V. culture, and I am not keen to planning my life around sit-coms or dramas just for the sake of escapism. If I am interested in a show or some other entertainment outlet it is because I find deep spiritual and intellectual meaning in it that can be applied to real life. Star-Trek has always been a tremendous source for such stimulation; never shying away from profound philosophical questions and always forcing you to actually think about the subject matter. From religion, to politics, sexism to racism, science and philosophy and of course; the human condition in contrast with the inevitable alien condition. Obviously the most notable “alien” of Star-Trek was the half human half Vulcan first officer of the U.S.S Enterprise. Leonard Nimoy’s Spock spawned an entire mythos surrounding the Vulcans and there culture and I believe that if we take the time to examine it we could learn a thing or two here on planet Earth.

In the Star-Trek universe Earth has attained world peace, moved beyond money, bigotry, racism, sexism, war and is a member of a federation of planets based on the concepts of a Republic in which individual Rights are preserved and protected. According to the mythos these accomplishments were only attainable after humanity had endured three world wars and learned the lessons of mucking about with eugenics before a more enlightened race, the Vulcans, decided to descend and guide humanity along so that we too might join the galactic community in peace and exploration. Ironically enough, the Vulcans themselves had once come very close to the edge of extinction due to their overwhelmingly powerful emotions. It wasn’t until a spiritual revolution happened on Vulcan before they were able to achieve a more Enlightened state and travel the stars themselves.
Vulcans began practicing the art of silent meditation and seeking to know their own selves and master their own minds. Though Vulcans do indeed have emotions, they have been able to master controlling those emotions through the spiritual path and began to operate out of logic rather than the irrational whims of impulsive feelings. This process was simply an echo of many schools of thought such as Buddhism and Gnosticism in the attainment of Enlightenment. Obviously you can see the appeal in the Vulcan culture for us here at ZENINTHECAR.COM. Had it not been for Leonard Nimoy’s contribution to the character of Spock and the creation of the Vulcan culture these ideas wouldn’t be here staring us in the face in order to ponder within ourselves. For that we are eternally in Mr. Nimoy’s debt.

On a personal level this character has always stuck with me for some reason or another; perhaps it is because when one does practice silent meditation and mastery of the emotional body they do indeed come off as a little Spockish. On many occasions I have had people attempt to engage me in argumentation or disputes of some emotional kind to which I simply shut off emotions and proceed with nothing but logic. As Buddha instructed, Christ instructed, and Spock instructed; do not return illogical emotion with illogical emotion, rather return illogical emotion with logical lack of emotion and in doing so pour buckets of shameful stupidity on their heads. When I do this it almost never fails for me to be called an expletive Vulcan.


As a political activist I often find myself in jail, as you know; where I take the opportunity to educate other inmates about the Bill of Rights and encourage them to demand a jury trial for the victimless crimes they are being accused of. One for an affinity of aliases, I was rather pleased when the boys of cell block G dubbed me with the prison name…”Mister Spock.” Upon being released I happily accepted from all the inmates the Vulcan hand gesture as I walked my orange jumpsuit clad ass off the block. Of course the most personal connection between Leonard Nimoy’s Spock and myself was when I preached my Father’s eulogy and couldn’t resist the temptation while over his coffin to close out the service by quoting Spock’s own eulogy as preached by Captain Kirk: “Of my friend I can only say this, of all the souls I have encountered in all of my travels…his was the most human.” As a stepped down from behind the pulpit the bagpipe version of Amazing Grace from Star-Trek II began to play.

So it goes without saying that Leonard Nimoy has most certainly touched my life as well as countless others with his work and for that I give thanks. They say life imitates art and how true that is. Thanks to Leonard Nimoy we have something that is truly worth imitating. Though many of the headlines will read “Nimoy dies at 83”, they should in fact read “Leonard Nimoy achieves immortality at 83” because that is closer to the truth.