How to become a successful Awakener

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What’s beyond our world?  Beyond the outer perimeter of the Southern regions of this electromagnetic Flat Earth?

Is there life beyond it? We can see that physical life is only here on Earth and beyond.  Not above us in the stars and planets, as Nasa likes to tell us.  Thanks to modern amateur telescopes, we see the stars and ‘wandering stars’  are nearby lights in the firmament, created by sound in water emitting light. Flashing and Pulsing and streaming around the top of us. (You Tube Video:  – Frequency of the Heavens: Cymatics, Bio & Sonoluminescence, actual stars and planets


What if other lifeforms, extra-terrestrials, call it what you will, are here from beyond the cold icy inhabitable landscapes named “Antarctica”?

What if another form of humanoid species existed in yet another area of habitable land, with its own life giving +Sun? What if this habitable area and its species were far more advanced and evolved than us?  Capable of traveling to our region, and communicating, but not living due the differing bacteria’s and viruses etc, that recycle, and thus could not co-habitate with us?  Or they could live amoungst us, have done so via co-breeding with us. Earthborn, so to speak.

What if this species was good, bad, or somewhere in between?

What if it is they who are governing our world, with all of its enslavement?

What if their purpose is to simply supply their own region with minerals from Earth, all taking for themselves, but keeping us working, so to supply themselves?

Keeping the illusion of a cage with ‘ untested theories’ that the Earth is a spinning  globe.  In-toxifying us so to stay asleep, egoic and materialistic… brainwashed into being a good slave and you will be rewarded… Do business and be rewarded with the sorcery of Money and ownership.

As we see doing business and being most profitable (rather than helpful to humanity) involves one to lie, cheat and steal their way into wealth.  To compete from the crumbs of profits from what should be a basic needs as humans, with luxuries always secondary.  Too much luxuries, material gains, and distractions keeps the need to be rich and classy.  The ego wants for this alone.  And to be rich one must become powerful, and to do so in business, the corporate/financial world is easily corrupted by lies, deceptions, con’s, inside information, pocket unity in secret, government connections and the corrupting of political positions via the funding and backing that is required to compete for the job.   Man’s lust for luxury from wealth and ownership and the need for power control of the domain the industry is involved in, is clear in this world.


Why is it being propagated clearly via mainstream media?  Via mind-control, the egoic mind is lured.

Why is there no teaching, or schools for understanding the Ego – The Inner Dialogue Trauma Loops?

Why because ‘they’ have control of the education / enslavement / indoctrination school.

They have control of the Legal system too, via writing new amendments and by-laws, or statues over the top of the simple existing Common Law.  It should be called “Common-sense Law”.  The judges may or may not be corrupted, and a jury of common people are  the deciders, so they just make new laws, new court houses, and preside over them.

Why is also science, full of theories and predictions, and lacking severely in future techs discovered but suppressed, like Nikola Tesla’s work for just 1 example?

Why because ego has rule over the currency of man.

If they wanted us all dead and gone, it would have happened long ago. Oh don’t get me wrong here, they clearly don’t care who’s dies, when or why, they even created wars to reduce the population and keep us docile.  And are doing it today in the form of vaccinations, food, water  and sky poisoning, ignorant health diagnoses, and brutal medicines and pharmaceuticals. This list goes on…


So if we are being controlled, enslaved, dumbed-down, and having our wealth and resources taken from us… by a species that cannot live here, but instead uses its bloodlines , pawns and minions and bought-out Kings and Princes, to do its bidding.  It sounds like they want us alive somewhat and working, but never to strong too unite and take back its freedoms and power.  To hold them at bay at the outer rim, and from our minds.  All this is not going on in space, millions-billions of light years away, but somewhere outside our Flat Earth region, and in our minds.  The Hindu texts speak of 4 quarter groups of 3 per quarter of habitable zones, that are centred around an enormous mountain.  Like an Atlantis.  This bigger perspective brings us to possibly 2 other nearby habitable zones, and yet another 9 more.  All in it together.  Perhaps the nearer ones are the ones in control of us currently, and they are able to not only travel to our zone (camped out in an icy area at the perimeter, but install the required mind-control of ‘gods’ in our world, along with the element of money, ownership, and enslavement, also fear inducing mind-control via scarcity, poverty and crime.


All this is clearly happening in our world today. Yet humans in a natural balanced state of being are loving, caring creatures.  The writing is on the wall, and we can see who the minions are, but they are not the top of this food chain.  There MUST be something far more powerful and capable of seducing man’s heart to being egoic and selfish.  And ALL the scriptures point to a Satanic influence in our world.  Depending on which way you see the metaphors of the biblical accounts of certain figures and their role in all of this grand set-up.  Such accounts of our past contain an element of a deceiving one, a malicious one that wants to rule us and be looked upon as a King or god.  And that we are to not only bow down to them, but work hard or else suffer and die.  Could such an Evil element of control over us has to come from a neighbouring habitable zone? Perhaps some of the other 9 zones are trying to help for the good, but it’s not as easy as it seems with this Evil one.  For we all know the Prime Creator that can never be seen, is above us, beyond the firmament, where physically does not reside.


Point here is… We can do something about it, once knowing the whole story.  We do what they fear most.  Unite and stand up for ourselves.  And push them back, because they can’t live here.  Do you think if we held our own they could further attack us with large flying warships with future tech weaponry or something?  And if they could, then it wouldn’t matter in the first place, and I’d rather die trying, than die a poisoned suffering slave.  Sounds a little like the Marvel story now doesn’t it!  Minus the space part.  Or the similar to the Matrix movies.  And all very plausible, right?! (I highly recommend Daniel Louis Crumpton’s Book “And Then came the Flood”)


So the only thing standing in our way to freedom and world peace, would be waking up the mind-controlled masses to unite together and bring justice to the current controllers of the system,  and implement new anti-corruption laws to our system and networks.  Where we are all equal and looked after properly and humanely.  It sounds simple enough, but clearly very hard to do.  Such a grand task of awakening and uniting humanity together requires first, exposing the corruption, and the evil bidders behind it all.  And then secondly making a Earth think-tank to discuss without single leaders to create something that will stand the test of further corruption.


To get to this point we all have to do our bit.  Those awake need to awaken and heal others.  This involves working with not only the raw information of ‘truthing’, but also of understanding the egoic mind, not only in the other but in the self.  For it starts in the self.  The knowing from within the self is created, the peace of mind that is generated from understand the inner dialogue and emotions that come from thinking  in un-reality, in selfishness.  From understanding how the self is shaped and created from the thinking mind in trauma events from the past.  And currently re-creating them over and over again in a blind attempt to get them resolved.  This awakening within and from the level of self perception, is required before anyone can successfully transform other people lives into a full awakening.  Many try to understand the truth of the world, but get lost in their egoic mind and the dramas it plays out with other humans. And instead the truth is almost wasted on them.  But never entirely.  If used correctly, uncovering some of the truths of our world, whilst teaching one about the egoic mind, can help facilitate their OWN awakening.  This is what is required if we are to unite and bring back our freedoms all encompassing.  To not do so, means the evil of our world remains.  I for one, are most fed up with this highly poisoned and corrupted world of enslavement.  Aren’t you?


So to all the ‘truthers’ out there trying their best, here is question for you?  Are you aware of your own mind and created egoic sufferings and lessons?  Are you engaging in drama, righteousness, or competition?  Are you trying hard but seem to be getting nowhere and feel useless in this whole truth exposé? Do you find yourself attacked or having to defend yourself to others about truth issues?  These are elements of the egoic mind still effecting you.  If you answered yes to any of these, then without sounding harsh… You still need to do some work on yourself first.  And this takes a lot to push through, because no-one is going to help you look and see within, only you can do it, or discovering yourself.  There are some teachers out there, that have written books or do seminars on the subject, but they are never a Guru, Master or Leader, only a messenger.  You have to do the work on yourself, and free your own mind.  Then the ‘truth intel’ will work to motivate you, will inspire you to DOING great things, and getting through to people, and helping people who need it, want it, are ready for it.  There will always be those who are not ready or still fighting their own mind/ego, or others, in its lust quests. They are not lost, but perhaps not worth your time.  Keeping moving on and never be a Guru, and you will find plenty of people ready to work with.  Beware the Guru’s, for some of them know not their own minds, but rather the need to entrap you into their reality and selfishness.  Some are just egoic, but some are evil in disguise.  But your awake and connected heart will guide you.  The evil that plagues our world is easily seen, once the mind-control and delusions, both of self, and those around you fall away.  Your path to contributing to this suffering world will ‘shine’ brightly.  You will see what you can and are capable of DOING.  And it first comes from your BEING.  Your awake heart and aware mind.. DOING what it knows needs to be done.  To bring about the ending of our suffering.  Whether that’s with the few people around you, (family or not), or for the entire human race.


So what’s it going to take?  Are you awake?  Are you aware?  And are you ready to fulfil on what we all know we need to DO individually to make this home of ours free?  If you can’t find any adults to help facilitate their awakening, then at least teach your children to be free of the bonds of the mind and how to navigate the corrupted system with purpose.  For as we all well know, it is our children who take the reins from us, and is why we as children did not get this education as standard.  Because the world is so very corrupted.  Loosing hope in humanity and giving up is also nothing more than a cope out.  And also its ok to have some time-out whenever its required.  After all “we are only human” and are emotional, feeling, sensory, electric beings.  We need to look after ourselves first before we can take on the good fight.  And even this can be hard in this also very poisoned world.  But Nature has the answers to all healing.  Old ways, and grandma’s cooking is what works best.  So fix the gut, the body, the temple, as well as the mind, and you will be a successful awakener.

– Ryan Marshall.  Originally written 02Dec2015.

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