abraham-god-and-two-angels-png-1852When will two worlds crash?A cup to fill, joy as a flash. Sadness gone and happiness ever more. A twisted knob, thus an open door. To cherish the moments that begin within. Farewell the torments shared with scotch or gin. Coffee, sugar and a spoon. Awaken me from this gloom.

Eyes are bright as the heavens above. A godly desire within my flesh and blood. I thirst and still I will not compromise or accept the lust before my eyes.

Is she a photo in the corner of my mind? How long will my senses remain blind? In peace I pray, my life to be. In arms I have longed to flee. Love I desire and nothing less! As time heals my broken flesh. No more moments in shades of gray. My heart to hers, I murmered “stay”. Despite the tides which roll in force. In faith, I will walk this course. I drive my heart, till the dust clears and the bitter smoke of all my fears.

Laughing aloud as a lonesome nut. A bleeding heart from a cursed cut. A trail of tears, scattered as rain. Love to have in this place of pain. Unto this world, I make a silent stand. Hoping another to share my hand. Within my sleep, till all dreams are lost. I wage a war, as I count the cost. Solitude, as a lions’ silent roar. A daily battle with my knees to the floor. Loneliness chill as the December winds. Warmth alas, are found in arms of friends.

Breath with me, show patience…indeed. Count the worth of words you read. For love, my voice shouts from a grave. As my pen remains sharper than the blade.

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