Police incite violence everywhere every day. Is this fact lost on you?

Perhaps it is time to change police actions so things don’t reach such a fevered pitch? Blaming the symptoms of a problem I.E. civil unrest rather than the glaring problem of a disrespectful militarized police force leading things up to this point is naive and irresponsible, in my humble opinion. When/if things do return to normal? What changes? When the answer is “not much”?

The problem remains as do the symptoms. There is no justice.

No justice = no peace.

Are you really that surprised? Police can do anything they want to whoever they want whenever they want for whatever reason they want and get away with it. Lying and embellishing facts on police reports is common and encouraged. Are you surprised there is a riot and looting? Attitude reflects leadership. Every form of government is operating in near total anarchy and is out of control. The Constitution is dead and completely ignored.

photo from humansarefree.com

photo from humansarefree.com

That law (the constitution) is/has being ignored by every single person that has taken an oath to it. Some of those same people steal loot and incite and commit violence against American people all day everyday under “color of law” that is really not law at all and we all know it. Attitude reflects leadership. Leadership operates in near complete anarchy from the top down and the bottom up. When this shooting is eventually deemed “justified” (as it may well be) and the riots and looting stops?

The real under lying problem of a disrespectful militarized police force enforcing unconstitutional laws on nonviolent peaceful people will remain. I will gladly do “their job.”  I’d lose it very quickly as it is their responsibility not to enforce unconstitutional laws. I will not enforce unconstitutional laws. What you see now is a result of these “good men” doing their job while ignoring their responsibility. I work and have worked to change laws and legislatures as well as cops and departments.

No one is listening and everyone blames someone else.

Seems riots are the result and that is unfortunate. You can’t treat pneumonia with cough drops. The cough is not the problem. Responsibility must be taken, from the  Top down or bottom up. If police are the bottom? Their refusal to take part is necessary. A responsibility that seems to be ignored and somehow celebrated.

Just doing my job” where in history have we heard that?

It ends very badly, then and now.

Protectin’ and Servin’

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Jason Patrick is a political activist, free lance journalist, Constitutionalist, anchor for ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. and the executive producer of the Political department at ZENINTHECAR.COM. He is the proud father of two and recipient of the 2013 Red Cross Disaster Relief Hero of the year award. He is a Christian and patriot that believes in limited government and a return to the Republic our Founders crafted. His work can be found on his Facebook page "The Fight for Freedom Never Sleeps", his Bambuser account under JasonPatrick11 and of course here at ZENINTHECAR.COM.


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