What bowels from this heart sings? A box ready open to give heavenly things.

Look on, if you deeply desire to do so. Does my voice tickle ears in winds to blow?

Gentle tapestry of thy face of no escape. Eyes mysterious, passions of mine gently rape.

Stuck to your shadow, longing a slight touch. In my corner, as your essense does clutch.

Purple wetness pours from your secret place. Longing that nector, on my mouth to taste.

My heart remembers thy deepest delight! As two foes danced before of darkest night.

Oh! Rarest honey comb do slide close! Rape me in wind by your subtle ghost.

Cravings of evermore, as the stars do shine. Gentle wind with embrace tender and kind.

Loves’ threshold of reality and many dreams. Passion indeed shines and busts the seams!

Soft lips to kiss as heaven hardly knows. Finger tips touch as wind chills and blows.

Wine from sweat, and memories of former life. I know! Heart bled of jealosy and a knife.

I live to give boldest respect of all ages. My soul shouts of kindess in all my pages.

Past finish line and waiting for my trophy. Mustard seed of faith as I sing dear poetry.

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