Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation review

Mission-Impossible-5-HD-Wallpaper.jpg-2YAY!!! I’m finally doing a positive review.


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is the 5th installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. Normally I would say once you hit #5 I think it’s time to stop but Mission Impossible keeps surprising me; every installment excluding the second Mission Impossible is fantastic and better than the last, Rogue Nation is no exception. However no film is perfect so we’re going to talk about some if the good and some of the bad. The action in this movie is on a new level, Tom Cruise is a legit action star, Edge of Tomorrow was spectacular and the 1st time I really took notice of Tom Cruise, then I went back and watched the others, Mission Impossible 5 brings it up a notch. The whole movie feels like a cat and mouse game between Tom Cruise and our antagonist. You also have Rebecca Ferguson’s character, throughout the whole movie you are trying to figure out whose side she is really on; most other actresses cannot play both sides like she can. Simon Pegg seems to be coming into his own at last, he seems much more comfortable in this movie than he has been in previous entries into the franchise.  Now  we will touch on the one problem I had with this move, the villain of this movie is great as he is relieved and fleshed out much at all; what I mean is you never really understand why he wanted to do what he did, you just know he’s a bad guy. Overall this is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year and the best summer action film, please check this out in theaters.

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