Stormy weather whether tempest come and go.Violent feather, to reap what we did sow.

To this levy, I parked my worn down chevy. Thought love had wings, yet questions were heavy.

Through pipes of shit, I planned an escape. Another movie and another soul can not relate?

Engaged beings, being untrue to each other. Constant bleedings, cheating every known lover.

Carnal craft, loveless bane of fortunes wrath. Mid-way past rays of sun and upon long path.

Culmination of things turn as this poet thinks. How much love did yearn and dead still stinks?

A worthy delight, to fight winds of a change. Yet whose might insights those said strange?

Trouble with the whiskey and cried with wine. Did a daisy doubt her color as I did pine?

All lights glitter souls of the living dead. Or the old skin that a snake would shed.

Muddy venture, and secrets of riddles I freely tell. Unbroken bones, yet soul tempered by hell.

Can you touch or clutch this invisible heat? My course determined by movement of feet.

Proper english, a fish more than a sought word. I may finish and die from a short cord.

Stones to stumble unto the glorious “Judas Tree”. A simple escape, yet anothers’ soul did bleed.

Fools of wrath hath pools of blood. Yet I laugh and cry tears till flood.

Never unknown the sorrow, yet painted a foe. Where do I fit in, in your stories of old?

A brother of dear kindness and not a fool. Used by many hands as a temporary tool.

I wonder still, thrill of puppets of tangled string. Which seek to kill such a wonderful thing.

Love bleeds and every day Christ we kill. From brutality, shock therepy or a pill…

Drama led me in and dreams did give chains. I trusted a sisters love through many pains!

Visions in clouds and future…my eyes did peer. Yet I cannot have until very last tear?

I smoke a cigarette and regret harm to this soul. I will comment, death is not the eminate goal.

She tried to take me, yet as all…ran away. Instument of design, to witness her play.

“Mein Kampf”, to kill a mere mocking bird? Letters tell the truth, so gather your herd.

Once I was bound without sound, yet chaos within. Weariness would resound around my very skin.

“One in the morning and two at night.” Keep me doped up and hidden from sight.

A chosen One, born to fly or die for grace. I flipped a coin and torn from a civilized race.

Past repeats, as the old gamers do know. I sternly jest the tricks of many foe.

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