knights-1920x1200Requisition of a knights dream.In this knight are thoughts unseen. Seeing this world from place to place. Withered lives seen from face to face. Ongoing the struggle between evil and good. Breaking down the mighty, in might they stood. He pitches his tent beside the rivers. Eating the meat given from many givers . He questions his soul in a mid-night song. Dreaming of a place where there is no wrong.

Requisition of a knights dream. Upon a table is peace to bring. A steady sword, sharp and long. Sturdy armour, thick and strong. Fighting dragons of long before. Knowing happiness is at the door. Upon his horse is bliss…to find. Giving grace to kings as they dined. Villans tempted him within his path. Thus bewildered,  by his hand of wrath.

Within his dream is a sort desired much. A gentle lady who beckons his touch. She has seen four corners and he, the world. Will she be faithful as the rain that poured? A friend until the end, until they part. Could she tame the beating of his restless heart? ”This dream is mine, even before I wake. Until then I count these steps I take. From boiling blood and vengeful hate. I battle for love before my fate.”

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