Deadpool Review (Spoilers)

deadpoolThe merc with the mouth finally gets his own movie. I’m going to start off by saying this is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool, he’s perfect for this role and I can’t imagine the movie without him. By the way we have to give credit to Fox for having the guts to make this movie R rated. It paid off, the gore and the language make this movie stand out from all the other superhero movies.

So first what I liked: Colossus and make Negasonic Teenage Warhead make this movie 10 times funnier, the way they play off each other and Deadpool adds a layer of entertainment value to the movie that even I didn’t expect. Blind Al was surprisingly funny and the scene where she and Deadpool are arguing over IKEA furniture is brilliant. Deadpool breaking the fourth wall, every once in a while he speaks to the audience and mocks the fact that he’s in a movie; sounds like it would get stupid after a while but it doesn’t it invests you more in the character.

Now what I didn’t like and it’s a short list: TJ Miller as Weasel there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this character but they used him very poorly. Towards the end of the movie when Deadpool is getting ready to go on his revenge mission he asks Weasel to come with him and his excuse for not going is “I don’t want to” it just seemed cheap. The villains are terribly one-dimensional we don’t even know why they are evil we just know they are. That’s literally all that I can complain about this is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen and the more I think about it the more I like it.

Here are some things I think they can do for the sequel: show me the psychotic aspects of Deadpool. In the comic books Deadpool isn’t just a goofy superhero, he is psychotic throughout the comic books he has debates with himself. With this team I think there’s a lot they can do with that aspect of the character. Bring in Cable and Domino: in the comic books Domino is Deadpool’s wife and she is also a member of the X force that Cable leads. Cable could be the straight man that Colossus was and they even reference him in the end credit scene. Speaking of credits the opening credits for this movie are amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of this movie, please go see it. I give Deadpool a 9.5/10


Not so Fantastic Four Review

Fantastic-Four-600x406Where do I begin?

Fantastic four is a film that I’ve been looking forward to for a year, it has a fantastic cast, a great director, and a writer who wrote arguably one of the best comic book films ever. How did this go wrong? The studio ruined Fantastic four, And It’s a damn shame because this movie had everything going for it. You know you’ve messed up when two days before your movie comes out the director disowns it, now for the past few weeks the director and studio have been playing the blame game. The director said In a tweet two days before the movie released “a year ago I had a fantastic vision for a film and it would’ve gotten great reviews you’ll likely never see that film, that’s reality.” Many sources corroborated Josh Trank and said Fox hijacked the script and the editing bay from Josh Trank to make the film cheaper. The problem with this movie is it lacks creativity, there is almost none of the fantastic four that we loved from the comics in this POS attempt at rebooting a franchise. I still contest that Fox did a fantastic job with the marketing campaign for fantastic four. This is polishing a turd at it’s best. Still the first half of this movie is enjoyable, I remember thinking “Everybody seems to be overreacting, sure this isn’t great but it’s not bad.” Then the third act, oh my God the last 40 minutes this movie are so bad I can’t even remember the positives. Fantastic four spent a year convincing me that it was a good idea then in a matter of two weeks it took all of my enthusiasm and turned it into morbid curiosity. When I heard that the director of this movie Quit Star Wars I knew something was wrong here, then he said he didn’t want to do blockbuster film making for a while, Now I totally believe him; after hearing all the crap he had to go through just to get this film made only to have it hijacked from him at the last-minute I believe that he wants to take a break from film making. That’s the worst part of this movie not the quality of the film but the fact that it could potentially drive a visionary filmmaker into early retirement. Chronicle is a fantastic movie, it’s so inventive and I would be very disappointed if the guy who did Chronicle decided to quit film making because of what Fox has done with his latest attempt at a super hero movie. I defended everything that they did with this movie for a year, but I can’t defend a movie that lacks the fundamental aspects of filmmaking: creativity.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation review

Mission-Impossible-5-HD-Wallpaper.jpg-2YAY!!! I’m finally doing a positive review.


Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is the 5th installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. Normally I would say once you hit #5 I think it’s time to stop but Mission Impossible keeps surprising me; every installment excluding the second Mission Impossible is fantastic and better than the last, Rogue Nation is no exception. However no film is perfect so we’re going to talk about some if the good and some of the bad. The action in this movie is on a new level, Tom Cruise is a legit action star, Edge of Tomorrow was spectacular and the 1st time I really took notice of Tom Cruise, then I went back and watched the others, Mission Impossible 5 brings it up a notch. The whole movie feels like a cat and mouse game between Tom Cruise and our antagonist. You also have Rebecca Ferguson’s character, throughout the whole movie you are trying to figure out whose side she is really on; most other actresses cannot play both sides like she can. Simon Pegg seems to be coming into his own at last, he seems much more comfortable in this movie than he has been in previous entries into the franchise.  Now  we will touch on the one problem I had with this move, the villain of this movie is great as he is relieved and fleshed out much at all; what I mean is you never really understand why he wanted to do what he did, you just know he’s a bad guy. Overall this is one of the best movies I’ve seen this year and the best summer action film, please check this out in theaters.

WADE’S REVIEWS: Terminator Genisys

t3Terminator Genisys is the ultimate exploitation of one of the greatest 80s franchises and the perfect example of studio greed. The first 15 minutes of this movie are fantastic and you think they’re going the right direction but then they try to be smart. That’s right the only flaw with this movie is that it tries so hard to be smart but comes off like second grade Terminator fanfiction. It makes me so angry that something with so much potential is ruined by a lazy screenwriter coupled with a director who was probably drunk or stoned on set. Jai Courtney is just an abomination, he turns every franchise he touches into a laughingstock. What is he doing here? He looks like he stumbled onto the set and the director just decided to put him in the film anyway, he has no direction and he feels so out of place with the rest of the movie, sadly the entire thing is about him. How can any director come from doing projects like Game of Thrones and Thor 2 to doing something that looks like a fourth grader with a handheld camera decided he was going to some of his friends to reenact the greatest hits from Terminator and do them poorly?

Seriously I don’t even know what studio executive would say “this movie is totally worth $150 million.” I think I’m going to do a poll, in the comment section tell me: who was more high; the studio executive who green lit this film or the director who made it? Can we find one shining light in this movie please? I never thought I’d say it but Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually good in this movie I don’t know if it was just that everything else was so abysmal but he seems to be the saving grace of this movie.The other actors Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke also are very good in the movie. Jason Clarke plays a very effective John Connor and Emelia Clarke is serviceable as Sarah Connor. But they’re completely outshined by the great role that Matt Smith plays, it’s a shame he’s only in the movie for five minutes and then he’s pushed aside for more cheesy dialogue. Did you know JK Simmons is in the movie? Neither did I because the character he plays isn’t really a character at all he’s a plot device nothing more, it’s a complete waste of JK Simmons but we’re going to cast Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese who has to carry so much on his shoulders.

If they had a stronger supporting cast I might not have noticed but they don’t. This movie waste talent I guess we have to give them points for that. I don’t even know if I can say anything truly positive because I went out of this movie with such a sour taste in my mouth that made me angry beyond belief. I haven’t even touched the marketing campaign yet, what a failure that was, lord have mercy. They had one good moment that could’ve actually been a legitimate surprise but they were too eager to show the one thing they may have had in this movie and they spoiled it. Effectively the first hour of this movie is pointless because the climax of the second act is spoiled in the trailer. Overall this movie is a complete failure, if you want to watch it do it at your own risk but don’t say I didn’t warn you.