Who am I?



003-Yin-yang_enlargeI am a drummer, a guitarist, a singer, an artist, a philosopher, a spiritualist, an Ontologist,

A Landscaper, a Gardener, a Manager, an Architect, a Designer, a drawer, a geometrist,

A searcher, a researcher, a truther, a Flat Earther, a humanist, an equalitist, a free speecher,

A father, a partner, a lover, a friend, an uncle, a brother, a son, a human being.

A free thinker, a leader, an electromagnetic antenna, a breather of life given to me from a creator.

What we are is; what we think, and what we do and have done.

What do you think you are?

What have you done?

What are you doing?

What’s next?

And what are you doing about what’s next for yourself, and for others in the world?

Are we blinded by slavery, and dominated by the selfishness of ownership?

Who is one more than another to say they own more than you?

Who is one more than another to say they are the more righteous and deserving of a fair and equal life?

Who’s words  can claim this, and from what god?, if god is the centre of everyone and everything together?

Who’s words can claim to know what is our world we live in and how it’s going to be run?

Everyones, together, the majority abide to follow a set of guidelines for this.

But what do we have instead is Lies and deceptions of what is real, what is life, what is our home, and what is God?  And we follow them to our own demise.  Genocide. Crimes against humanity.

Under the rule of Selfish ownership.  Corporations. Religions, Prostitute Scientists, Politicians, and Media whores, Indoctrinated Doctors, Teachers, Military Rankers, Police Commanders, Judges, Magistrates, all taking orders.

Under this selfish ownership that holds all our wealth via money and mind, our ability to exchange our efforts in life is preyed upon.  And we never know it, until one day the suffering had is enough, and we awaken ourselves to the truth behind the lies.

Those that have suffered and are awakening, are speaking out, but not many are listening because what they say goes against the grain of the system, and seems crazy, even preposterous or Blasphemous!

But those awake cannot stop, even in the face of such rejection. For if we stop, we fail and continue to suffer, generation after generation.


So those that keep standing up for humanity, must remember that by pointing and showing where we ALL are suffering and are blind to it, is the key to the uncovering the lies, and stimulates the want in others to learn the truth for themselves, without having to hold their hand along the way.

Time to make a stand for humanity.  Because we ARE ALL suffering, and it won’t ever stop until we make this stand together.

Would be easier to retreat into the small luxuries and distractions they have allowed us to have, but you forever be out of intergrity, and live a helpless, hopeless, and guilty existence. Rather than a  life of love and happiness.

For waking up to the corruption is one thing.  So is waking up the corruption in one’s own mind, namely the egoic lessons to understanding the self being and doing in life. In every moment, that involves others in interaction.  Locally not Worldly.

What am I thinking?  Is it real? Or is it just what I think?  Or is it what I have been told what to think?

Maybe instead of believing myself, maybe I should find out, ask, and be neutral about it before making a decision about what is Really happening?

What part of this am I personally responsible for making it that way?

If it’s negative, or upsetting, of what use is this way of being and doing?

I could be some other way, to produce a positive and co-operative solution.

Maybe sometimes it’s not them… but me who is creating the negative experience of what’s happening.

In others words, ‘what did I make it mean’.  One must breakdown the meaning from the voice in the head, versus reality, by testing what is reality.

If this is not real, then what is really happening?  Why am I upset?  How am I responsible?

Am I expecting something to happen, or someone to do something, am I communicating this in the first place?  Perhaps I should be the one to make it happen the way I want it to be, rather than blame/point/accuse others first.

What can I say to rectify the situation?

What can I do to help with the situation?

I can blame another, or blame the system for why it is the way it is, but that would only give me more suffering.  So instead I vow to be responsible for making the situation work better than it currently is.  Because its not wrong, its just not working.  Humanity is suffering, and also the human individually (me/I) is suffering.  Whether we want to admit it or not.

Awareness of the real situation is the first place to start.  The uncovering of lies over truth.

Then comes integrity of self to want take responsibility for the situation to shift.  To change into something that works, something that is better than before.  To transform what is, into what could be possible.

And it all starts with the self.  Then the world.


Author: Ryan Marshall (written 27Jan2016)