I suppose you could call it literary A.D.D but the latest thing to come from the dome of our very own Daniel Louis Crumpton (D.L. for all his ghetto bruddahs) was that his next publication would be very much in Monty Python tradition…something completely different. All you Zenners who frequent our little site are familiar with his spiritual and political writings, and for those of you who arent the lazy type that wait for the movie; his novel Then Came the Flood was a gargantuan of completely different. So what pray-tell is the next trick he has decided to pull from one of the myriad of his hats? A rapid fire, three round burst of modern day poetry dripping angst, emotion and grit coming to us in just a matter of days.

hahalogoThe first collection; Hearts and Arrows, Halos and horns is scheduled to be released on March 20th underneath the super-duper mega moon eclipse thingy and we are all sure that has absolutely no connection with why he decided upon that date. Like a roller coaster of emotions, concepts and perspectives the collection shifts gears fast enough to give you intellectual whiplash as it takes you through over twenty years of never before published work.

The second (Wasting Despair) and third (Perspicacity) installment’s release dates have yet to be announced however The Ochelli Effect was kind enough to have D.L. Crumpton on recently to discuss his upcoming projects and though saying he was a little under the weather is quite an understatement (many of you out there have experienced the horror of the recent cold strain destroying a week or two of your lives) our little slugger still did a decent job.

After the interview the crew of the Zenterprise had to put him on medical leave until further notice and while he recovers we thought we would serve you up a slice from the interview. So grab a tasty beverage, kick back and enjoy Chuck Ochelli and Daniel Louis Crumpton rap about Hearts and Arrows, Halos and Horns, self-publishing, Edgar Alan Poe, the insanity of a writer’s life, content control and whatever else managed to come out of his medicine head. Enjoy!

Let’s End the World Together


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You showed me a picture of the apocalypse and grinned
Said you couldn’t wait to see the world devoured by its sins
The scope of such a mind moved me to tremble deep
But though the pain you felt was mine, for you the world I’d keep
This orb of ours has turned on us by wrath and brutal rape
It’s used our goodness for centuries, Light turned to dark without escape
For centuries we lost our path and groped to find our way

With little more than hopes and dreams that soon we’d see the day
The day when all this hate would turn in on itself
And all their precious jewels and porcelain would fall from off their shelf
We longed to see their ivory tower crumble to the soil
When they would weep and gnash their teeth in war that we would spoil
You play your part and I’ll play mine so careful they won’t know
That all the chaos they feel now was our well written show
Without a word, without a script the two of us will plot
In hidden caves and catacombs we’ll stow treasure they have sought
You play the whore, I‘ll play the thief with masks we made alone
But come curtain call they’ll see our face, the face we’ve always shown
Your dress is white and without spot, no need to convince me
My hands are clean and without blood and this you’ll always see
As they run and hide from us, fearing what we are
We’ll make them pay their debt to us; they’ll never run too far
For now that we have broke our sleep no chains can bind us now
They wanted their apocalypse, but we will show them how
How to shake this Universe and end their best laid plans
And then our Light will shine on pyramids across the desert sands
When it’s all said and done I’ll be on bended knee
And as promised I’ll cover wasted Earth in the greenest of ivy.

236- The Revelation to John_TIF

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“And the Lord gave favour in the sight of the Egyptians. Moreover the man Moses was very great in the land of Egypt, in the sight of Pharaoh’s servants, and in the sight of the people.” Exodus 11:3

Kangaroo Court


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When a man is innocent and to his vows been true
It’s neat to see the hit parade in his city through
Pitchforks here and torches there with nine inch nails to spare
The sounds of smiting on his cheek, and snaps of ripped out hair
The pyres built in city square, the flames are kindled hot
Convicted of crimes pinned on him, but on his Glory they think not
Dragged through the street his stripes still fresh with red
The frothing mob of hypocrites won’t stop until he’s dead
Once they all had gathered round to listen to his mind
But now they have a taste for this, there are no ears to find
They say he has a god complex, a heresy indeed
And now they’ve got all his pounds of flesh for dead idols to feed
Yet this time it’s not the same, the nails just won’t pierce through
And though the fire is kindled hot, his garments still look new
There are no darts to hit him now, no matter how well shot
And from behind the hill of skulls the horsemen surely trot
The backbiters don’t understand, that on his wrists are chords
Not to bind him to martyrdom, but to better aim his sword
So tread lite when wearing robes to judge another’s worth
Because in the end the Truth reveals who truly judges Earth.

New Seeing Eye

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D.L.C 1999

Hey guys, just wanted to drop this line and let you know that the recent influx of inspiration in my search for new writers with the First Renaissance has inspired me to begin a new collection of poetry myself after a decade of dry pen tips. Of course I will still be posting my poetry from a decade ago from “Perspicacity” and “Wasting Despair”, but I can’t help but sharing the newest and freshest lines of rhyme from the current collection I am working on under the working title “Hearts and Arrows, Halo’s and Horns”. I am also happy to say that Samuel Gene has gotten his works together and those scribbles will also be a fine addition to our poetry and short story section alongside Khali Rodriguez and Joshua Crumpton’s works of art, to name the first of many. Hope you enjoy. So without further preface I’d like to share with you the latest from my pen. Hope you enjoy. Namaste.



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When I was young the world was clear and all these things made sense

The grass was always evergreen, no shades divided by our fence

No one owned another soul or tried to hold them down

With no contracts to tear us up or steal from us our crown

Yet along the line somewhere we lost the innocence in us

And gave away our Brand New Days for moth and death and rust

But when the cloak of death found me and in its grip I choked

A new young voice arose in me and oh how sweet it spoke

Its hand reached down into my grave and its skin at first did sting

But when I mixed its burn in me together we did sing

The boom of us shot through the night and burned away the pain

And as our eyes could see all Truth we both brought down the rain.