download (2)Cannabis use has been with us since the dawn of time and for good reason. With a plethora of medicinal and spiritual benefits, this wonder herb or as some call it, the God plant, only has the negative side effect of late night runs to Krystal’s (or White Castle for all you yanks). Shamans and seekers have benefited from its use to attain Enlightenment per the instructions of their spiritual texts and those suffering from a myriad of maladies have found its profound curative properties in its multitude of forms. Then the state comes along and puts a stick in all our proverbial craws. Thanks again state.

By changing the actual name of cannabis to the legal term marijuana, the state has pulled a sneaky snake and convinced the masses that it is unlawful to partake of a God given Right the Constitution protects above state laws regardless of their legislative whoredom. With miles and miles of legalese which create a spider web of words to get caught up in, cannabis activists have blindly walked into the trap of spinning their wheels against a game that doesn’t need to be played. With several organizations fighting for “legalization” throughout the states a spotlight on cannabis use being illegal as nonsensical has indeed been shown; but is the effort to “legalize” it even worth the time or effort?

Here at ZENINTHECAR.COM we are not interested in wasting time or effort. We find no progress in over-complicating matters or making them so confusing that the heart of the matter is lost on those to whom it matters most. When there are people in need of the healing properties that cannabis provides we have no desire to fornicate about with the issue. In the following public service announcement we have attempted to resolve the issue of cannabis use in a short video packed with key information rather than years and years at state capitols,  with greasy politicians and no results. Buckle up, light up, and learn ya sumthin!

Colorado: Whole Lotta Bud

ZENINTHECAR.COM just wanted to drop this little line to congratulate, and humbly thank the people of Colorado for doing us all a solid and passing prop 64. Even though your governor is behaving like a spineless little twerp caught between two feuding parents, and no doubt some backlash from the federal know nothings is inevitable, your victory is worth applauding.

You know we live in a very terminally ill society when the use of cannabis (for uses medical and recreational) is still treated in a manner similar to the Spanish inquisition. When people suffer from such horrible ailments as cancer, arthritis, or being a cop; and its a well documented fact that cannabis consumption may ease or in some cases reverse the symptoms of these ailments; we have to ask ourselves why such a brilliantly designed herb by an all loving Creator, is a schedule one narcotic? And of course anyone who has ever consumed it, or does the Carl Sagan thing of consuming it every single day, knows that trying to classify cannabis as more dangerous than alcohol (or even dangerous at all) and painkillers is just an absurd, outdated lie told for two reasons. Those two reasons being; so the pharmaceutical industry can make godless amounts of money hocking people opioids, and so that the prison industrial complex can keep adding to their dirt cheap workforce by locking up every person they catch with a friggin plant in their pocket.

This, however, is not going to be a long winded argument for decriminalization,(though here is an excellent article covering the entire spectrum of the matter from a ZENINTHECAR perspective) this is about celebrating the great achievement of the great state of Colorado. Because of your efforts, you have opened pandora’s box, so to speak, and now there is no going back. You, the people of Colorado, have gone down in history as the first state to thrust open the door to a new Enlightenment regarding cannabis in a country that should already know better after the last prohibition attempt went off so smashingly. You have validated the cause, given the cause a breath of life, and because of this major win with prop 64 there is no doubt the domino effect will topple through the states. If there is ever a collapse in this country, and the resurrection of the states is required; there is no doubt Colorado will rise fastest and foremost having already had the wisdom to cultivate one of the greatest resources known to our planet.


So, though the battle over decriminalization is still an up hill one, I think it proper and fitting to take a moment and make a toast, as it were, to the great state of Colorado. Flick your Bic’s, light your incense, and feel the love from all of us. A Whole Lotta Love.


You’re welcome.

Can I Be your Bud: Decriminalization Examined (link)

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