Beginnings, are sometimes sweet and soft.
As a comfortable house or loving loft.
Alone, one would thrill till someday…die.
Another to learn how to rape, kill and lie.
One sat before a host of typical shrinks.
Written down was his motions and rapid blinks.

He believed that he was a genius of many sorts.
A colorful king that owned mountains and forts.
A scientific enigma shared in song throughout the ages.
While the doctors gently sifted through their pages.
A wanderer with no freedom left or desire yet to go.
Yet, many of the great has shared his pain and woe.
Warm metal plates given from which to eat.
Black and red loafers from mother, upon his feet.
Finger nails bloody and bitten to the quick.
A leisure site to see when one…is sick.
An actor to play and often did sing with others.
While pity hit hard from the sisters and brothers.
Sleepless, yet he was more than tired.
Hourly medication kept the mind wired.
Sobriety came, for one more time to begin.
One more step to see the mystery within.