With recent legislation such as HB 310 being passed here in the state of Georgia by politicians so caught up in the web of legalese they can’t understand the simple language of the Bill of Rights, the flippant attitude towards the People has once again been openly flaunted by representatives who seem to only represent themselves. With all of this new open tyranny by a state government that seems to just want to laugh in our face as they stick it to us, I think it’s about time we return the gesture.

Resistance to Georgia “Secure ID” Spreads

Hey all you Zenners, just wanted to give you a quick update on the status of the anti “secure ID” movement here in the peach state. It seems that many of you out there have headed the call from the piper and are expressing your long overdue dissent to the overbearing restraints and regulations coming from Washington D.C.. Kudos to you. Just wanted to drop this post and let you know that if you haven’t written to governor Nathan Deal, or at least expressed some sort of displeasure to your local representatives and sheriff’s then you are probably a loser. You talk about freedom, you talk about liberty…but you just talk. If you are reading this and havent taken some sort of action against this new tracking, tracing and databasing in the state you so reside there is still a chance to redeem yourself. Do so now. Sign the petition at, make some calls, send some emails and help the rest of us bring Freedom and Liberty to the generation up and coming. In the meantime, read this article by a kick ass car, salesman (yeah, I know most of them are snakes and out to pinch your wallet, but this guy is a whole different breed; he actually just sells you what you want) Scott Tyner. You can read his article

Is Georgia Department of Driver Services Profiling Against Certain Americans


…by clicking the big, black bold stuff above. Enjoy, and spread the Love.


Completely ignoring the entire notion that We the People have a God given right to travel freely and unencumbered by the trappings of the state which would compel us to obtain a ‘license’ for activity which is not illegal; I wish to bring all holders of a ‘driver’s license’ to the attention of the renewals you will soon be making.

The Real I.D. Act has pushed its way into our state and our state leadership has both supported, as well as helped in crafting it into the form of the new “Secure I.D.”. In case you are not aware when you next visit the DDS to renew your license you will actually be opting in to a national database. The following is the most you need to know in the most condensed form you need to know it in.

Georgia’s New Secure Driver’s license
What you need:
• Original/ certified document to prove your primary identity (such as birth certificate;
• Document to prove your social security number;
• Two documents of residence
• Document showing name changes (from your primary identity document, so basically if you use your birth certificate as primary identification document and you have been married for twenty years, you still have to also show your marriage license)
These requirements begin July 1, 2012, and will “enhance the integrity and security of your Driver’s License (DL) and Identification Card (ID) resulting from the Federal requirements of the Real ID Act,” according to

All documentation will be scanned into a data base and will be shared with all other states

Real ID Act:
• Requires new id to fly on an airplane, leave the country, enter federal buildings, enter nuclear power plants and “any other purposes that the secretary shall determined.”(Secretary – secretary of homeland security – Janet Napolitano. Homeland security was established March, 2003 as a result of 9/11 and reorganized FEMA into what it is today.
• Act states that Director of Homeland Secuirty has no limits on the potential required uses of the Id
• States can issue noncompliant licenses, but they must have a unique design and state they can not be used for federal purposes
• Whereabouts of an individual can be tracked when their id is scanned/used
• Requires biometric face scanning photographs to be used
• Violation of privacy – 1 st amendmant
• Violation of religion, forced facial imaging capture – 1st amendment
• Violation of ninth amendmant – individual freedoms/liberities
• Violation of tenth amendmant – rights of the states. Issuance of drivers licnese is a state affair, not federal. This is establishing a federal id, which look to establish a north american union as they are talking about sharing data bases with canada and Mexico
• People who refuse to get one will not be able to enter a federal building, which will include the office of your congressman, which denies the right of assembly and petition of government – violation of 1st amendment

• Nathan Deal voted for the real id act

I cannot stress to all of you in Georgia how much of a threat this new “Secure I.D.” is to all our Rights. Though it is understood that this new request from the DDS and Homeland Security is intended to protect our election integrity and employment opportunities, I believe they may have overlooked the fact that it is an intrusion into all our Right to privacy and all our Rights to Freedom of Worship. Regardless of what Faith you may hold, it should be understood that being forced into a database of any kind where government is the all knowing, all seeing mediator of your affairs is a violation of all spiritual Faiths for it is the government requesting your obedience to them rather than God.

It is also a concern that this technology which may not, but more likely than not will be implemented in the future, in the state of Georgia is nowhere near as secure as they would have us believe and our participation in such a system will expose us to greater chances of identity theft.

The following is a draft email I will be sending to governor Nathan Deal in regards to this matter. I would urge all of you to do the same as well as email, call or write each of your local representatives as well as Jennifer Ammons of DDS immediately and find out where they stand on this:

Dear Governor Deal;

It has come to my attention that the state of Georgia has chosen to comply with federal mandates regarding the Real I.D. act and implement new driver’s license which will require the acquisition of documents such as a certified birth certificate, social security card and proof of residence. It has also been brought to my attention that these new ‘secure I.D.s’ have many new technological security features in order to insure that the information compiled on or in the I.D. is compatible with a national database.
After examining the capabilities and applicability of this new ‘secure I.D.’ there is no doubt that my willful compliance with such a mandate would violate the sincerely held religious beliefs I, as well as numerous other faiths, hold dearly.
I also do not wish to voluntarily present documents to the federal government, a prerequisite of this ‘secure I.D.’
This places myself, as well as the majority of the citizens of the state of Georgia, in quite a dilemma. In order for us to be able to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness we must be able to feed our families which requires a job that more likely than not must be traveled to by car.
What concessions will the DDS be making for their customers who do not wish to consent to the federal mandates by evoking their First, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendment so that their Right to travel shall not be hindered nor undue hardship come upon them for merely exercising their Rights?
I understand that you were a supporter of the legislation which brought this ‘secure I.D.’ to Georgia, but I also have every confidence that you will uphold your oath to the Constitution and evoke your Tenth Amendment powers to protect the citizens of your state from any violation of their civil rights from the federal government.
I am emailing to find out what alternatives to this ‘secure I.D.’ DDS will be offering and or if Peace Officers state wide as well as judges throughout the counties and municipalities are sufficiently aware of the citizens right to exempt from such a federal mandate? If not can I have your offices assurance that measures will be taken to inform them so as to prevent any cruel and unusual punishment from the state upon the people of the state regarding this matter?

Thank you for your time.

I understand that both the idea of non compliance and compliance to this new encroachment upon our civil Liberties are equally unsettling for all of us and would love to hear your feedback on how you, as Americans, intend on going forward when the time comes for you to renew your driver’s license.

I also would have you consider the following being interlaced with this new “Secure I.D.” and consider what direction we are heading in…fast.