Political Requirements: Expert liar and profane sarcasm


In the age of modern technology, one has come to understand that anything we say or do, can
be easily verified and documented, by the simple click of the mouse. Our Republican form of government has been “of the people, by the people, and for the people” since it’s inception. Despite the hope of our Founding Fathers, it didn’t take long after the formation of our Nation, that political parties started to form.

George Washington, in his Farewell Address, warned the nation that the spirit of a political party serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. From our country’s inception, we formed compromises between the Federalist and Anti-Federalists. It was then, that started the divide of the people into political parties.

Fast forward to modern-day America. Our Nation is in a state of divide between the radical right and liberal left, with the more sensible middle, being the so-called “Liberty Movement.” These folks have been mocked and ridiculed in the most sardonic manner. During the 2012 Presidential elections, one would have thought that the Republicans would welcome, with open arms, the amount of young people that were clambering to the party; It was quite the opposite actually. Nevertheless, most people within the “Liberty Movement” have been turned off to political parties, in search of a place that will accept them, with open arms. Some went the direction of Anarchists, some went the route of Anarcho-Capitalism, but there are a lot of us that decided to stay. We stayed because we saw hope. The hope that we can redirect the Republican Party back to its core principles of Freedom, Prosperity, Vision, Strength, and Future. That seems to be something they like to boast about on the National GOP website.

Whether it’s on the National, State or Local level, people have come to expect political parties to be fair and consistent. I started getting involved in politics after my enlistment was over and I moved back to my hometown. To my astonishment, I came home to find my county to be completely swamped in debt, to the tune of $96 million dollars. This prompted me to look deeper into the reasoning behind this debt. In my quest to find the source, I began to see a trend. Every single person on the local Board of Commissioners has always ran on the Republican ticket. I found this completely ironic, in that, anytime you hear the name “Republican,” you also hear the word “Conservative” that is quick to follow. How can one claim to be a “conservative” whilst taking out loans, in the name of the citizens that they claim to represent?

The Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian Parties are indeed semi-private organizations. This brings me to my next point.

In a meeting that was held by the Republican Women of Forsyth County (RWFC), Citizen Journalst, Nydia Tisdale (www.aboutforsyth.com) was triple-teamed in a show of intimidation by Peggy Green, Carla Radzikinas, and Carolyn Hall Fisher on April 16, 2014. In the video you can clearly see what appears to be three women conspiring to have Tisdale kicked out of the venue. A few moments later, Tisdale was approached by the trio, and demanded that she leave the restaurant. Keep in mind, the RWFC has published this event as “Open to the Public” on their website as well as on Forsyth County News. According to Tisdale, “Contrary to statements by Peggy Green — Norman’s Landing owner Bill Norman, did NOT ask me to leave. He said that they don’t want you to record. Guest speaker candidate Susan Zereini said that she wanted me to record. Mr. Norman told us to work it out — he was busy running his restaurant and did not want to get in the middle of it.”

Then, the TRUE motive of the trio is made known, acting as the spokeswoman for the group, Green states:

“Will you turn off the camera please, you’re not wanted here.”

further stating,

“We do not like your tactics; we do not like your strong, attack, tactics (sic) so please leave; or we will go get Norman and he will personally escort you out”

Now comes Fisher (VP of the FCRW and 2nd Vice Chair of the FCRP) : “This is just a women’s group” interrupted by Radzikinas who says “This is not an official group, its a women’s gathering”

Again, Tisdale reiterates that it was on their official website as “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

And wouldn’t you know it, Green didn’t like what Tisdale had to say and say’s… Ready for this?  “So sue us, you can’t stay…


In a bitter fit of rage, Green then goes on to assault Tisdale, by hitting her on her arm and grabbing at her camera, as if to try and snatch it off of the tri-pod.


Is this what being part of the Republican Party or its affiliates is all about?

Evidently so and here’s why I say that…

Below is letter sent to Tisdale, by the Chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party:

From: Bradley Wilkins
To: Nydia Tisdale
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 9:02 PM
Subject: Recent video posts on Face book‏ (sic)


Based on your continued social media posting of video’s selectively edited for political purposes, I no longer view your body of work as Journalism.

Going forward, I will consider your video and writing efforts to be political activism and not journalism. As such, I will not grant you the same access to Forsyth County Republican Party Meetings that I offer to journalists.

Please consider this a formal request to refrain from videoing or recording any meetings of the Forsyth County Republican Party.

Thank you.

Brad Wilkins
Forsyth County Republican Party

In keeping with the spirit of the Republican Women of Forsyth County, Wilkins decided to sucker punch Tisdale, as well. Adding insult to injury, he states “Going forward, I will consider your video and writing efforts to be political activism and not journalism. As such, I will not grant you the same access to Forsyth County Republican Party Meetings that I offer to journalists.”

Bradley.Wilkins_Chairman_Forsyth.County.Georgia.Republican.Party_06-21-2014Not only do these people think that they can assault you, but they also think that they get to decide who/what journalism is. In a show of bigotry, Wilkins states he will consider her video and writing efforts as “political activism and not journalism.” It’s a shame that someone who considers himself to be a “Conservative” and has taken the leadership role of the Republican Party of Forsyth County, thinks that HIS decision completely nullifies the 1st Amendment as well as the many Supreme Court rulings that protect this inalienable right. As far as I’m concerned, activism comes in MANY different shapes and forms, to include being the Chairman of the local Boys and Girls Club, also known as the Republican Party. So, does this mean that Bradley is going to ban himself and his cohorts from attending their own meetings? Or does it mean that The Forsyth County Republican Party is only going to allow you to receive the information that THEY want you to hear?

You know, the same kind of controlled media that took place in Nazi Germany or the “Speak No Evil” Communist China. Lets be honest here, if you’re going to censor one but allow others, is that not exactly what you’re replicating, Bradley?

The moral of the story is this: All too often we hear the folks of both parties stating how they want to attract “young folks” to be on their team. On the surface, that sounds amazing but as you start digging into this “social club” they don’t want you to be a part of this club at all! Its merely a sad attempt at trying to appear as though they all want to fight for the rights and freedoms. If you have a differing opinion, you’re shut out. If you don’t follow the orders of the elders, you don’t belong and if you actually hold the values of the Republican Party, to a higher moral standard, well, that’s just totally unacceptable. Don’t you ever try to hold the very people that get to choose your delegates, alternate delegates, nominee’s to elected office to a higher moral standard. You will be locked out and labeled as an activist. Apparently, being an activist is now being held to the same equivalency as a “domestic terrorist.” After all, it IS the Republican Party that condoned the dismantling of your basic, Constitutional Rights, à la “The Patriot Act, Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).






Apparently, Tisdale has pressed charges in this case of Green committing simple battery against her at the event posted above.
Below is the audio from an investigator from the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office. Note the third video (Sorry, it wont link directly to the page like the others no matter how hard I try) of the owner, Mr. Norman. His story is quiet different than the story of Green when she decided to start acting like a spoiled little child who was just told “NO, you CANNOT have any candy” by her mother. Peggy, you aren’t helping the perception of the Republican Party these days. Might I recommend you leave this side of you at home, tucked away from the prying eyes of the general public from now on?



A Message for all District 8 Patriots: The Caucuses are Coming!

ronpaulrevolutionGreetings all Liberty Lovers in the 8th Congressional District of the great state of Georgia. I am writing to you after the attendance of our local Houston County Republican monthly meeting. I suppose the first thing we need to cover is exactly what must be done from this point on if we are to secure a Republic for the children we so claim to cherish. The following is the least you need to know:
• The precinct meeting is February 9th, at the Centerville City Hall, located at 300 East Church Street, Centerville, Georgia.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M., and must be completed by 10:00A.M., a $5.00 registration fee is required.
• The county meeting is March 9th, at the Centerville City Hall.
• The price for the county meeting will be $20.00 delegate/$15.00 alternate.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M. and must be completed by 10:00 A.M.
• If you plan to be a delegate to district\state you must fill out an application which must be submitted to the nominating committee at least 5 days prior to the county convention.
• In order to participate in any of these functions you must be a paid up member of the Houston County Republican Party.
• Yearly dues are $35.00 for couples. $25.00 for singles. $10.00 for students and senior citizens.
• These dues must be paid no later than the mass precinct meeting, (but can be made at the mass precinct meeting)
• If you need any additional details contact the following: Heath Clark, Valerie Sergeant Martin, Eddie Causey, Jason Patrick, Justin Huff, Daniel Louis Crumpton, Kisha Crumpton, or Curtis Sirmans on facebook.

• For additional information on the Houston County GOP rules and registration forms please see their website: http://houstoncountygop.com.  Copies of the rules can also be found on their facebook page.

Now the following is the most you need to know, and I hope you will not begrudge me the length of this post to impart upon you how utterly important it is that you pay close attention. These aforementioned requirements for the attendance of the local conventions were put in place by the party in order to dissuade certain people of certain perspectives from flooding the caucuses and sweeping conventions. It is felt, by the party, that by imposing such tedious rules and regulations many lukewarm patriots will simply raspberry the whole process and stay at home. They will say that they would rather give their time and their money to other organizations, or pull out of the political process altogether. I cannot impart to you enough how absolutely asinine this line of thinking is.

RonPaulFreedomMarchIn the 2012 presidential election, all of you who have heard the call of Ron Paul and the message of this REloveUTION we are all partakers of, managed to flood into your local precinct, county and district conventions giving us a critical foothold in our fair state. In the aftermath of the debacle which was the 2012 presidential elections, the Republican Party is broken. It is shattered. It is licking its wounds, bleeding out, shedding its mortal coil etc. etc. etc… Having been participating in the party on your behalf for the past few months, I, as well as the Houston County Liberty Leaders, will attest to you that we have not lost one inch; rather we have been inching towards this moment for quite some time.

With the humiliating defeat of Mitt Romney to the worst president in American history, the GOP has a black eye that smarts something fierce. They have been humbled. They are now beginning to see that even when they win the house, their very own speaker will betray them with atrocious deals with Beelzebub. Most of the old neoconservatives are beginning to scatter, counting their losses and cashing out because they now see that there isn’t going to be much of a return in this business for very much longer. The Republican Party, which once stood for the conservation of the principles enshrined within the Constitution, has been hijacked since the invasion of Irving Krystol’s philosophy of neo-conservatism in the 1970’s. Since that time, well meaning conservatives have been lead as mice to the piper by the tunes of neoconservative talking heads on the radio, and of course on Fox news. Unbeknownst to them, and their well intentions; they have been useful idiots in the incremental degradation of our Bill of Rights, and it’s founding Declaration of Independence. Now their empire of ashes is crumbling and the obviousity of the naked emperor is glaringly evident.

rising-phoenixOf course all you patriots out there need to do is look on the back of your one dollar bill and see that the imagery emblazoned there is nothing short of the Phoenix. The bird of Resurrection. From the ashes of the old, comes the glory of the new. This is what our country is all about. We simply have let that slip for a time, but now that time is over. We are at a critical moment in history; I am not going to lie to you. This is the moment where we, We the People, decide if America will go down the path of some sick, Orwellian, Brave New World, nightmare-or pull a brilliant 180. This is the moment when we remember the cycles of history, and put the brakes on the downward spiral which is empiricism. This is the moment when we bring our troops home…to their families for God’s sake. This is the moment when we start to give the proper attention to the returning troops, aiding them for all the ailments we asked them to endure. This is the moment when off shore banks stop bludgeoning us to death with imaginary debt that neither we, nor our children owe. This is the moment where We; where you can make a difference.

Essentially what we are asking you to do is put aside all of the grumblings about the new rules, regulations, fines, fees, and hurdles you are asked to endure. We are asking you to understand that these rules were put in place to keep the apathetic away from the political process. To an extent; surely you can agree with this. You, as Ron Paul, or Liberty Lovers do not idealistically believe in apathy in politics. Therefore, you understand in your core that to be apathetic at this point would be self defeating. We are asking you to prove the Republican Party wrong come this February by showing up to your mass precinct meetings, your county convention meetings, your district convention meetings as well as your state convention meetings. We are asking that you help finish what Ron Paul started thirty years ago by becoming a party which can save the Republic by inflaming it from the grassroots up with the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.

Those of us who have been carving out a place for our ideals in the local Republican Party could not have accomplished what we have without your help. And now we are asking for your help again. Beginning in February the entire infrastructure of the Georgia Republican Party can be arranged in such a way as to lean more towards Liberty than closer to tyranny. The more seasoned republicans in our state are beginning to see that perhaps it will take our young ideals, and explosive zeal to take this country back from the clutches of fascism. They are coming to a point in which they are beginning to see that what we have been saying may not have been so crazy after all. So I cannot express to you enough how important it is for you to participate in your upcoming caucus’s. As well as the monthly meetings preceding such caucus’s on a regular basis.

If you have supported Ron Paul and the principles he has revived within our collective spirit, if you have contributed one dime, or placed one call, or walked one street, or exhausted any soul into reviving this country; then now is the time for you to stand up in a non violent, revolutionary way. Now is the time for all your hard work and effort to pay off. And all you have to do is show up. Show up and support the candidates who will be running for office that actually Know and Love the Constitution. Show up and make sure that your representatives actually represent you. Show up and secure your slots as delegates for the next election cycle where we might actually see a Rand Paul ticket.

Because our ideas seem new, the establishment is understandably resistant to them. They have seen us as a force which is invading the party, rather than coming in to save it. It must be understood that this is truly the case. We are a band which hold the precious notion that this can be a republic again, and the words of our Founding Fathers can be echoed more brilliantly now than in decades prior. We are not here to destroy the Republican Party, nor are we here to invade the Republican Party. We are the Republican Party which has been negligent in our duty for quite some time. We apologize, but now we can take things from here. Those of you who have been within are our friends in Liberty. We appreciate what your intentions have been in the manner of our government. We just think that the path to hell is paved with the best of intentions. We will respectfully participate in our republican form of government in a civilized way. We will pay the fines imposed. We will meet the deadlines dictated. We will jump through all of your hoops in order to be heard; because the thing in which we want to be heard is ‘Give me Liberty, or give me death’.

I don’t know what else to say. This really is up to each and every one of you. If you’re reading this then you must understand that the reason the message of Ron Paul resonated within you so deeply is because it is the message of personal Freedom and personal Liberty. What else are Personal Freedom and Personal Liberty than the ability to change that which one sees is not right? And you can. And you will, if only you simply arrive. Ninety percent of every battle means just showing up. I would encourage you to make the appropriate connections on social media such as facebook and twitter with Liberty pages in your area. I would encourage you to make contact with Liberty activists in your vicinity and get to know others which are fighting to save this country within the Republican Party. This message has been specifically directed at District 8 in Georgia, however let it also be understand that our readers in different districts and states are needed as well in order for this reclaiming of America. I urge you to find the appropriate dates, times and rules which apply to the areas you are responsible for.

May Liberty reign, for all of us.

Now sit back for ten minutes and let Billy Corgan and the gang blow you up.

Below are a few videos to help you brush up with Roberts Rules of order.

Comment below.


Golden microphone? Check. Tailored suit? Check. Private jet furnished with Cuban cigars? Check. Now we can take to the sky with our course set to the secret volcano base of douchebaggery secure that we will arrive right on time with captain Rush. Who else can throw in your face that he’s an egomaniacal douche bag with the subtly of salmon being slapped across your face and yet still claim to millions of listeners that his opinions are completely selfless and for the greater good of the country. The man advertises that he’s an intoxicatingly arrogant and narcissistic blowhard every moment of his show and yet his listeners manage to make mental back flips into thinking he is doing them a service.

I say captain Rush because of all the members of the pundit league he would be most identifiable with Captain America from the Avengers. Now wait just a second because in associating the two it is not my intent to denigrate Steve Rogers, it’s just that Rush was the first to take action in the talk radio world and all the other members of the league look to him for leadership. The connection has nothing to do with actually defending the United States of America or being a patriot at all.
Now my instinct is to go a little easier on Rush because quite honestly I think that he sincerely believes the things that he says and for the most part isn’t getting his agenda entirely from Langley Virginia or receiving checks from the C.I.A, but then again it does seem blatantly obvious that the C.I.A is writing their scripts from what he says so I take back that going a little easier thing. Honestly, and to be most truthful about Rush Limbaugh, I have to say that I actually feel sorry for him, I actually can sympathize.
You have to keep in mind that this man has spent his entire life building something. Now normally we would admire people who build great works of art, or music, or sculptures but Rush is overlooked in the area of being a great builder. You see he has dedicated his entire life to the building of this outlet of information known as talk radio and he has been quite successful in his endeavor. Because of what he has done there would be no other member of the pundit league which would enjoy the lavish and luscious lifestyle they enjoy as they spout off their point of view in a hot tub that costs more than my house or your house. Yet, most builders who are inspired by the spirit of the Universe are building to edify the least of the ranks of mankind, Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are not precisely following this model. They are building structures which only prop up their own name and whittling wood to ensure that each plank of their creation somewhere has their fancy little signature. This is the type of thing Rush has built. He has built a syndicate of talking faces which all repeat the same misinformation in an attempt to nudge the majority in a certain direction, which happens to always be the slaughter house, and rock them to sleep under the notion that they are watching out for them. This empire was successful for a time, and for a time it was good.
No great builder, or creator, wishes to see what they have built crumble in front of their eyes. They hope and they pray that they will have shuffled off this mortal coil long before it slips through their fingers like gold dust, yet this is where captain Rush now finds himself. Now I’m sure his numbers are only going up and the bankroll just keeps on a growin’ but when you reach the high position he, and the other pundit league members, have in the public eye the financial aspect is just balloonish. So what do I mean when I say his empire is crumbling?


Our collective, cultural, consciousness has written in its DNA a deep distrust for the government and a great disdain towards the politicians which slither in its halls. Even without all the facts we feel deep down in our bubble guts that most of those teleprompter reading leaches are up to no good as far as our liberties and freedoms are concerned. For a good bit of our history in this great experiment we were dependent on the information given to us from the newspapers and news channels which manage to always seem to drop the ball of honest reporting and put a slant on the stories to keep most people either in the dark or looking at the wrong people for the cause of our woes. At the time captain Rush rose to the airwaves, he offered something rare, namely an alternate source of news with a seemingly antagonistic viewpoint to the government. Americans like this sort of thing so he built an audience rather quickly and most of that was enabled due to the downside of American mentality; dereliction of duty in the area of knowing history. As I have said before, so now I say again; most Americans have not read the constitution since grade school and that reading was probably a little sketchy at best. So they have a sense of what it might or might not say, and they at least have the feeling that the constitution is a good thing, but don’t actually know and unfortunately most Americans shirk their responsibility to know this document and opt to instead memorize statistics for useless sports teams which have no impact on their life.
So for a few decades captain Rush, and the other members of the pundit league were able to gain a following by portraying themselves as defenders of the constitution and the watchdogs of Washington alerting the masses when government swayed away from it. This solidified and strengthened the term Alex Jones has coined (and quite accurately so) the left\right paradigm. It lumped Americans into one of two groups, left or right, republican or democrat. This technique plays to our natural instinct of being a part of a tribe or a unit of some kind and defending it from an outside tribe or unit. It was in this environment that captain Rush laid his bricks for an empire of deception. The pundit league, lead by captain Rush, have enjoyed the wealth of listeners and their trust and it is this foundation which now is slipping away from them quickly.


Finally the pendulum is swinging right back the other way with laser point precision and aimed directly at Rush Limbaugh’s neoconservative testicles. Aside from recently getting caught on air with the drivel of the liberal lip, and having to back pedal a whole hearted, half hearted apology; our favorite, bloated, prick in a suit is starting to bleed out from where he was gutted. Not only has the slutscipade deprived him of some of the biggest cash cow sponsors, his credibility is being shot in the douche bag golf shoes he so oft wears and into the foot of excellence in propagandizing. I’m sorry but you cannot say for twenty plus years on the air that you are a small government conservative and then when it comes down to the wire shun the only candidate who actually does what you expect us to believe you would have them do.
Oh, I get it. I get the anybody but Obama shtick but to tell you the truth I got this dog see, and this dog well he aint exactly the sharpest knife in the bulb so to speak, but one thing’s for sure; even my dog understands that your head would have to be up your ass farther than his to ingest that nonsensical line of reasoning. Anybody but Obama…so here’s you a little Jo Stalin. Naw Naw Naw, don’t fret don’t sweat. We knows he’s a mass murderin’ dictatin’ thug but hey…anybody but Obama. I mean how do you honestly expect to keep the mice following your tune when the notes are hitting all the wrong keys? I’m sure there will always be the faithful though so chin up Rush; I’m sure some of them can still hook you up with the lady.


D.L. Crumpton



Not far from the shadow of the Hannity we almost certainly will find his bestest friend ever, Mark Levin. Now I have to admit that I haven’t left my radio dial on his frequency for too awful long a time because hearing him leaves me emotionally distraught due to the fact that I love Bugs Bunny and the nasal tones from Mark Levin are indistinguishable from said wascally wabbit being strangled to death. I mean is it just me or whenever he goes to a caller you just know he’s gonna snap out with “What’s up doc?” followed by the crackling of a carrot and summarized with a gurgling choke. It isn’t my intention to belittle the man for his handicap in the area of producing actual sounds with vocal chords it’s just my intention to belittle him for being an insecure bloviator. I mean I can’t be the only one to pick up on the deep Freudian thing he has going which broadcasts to the world that he’s probably never been in a fist fight in his life (or at least one where he did anything other than curl up in the fetal position whilst singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” through sobbing tears of snot) and not only is he a little bitter about that but also relieved knowing full well that without a mute button it’s very difficult to come off as tough when at best your body’s peak condition is comparable to that of a ferangi spice merchant. [Read more…]


Pundit just sounds like a dirty word doesn’t it? I’m not trying to intrude into your two hemispheres and offer up images of a graphic nature but is it just me or does the word pundit sound like something you don’t want your parents catching you doing? Either way I’m caught in quite the quandary because I want to write about pundits but also being a writer I tend to shy away from swear words. That’s not a judgment on writers who season their prose with profanity, it’s just that I’d prefer to have a vocabulary that transcends the vocabulary of your average beef patty flipper. Either way, I want to write about pundits but alas I don’t fully know what the word means and dare not Google it due to this broken relationship I have with the words of the gutter mouth. So how’s about this; how’s about we not so much worry for the duration of this little ditty if I get the usage of the word…pundit…in its proper context. Instead let’s just focus on who the pundits are and worry about what to call them or exactly how to call them in another engagement we may or may not remember to keep. [Read more…]