The life of a writer can sometimes get very…complicated. This is mainly due in part to how the mind of a writer works. A writer’s mind doesn’t work quite the same way other minds work. We are like little vacuum cleaners, sucking up the life experiences around us, rearranging them into stories or articles like the one you are feasting your eyes on now, and putting it out there. Now any writer will tell you that you should write what you know; what you have lived. Change names for the sake of protecting the innocent, but never censor yourself. And under no circumstances do you allow others to censor you. Whenever you, as a writer, begin to craft any type of prose it will inevitably contain elements from your real life, as distorted as you may make them. Now this takes a lot of courage because basically what a writer is doing is bearing the nakedness of their subconscious. Isn’t that nice of us? You’re welcome.

Those of you who I have had the pleasure of meeting in person knows full well that I am an open book. I make no bones about who I am, what I believe, what my flaws and what my feats are. And the best part is, is that I know you have the same or similar flaws regardless of if you wish to be honest about them. We all have our demons and we all have our past. The way a writer exorcises demons is well, by simply writing. When I knew I wanted to be a writer (sometime between my father’s backbone and embryo) I understood that it was going to be a tricky life. The primary reason for that is because sooner or later it is bound to happen; you are going to publish something and a person either in your family or in your social circles will assume that you are specifically writing about them.


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This type of thing happens all the time on Facebook. I mean I can post a picture of a kitten with an AR-15 right, like a cute little kitten with a gun, and I’ll hear through the grapevine that so and so or so and so told so and so that they just knew I posted that armed kitty cat because of them. Meanwhile, I’m back on the bridge of the Zenterprise with a sneer on my face as I say to myself “actually you were the furthest person away from my mind when I posted that, I just thought a kitten with a gun was cute as hell. That’s all, sheeesh.” Now it doesn’t matter what you say from that point on because the other person that thinks that Facebook is real life will never be convinced that you posted that picture or meme for any other person than they. If you have ever had this experience then you have a general idea of how a writer’s life might get, as I said, complicated. I mean after all we can’t help but observe and report, it’s what we do. However when we paint on the canvas of your mind we try to use broad strokes so you can fill in the gaps yourself. We want you to have an emotional and intellectual investment in what you are reading so we try not to micro-manage the images in your mind. So perhaps in the work of a writer you may see a hint of truth pertaining to you, but I beg of you, don’t automatically assume that it’s like some super, secret, subliminal message in a bottle to you.

All that being said was an important preface for the intent of this little ditty because I want it to be understood that in no way should the following piece be interpreted as being directed at any specific person, okie dokie? Goody, now that we have that understanding we can put the knives down. This is just a general observation of a phenomenon I have noticed and my sharing of such a phenomenon with you to roll around in your own head for a while. Now I’ve been single for quite some time now and it has afforded me the ability to make observations of others in relationships with a new set of eyes so to speak. I began to view the interaction of couples with more of a curious scientific approach. To be more specific I began to observe relationships within the Liberty Movement. The phenomenon I observed is that those of us at the forefront of this whole little Revolution of ours, those of us engaged in taking this country back and returning it to WE THE PEOPLE, who happen to be married, in a relationship or with a significant other, seem to be having turbulence in those relationships. That’s right fella, it aint just you. This thing is going around like a virus.

Typically it goes like this. One of the partners gets turned onto Liberty; they begin to awaken to the reality of the world we live in. They learn about false flag terrorism, they investigate the claims of chemicals being put into our water supply; they question what their so called representatives are doing in Washington. They get that fire burning in their bosom and they are mad as hell and they aint gonna take it anymore. So they jump into activism, or decide to run for office, start attending protests and rallies, they start getting involved. They know this is important because they look at the younger generation and they know that we have to stop this thing for their sakes. This type of thing starts to take up more and more of their time and attention and before long it causes a rift in the relationship they happen to be in. Usually the other spouse or partner just doesn’t get it. They just don’t get why you are so committed to this thing. They dismiss it as a waste of time, call it pointless and refuse to join you on your path. There is obvious contention, and if you live together the contention can get so thick you can cut it with a knife. Thus the energy of the Liberty minded partner is sapped by the situation behind closed doors. They become distracted and not as effective as they could be. They feel torn between the person and the cause.

After having become aware of this trend within the Liberty Movement, or should I say this ripple? I as a philosopher had to sit down and ask myself why this was happening. I figured, if I could figure out why it’s happening perhaps I can figure out how to fix it. Because let’s face it, all of you activists out there in relationships would be far more effective in this thing if your significant other was your cheerleader and pushed you forward, believing in what you were doing; rather than serving as more of a ball and chain. After pondering the problem down by the Deku Tree for a few hours this is what I came up with; now I might be way off but this is just what came to me so if you have a better explanation then I would love to get your feedback.

male female symbol

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Women need security. It’s hard wired into their DNA. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it does indeed serve a purpose. Women have that maternal thing of primarily being concerned with the well-being of the children they bear so for the perseverance of the species they want to make sure the less fair of sexes is gonna bring home that bacon. Nothing wrong with that, I mean that makes sense right? She’s thinking about the kiddies. Notwithstanding that some chicks have this part of their DNA off balance a little in a bad way; this is what we call a gold digger I believe. She’s that chick that just gets involved for the sheer motive of what the guy can do for her or what shiny things he can adorn her with. Yeah, stay away from that one.

On the other end of the spectrum, men need honor and respect. This too is hard wired into our DNA. It also serves its purpose. When a man is inspired by a woman that supports him 100%, tells him she believes in him, admires him for his accomplishments and overlooks his flaws then something inside of him triggers and he will overcome any obstacle and slay any dragon to provide the security the woman needs and then some. It’s kind of like a Ying Yang reciprocal thing. If you can get the balance right things will move in the right direction. Of course, like in women, some men have this part of their DNA all screwed up and they become those annoying control freak types. You all know what I’m talking about, that douchebag husband that lords over his wife as if she is property. God I can’t stand that guy.

One of the reasons most of us are in the Liberty Movement is because of the economy. Almost everyone we know is in financial chaos of some type, for the most part anyway. This is because of a deliberate design to destroy the economy and make all of us so broke that we can’t fight the tyranny because we will be too hungry. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book to control a society. The high level of unemployment and rising prices has hit many a home front. A lot of families are hurting and worry if they are going to make it from this paycheck to the next. For the women in relationships this triggers the security alarm. They go on red alert, stress out, clip coupons. Since they are under a lot of stress  they begin to project onto the hunter/gatherer husband in the form of what we call nagging. Now his ego is deflated because he feels as if he has done something wrong or that he isn’t good enough to provide the security that is being demanded of him. He no longer has respect or honor, therefore he cannot provide security and the downward spiral begins. As the Bible says, it’s no fun being under the same roof with a contentious woman.

Now in regards to this problem within the Liberty Movement, typically the Liberty minded person has understood that this whole economic crisis we are all going through is in fact a deliberate design by the lunatics running the world and we feel that if those pricks aren’t taken care of no one will have security because we won’t have a country that is free to do anything anyway. The Liberty minded person is looking at the bigger picture and not so concerned with their portfolio or imaginary stocks and bonds or 401-Ks. Meanwhile their spouse believes those things are what life is about; numbers on a computer somewhere in a bank’s server. Hey some people are ready to break free from the matrix and some simply aren’t. The question at this point is how do we solve this problem? Let me take a stab at it. LOL, winky face.

Ladies, if you’re with a Liberty activist or someone involved in this movement and you don’t quite get it, you don’t quite understand why this is such a big deal for him, do us a favor; take the time to understand. Take the time to listen. Take the time to watch a few YouTube videos or read a few books. You might find out that he’s passionate about this thing for a reason and perhaps it’s something you should be passionate about too. If you can’t do that than at the very least support him in what he is doing. Tell him you are proud of him, root for him, and urge him to shed the fear of standing up to the state. Trust me, if you make him feel like a super hero when he walks out the door he’s gonna come back home with all the bacon you could ask for. Give him respect, give him honor and your needs will be met. I promise.

Gents, if you are with a lady in the Liberty Movement and you don’t quite get it, I would ask you to do the same. Take the time to listen to why this is important for her, don’t you remember when you were dating one of the things she complimented you on the most was being such a wonderful listener? Shut the hell up for a minute and let her explain it to you bubba. The fire in her Lady Liberty eyes might just get you to knock off assuming that she’s running around on you with every Facebook friend she has or activist she happens to be in a picture with from a rally. Get over yourself man. Look, if you know what she’s passionate about why don’t you stop nit picking her over it and use this knowledge to your advantage. Become a part of her passion, it’s that simple. Again, you’re welcome.


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Basically in order for Liberty activists to be effective while also in a relationship is to make damn sure that their partner is a team mate rather than a thorn in one’s side. Hopefully all of you out there in the turmoil of this storm will have the ability to find a way to get on your spouse’s team. But unfortunately I understand that such an optimistic notion will not always be the outcome. In the event that one or both of you can’t manage to find common ground maybe it would be best for the both of you, and the movement as a whole for you to go ahead and call that bad boy a wrap; move on to someone more compatible with your goals and beliefs or do like your old friend D.L.C here and fly solo for a while.

I suppose what I am trying to convey is that if you are in these troubled waters take it from me; it’s simply evolution taking place. Either the two of you are going to come out on the other side of this thing having a stronger and deeper bond that is fulfilling for both and more effective for this Revolution, or the two of you are going to part ways and sooner or later someone way cooler for you is going to suddenly pop up in the most unexpected way and in regards to you; they are going to know exactly what they are doing. When that happens just forget the past and keep these nuggets of Truth with you to preserve the present; give him honor and respect and he will give you security, show her you can provide security and she will give you honor and respect. Most people are under the illusion that Love is this mystical feeling that you magically get when you meet someone, that it is somehow not tied to the hip with free will. This isn’t nor has it ever been true. Love is a verb; it is the actions we take towards one another. Those actions when performed properly will bring about all those happy feelings we think is Love, but rest assured true Love is in a person’s actions. Love is a choice.

So I hope I haven’t cut too close to the quick for some of you, but if I did you’ll get over it. And if it feels as if I wrote this specifically for you, that’s because I damn well did and you know exactly who you are….kidding. See you around kiddos.




D.L. Crumpton and Derrick Grayson


I can remember during the last couple of presidential election cycles feeling very much like an island at times in my support of Ron Paul. Now keep in mind, no one that supported Ron Paul really supported the man, rather what the man stood for; Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution. In a world where people focus on the technicalities of what a document says rather than the soul of what is written, it was rare to find others that had such concepts burning in their bones. It was rare to find someone who didn’t approach the Constitution like a legal document rather like a Holy document. While others were supporting politicians, we were supporting a statesman. We were supporting a man who was open, honest, and not offering to butter our bread more than he was offering us the opportunity to butter our own damn bread.


Derrick Grayson with Jason Patrick

During that time there were few media voices willing to shout from the rooftops and echo this message of Freedom and Liberty, so we as supporters had to become the media. Derrick Grayson (TMOT) was one of the loudest and clearest advocates for the concepts we all embrace here at ZENINTHECAR.COM. I can’t tell you how many days I raced home to catch his “Drive Time” rants on YouTube and sat on the edge of my seat with the feeling that finally I was not alone. Finally there was someone else that understood this type of thing without having to walk them around the pond. He doesn’t mince words, he doesn’t dodge questions, and he doesn’t water down the words of our Founding Fathers. When we released the project statement I AM THE COG, a comprehensive plan to take back our Republic, Derrick Grayson was one of the first to throw his support behind it, and since that time we knew he was as Stan Lee would say, a True Believer. So it tickled us to no avail to find out that he was running for the House of Representatives for our fine state. Team Zen scrambled to find out how we could contribute to his voice getting louder and his campaign becoming a success. And after all that scrambling we decided just to do what we do best. Cover him as we would any other politician and let his own words either uplift or condemn him.

We find it ironic that Derrick Grayson is known for “Drive Time” where most of his ideas probably come to him while stuck in a car, and we here attained Enlightenment in ours while stuck in traffic. It appears a hybrid baby of ZEN and DRIVE TIME was inevitable with all that hindsight being 20\20 and all. So we hope you enjoy a little Drive Time Zen.





Where were you on September 21, 2013? You know where I was? I was outside of Warner Robins City Hall with my brothers and sisters in Liberty waving signs in protest of the Lenco B.E.A.R.C.A.T. That’s right, Jason Patrick has such moral backbone to not only raise awareness on the purchase of a militarized tank for our local peace officers, but to organize a protest on the very soil where the heart of this beast resides; right in front of City Hall. Team Zen and Hoco 4 Liberty staged a protest over the purchase of the assault tank by city council and mayor chuck shaheen and rose quite a bit of awareness over the issue. Most of the citizens were unaware of the purchase of this assault tank and were eager to sign our petition stating they thought the WRPD had no business with such a monstrosity of violence. Others were more than willing to give us contact information so they too could engage in activism.



It was quite an inspiring day. Activists such as Valerie and Jesse Martin, Curtis Sirmans, Ben Two Bits, Sabrina Black, Kisha Crumpton, Karen Wilkerson,  and myself all fell in line under Jason Patrick’s lead to spend our Saturday morning raising awareness that the city of Warner Robins was going along with the furtherance of changing our Constitutional Republic into George Orwell’s worst nightmare. We had plenty of media coverage and by the time we made our case the local news outlets were beginning to share our point of view on why this tank is needed and beginning to understand why the city “officials” were refusing to answer their calls over the purchase of this assault vehicle.



Signs were waved, signatures were gathered and younger activists were activated so all in all it was a good day, because any day that awareness over Freedom and Liberty are brought to the forefront cannot be considered time wasted. Our numbers are growing, our voices are getting louder, and it should become apparent that soon being in public office is not going to be as appealing as it once was for those who seek back room deals and under the table exchanges of funds.
Ironically after the protest, the local news outlet 13 WMAZ contacted police chief Brett Evans over our expression of dissent otherwise known as the First Amendment, and his comments were as follows; “they’re the same people that keep coming to city council meetings and they don’t deserve any attention. We won’t be anywhere near it, nor giving them the time of day.”

I don't really care what the people think

I don’t really care what the people think

This is quite a telling remark from a man who swore an oath to the Constitution and is allowed to wear his fancy badge and utility belt paid for by We The People for the purpose of defending the very Rights we are exerting. When someone runs for public office they must assume the role of being a contact to the people, a bridge for the people, and a source of open and honest government. What you have here is a man that has basically taken the position that he is not a public servant, rather he is an “authority figure” and he doesn’t feel the need to properly address the concerns of the serfdom. This is exactly why Warner Robins does not need an assault tank. If the Chief of police is willing to pay lip service to the First Amendment of the people then what prevents him from paying lip service to the other nine…and now he has a friggin’ tank.
So we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM wish to thank Jason Patrick and those who attended the protest for doing more than listening to the news and becoming the news. We want to wish you god speed in all future endeavors and hope that the issue of Warner Robins Police militarizing themselves is one that will not die silently into the night.