Political Requirements: Expert liar and profane sarcasm


In the age of modern technology, one has come to understand that anything we say or do, can
be easily verified and documented, by the simple click of the mouse. Our Republican form of government has been “of the people, by the people, and for the people” since it’s inception. Despite the hope of our Founding Fathers, it didn’t take long after the formation of our Nation, that political parties started to form.

George Washington, in his Farewell Address, warned the nation that the spirit of a political party serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. From our country’s inception, we formed compromises between the Federalist and Anti-Federalists. It was then, that started the divide of the people into political parties.

Fast forward to modern-day America. Our Nation is in a state of divide between the radical right and liberal left, with the more sensible middle, being the so-called “Liberty Movement.” These folks have been mocked and ridiculed in the most sardonic manner. During the 2012 Presidential elections, one would have thought that the Republicans would welcome, with open arms, the amount of young people that were clambering to the party; It was quite the opposite actually. Nevertheless, most people within the “Liberty Movement” have been turned off to political parties, in search of a place that will accept them, with open arms. Some went the direction of Anarchists, some went the route of Anarcho-Capitalism, but there are a lot of us that decided to stay. We stayed because we saw hope. The hope that we can redirect the Republican Party back to its core principles of Freedom, Prosperity, Vision, Strength, and Future. That seems to be something they like to boast about on the National GOP website.

Whether it’s on the National, State or Local level, people have come to expect political parties to be fair and consistent. I started getting involved in politics after my enlistment was over and I moved back to my hometown. To my astonishment, I came home to find my county to be completely swamped in debt, to the tune of $96 million dollars. This prompted me to look deeper into the reasoning behind this debt. In my quest to find the source, I began to see a trend. Every single person on the local Board of Commissioners has always ran on the Republican ticket. I found this completely ironic, in that, anytime you hear the name “Republican,” you also hear the word “Conservative” that is quick to follow. How can one claim to be a “conservative” whilst taking out loans, in the name of the citizens that they claim to represent?

The Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian Parties are indeed semi-private organizations. This brings me to my next point.

In a meeting that was held by the Republican Women of Forsyth County (RWFC), Citizen Journalst, Nydia Tisdale (www.aboutforsyth.com) was triple-teamed in a show of intimidation by Peggy Green, Carla Radzikinas, and Carolyn Hall Fisher on April 16, 2014. In the video you can clearly see what appears to be three women conspiring to have Tisdale kicked out of the venue. A few moments later, Tisdale was approached by the trio, and demanded that she leave the restaurant. Keep in mind, the RWFC has published this event as “Open to the Public” on their website as well as on Forsyth County News. According to Tisdale, “Contrary to statements by Peggy Green — Norman’s Landing owner Bill Norman, did NOT ask me to leave. He said that they don’t want you to record. Guest speaker candidate Susan Zereini said that she wanted me to record. Mr. Norman told us to work it out — he was busy running his restaurant and did not want to get in the middle of it.”

Then, the TRUE motive of the trio is made known, acting as the spokeswoman for the group, Green states:

“Will you turn off the camera please, you’re not wanted here.”

further stating,

“We do not like your tactics; we do not like your strong, attack, tactics (sic) so please leave; or we will go get Norman and he will personally escort you out”

Now comes Fisher (VP of the FCRW and 2nd Vice Chair of the FCRP) : “This is just a women’s group” interrupted by Radzikinas who says “This is not an official group, its a women’s gathering”

Again, Tisdale reiterates that it was on their official website as “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

And wouldn’t you know it, Green didn’t like what Tisdale had to say and say’s… Ready for this?  “So sue us, you can’t stay…


In a bitter fit of rage, Green then goes on to assault Tisdale, by hitting her on her arm and grabbing at her camera, as if to try and snatch it off of the tri-pod.


Is this what being part of the Republican Party or its affiliates is all about?

Evidently so and here’s why I say that…

Below is letter sent to Tisdale, by the Chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party:

From: Bradley Wilkins
To: Nydia Tisdale
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 9:02 PM
Subject: Recent video posts on Face book‏ (sic)


Based on your continued social media posting of video’s selectively edited for political purposes, I no longer view your body of work as Journalism.

Going forward, I will consider your video and writing efforts to be political activism and not journalism. As such, I will not grant you the same access to Forsyth County Republican Party Meetings that I offer to journalists.

Please consider this a formal request to refrain from videoing or recording any meetings of the Forsyth County Republican Party.

Thank you.

Brad Wilkins
Forsyth County Republican Party

In keeping with the spirit of the Republican Women of Forsyth County, Wilkins decided to sucker punch Tisdale, as well. Adding insult to injury, he states “Going forward, I will consider your video and writing efforts to be political activism and not journalism. As such, I will not grant you the same access to Forsyth County Republican Party Meetings that I offer to journalists.”

Bradley.Wilkins_Chairman_Forsyth.County.Georgia.Republican.Party_06-21-2014Not only do these people think that they can assault you, but they also think that they get to decide who/what journalism is. In a show of bigotry, Wilkins states he will consider her video and writing efforts as “political activism and not journalism.” It’s a shame that someone who considers himself to be a “Conservative” and has taken the leadership role of the Republican Party of Forsyth County, thinks that HIS decision completely nullifies the 1st Amendment as well as the many Supreme Court rulings that protect this inalienable right. As far as I’m concerned, activism comes in MANY different shapes and forms, to include being the Chairman of the local Boys and Girls Club, also known as the Republican Party. So, does this mean that Bradley is going to ban himself and his cohorts from attending their own meetings? Or does it mean that The Forsyth County Republican Party is only going to allow you to receive the information that THEY want you to hear?

You know, the same kind of controlled media that took place in Nazi Germany or the “Speak No Evil” Communist China. Lets be honest here, if you’re going to censor one but allow others, is that not exactly what you’re replicating, Bradley?

The moral of the story is this: All too often we hear the folks of both parties stating how they want to attract “young folks” to be on their team. On the surface, that sounds amazing but as you start digging into this “social club” they don’t want you to be a part of this club at all! Its merely a sad attempt at trying to appear as though they all want to fight for the rights and freedoms. If you have a differing opinion, you’re shut out. If you don’t follow the orders of the elders, you don’t belong and if you actually hold the values of the Republican Party, to a higher moral standard, well, that’s just totally unacceptable. Don’t you ever try to hold the very people that get to choose your delegates, alternate delegates, nominee’s to elected office to a higher moral standard. You will be locked out and labeled as an activist. Apparently, being an activist is now being held to the same equivalency as a “domestic terrorist.” After all, it IS the Republican Party that condoned the dismantling of your basic, Constitutional Rights, à la “The Patriot Act, Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).






Apparently, Tisdale has pressed charges in this case of Green committing simple battery against her at the event posted above.
Below is the audio from an investigator from the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office. Note the third video (Sorry, it wont link directly to the page like the others no matter how hard I try) of the owner, Mr. Norman. His story is quiet different than the story of Green when she decided to start acting like a spoiled little child who was just told “NO, you CANNOT have any candy” by her mother. Peggy, you aren’t helping the perception of the Republican Party these days. Might I recommend you leave this side of you at home, tucked away from the prying eyes of the general public from now on?



Jason Patrick: The New Captian America



So I didn’t get the chance to attend the republican convention in Athens Georgia this go around because quite frankly I can’t be everywhere at once for everyone at once…yet. However there is no doubt the Spirit that’s within you and within me was most certainly in attendance. Jason Patrick is a pimp. That’s really all there is to say about him. He is one stone, cold heartbreaker of a pimp and flowing through his veins is the blood of the Patriots that came before him pumping through his heart of gold. You know, a lot of men take vows and a lot of men take oaths but rarely do you find a man willing to risk life, limb, reputation and treasure to not only keep those vows; but go above and beyond them. Jason Patrick is most certainly one of these men.


Sirmans on the Mount

Sirmans on the Mount

My good friend and fellow Patriot, Curtis Sirmans, was kind enough to buy me a drink at the local Gold Cup bowling alley last night and while I stirred my jack and coke we caught up on most of the events I have missed in the political realm in the past few months. When Curtis cracked me that sinister smile and relayed to me the story of Jason Patrick’s open carry demonstration at the convention I just had to ask if there was video of it. Thank God there was and the two of us eagerly returned to my home base (that’s my mom’s house, chuckle chuckle) to pull it up on Curtis’s channel-ArcaneSoldierX-and I had to lean back in my Captain’s chair and smile with one hand over my mouth at what I saw. I just had to share it with you guys because when someone sets an example it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. So here you go, enjoy the taste of testicular fortitude.



Jason Patrick -Captain America-

Jason Patrick -Captain America-

So here you see Jason Patrick with a gun on his hip. Does this make him violent? No. Does this make him a terrorist? No. Does this mean he has ill will for the folks in the convention? Absolutely not. It simply means that he has picked up his Constitution, and in it read that he has a God given Right to bear arms. So being a sane and rational man, Jason Patrick locks and loads and makes his way towards the convention. But uh oh, somebody doesn’t like this man exercising his 2nd Amendment because it’s scary looking to see a citizen packing heat…and oh…the guvna just rode by too. That’s Governor Nathan Deal to you folks not in Georgia. That’s right, the same Governor I wrote an open letter to a few months back about the new driver’s license fiasco being a national database for the department of homeland insecurity. Oddly enough, after that letter was written ZENINTHECAR.COM got a brand new subscriber…Hi ya, Janet Napolitano. Thanks for reading our stuff. Good to know we have readers up there in Langley Virginia. Wink, Wink, nod nod.


So when the video picks up we see our own personal Captain America with his hands up, as calm as a Hindu cow surrounded by off duty police officers. Homeboy keeps his composure. Keeps his heart rate below 80 and simply asks the men whose salary he pays if he has committed any crimes. This is genius. Jason Patrick is assuming the role of master by only asking questions and by knowing that though the “authorities” may try to generate fear within him, so long as he knows he is in the right and never doubts it he will come out as clean as the driven snow.


Jason Patrick managed, with his quick wits and keen intellect, to get the police officers to admit that they were off duty and had been privately hired. So the question I have is this. If you are off duty, making a profit; why pray tell are you wearing the uniform I and other taxpayers supplied you with; and why pray tell are you using police cruisers taxpayers bought and fueled? Now maybe I am slack on the law…but you folks know better than that…but isn’t that a felony? Isn’t that fraud? Aren’t you able to be punished with violating the rights of all taxpayers by using public property for personal gain? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a prosecutable offense officer who had the nerve to illegally detain my friend for simply exercising his Rights. As a matter of fact if Jason Patrick saw so fit he could probably file charges against you to which you would be accountable to him for $15000.00 or 8 years in prison for every infraction of his civil rights. And in this video his civil rights were infracted upon several times.


Jason Patrick was one, illegally detained. This means his free movement was stopped by someone claiming to be a law enforcement agent. This law enforcement agent did not properly identify himself because one; we don’t pay for law enforcement. We pay for PEACE officers. Second, he is required to show three forms of identification in order to act within the authority we have granted him and this officer did not comply with such mandates of being an employee of the state. The state being the people. He did not show his I.D., nor his business card which has his photo, name, and badge number.


This officer is clearly confused and off balance when confronted with the cold steel eyes of a man on a mission to prove a point. When surrounded by other officers of the “law” we see them do very little but clock Jason’s piece. As if they have been trained at police academy to view all citizens as suspects. This is a little disheartening and once again Jason Patrick keeps his composure and continues to ask questions in order to make the backwards thinking authorities understand that it is they who have this situation flipped and reversed.


Let’s also not forget that Jason Patrick is attending a republican function. The Republican Party claims to be all about the Constitution. They claim to support the ten amendments and all the Rights contained therein. You would think that a party making such claims would welcome Jason Patrick in with his gun on hip with open arms. You would think that a bunch of folks who hold their hand over their hearts when the pledge to the Republic is recited would smile and shower him with open arms of acceptance and love for being bold enough to exercise his Rights. But they didn’t. They required him to surrender his firearm to attend their beauty pageant.


Patriots don’t have to fire a shot to win a Revolution. All we have to do is show the hypocrisy of those on the government dole. At the convention in Athens Jason Patrick most certainly performed his duty befitting the Founders of this great nation and to that I tip my hat. So if any of you see my man on the streets its best you buy him a beer for making the stand you couldn’t. And in like manner my friend and fellow Patriot, Jason Patrick owes me a beer as well.


Way to go Cap. All of us here at ZENINTHECAR.Com dust off our right knee and bow to your back bone made of the sternest stuff.


A Message for all District 8 Patriots: The Caucuses are Coming!

ronpaulrevolutionGreetings all Liberty Lovers in the 8th Congressional District of the great state of Georgia. I am writing to you after the attendance of our local Houston County Republican monthly meeting. I suppose the first thing we need to cover is exactly what must be done from this point on if we are to secure a Republic for the children we so claim to cherish. The following is the least you need to know:
• The precinct meeting is February 9th, at the Centerville City Hall, located at 300 East Church Street, Centerville, Georgia.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M., and must be completed by 10:00A.M., a $5.00 registration fee is required.
• The county meeting is March 9th, at the Centerville City Hall.
• The price for the county meeting will be $20.00 delegate/$15.00 alternate.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M. and must be completed by 10:00 A.M.
• If you plan to be a delegate to district\state you must fill out an application which must be submitted to the nominating committee at least 5 days prior to the county convention.
• In order to participate in any of these functions you must be a paid up member of the Houston County Republican Party.
• Yearly dues are $35.00 for couples. $25.00 for singles. $10.00 for students and senior citizens.
• These dues must be paid no later than the mass precinct meeting, (but can be made at the mass precinct meeting)
• If you need any additional details contact the following: Heath Clark, Valerie Sergeant Martin, Eddie Causey, Jason Patrick, Justin Huff, Daniel Louis Crumpton, Kisha Crumpton, or Curtis Sirmans on facebook.

• For additional information on the Houston County GOP rules and registration forms please see their website: http://houstoncountygop.com.  Copies of the rules can also be found on their facebook page.

Now the following is the most you need to know, and I hope you will not begrudge me the length of this post to impart upon you how utterly important it is that you pay close attention. These aforementioned requirements for the attendance of the local conventions were put in place by the party in order to dissuade certain people of certain perspectives from flooding the caucuses and sweeping conventions. It is felt, by the party, that by imposing such tedious rules and regulations many lukewarm patriots will simply raspberry the whole process and stay at home. They will say that they would rather give their time and their money to other organizations, or pull out of the political process altogether. I cannot impart to you enough how absolutely asinine this line of thinking is.

RonPaulFreedomMarchIn the 2012 presidential election, all of you who have heard the call of Ron Paul and the message of this REloveUTION we are all partakers of, managed to flood into your local precinct, county and district conventions giving us a critical foothold in our fair state. In the aftermath of the debacle which was the 2012 presidential elections, the Republican Party is broken. It is shattered. It is licking its wounds, bleeding out, shedding its mortal coil etc. etc. etc… Having been participating in the party on your behalf for the past few months, I, as well as the Houston County Liberty Leaders, will attest to you that we have not lost one inch; rather we have been inching towards this moment for quite some time.

With the humiliating defeat of Mitt Romney to the worst president in American history, the GOP has a black eye that smarts something fierce. They have been humbled. They are now beginning to see that even when they win the house, their very own speaker will betray them with atrocious deals with Beelzebub. Most of the old neoconservatives are beginning to scatter, counting their losses and cashing out because they now see that there isn’t going to be much of a return in this business for very much longer. The Republican Party, which once stood for the conservation of the principles enshrined within the Constitution, has been hijacked since the invasion of Irving Krystol’s philosophy of neo-conservatism in the 1970’s. Since that time, well meaning conservatives have been lead as mice to the piper by the tunes of neoconservative talking heads on the radio, and of course on Fox news. Unbeknownst to them, and their well intentions; they have been useful idiots in the incremental degradation of our Bill of Rights, and it’s founding Declaration of Independence. Now their empire of ashes is crumbling and the obviousity of the naked emperor is glaringly evident.

rising-phoenixOf course all you patriots out there need to do is look on the back of your one dollar bill and see that the imagery emblazoned there is nothing short of the Phoenix. The bird of Resurrection. From the ashes of the old, comes the glory of the new. This is what our country is all about. We simply have let that slip for a time, but now that time is over. We are at a critical moment in history; I am not going to lie to you. This is the moment where we, We the People, decide if America will go down the path of some sick, Orwellian, Brave New World, nightmare-or pull a brilliant 180. This is the moment when we remember the cycles of history, and put the brakes on the downward spiral which is empiricism. This is the moment when we bring our troops home…to their families for God’s sake. This is the moment when we start to give the proper attention to the returning troops, aiding them for all the ailments we asked them to endure. This is the moment when off shore banks stop bludgeoning us to death with imaginary debt that neither we, nor our children owe. This is the moment where We; where you can make a difference.

Essentially what we are asking you to do is put aside all of the grumblings about the new rules, regulations, fines, fees, and hurdles you are asked to endure. We are asking you to understand that these rules were put in place to keep the apathetic away from the political process. To an extent; surely you can agree with this. You, as Ron Paul, or Liberty Lovers do not idealistically believe in apathy in politics. Therefore, you understand in your core that to be apathetic at this point would be self defeating. We are asking you to prove the Republican Party wrong come this February by showing up to your mass precinct meetings, your county convention meetings, your district convention meetings as well as your state convention meetings. We are asking that you help finish what Ron Paul started thirty years ago by becoming a party which can save the Republic by inflaming it from the grassroots up with the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.

Those of us who have been carving out a place for our ideals in the local Republican Party could not have accomplished what we have without your help. And now we are asking for your help again. Beginning in February the entire infrastructure of the Georgia Republican Party can be arranged in such a way as to lean more towards Liberty than closer to tyranny. The more seasoned republicans in our state are beginning to see that perhaps it will take our young ideals, and explosive zeal to take this country back from the clutches of fascism. They are coming to a point in which they are beginning to see that what we have been saying may not have been so crazy after all. So I cannot express to you enough how important it is for you to participate in your upcoming caucus’s. As well as the monthly meetings preceding such caucus’s on a regular basis.

If you have supported Ron Paul and the principles he has revived within our collective spirit, if you have contributed one dime, or placed one call, or walked one street, or exhausted any soul into reviving this country; then now is the time for you to stand up in a non violent, revolutionary way. Now is the time for all your hard work and effort to pay off. And all you have to do is show up. Show up and support the candidates who will be running for office that actually Know and Love the Constitution. Show up and make sure that your representatives actually represent you. Show up and secure your slots as delegates for the next election cycle where we might actually see a Rand Paul ticket.

Because our ideas seem new, the establishment is understandably resistant to them. They have seen us as a force which is invading the party, rather than coming in to save it. It must be understood that this is truly the case. We are a band which hold the precious notion that this can be a republic again, and the words of our Founding Fathers can be echoed more brilliantly now than in decades prior. We are not here to destroy the Republican Party, nor are we here to invade the Republican Party. We are the Republican Party which has been negligent in our duty for quite some time. We apologize, but now we can take things from here. Those of you who have been within are our friends in Liberty. We appreciate what your intentions have been in the manner of our government. We just think that the path to hell is paved with the best of intentions. We will respectfully participate in our republican form of government in a civilized way. We will pay the fines imposed. We will meet the deadlines dictated. We will jump through all of your hoops in order to be heard; because the thing in which we want to be heard is ‘Give me Liberty, or give me death’.

I don’t know what else to say. This really is up to each and every one of you. If you’re reading this then you must understand that the reason the message of Ron Paul resonated within you so deeply is because it is the message of personal Freedom and personal Liberty. What else are Personal Freedom and Personal Liberty than the ability to change that which one sees is not right? And you can. And you will, if only you simply arrive. Ninety percent of every battle means just showing up. I would encourage you to make the appropriate connections on social media such as facebook and twitter with Liberty pages in your area. I would encourage you to make contact with Liberty activists in your vicinity and get to know others which are fighting to save this country within the Republican Party. This message has been specifically directed at District 8 in Georgia, however let it also be understand that our readers in different districts and states are needed as well in order for this reclaiming of America. I urge you to find the appropriate dates, times and rules which apply to the areas you are responsible for.

May Liberty reign, for all of us.

Now sit back for ten minutes and let Billy Corgan and the gang blow you up.

Below are a few videos to help you brush up with Roberts Rules of order.

Comment below.

Romney Defeated: Republicans, Sad

Yesterday was the big day, it was Election Day. The moment everyone had been fighting for was here and coverage of who would be the next president was bleeding from the radio, television, and internet. Excitement was high, enthusiasm was high, and I’m sure that most people I know were glued to some sort of media outlet biting their fingernails…but I didn’t give a crap.

No, in my view the 2012 election had long ago turned into the multi- car pileup, on the side of the interstate of presidential elections. Unlike the masses who slow down to get a glimpse of the red stuff, or maybe a limb tossed here and there, I chose to put my hand to my face and speed past the twisted metal of morbidity. I didn’t watch the news, didn’t check the polls, didn’t turn on the radio, and didn’t even really think too awful much about it. I just curled up on the sofa with a book and learnt me some history till the wee hours of the night, completely isolated from the moment to moment, blow by blow narration of the 2012 presidential election script. Now though, it’s the next day and how I discovered that Obama was reselected for the white house is a rather funny …okay, it’s actually really sad…story that I think is worth sharing because its witty, and contains a moral nugget like all those Aesop fables and Bible stories meant to teach the reader a life lesson in order to not screw up repeatedly in a given area. Here we go.

After the alarm clock summoned, and the obligatory first cup of coffee was warming up the innards, I noticed a bit of a scratch in the back of the throat. Apparently the recent weather was bringing about the sniffles in your author’s temple so a quick trip to the drug store would be needed to retrieve a soothing substance for his throat. When I walk through the door I’m greeted by the cashier.
“Heeeey” she drags out lazily “Wantcho flu shot D’day?”
I chuckle as I a breeze past her and a knee jerk “Hell no.” mutters out from my strep throat. I make my way to retrieve the soothing throat product then its back to the checkouts where a young African American woman is standing to take my feddies. As I place my merchandise on the counter, the door opens, and in comes another young African American woman who stops for a moment near to my cashier to say a word or two. I take a glance of her t-shirt, which bore the image of Barack Obama beside that of Martin Luther King Jr., and obviously my curiosity was peeked.
I pointed at her shirt and asked “Oh, did he get it?”
“Who? Obama?” she responds.
“Yeah, did he win?”
“Yes!” she says with a smile from ear to ear, and I can see that moment of triumph shining in her face.

I maintained the permanent smile on my face without blinking an eye, but on the inside I was rather bent. Martin Luther King Jr. happens to be one of my highest role models. You have to respect a man who had the wisdom to look outside of the box for a solution to the problems of his day. He saw the non violent, passive resistance techniques that a great man before him had won an entire war with, namely Gandhi, and despite looking different than he, being of a different faith than he, being from a different country than he, and being a different color than he; Martin Luther King Jr. understood that for his people to be Free, All People Must Be Free. All struggles are only truly won when the people within the struggle adopt this philosophy and protect it as a precious jewel adorned on the forehead of Sophia. So for me to see one of my heroes, a man who wasn’t so much for African American Rights as he was for Human Being Rights, beside Barack Obama insinuating that the legendary “Dream” of MLK was a dark colored man in the white house; I have to tell you that it makes my heart take a couple of odd beats.

What saddens me more than the idiotic insinuation is that the young African American girl wearing the t-shirt is probably oblivious to a great many logical conclusions due to bias and or propagandized information. When I see this in people while out and about I always feel it is my civic duty to at least try to inform a mind here or there as to the reality of the situation they are in, and speak up with words that probably sound insane when hearing them from a stranger.
“Hey, glad you’re happy Obama won but can I fill you in on a little ditty?” I ask.
“A what?” she replies, confused.
“Never mind,..look, have you ever heard of Planned Parenthood?”
“Who is that?”
“No,” I say “It’s not a person. It’s an organization.”
“No, never heard of them.” she answers.
“Great, let me tell you about them real quick. They happen to be one of the largest contributors to the Obama machine, they give this guy tons and tons of money and then he turns around and gives them tons and tons of money from the public coffers. Do you know who founded Planned Parenthood? No, you don’t? Oh, well it was this nut ball old lady named Margaret Sanger who believed the black race was a human weed and needed to be exterminated so she set up abortion mills in every black neighborhood she could find until fast forward to today and 52 percent of every African American baby in this country is murdered in the womb. Did you know Obama was giving money to those guys?” I said, making her aware of the moral dilemma.

I watched the confusion on her, and the cashiers face as this time, an elderly African American woman came in and stood behind me in line. After a silent pause, the young lady with the t-shirt looked me in the eyes and asked, “Are you serious?”
“Oh, quite. Go look it up when you get home. Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood, Obama.” I answered.
“I did not know that. “She said, shaking her head in disbelief.
I glanced at the cashier and could already see the stink eye forming as she snatched my merchandise and jerked it across the scanner. That one’s a lost cause. So I look back to the potential with a compassionate expression.
“Don’t feel too bad” I smile “Mitt Romney ran a company called Stericyle that he made millions off of for scraping up all the dead bodies Obama helped to put in trash dumpsters across the country.”
Her jaw drops, her hand comes to her mouth, she is experiencing astonishment, she is experiencing logical connections rapidly being made in her brain and I foresee her waking up in five, four, three, two …
“Its like they are both working together. The democrats and the republicans. “She epiphanies.
I turn my head to one side, admiring the spark I see in her eyes and say “Yeah, it kinda seems that way doesn’t it?”
“Thanks for the information; I’m going to look that up. I am. “She affirms before giving me a friendly wave and skirting off into the aisles of the store.

I turn my attention back to the transaction at hand and see that my cashier has morphed into angry girlfriend mode. Pursed lips, exaggerated half smile at the corner of her mouth, head hovering in the JFK pattern (that’s back,…and to the left) and a subtle tone with a hint of ‘I know my voice sounds like I’m calm, but if you say one more thing and I will remove your face from your skull.’
“Nineteen seventy, does you gotcho wellniss card?”She asks.
“I does not.” I answer.
“Can I see ID?”
I flip open my pimp tight Legend of Zelda wallet containing my ID behind a transparent sleeve so the cashier can clearly see it. She shakes her head, denying my ID flash.
“I needs you to takes it out. “She says, adding just a little more misery to my day by causing me just a little more trouble than need be.
“Okie dokie” I smile, not really angered easily.
“All that true?” She asks.
“About Obama taking and giving millions of dollars of African American blood money to donors? Yeah, every bit of it.” I answered
She snatched my card from me, rang me up, threw my merchandise in the bag, tossed the receipt into its depths and held the bag up to my nose.
“Here you go sir! You have a blest day.”
It didn’t take me too awful long before I understood that to mean “Go screw yourself you racist.”, so I shrugged and took my belongings. She snapped her head to the elderly woman behind me, dismissing me coldly.
“How’s you today, maam?”She asks.
“I’m fine. We got us a black president” the elderly woman replied.
I look over my shoulder only to see the cashier perform a slow motion roof raising of some kind; her stink eye shoots in my direction to scorn me. And that’s how the next pivotal four years started off for me.

Now wasn’t that absolutely insane? What can we glean? Well, that some get it and some don’t and those that don’t are typically the majority; a majority stuck in us vs. them, left vs. right paradigm of team mentality over principles and self evident truths. Here this cashier was, proud of Obama’s victory merely for the sake of similar skin tone. She is presented with documented facts of the reality of her situation not being what she believes it to be. Rather than do just a little bit of bias suspension in light of new information and take the time to investigate if these things be so, she chose to ignore the notion that a third possibility was staring her in the face; going back to dream land where two legs good, four legs bad is a common mantra. What will be the ultimate fate of those on the animal farm of illusory democracy? Well let’s just say that the federal government isn’t growing taters on that there farm, no, this farm is where all the little piggies are gonna be squealing once they’re good and fat. How can anyone sane identify with a man who endorses the very antithesis of what one claims to hold most dear? How could a young black woman still cheer for a black president that is facilitating the extermination of his and her own species? Simple, deny that its true and that makes all the noise go away. Pretend that your man is really the man you imagine him to be, and sweep all those embarrassing contradictions under the rug.

So let this be a lesson to the Republican Party. Not only has your treatment of the Liberty Movement this election cycle been absolutely appalling, but the depths of depravity you have stooped to in order to change rules so that Mitt Romney was shoved down all our throats defies the very principles our country was founded upon. You compromised the banner of conservatism, the banner of protecting and preserving the Constitution by anointing, once again, a limp fish into the race that is absolutely clueless when it comes to what America is all about. Much like placing Obama next to a diametrically opposed Martin Luther King Jr., you tried to place a man that wrote Obama care, profits from infanticide, will add to the deficit, wants more drones, more wars, more dead people overseas, less civil rights, less human rights, more crony capitalism, more bailouts, more inflation ….gasp…up against the Founding Fathers.

Those of us in the Liberty Movement tried to plead with you, we warned you that if Romney was the shoe in we simply would not vote for the lesser of two evils; that we would vote third party or write in our own candidate. Not only was this ever expanding voting bloc surely a contributing factor to Romney’s humiliating defeat; but surely the republican base itself dealt the candidate a deadly blow. The grassroots republicans decried from the very beginning that they simply were not enthused with flip floppin’ Romney, and only at the last stretch of the game did the GOP attempt the limp wristed “Alright, guys, we may not be happy with our nominee, but we are all on the same team here….right?” maneuver. How’d that work out for ya?

My advice to the republican party would be that until they understand that doing exactly the same things as the democrats, and compromising what is right for hollow victories, is suicide; then they can only expect this to be the beginning of a long train of snooty defeats. We the People are tired of the Constitution being paid mere lip service to. We are tired of these wars. We are tired of this fiat money. We are tired of fabricated terror. We are tired of politicians going through corporate revolving doors. We are tired of the police state. We are tired of the nanny state. We are tired. And if the republicans wish to survive as a party rather than completely sliding into the dust bin of history (as its currently doing), then I think the next four years had better be some reformation time. Some reflection time. Some time to go back and read the ideals of our Founding Fathers regarding personal sovereignty and Liberty. And rather than denying reality, and running a candidate that’s exactly like the guy you want to defeat, you probably should consider the third option of not doing that.

You may not see the results of the election the same way I do, but there’s one thing that is self evident and it’s this; the republican party movers and shakers tried to shove McCain down our throats in ’08, and Romney down our throats this time but the fruit of their labor has been Obama shoved down all our throats for two terms. And this time, baby, I think he’s a goin’ deep. Cheerio!

The Destiny of District 8: Where We Go From Here

The question is as it always has been. Where do we go from here? Well, where do we go from here? Now that Ron Paul is riding off into the sunset and it looks like we are stuck with the usual dose of theater in politics with our upcoming election, a great many of us in District 8 in Georgia are in the darkest and dimmest of places. We have witnessed the corruption of the republican machine from the grassroots all the way up to Tampa where we beheld the ultimate shaft job in the history of shaft employment opportunities live on YouTube. Now that it seems the RNC can magically make any delegates go poof who in the future may try to play by the rules and with a wave of their magic “because I say so” wand, rules can come in and out of existence quicker than they do at a Magic: The Gathering tournament downstairs at Dragoncon. Some among us have whispered that its useless. That there would be no point in going further in the republican party so it’s probably best if we just pack our sad little bags and leave. Go third party, join the Libertarian party or better yet just stop participating altogether, eat, drink, be merry for tomorrow we is done for. So the question again pops up; where do we go from here? For a solution I would need to visit the stones of my Zen garden and call on Philosophia to toss me a line.

There are those who are going to do what they are going to do and my thoughts following are in no way a condemnation of those who choose to take a different route going forward. I suppose what this is will be nothing more than my imaginings of what ought to take place within the 8th congressional district of Georgia. We, as Ron Paul supporters understand the principles of Liberty and therefore have been very misunderstood by the average republican. Because of this problem in their perception of our ideals our goals moving forward have been violently blocked at every turn. They do not see our ideals or understand the depth of their wisdom. All they have seen up until this point has been “those Ron Paul supporters”. They see our young faces and “Live free or die” stickers and they instantly have had the scripted bio of our ideology flash in their minds thanks to Rush Limbaugh and his hell spawn mimes.

With this thorn in the flesh, we have had to push fast and hard to dig deep into this system and demand that our voices be heard. We were pushing for all we were worth to get Ron Paul nominated so that maybe he could slow the coming tyranny down long enough for the rest of the American people to wake up. We didn’t quite make it deep enough fast enough. Due to the new rule changes the sitting neoconservatives are banking on our demoralization and counting on the notion that we just give up. They have flexed their muscles at the top and those at the bottom are oblivious to what has happened to the republican party or are so deluded they actually have convinced themselves it is for the best.

Should we leave the republican party? No, I would not advise it. No matter how demoralized some of you may be there is no denying that the playing field as it appears we will be handed is the ripest for our ideals and our goals. Allow me to explain; Ron Paul has been our greatest ally as well as our greatest enemy. Under the banner of Ron Paul all of us have gravitated from all over and formed into something far more powerful than the federal government. We have formed into We the People. We are the bearers of the birthright of Freedom and Liberty and it has always been We who are the masters of this country and rulers of our own selves. We have simply forgotten it, as have they. They being people who do not yet understand that the system they are partaking in is actually malevolent to them as well. Yet our authority has not been recognized because up until now they have been able to label us “Those Ron Paul supporters”.

I would suggest that not being able to be labeled a Ron Paul supporter is now the best possible position for a Ron Paul supporter, wouldn’t you say? Now you are simply a republican. And lest we forget that though we dug into the system and came a little short we nevertheless dug into the system. We are in it. We are an infection which has gotten into the blood stream of the bloated elephant and they would love nothing more than to simply flush us out of their system, but like any good virus I know we can adapt and spread if we so desired it.

I am of the opinion that all of those who make up the several ‘Liberty’ or ‘Ron Paul’ pages or anyone else who marched in to become a delegate for this election cycle as well as Liberty activists overall in district 8 remain in the local GOP. I think that because of the stigma of being a Ron Paul supporter is going to fade away and the short term memory of the sitting republicans will kick in and they will be forced to have to deal with our ideals rather than our candidate. As we know our ideals, when properly presented, always win. They always win because they are right and true and undeniable. As we continue to be active in the local political system our individual credibility will ultimately rise and the reason for this is because of man’s inner nature. Man will tend to believe something if he sees at least more than one other person believing it around him. Man measures his sanity by collective thinking. When these republicans see that a lot of other republicans want to audit the fed or draw down the wars they are more likely to accept these ideas. Our mere presence at this point is infectious if we choose to remain in the party.

Also since it appears that the RNC handed Obama the white house for another four years we have the greatest weapon we could have ever hoped for. Barack Obama. You see we have been trying to get the system to move towards Freedom and Liberty by saying Ron Paul makes sense and it has only caused resistance from the hardliners. However if we stop for a moment, change our perspective and look at this in an opportunistic way we can see that now all we have to do in order to move the machine is blame Obama for opposing our ideals. Neoconservatives don’t know much about much but what they do know is if Obama is for it they are against it. Notwithstanding they never bother to see that their own candidates vote for the same crap; you can mobilize them to oppose Obama. For example, with the imposing Secure ID breathing down all of our necks we need not point out that it was put in place primarily by republican representatives for silly reasons like voter fraud and employment, rather bring to the neoconservatives attention to how the Obama administration will benefit from it. This works with all our goals. Obama wants to give more power to the federal reserve. Obama wants to expand these wars. Obama wants the TSA spreading like cancer. Obama wants drones. Obama wants camps. Obama wants NDAA. Obama wants all of this totalitarian cross-dressing of America we have been warning about from the banner of Ron Paul.

We all know the local parties are simply middle management in the machine, however upper management can pull from nowhere but below. It we stay in the party, educate as we go, befriend as we go, and run for all open offices as we go we become the republican party and our true goal of saving this country is within our grasp. First however it is imperative that we primarily concern ourselves with our own state. We win our state and other states will follow our lead. How we win our state is by finding a candidate for governor from within the ranks of our state Liberty leaders and make a massive effort with our support of time and finances to make sure that person is put in place. Once in place that governor would be well aware and well willing to do their Constitutional duty and declare the 10th amendment nullifying all the federal mandates choking us to death. If I were to throw a few names in the hat the one quickest to come to mind would be a certain Derrick Grayson (AKA TMOT), or Valerie Sergeant Martin and of course anyone from the Cox family would carry our flame in integrity. Regardless if those on my wish list head the call, or even if they do and fail to win the governorship, it would still be one more poke to the eye of the alligator trying to eat us. If we keep on poking eventually we will hit brain matter.

I also believe that outside of the republican structure we should work diligently as simply Liberty lovers to recruit and pressure politicians. Justin Huff and Heath Clark in Houston county are developing a website called HOCOLIBERTY.ORG, which will be a hub for all the Liberty Lovers in Houston County to mobilize and consolidate resources for activism and political strategy pushing our ideals forward and I would urge all of you who have been active in Houston County to stay involved with this outlet as a beacon. The think tank of our states Liberty movement; namely ZENINTHECAR.COM have also previously offered freely an overall strategy moving forward called PROJECT: I AM THE COG. This mission statement is the result of a few of the contributors to this site formulating a method of rapidly recruiting apolitical people into the Liberty movement from the myriad of cultures which have yet to hear the call. It outlines an overall central group or roundtable made up of the most active and committed Liberty lovers within not only a county but the state as a whole. From this group several smaller projects would be organized and orchestrated with the sole purpose of reaching out to an ignorant community with the light of our Constitution’s enumerated Rights.

I feel that these two areas the above mention are key in the Liberty movement taking the state of Georgia back from the clutches of the banksters in Washington. We need numbers and we need them educated and as committed as we. We aren’t looking to just stuff the ballot boxes or swell the caucuses, we are looking to set infernos in the brains of beings. We aren’t looking to force Freedom and Liberty down anyone’s throat, we are looking to give them as gifts to all men so that true security will arrive on our shores. The security of an enlightened society which understands that the individual prospers best when able to rely on itself to prosper without aid or restraint from a federal government or state government for that matter. If you have yet to hear, read or join either of the two prospects mentioned above I would humbly ask you to consider participating with one or both by clicking their appropriate links and examining their scribblings.

Some of the primary goals of all Liberty functions within the state of Georgia should focus on informing as many citizens as possible as to the specifics of state nullification, personal nullification, jury nullification and all other simplified Constitutional defenses in courts of so called law. We should also endeavor whole heartedly to bring fellow Georgians back to the purpose and point of what being an American is; plainly a defender of Freedom and Liberty. Every American loves a hero of Freedom and Liberty because its written in our DNA. We simply have the task before us of snapping our friends, neighbors and coworkers out of the reality T.V. daydream they are stuck in and showing them that the calling of being Liberty and Freedom’s hero was one directed at them. All of us as We the People bear the responsibility of being that hero we all are longing for.

Allow me to delve into the spiritual for a moment and put this struggle we are engaged with into a more enlightened perspective. Regular readers of ZENINTHECAR.COM understand that here, politics are simply viewed as the playing out of a spiritual reality in a shadow puppet way. As our Forefathers believed that their coming together was nothing short of divine intervention, and no mere chance gathering of exceptional human beings and human minds, we too can touch such truth. You see, despite the misnomer that our Founders were all Christians, the fact is our Revolution was brought into being by the sheer will of men and women of faiths across the board who all understood that the true teaching of all religions is that We are divine beings. We are divine beings who have turned away from such divinity and became in need of someone to bring us back into such a state. This happens from time to time and when it does we need a Messiah to come down and remind us of who we truly are. All religions have this Messiah and all religion’s Messiah say the same thing. They all say that they are great and they are wonderful but the whole reason they exist is because of you. Because of you they would die and rise again. Because of you the entire history of the world is written and yet after all this trouble from a God of infinite names we more often than not choose to remain small, powerless, nobody names who can’t bring about change. We spit in the face of our God when we believe that We, as one person, can do nothing.

The truth is that we have seen in this last year alone within Georgia some of the brightest beacons of Liberty break forth. We have seen change brought about by the actions and words of people like RB Ashley, Curtis Sirmans, Valerie, Heath Clark, Eric Bell, the Cox family, Bryan Austin with his kickass gun pissed offedness, Kristopher Good Top Dollar Ban’ Hammersauls with his pimp sheriff run, Toma Hawks gorilla activism, Kevin Cannell’s serial killer tactics and Brian Thomson’s bad ass check writing skills to shut the old skulls the hell up. I love that guy. If we all look back at the past year alone we should see that we have participated in creating history. History very much akin to that which formed this country. We look back on the Founders as if they indeed were guided by some divine hand and cherish what they gave us and I suggest that the reason for that is because we too are being guided by the same divine hand. Therefore our goals should be nothing less than giving birth to a new country as was the goals of Jefferson, Washington and Adams. We were gathered in our state at this particular time for a reason and that reason is the same from one generation to another regarding those who have Freedom and Liberty in their bones; to change the world.

Our Founding Fathers believed it against incredible odds and they accomplished such a belief. I personally believe this is our calling now. I pray you believe with me.



On a final note I would like to add that I believe very much in a certain Russian’s observation that a nations music will tell you their morality. This must be true for music is a vibration, as we all are vibrations. The reason you like the music you like is because it is of a similar vibration to yours. Too often we fail to pay attention to this and understand that our music is trying to tell us about ourselves. If we do, as all great history makers have done in the past, and embrace the arts to reflect our ideology we will find a very quick shift in culture. So if I were calling into the local radio station to request a song for those of you who are debating on what to do next it would have to be the following:

And for those of you willing to rage on in the battle for freedom in the 8th congressional district of Georgia:


And of course once all of you have sealed it in your hearts that this is worth doing, that our country, our Constitution and the Freedoms and Liberties we long for are worth giving to our progeny, the following will best summise thy resolve.


Leave thy comments beloweth.