Snowpiercer stars Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, and Jamie Bell and is the story of what happens when the 1% control all. The movie is a very post-apocalyptic world but its unique in a way that you would not expect, the whole movie takes place on a train.

Snowpiercer action piece

Snowpiercer action piece


Chris Evans lives in the back of the train that essentially means your homeless, and he wants to start a revolution. That’s a message that resonates with a lot of people who read this site. That sounds like a great idea to you does it? Well it didn’t sound like a good idea to me either but the execution is so fantastic that you can’t help but fall in love with it. The performances are excellent as expected but what was unexpected was the incredible action, the way the camera follows the characters and the different angles they use are so unconventional that you find it to be a treat whenever a sequence happens.

However the one downside to this movie, and it’s a big one is the fact that half of the dialogue is in Korean. This movie was directed by South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Hou. I didn’t mind the dialogue but I know some people will, the other problem is that for some of the movie they have a translator but towards the end of the movie translators are disregarded and the characters can just understand each other, it’s comical at first but it’s easily forget because of how well they do otherwise. The script is also amazing, there are tons of twists throughout the movie and just when you think you know what’s going on it throws another curveball at you. The way this movie creates such an interesting world and convinces you that the conflict has such high stakes but never loses the fact that it’s on a train is incredible. One more negative, the last five minutes of this movie are awful, it’s so confusing and it makes you feel like the movie you just watched was pointless. The message of the movie was also very positive,

In the end



Chris Evans and everyone on the train dies, the revolution fails.


Spoilers over

Overall this movie is a must watch for some little gems in there that will entertain people who consider Hollywood to be a propaganda machine and to those who just enjoy movies for the sake of movies.



REVOLUTIONISEVOLUTIONLOGOThere is little doubt by now for most people privileged enough to be alive at this moment in history that something big is happening. Even to those still stuck in the mud of fluoridated water who have yet to really awaken to the much larger truths emerging all around us are at some level aware that great change is upon us all. For those of us ahead of the curve on this little notion it is commonly called Revolution. Something is revolving; something is turning back around on itself and performing a 360 of unimaginable proportions. Obviously the usage of the word Revolution tends to evoke imagery of guns, war and bloodshed which really is an unfortunate thing because quite honestly it shouldn’t. Perhaps in the past such imagery would have been synonymous with the word and rightfully so; however this time it is my belief that the word Revolution is due for a makeover. This is one of the reasons that the term Evolution is frequently coupled with Revolution by your humble author and others of his ink and ilk.

photo from

photo from

Obviously I am not referring to Darwinian Evolution so fundamentalists of any flavor can stop squirming; rather I am speaking of an Evolution in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional sense. Our species’ current state of being in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional realms is the very thing that has allowed the world to become the mess we all now sense that it is. Be it proxy wars, fiat currencies, genetically modified foods, the raping of Earth by the delusional notion that fossil fuels are actually the best we can do or any of the other issues that make the Enlightened among us scratch our heads in frustration; one thing is certain and it is that Einstein was correct when he said “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Humanity has no choice but to begin thinking, feeling and acting in a different way if it wishes to keep on ascending than it ever has in the past.

As an American Patriot that reveres the Founding Fathers and the concepts written in the Constitution as well as the Republic it was written to protect and preserve, it becomes quite a task for me to iterate to other Revolutionaries the position of a non-violent stance in the face of the tyranny that has been passed along to us by previous generations considering the Revolution of our Founders was indeed washed in the blood of violence. Some in the Patriot or Liberty movement would say that I am naïve for not advocating a hot revolution and point back to 1776 as if the solution is to repeat the exact steps that began the path we currently find ourselves on. While it is true that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it; it is equally true that those hell bent on repeating the past will indeed do that too and I for one am not entirely keen on the idea of bullets flying from all directions on the streets of the country I love. The war and violence of 1776 had its place in 1776 and served its purpose for its day and time but the fact that is staring us directly in the face is that when lead to its final and current outcome; it did not purge tyranny by government but instead suppressed and postponed it for a few generations. It is my belief that the Founders were well aware of this when they played their part in history and put their hopes in a wise and Enlightened generation yet to come to find a way, a better way, to enact change. Hopefully here we are.

A hot revolution in the age of nuclear weapons that can fit inside of briefcases, drones, GPS on everyone’s person and assault rifles behind every blade of grass is the surest and quickest way for the homo-sapiens to be added to the list of endangered or extinct species. One has to wonder about the IQ of anyone advocating such a thing and examine if indeed such an advocate is a member of our species or a leftover knuckle dragger from the Neanderthal age that just wants a chuckle as they watch us fade away into the history books as well. One of the reasons the idea of violence against the government cannot work in our time is because quite frankly no one would actually know who to shoot at. There won’t be uniforms passed out that clearly identify tyrants from patriots, there won’t be flags that say ‘Freedom’ or ‘Slavery’ and there certainly won’t be clearly identified borders for either side to retreat to. The fact is that the people who are assisting the tyranny make up just as much of the police and military as those who want Freedom and Liberty and what both sides have in common is that in their minds they both believe that the actions they take on a daily basis is a means to the end of preserving peace.


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Advocates of a police and surveillance state are for the most part convinced that there is a demon under every sofa and a terrorist behind every lamp-stand therefore they justify within themselves the necessity for participating in the perpetuation of such a state. As wrong as they may be for giving into the Machiavellian mindset they were sold, no one can seriously believe that they are mustache twisting villains who actually get off on committing treason or mindless storm troopers content to punch a clock on the death star and blow up planets before lunch. Sure, there is no doubt in my mind that there are a handful of lunatics in secret cabals that do indeed get off on the suffering and misery of we mere mortals but the biggest part of their orgiastic enthusiasm is that the suffering and misery we endure is done by our own hands and requires but a little nudge from them and nothing more.

In the event of a hot revolution the tiny few so called elite would be safe and sound in bunkers somewhere sipping on chianti while the masses cut each other to pieces on the streets in the name of some glorious revolution that will do little more than cause quite the drop in population and put us right back on the hamster wheel humanity was unable to get off of in 1776. I don’t hunt but from my understanding there are hunting seasons to keep the populations of certain animals in check so once or twice a year bullets must fly and bodies must fall. Hot revolutions are the equivalent of hunting seasons ordained by the tiny few who do enjoy pushing for a servant and master class.

While it is true that the military is conducting itself in an unconstitutional manner and has done so for quite some time, and it is most certainly true that the police are behaving more and more like the gestapo at an alarming rate these problems will never be solved with pre-emptive violence. Violence in self-defense, absolutely, shooting at every man or woman with a badge? Asininity. Ultimately the poor actions of those perpetuating tyranny is a problem of the mind. It is the sickness of a poor fund of knowledge. Police state adherents are simply ignorant of the Rights we have been endowed with by our creator and the depth of that ignorance obviously stimulates violence in greater degrees. We, as Enlightened Revolutionaries have to understand that within the thinking process of tyrants is the self- justification of their actions. All villains believe they are the hero in some sick and twisted way. While our task is much more difficult than pulling a trigger, which is easy, in the greater scheme of things taking the time, patience and proper attitude to educate and Enlighten them to our way of thinking is ultimately going to reap the greater reward as well as keep mankind from extinction in some pointless getting off of guns.

Now I will be the first to admit that I certainly don’t have all the answers and cannot provide all of the solutions on how we stop tyranny dead in its tracks in a peaceful way but I will also be the first to say that at least I have some and at least I am willing to exhaust those solutions with every fiber of my being before believing that picking up a rifle is what will do the trick. When I’m done exhausting those solutions I will be more than willing to exhaust your peaceful solutions as well because as I have always said and will continue to say; when violence goes up against violence the one who wins is simply the most violent. In that instance it should be noted that the most violent is always the least right and who wants to be a part of a post revolution world that is simply so wrong?

Of course all of this brings me now to the most recent episodes of Zen in the Car T.V. which are also titled Revolution is Evolution parts one, two and three. In the past year or so I have had the privilege to take the message of peaceful Revolution to many alternative media outlets and do my part in this whole thing to inspire, encourage and hopefully help steer the course of our fate in some small way in the direction of non-violent resistance to the tyranny we have had to endure in the country. This is not always an easy task, especially when communicating with those on either side that are so filled with anger and rage the only outcome they can conceive is a violent one. These types of folks can be found on the side of the state as well as the side of the Patriot movement. For the past year we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM have documented on multiple occasions the aggressive nature of the state and some of those behind badges that have no problem violating civil rights but for the sake of fairness it should also be shown that the Liberty movement has its fair share of douchebags too.

Untitled-1Your humble author was invited on The Ochelli Effect not too long ago to discuss the concepts we are talking about here and the catalyst for the interview was in regards to an article previously published on ZENINTHECAR.COM where I saw fit to make commentary on the views of a caller who in fact does advocate a violent response to the state. The article is read during the first episode so I won’t exhaust the details here, however what ensued as a result of the interview is something I do wish to elaborate on before you view all three parts in their entirety.

Evidently the network which currently carries The Ochelli Effect has a hand full of dedicated …chat room buddies and these…chat room buddies…have had this special bond for quite some time apparently. Unbeknownst and completely irrelevant to me was the fact that the subject of my article, Mr. Cracker, is a member of this dedicated group of chat room buddies and my usage of his words and position (which were voiced by Mr. Cracker himself on a public forum and subject to commentary and criticism) to demonstrate the futility of violent revolution in my writings didn’t sit too well with them. After the chat room brigade got good and tanked by the end of my reading (hey fellas, the steps work if ya work em’ but they won’t if ya don’t) deciding to call in to rip me a new one or whatever before Mr. Cracker himself called back in only to bail after roughly eight minutes of not really saying a whole lot of anything significant or useful but proving he was very proficient in yelling “THE SECOND AMENDMENT” into his phone, the insanity only snowballed further. I’ll let you experience it for yourself in the episodes below and have your own internal dialogue on which side makes the most sense.

CENSOREDThankfully though there is always an opportunity to turn any situation into a teachable moment and this ordeal did allow the contrast between the two positions of revolution to be examined. My position of a peaceful method of change was allowed to get in the proverbial ring with the method of violence in an open forum for all of you to weigh the results in the balance of common sense. This is a win for Enlightened Revolutionaries like you and I. Unfortunately as a result of the entire interview a decision was made somewhere over at UCY.TV to have yours truly banned from their particular airwaves. It is still unclear to everyone over here at ZENINTHECAR.COM and me as to why exactly I was banned and we can only speculate as to the whom and how this decision was made seeing as how this ban was only relayed to us through third parties and not directly by those responsible. The only thing we know for certain is that I am indeed banned as a result of The Ochelli Effect interview that night.

Obviously this has come as a disappoint to us at ZENINTHECAR.COM, not because we don’t have other outlets to spread our message but because as members of the alternative media it saddens us to see others who would fly that banner betray the philosophy that goes along with it. Ultimately all of us here are individual writers, bloggers, philosophers, poets, commentators and activists of all different walks of life that have come together for some common causes through the medium of alternative media; or media that the mainstream will not allow due to censorship or the fitting of politically or financially correct muzzles on our views. We don’t always agree with one another and have the understanding that nor should we; however it is our duty as individual members of the collective alternative media to at least allow one another the opportunity to express our views no matter how unpopular, offensive or controversial those views may be. On the day that current or future contributors to ZENINTHECAR.COM lose sight of that philosophy then it is my hope that this site and all its outlets be scattered in the wind because it will no longer be able to serve the purpose in which it was conceived to perform.

It should be noted at this point that neither the host of The Ochelli Effect or Jaded; shows I have frequented on UCY.TV, are responsible for the decision to have me banned and in no way should my banishment reflect poorly upon them because it was simply out of their hands. I happen to find both of them very kind and professional and have thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on both of their shows. The unfortunate part about them being carried on the network that had me banned is that it begs the question of just how much UCY.TV has tied their hands behind their backs in regards to who can come on their shows and what can be spoken about. That is a disheartening thought in light of the desperate need the alternative media has for articulate and daring voices. It is my hope and prayer that their talent and genuine love for Freedom of expression is noticed by other networks that are more deserving of what they have to offer, and if that transpires they not hesitate to leap at the opportunity. So there is no need to protest the network, no need to blast them ad nauseam. The only thing required is to simply note that at the very least they have engaged in censorship with me and then to ask yourself how many have they censored that you don’t know about.

RevolutionariesAll of that being said the good news is that the situation has been salvaged to bring forth goodness for your viewing pleasure in the following three part series Revolution is Evolution. So sit back, enjoy a tasty beverage of your choice with snack or two in hand and join Jason Patrick, Sabrina Black and myself as we freely express our views of peaceful Revolution, non-violent disobedience and the importance of the First Amendment. It is our hope and desire that not only are you entertained but you are Enlightened as well. See you around.






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matrix-agentgunDaniel Louis Crumpton here wishing to deliver a bit of my First Amendment to all of you. Recently I was listening to JADED with Kim Ochelli on UCY.TV, a radio show I am a frequent guest of myself though not on this particular night. A listener by the name of …”Cracker” called in to express his concerns regarding the recent events in Baltimore in the aftermath of the alleged murder of Freddie Gray while in police custody. “Cracker” began his call by pointing out the rap sheets of police homicide victims and how “these people” were “black thugs”. After host, Kim Ochelli expressed her view that a person’s rap sheet doesn’t warrant an instant death sentence the caller made the Indiana Jones logical leap of faith by switching gears to the idea that all of this was a distraction from the real issue of a police state. “Cracker” points out with no attachment to the details of the Baltimore issue, his contempt for the fact when people complain at police departments they are ignored.

Now, before I get into the meat of this piece I do have to address the opening premise of the caller’s concerns. I don’t do the whole racism thing because quite honestly I think it is just a waste of time due to the fact that I personally don’t believe in “races”, rather I believe in cultures. That being said I don’t really see the need to distinguish a “black thug” over a thug at all, but “Cracker” is more than entitled to make those distinctions for himself. Secondly, I don’t see how the caller could possibly believe that people murdered while in police custody without due process of law could be a distraction from the issue of a growing police state in this country and dismiss those murders due to rap sheets generated by the police. Anyone who is aware of the police state rising knows full well that one of their many tactics is to upcharge those they arrest with anything and everything they can think of. I have personally spoken to many police officers who gloat about up charging all the time with the justification that they know the suspect’s lawyer will plea down anyway, so that might as well throw as much mud against the wall as they can to see what sticks. However, Mr. “Cracker” has no problem whatsoever dismissing the issue of Freddie Gray based on how many statutes and act violations the police could pin on the guy which may or may not be true. As I said before, the Freddie Gray thing will not be the meat of this article but I had to premise the logical nose dive this particular caller began with to prepare you for what is to come.



For the next hour and some change Mr. “Cracker” gives Alex Jones a run for his money as he nearly swallows his phone and with a loud guttural, desperately pessimistic voice essentially declares that all is lost. After establishing that he will completely talk over any opposing views expressed by the host and co-host (because after all, if you can talk the loudest that means you must be right), he uses the ham fisted “rabbit trail” technique when asked direct questions. You know how that works; you ask a direct question and the person who has absolutely no answer replies with a twenty minute story that has no connection to the question so that by the time they are done you will have completely forgotten what you asked to begin with. Mr. “Cracker” then goes on after popping his intellectual ego Viagra to scream to the audience that A. there is a police state coming and B. nothing can be done about it, hence completely demoralizing anyone who happens to think otherwise thereby immobilizing them by means of fear from attempting to do anything about it. Now aint that a great prize at the bottom of the box of Cracker Jacks?

The overzealous caller goes on to outline things that I think we can all agree with such as a fiat currency, globalization, the police state and the collapse of everything as we know it. These are concepts that we are all aware of and concerned about, myself included, however where “Cracker” veers off the course I have set myself upon is at the point when he does a Joker like hair pull and rips through all the avenues of pushing this thing back. Take tyrants to court? Nope, not gonna work. Protest? No chance. Educate the masses? Good luck there. Vote for Liberty candidates? Why vote? Expose the corruption? I’d rather stock up on ammo. Will it work on the federal level? Course not. How about the local level? Unicorns and skittles fella. This guy is a hard liner and makes absolutely sure that by the time he is done ingesting his phone with his predictions of all out nuclear annihilation of the human species the listener is left with the impression that there is no point engaging in anything because he has attempted to shoot down any and all solutions many of us advocate.

saltines“Cracker” points to the mythical date of when the “shit hits the fan” as they say when it will be kill or be killed. Aside from the fact that no one has ever been able to define for me exactly what the “shit hitting the fan” is they typically say it will be when the dollar collapses. I find this an odd indicator of total enslavement by a tyrannical, shadowy elite seeing as how the same people of this sort of mindset will clearly tell you that the establishment of the current dollar was the beginning of total enslavement by a tyrannical, shadowy elite. So let me get this straight; the shadowy elite designed the fiat system of the dollar by establishing the federal reserve in 1913 putting us all in shackles of never ending debt …but if this shackle of the dollar collapses that is when the proverbial “shit will hit the fan”? Is “Cracker” suggesting that the only thing postponing enslavement is enslavement? Your guess is as good as mine and quite frankly this particular caller lost me when he stated that Muslims get a free pass in this country because they are willing to kill people. The first thing I would like to know is what Muslims are getting a free pass at; full price at the local barbeque joint buffet? Secondly, aren’t all those drones flying over Muslim countries and smart bombs blowing Muslim kids to bits sent courtesy of the world’s finest “Christian” nation?


The one thing this caller was absolutely sure of is that this thing will NEVER be settled peacefully and I am sure he would be more than happy for you to subscribe to that viewpoint as well. That’s right, he is gonna go down in a Clint Eastwood blaze of glory complete with squinty eye and half chewed cigar as he holds his shotgun up at a legion of Lenco Bearcats as the words “Go ahead punk, make my….oh my god! Oh my god! I’ve been tazed, bitten in the face by a rather large dog, riddled with rubber bullets, real bullets and these nightsticks really hurt while they are thwacking against my dying skull. Maybe I should have thought this whole shooting at the tyrants that wanted me to shoot at them to begin with so they could do this to me thing through before I came out of my woodshed with this cute little shotgun.” See how silly that sounds? The fact of the matter is that people who say they will shoot back will not shoot back no matter how much they say they will because if such people actually would, they would have done it a long, long time ago. My Dad always told me to never take a man who talks about bringing a world of ass whooping on you seriously because he is overcompensating with his mouth what he isn’t willing to do with his ass. That goes for bullies and gun barrel licking doomsday prophets waiting for feces to fly from a fan.


The caller indicated he was an older gent that was in Vietnam and knew from the age of 16 that this country was turning into a police state…but still made the decision of participating in an unconstitutional institution (military) and furthering the agenda of a police state by being a pawn in a “police action” overseas. Thanks guy! We young whipper snappers really appreciate you passing the buck on down to us so that we are forced to find solutions you were too apathetic to deal with in your day and too pessimistic to even consider as options today. Your country’s prodigy is in debt to you Mr. “Cracker”.

The fact of the matter is that the caller is wrong about this Revolution. Yes it is true that American citizens are armed to the teeth just as it is true that the police and military are as well and what a conflict would spell is simply mutually assured destruction. At the end of the day the best interest of both so called sides will be is self-preservation; and that excludes mutually assured destruction. When you rule that out the only option you are left with is Peaceful Revolution. What needs to be understood is that Revolutions transpire differently with the passing of time, though the purpose of Revolution is to essentially reboot something which has degraded. Revolutions are upgrades and anyone who believes we are ever going to go back to the good ole Republic that started in 1776 is sadly mistaken. No, as I always say and as your eyes see each and every time you visit our site, Revolution is Evolution. We aren’t going to restore the Republic, this is true. What we are going to do is walk through these birth pangs fearlessly and on the other side give birth to something far, far better. People such as “Cracker” will still be cracking rocks together waiting for a spark from the Neanderthal age as people such as myself and you hold up high the flaming torch of Liberty from the rising of a new species.

As for the claim that words are useless in Revolution I would ask people of such persuasion to remember the fact that the sword of Washington would have had no power if not for the pen of Paine and what more are the rights in our Constitution than mere words? No, words are the most effective weapon in any battle because they have more power than any bullet in that they can blow minds away rather than brains. As Thom Yorke says; what’s the point of instruments, words are a sawed off shotgun! So if you are determined to fight in this thing you best reload; as for me my pen is my sword and my keyboard is my AR-15.



The Semblance of Freedom that is the 28th Amendment


“My pity to he who fights every day for a liberty for all that he never truly experiences for himself.”

Freedom is Choice

In the broad scope of things, we may have lost sight of what it is we’re truly fighting for. I’ve said before to avoid listing the numerous freedoms we’ve lost, and to focus on what freedom we will or will not have in our future. The reason for this is because it all boils down to one thing. Freedom.

Like many of you, I grew up hearing and telling others that this was a “Free” country. The reality is that it’s not. There is nothing free in this country. In fact, what once was the very symbol of freedom is nothing more than scattered memories and images turned sour by the Elite. The definition of freedom becomes diluted with concepts of what freedom looks like, rather than what is really is.

There’s no real difficulty in moving the nation into true freedom, but the process demands we first acknowledge what freedom is. Not only are we tasked with redefining the term, but to embrace it and the challenges that come with fulfilling it. Now, I’m not a dictionary, and I’m not even using one, but I think when it comes to defining “freedom” we can all agree that CHOICE is an all-inclusive definition that satisfies what we’re after. Am I right?

Mob Rule

Consider everything you do in life ultimately rests on a choice. You have the choice:

– to get up and go to work, or NOT;
– to go spend money on a movie, or NOT;
– to have babies; and so on and so forth.

Basically, you have unlimited choices. They may be affected by such things as finances, scheduling, or some other personal reason; but the fact remains they are your choices to make. And it’s great when you have that freedom, right? That is, until they stop becoming your choice to make.

One of the factors that contribute immensely to the choices we make comes down who gets hurt the most by a decision. Most often, the choices that we want to make, or even that may be the best decision to make, are overridden by the amount of guilt we feel about hurting or disappointing others. In the end, your choice is to go along with whatever everyone else decided was good for them.

This is the very concept that leads to mob rulings. Take the one person out of the many who chooses NOT to do what the rest are doing. That person chooses alternatively, because that is their right.

But what happens?

Appeals start firing off: No! You chose wrong! You must it do it this way, or you’ll be LABELED.

Now you have a mob of people who are somehow injured by your choice to NOT comply, and they in turn run to their legislators and cry about how hurt they’ve been and what they want done to assure themselves they will never endure such hurt again.

Of course, the powers that be recognize this as voter turnout and thusly legislate on behalf of the mob.

It’s tactics like this that made your ownership of that AR-15 a threat. The mob doesn’t like your weapon. It’s scary and bad things happen when it goes off sometimes. So they cry for stricter gun laws, and the next thing you know, you’re a felon.

That’s mob rulers pushing freedom right off a cliff with a boulder tied to the foot. They simply want freedom dead.

The 28th Amendment

Perhaps as a result of my not focusing on listing the losses, I hadn’t realized just how under attack The Constitution is. Not just those first two amendments, but ALL of them.

Brought to light recently by Sen. Ted Cruz, the 28th amendment has been building (according to, both in momentum and lunacy, since 2009. Initially an amendment to address congressional members, the document has blossomed into a full scale attack on the Constitution of the United States. Acting as a general “cure-all” for the liberal-minded, the document reduces America to the status of a neutered dog, in order to reduce the amount of hurt felt by those who cannot accept that people are free and have choices.

Closer Examination

Among the first items addressed in this amendment are your first and second amendments. Your 1A, it’s gone; and, with what’s left of it cannot coexist in the same region as your 2nd amendment. So, if you wish to protest (which, if you can find something left to protest in the list of things you are prohibited from protesting about, I commend you), you must do so with your words, and not your protection of those words. Good luck with that.

The next article seeks to eradicate—I mean, regulate religion. From defining such words as “religious” and demanding they remove them from all things “public” including buildings, money, books, and basically your mouth; this Article of the amendment will make you shake your head. Of particular mention in this area of the amendment, I would ask you to look at Article II Section 3, which reads:

            Section 3. The United States of America is not a Christian nation nor a nation promoting any religion. Instead, the United States of America is a nation of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Equal Rights for ALL people.

Color me a conspiracy theorist, but are you beginning to see what’s going on here? Words are important, as they are received by the human mind and processed in particular ways. This section very clearly denounces the Christian heritage of America. Over any other religion chosen to specifically call out, the writers chose Christianity. Over time, mob rules such as these turn into “you are prohibited from practicing Christianity.” Ask a witch how she knows, cause just as the Pagans and the Natives were thwarted for their beliefs, so shall be the believers of Christianity if legislation like this is adopted.

Some other interesting details throughout this document include placing requirements for education and testing on Government Officials that even our founding fathers would fail. It ought to frighten you that these requirements include holding a bachelor’s degree, and passing several mental and physical evaluations. Essentially, the liberal unicorn chasers want to believe that their educational system is so valuable that no one holding office could possibly be good for us if they don’t have a piece of paper to prove they received it.  I’m not going to point out that many of history’s greatest achievements (including the founding of our country) stem from people who were mentally ill, and/or on drugs.  Considering the way of America is leaning on the passing of laws to make doing drugs LEGAL, I would wonder what pool of people that will leave us with to CHOOSE to lead us.

I can guarantee you one thing; by the standards listed in this document, whoever is left to lead this country will certainly have no religious background. Because there’s a requirement for that. Religious leaders are BARRED from running for public office or positions within public education for a period of time AFTER they have chosen to LEAVE their position of faith. Once again, asking people to denounce their faith in order to participate. And if you can’t comply with this, you will be subject to impeachment proceedings, or if you are running, your campaign will be ignored and prohibited from participating in political debates and functions. Let’s put it like this: NO FAITH FOR YOU! If your faith is speaking out loud, it’s too loud for public.

Are you getting a little mad yet? They have articles that cover education. If you didn’t think education was at a loss yet, just wait. This document outlines the provisions of government funding only to public schools. No charter schools can receive government funding. Or put simply: no funding to any source of education that could potentially educate on a religious topic. Not every charter school is a religion-based school, but thanks for limiting our choices to receive ONLY a public education unless we can afford something different. That ought to keep the religious population in check.

If that doesn’t work, certainly our liberal modification of the “acceptable” text books will help you to comply. Adding to the absurdity of this amendment, Article VIII Section 2 identifies that all educational material will be stripped of religious reference; in particular science education will convey only the idea of evolution and extrude the FACTS that other IDEAS exist. Because the only thing better than a child that learns is one that learns only what you want them to without asking questions. And for the checkers of the “other” box in the questionnaire regarding religion—who wants to answer those kind of questions, right?

The reality is, if you were truly interested in education and evolution, you wouldn’t be so scared of evolving. Education is acknowledgement of all the contributions that lead us to think, believe, and act in a certain way regardless of where they come from – science, religion, or spirituality. To negate that these ideas have had any effect on the way the world works is to outlaw freedom in the form of prohibiting education, and aids in DE-EVOLVING our species. Knowledge is power, and should be embraced along with all the questions it comes with. The lack of education prohibits freedom in that it demands your CHOICE to be an uneducated one.

As usual this document also attacks prayer at school. The injured folks can’t bear to see your child sit in prayer, so they need to keep that at home. They want to take ‘the Federal Holiday known as Christmas’ and change the name to ‘Winter Holidays,’ because it does a better job of acknowledging that variety of celebrations we have. God-forbid someone wish you a merry fucking Christmas. Sorry, I’m getting mad now. Not because once upon a time the holiday was Pagan, anyway, but because once again (if it’s still not clear) the country is going toe to toe over something petty and ridiculous that will result in the harm of others. Why don’t we just suggest changing the name of the country while we’re at it?

Oh look, a section on reproduction. Which, I’m honestly going to let you embrace on your own, because I have had enough.

The Ramifications of Choices

Does any of this sound good to you? Laced with a puppies-and-kittens version of a potentially “peaceful” future, because we’ve wiped out the infringement religion places on us while also creating a shun for any who have a religious preference; this document outlines the semblance of freedom while actually destroying the very meaning of the word. If my CHOICE is to accept the terms of this document or NOT, then I CHOOSE NOT. I will not comply with these ideas, because they are a violation of my freedom to choose.

And when more of me CHOOSE not to comply, many will be injured by our choice. They will likely push harder. They will do so without realizing the damaging effects of their choice. And what are the damages?

Consider this… once you’ve complied, and denounced your faith in a higher power, and bought into the drugs that are now legal, and educated yourself and your children in the manner which has been outlined for you; what are you, but a member of an Orwellian society—conformed and obedient? That’s exactly what we’re headed for when we even consider documents such as the proposed 28th amendment.

It is preventable, though. When we embrace the freedom that is choice, we can choose not to comply. We can choose to practice our freedom as openly as we can regardless of who gets hurt over it, because that is our RIGHT as Americans, and as HUMAN BEINGS.

Of course, embracing your choice will come with challenges. You’ll have to choose to defend your choice against the tyrants and the mobs, or not. Whatever you choose to do, choose it and embrace it with all the challenges it comes with, or live a prisoner. I choose not to comply with the ideas presented in this document. I choose my freedom. What will you choose?


Senator Ted Cruz Exposes Democratic Plan to Repeal First Amendment –

The 28th Amendment (Full)


N.D.A.A. headed to the Senate. Who voted for it?



ATLANTA, GA. – Government Bill H.R. 4435 (N.D.A.A) for Fiscal Year 2015 has overwhelmingly passed the House (325 – 98) and is headed for the Senate. In a weird turn of events, every member of Congress for the State of Georgia, with the exception of Congressman John Lewis (D), voted in favor of this bill.

H.R. 4435 is riddled big government spending to the tune of $602 billion and a continuation of the war effort in Afghanistan until FY2018.

In what seemed like a “no-brainer” (based on what we know from congressional members seeking higher office, each of them vehemently opposing this legislation), every congressman in the State of Georgia voted for this bill – with the exception of Congressman John Lewis.

In an interview with Congressman Paul Broun before the Savannah debate, he stated that the indefinite detention provisions were not in the 2014 N.D.A.A. and he was correct.

So, why am I attacking Broun? It’s simple: He made himself out to be a staunch opponent of just about anything N.D.A.A. I am here to prove that his assertions of opposition and my assertion of opposition are two very different things.

The previsions are in the Authorization for use of Military Force (AUMF), which was created under George W. Bush. However, in 2012, Broun voted for H.R. 4310 N.D.A.A. 2012, which contained sections 1021 and 1022 in which Congress vested the power in themselves to authorize the indefinite detention of an American Citizen without due process of the law. Now that the bill has been changed, congress relinquished this power back to the president – and the N.D.A.A. only “upholds current law”, that being the AUMF.

So, the next time you hear anyone say that the N.D.A.A. doesn’t allow for the indefinite detention of American Citizens, you can call them out on their nonsense. You are now armed with the verifiable truth that the provisions remain, only in the hands of the President and the FISA courts.

In Section 1075, the FAA Modernization and Reform Act is again brought up, with continued authorization to allow the testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or as we like to call them, drones. Thanks to the 2012 N.D.A.A., congress mandated that 35,000 drones be integrated into our national airspace, by 2015.

In the North Georgia Mountains, Gilmer County residents fought back against the Federal Government and the private sector from taking control of the counties airport, preventing it from being used as a drone testing facility. Thanks to the late, Commissioner Randy Bell, the opposition to this program was successful in denying the State of Georgia, Georgia Tech Research Institute and Federal Government from obtaining the authorization by the Board of Commissioners to use their facility for such programs. However, the bill remains and they have moved on to other areas of the nation where they don’t need permission to use the lands in which they conduct the data-link testing.

One very important issue pertaining to this bill is found in Section 1216:

United States plan for sustaining the Afghanistan National Security Forces through the end of fiscal year 2018

Yes, you read that right. We are continuing the war effort in Afghanistan until FY2018. Contingency operations will continue for a very long time. American lives will continue to be lost and innocent men, women and children will continue to die via drone warfare.

We at zeninthecar will update you on the status of the bill as it moves through the Senate.


Many thanks to Shelia Aliens for the help editing this article! Be sure to visit her YouTube account and subscribe!

Video’s from above:

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Zen interviews Congressman Paul Broun

[su_vimeo url=”″]

Commissioner Randy Bell (RIP Good fellow) meeting with Steve Justice over drones in Gilmer County.



Like Father, Like Son


Greetings all you Zenners. Today is 3/5/14. For those of you into numerology, have a big ball of fun with that, for those of you more familiar with we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM it should come as no surprise that this is indeed a very special day. As you all know Patriotism, Freedom and Liberty are Holy precepts for us having come from bloodlines that have spilt so much of that sacred serum for the aforementioned causes in various ways. It is also no secret that one of the greatest inspirations for what we do here is our very own Daniel Louis Crumpton’s father, Myron “Sarge” Crumpton. A father, Grandfather, friend, Patriot, soldier and one of the loudest supporters for his precious first amendment you could ever imagine; ascended to the starry heights a few years ago. He left behind him a legacy we all try to live up to in restoring this country to the Republic he fought so hard to maintain.

Today is the celebration of his birthday, and for this cause we forced D.L.C to pull his eyes away from the multiple monitors and rip his fingers from the keyboard in order to go and observe such a day in reverence and Zen. “Go do your crazy spiritual stuff at his grave, man, we have this one” said we as he thought twice about walking out the door. We didn’t think too much damage could be done seeing as how all we had to do is deliver to you the introduction to the second episode of ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. As a birthday wish we did however inquire of him how we would like us to mold this introduction and his request was simple enough. “Honor his memory with the capstone of brotherhood.”


Myron and Gene Crumpton
(no photo of Jimmy available)

Given the context of the episode we understood fully and now intend to make you fully aware. Sarge Crumpton entered two foreign wars with two of his brothers; Jimmy and Gene. Sarge was the fighter, Jimmy provided the sustenance for fellow troops and Gene was the martyr. It truly was a band of brothers bound in blood but more important than that, they were a band of brothers bound in ideology. The concepts of our Founders and the Constitution they gave us flowed through them more so than the genetics which bound them in birth. Each had a role in the history of our country and played that role to the best of their ability. Now that all three of them are playing a game of cribbage or poker in the great pool hall in the sky; it seems our generation must carry on that mantle.

Now unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years it should come as no surprise to you that there is a Revolution taking place in this country. However unlike previous Revolutions, this one is going to be won peacefully and without a shot having to be fired. It will be won with ideals and an overwhelming feeling of brotherhood in the spirit of Freedom and Liberty. Those on the same vibrational frequency are seemingly finding one another to assemble themselves as cogs in a machine in order to carry out this function. As you all know, team Zen has been quite busy the past year running all over the state and assembling this required band of brothers in philosophy and ideology. What we have found is that the lone voice crying in the wilderness that we know as Ron Paul has most certainly multiplied. The one has become the many and we assure you those voices are getting louder.

chrisandhiramEach of us are understanding that we all have talents and gifts and those talents and gifts must carry us to the area we are needed in order for all to work as ONE. Some of us are made for politics, others for activism, and yet others to tell the story. Each member of this machine is important and needed. This isn’t about finding a leader; it’s about finding the leader within ourselves and performing that function to the best of our ability in the area we are called to.

That being said, recently Team Zen was fortunate enough to form a brotherhood with two titans among men, Christopher Hill and Hiram Lincoln Madge from the Constitutional Security Force. We here at ZENINTHECAR.COM have dubbed them Boanerges; the Sons of Thunder. Veterans of our armed forces as well as Patriots; these two men are both serving their roles to help us preserve the Republic in their individual calling. Hiram can always be seen flanking the crew of ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. at various functions utilizing his second amendment to preserve our first, and as of late Christopher can be seen running for office. The tenth congressional district of Georgia has been blessed by the deities to receive a candidate for the House of Representatives that best not be ignored.

The problem in our country is career politicians. Men and women that are only seeking power and prestige over Freedom and Liberty. The solution to this problem is We the People standing up to become statesmen; to serve in public office in order to steer legislation back to the Ten Amendments. Christopher Hill is truly the statesman Georgia is looking for. He’s not polished, he’s not talking with a silver tongue, but his heart is beating with your best interest in mind. And rest assured every step he takes forward is only going to make him more of the Warrior for Freedom and Liberty this state needs. So without further ado we submit to you the words of these two great Patriots on the steps of the capitol at a recent event with Team Zen in Atlanta. We hope you are inspired, that you learn something and of course we hope you will support Chris Hill in his run for office and throw all of your support behind him. Enjoy ZEN IN THE CAR T.V..



Sabrina Black: The Importance of the 2nd Amendment Pt 2

As the second evolution of ZENINTHECAR.COM comes to a close and we retreat into the coming months of cold and enter into a state of hibernation; we were happy to look back on the past year and see how much our audience has grown. But more importantly we were particularly proud of launching ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. where voices of Freedom and Liberty can be found and given a spotlight to lead by example in activism. In the short amount time since we launched, several Patriots and Freedom Fighters in the 8th congressional district of Georgia have been featured and given a platform where their First Amendment is respected and highlighted-and of course Jason Patrick’s efforts to raise awareness of the militarization of police was a milestone in our efforts.
So as we all go on hiatus we wanted to wrap up the last ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. episode for a while with the freshest face to our enterprise, Sabrina Black. While we go through government shut downs, more suspiciously, maniacal shootings timed perfectly for gun control debates, ever expanding wars, ever increasing government, an ever failing dollar and a more Orwellian surveillance state; we thought it proper to close out with a serious wake-up call in regards to the second amendment.
The Founding Fathers, being students of the Creator, understood that all governments erode over time. They start off as a free Republic because they were fed up with the tyrannical state they had just shaken off. They start fresh at the drawing board and decide a Republic is the best way to go and it is. It offers Freedom, Liberty and Equality for all who manage to keep it a Republic. However this proves most difficult due to the fact that after a generation or two those Freedoms and Liberties make people gradually become apathetic. When the people become apathetic that’s when the scum floats to the top of government. When the scum is at the top, then it becomes a mad dash back into a tyranny as those in control limit information to the masses below; thereby over time convincing them they are free while at the same time eliminating any awareness of their Rights. This is the area where things tend to get a little messy.
Thankfully our Founders were wise enough to nearly mandate the arming of all Americans for the sole purpose of protecting themselves from the scum they knew were sure to end up slithering in the halls of government. So without further preface; Sabrina Black.


My Love Affair with Lady Liberty: Part Three


D.L.C and Huey Duck

Last: My Affair with Lady Liberty: Part Two


I never wanted to grow up to begin with. On the whole I think being an adult is really a rather silly thing to do and I urge all young people anytime I can to simply avoid doing it altogether. Some people call this “Peter Pan” syndrome and I’m fine with that. It’s sure better than most syndromes I can think of having. Whenever I’m told to just grow up I ask myself; “Why? So I can be just as boring and controlled by a system of working for the sake of paying taxes until I’m too old to actually enjoy the labor of my own hands? No thanks, you can keep that silly idea and cash it in with your 401K, which should be about a week before they shovel dirt on your face.” Money is a master with a long whip and there are too many people, especially in the Liberty Movement, that bare their backs and continue to ask for the crack of the Massa.

As most of you know, I am not a parent, and though some like to shove that in my nose and insinuate that because I have no children I don’t understand what it’s like to have kids I happily flick that right back at them with my extended middle finger. I thank God every day that I as of yet have not Fathered a child of my own. As many of you have said in the past few years, this America is not the America we grew up in. Nor is it the America I want any child of mine growing up in. So yes, I am thankful that so far my daughter and my son have not arrived because I would be ashamed to bring them into a country and a world that I have not done my own part to correct. I would be ashamed to bring them into a system I didn’t understand and in so doing usher in more slaves to a system of bondage. It’s that system I’d like to discuss in this final part to “My Affair With Lady Liberty” and I truly hope that each and every one of you reading this will do your own research and see that what I am going to say is indeed so.


photo from

We in the Liberty Movement, the youth of America that were taught to live in a democracy have uncovered the Truth ourselves that this land was consecrated to be a Republic. A country ruled by Law rather than mob rule. Because of great men like Ron Paul and his son Rand more and more are discovering this Truth hidden from the masses by the public education system, the corporate media propaganda machine and of course let us not forget organized religion. We have seen the millions of dots that have corroded the Ten Amendments to the Constitution, a document crafted to make each of us Kings and Queens, yet for many it is still difficult to connect these dots so that the entire spider web of deceit can be seen and ripped from before our eyes. This part is absolutely necessary if we are to restore the Republic. It is absolutely essential that we either spray liquid or blow our smoke in front of our eyes so the tapestry of control can be seen in order for us to tear it from before us and our offspring. This web was spun in front of the generations before us and we all must vow to bring it down so that the next generation will not get caught in it and eaten by the black widow resting silently in the center.


Life imitating Art
photo from

The system was carefully laid brick by brick from the founding of America and the crafting of the Constitution beginning in 1776. Many of our ancestors came to this land to escape the tyranny of the British crown and its puppet master, the pope. Now before I continue let me make it absolutely clear that neither myself nor any other contributor to ZENINTHECAR.Com have a prejudice against the Catholic people in any way shape or form. As a matter of fact I myself find many of the practices of the Catholic people to be quite useful and indeed spiritually liberating in many ways. The Catholic people are a deeply spiritual people with a yearning inside of them to touch the Divine as all other spiritual peoples. However this does not mean that the Catholic system of religion cannot be, or has not been corrupted by men seeking power and wealth through fear based trauma over what they call the “laity”. Since Constantine the so called great, a system was set up from the dying Roman Republic in order to shift the totalitarian rule of the Caesars into a religious totalitarian government. From 313 A.D. until today this system has survived, appointing Viceroys, dukes, Kings and Queens alike. This system has bloodied Europe with three crusades, centuries of inquisitions and witch burnings as well as silently assassinating any and all who call for dissent. And for what? So that a just a handful of men could hold on to power and gold while claiming to be the voice of God on Earth in public while in private they fund men like Stalin and Hitler. These things are not a matter of opinion; they are simply a matter of historical fact. You may not like to hear them, but your discomfort is merely a discomfort of ignorance.


photo from

And what was this system set up for? The same reason all systems are set up, to create servants. Systems of control need human resources and all of us in the Liberty Movement know full well when we look at the taxes taken out from our paychecks that we have indeed become like oil; resources of humanity. Sucked up from the soil and burned into the air. For quite some time we have all tried to find ways to dismantle this system and many of the solutions are indeed sound, however in my own opinion they are too slow and tend to focus on the details rather than address the tumor of our Country’s cancer. You see this system of control that was crafted by Julius Caesar and passed on down the line through his progeny of popes is one of contract. We are all free to contract with who we wish and in doing so we bind ourselves to obligations and indebtedness. On the surface this is all well and fine when done openly and honestly yet anyone who has ever contracted with a major corporation or credit card company knows full well that the devil is in the details and more often than not all those tiny and confusing words are carefully placed to conceal the fact that the contract doesn’t work in your favor.

When the Caesar’s conceptualized the idea of a corporation (corpse) they envisioned creating fictions or nonliving entities to which they could perpetually receive labor and taxes for merely being written into existence. For all of you aware of the Federal Reserve system and its scheme of printing worthless dollars into existence and putting on us interest that can never be repaid, this concept is easy to grasp. This same format has been layered into our Republic on many different levels. We unknowingly enter into these systems by contracting with the powers that be each and every time we consent to contract. What this means is that whenever you as a Sovereign King or Queen sign any type of license, or join any organization that files for 501-C3 tax exempt status you have allowed yourself to be absorbed into the spider web of control. You have literally signed away your Freedom and natural born Rights for privileges which can be taken away on a whim from Big Brother and papa pope. This system was handed to us by our parents and grandparents when they allowed us to be born in hospital wards, stamped with a birth certificate and a social security number and we ourselves continue to stay in it when we apply for things such as driver’s license and of course a marriage license. We do not know because no one informs us that when we do such things we are actually becoming products of the state. This is especially sad when we get a marriage license for it means that we are giving claim of any product of marriage (children) over to the state, which is controlled by the corporation known as the federal government which is in turn controlled and owned by the British crown which is ultimately controlled by the Vatican.


We are literally selling our children into the bondage we were born into through our ignorance. And why? Because our parents told us these are the things we must do to function in society. Of course the reason they did it is because their parents told them the same thing and they shirked the responsibility of asking why. By not asking the simplest and most demanding questions our Republic has ended up in the shape it is now and we who wave the flag of Liberty in our day and age must stop and ask the question; when does this madness stop?

book on shelfMy life’s dream was to become a published author. I never really cared about money or caviar; I just wanted to see my name on the cover of a book. I wanted to know that I could pull words from the ethos and put them on the page so that maybe, just maybe those words would move readers to find within themselves the same potential to create from nothing. All of us on a path of spirituality are creators; for we mimic the Ultimate Creator Itself and in so doing we become ONE with the Divine. After “Then Came the Flood” was published and I had a copy in my hands I knew that it was time for my second dream to come to fruition and that was to create life in the form of children. Of course me being the son of my parents and having learned from their mistakes I would be damned if those children would be born under the boot of tyranny. Around this time we here at ZENINTHECAR.Com began to become very vocal about the new Real ID, a national ID veiled as a driver’s license in the state of Georgia. We issued an open letter to Governor Nathan Deal regarding his Constitutional obligations to resist this encroachment into our state from the Department of Homeland Security as well as issued a petition to have it repealed. I myself appeared on the “Valerie Sargent Martin Show” proclaiming the dangers of this new license and made a vow publically that I would simply not be complying. And I stick to my vows. Along with that vow I resolved that shackle by shackle I would remove myself from all contracts with the state and that included a license of marriage as well as any other license which would secure my previously secured Rights under the Constitution. Once this had been set in my mind we here at ZENINTHECAR.Com noticed that the Department of Homeland Security was becoming avid fans of our material. Hiya Janet!


photo from

It is one thing to believe your government is watching you; it is an altogether different thing to know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. This triggered in me, as it of course would in anyone, the knee jerk reaction of fear. What writer wouldn’t shiver a time or two, especially after Andrew Brietbart mysteriously dropped dead of an apparent heart attack shortly after announcing he had some dirt on the B rated actor in the White House, Barry Obama? So after much prayer and meditation on what I should do, should I shy away from the call of the Founders or should I risk life and limb for the dream of the next generation, I found before me what we are all seeking. I found Lady Liberty standing before me with her brilliant Light held high above her head.

Now over the years Lady Liberty has been called many things. She has been called a whore, an icon of the devil, a trophy to be owned and paraded around. She has been abused by religious fanatics, spit upon by jealous impersonators, and forced upon by violent and power hungry men. She has been neglected, she has been abused; her honor has been raped. Yet she has stood the test of time. Her arm ever weary from holding up her torch she stands waiting for any and all who would open their eyes and simply see her Light. Like Ernest Hemingway, a writer stalked and threatened by his government, I sought her face for salvation and strength to finish the course before me. As the Bible says; ask and ye shall receive.


Meeting for the first time in what seems like an eternity, the two of us both shared the expression of “Hey, I know you.” And from that moment it was evident that the course of True Freedom and Liberty is most certainly not for the faint of heart or those who merely talk about Revolution. Being in her presence is much akin to nervous drowning and intoxicating drinking all at once. Especially for a man with a ring on his finger and too many ties to a system he hates. Yet looking in the eyes of Lady Liberty reveals that she is a woman unafraid. She is a Lady that doesn’t fear the dim seeing eye of Big Brother and papa pope nor does she tremble at the notion of rolling up her sleeves and flipping off all of her accusers and naysayers that doubt the integrity of her heart. She is not afraid to face off with the police, with the government, with big pharma, with lawyers or secret societies and she is especially unafraid of religious zealots. While meditating in my car one day her presence permeated around me and that feeling of awe and humility sank into all of my pores.


photo from

I’ve never done this before you know. I’ve never even been alone with another woman since I got married.” I said.

I know. “ She replied.

The both of us nearly jumping out of our skin at the intensity of Freedom and Liberty being this close in proximity.

Okay, come on! Are you like this with all the guys you meet?” I ask.

She wrinkles her nose and fiddles with my radio spinning through the tracks on the C.D. player.

No. “She says with a giddy school girl expression on her face.

You promise?” I ask.

Her eyes open wide and she puts her hand up to her mouth. “I swear.”

I shake my head in disbelief that Lady Liberty indeed is a Spirit that can fill your lungs with air and burn within your mind’s eye. Not only that but fill your ears with music and cause your heart to race with the feeling you only knew when you were a child, when Freedom was written within the beat of a child.

You know the government watches me right?” I ask.

Let them watch.” She says as she waves her hand nonchalantly.

Before I can say another word she tugs at her dress almost like she has attention deficit disorder. “Do you like my dress?

I love your dress.” I sigh with exasperation.
Her hands move up to her head and glaze over her hair.

Do you like my hair?

I love your hair too.” I confess.

What if I had horns?” She smirks.
Well that’s not something you hear every day, but at least it’s honest so I reply honestly.

I don’t think it would scare me away either.” I answer.

With the flash of a devilish smile I already know I’m in trouble.

The two of us are a car crash waiting to happen, you know that don’t you?” I ask.

Ya’ think so?” She asks with wrinkled nose.

Yeah, but the good thing about car crashes is the air bags will go off when we hit.” I say.
Lady Liberty smiles and then puts on her serious face as the two of us step out to get some sunlight. She wraps a shawl around her head and gives me another wink.

We have a lot of work to do.” She says, as if she’s giving me a Holy decree.

dragoncon2011part2 038And that was that. I had my marching orders to begin my quest on overcoming the fear it takes to defeat the system by both withdrawing from the system as well as exposing it. I accepted my task knowing full well the path would not be easy and luxuries would be far and few between. Since coming face to face with Lady Liberty I have had my entire world turned upside down. There isn’t enough space for me to list here all the things that I have either had to sacrifice or that have been taken from me (losing my dog was probably the worst) but I can’t say I didn’t see any of it coming. And I can’t say that when I vowed to wave the flag of Freedom and Liberty for all people my name wouldn’t be dragged through the mud, or I wouldn’t be arrested, called insane, bled financially, locked up in mental institutions, have false charges thrown on me, be followed by maniacal freemasons and private investigators that work for law firms with about a billion cameras flashing in my face to catch me in an affair. I can’t say I didn’t expect being called an adulterer, a drunkard, a Satan worshiper, a thief or an arrogant and spoiled little brat or a myriad of other reflicted adjectives from people who are clueless about what confidence and determination are all about; never mind what being a true Patriot is all about.

daniels pics 132


Self-sacrifice is what spirituality and Enlightenment is all about. Self-sacrifice is what Revolution is all about, both in our Republic and in each and every one of our own hearts. One must be willing to clearly see a vision of what they want and be willing to have all others forsake them as they forsake all others in order for that vision to come into reality. It is not a path for those who merely want Liberty on social media that do little more than post articles from people like me. It is not one for those content to let the next generation fall into the same traps we fell into by giving more children to the state. No, this path involves everything you have in you and I hope that because of sacrifices made by men like Ron Paul, all Veterans of all foreign wars and maybe somewhere on the tail end little writers like myself that you yourself will see the example and that example will make your path a little easier to walk. Freedom and Liberty is living without fear. It is living without the desire to control others, own others, or dictate to others the way things are going to be. Many of you reading this may or may not know but I am doing as I vowed and getting a legal divorce which is very taboo amongst many circles yet very consistent with what I have said I would do in the same fashion as not getting a license to drive or any other license. Anyone who has gotten a divorce knows this is a very painful and chaotic process because the very word divorce changes people in the blink of an eye. Assumptions and judgments are bound to be made and that comes part and parcel and though the legal verbiage may say otherwise I suppose I would just chalk this divorce up to an affair. Sure, I Daniel Louis Crumpton had an affair. I confess publicly. I had an affair with Lady Liberty, and I haven’t regretted one second since I did.

Namaste. Revolution for ONE is Revolution for ALL




Bra burners instead of grace.
Hippy justice disrupt the race.
Save the whales instead of human-kind.
Killing babies and not call it “ genocide”.
Ironic, turning things to their favor.
A woman has choice before her labor?
I save my pity for lives never known.
Buried in trash instead of under stone.
Much drugs filter through the ages.
If we came from the apes in cages?!
Cut down to size, in the past and ponder.
Youth is gone, but look down yonder!
Happy children I see as I quickly pass.
In this day, can their joy truly out-last?
Beyond the vial or tarp that guides your way.
Conquer the sadness and madness of this day.
Oh the trickery, and the one tricked, it was me!
This rose of red I held, helped me to finally see.
Ingenious, through fast array we come to our fate.
Vessels of love rises above the stream of hate.