ronpaulisdeadRecently on JADED with Kim and Chuck Ochelli, the morbid sense of humor that is Daniel Louis Crumpton’s was once again let out of its cage and onto an unsuspecting caller. Though it probably caused the caller to have an aneurysm, no harm was intended. It did however once again make for some rather funny radio. We hope you find it as amusing as they did.


Over the last few weeks, you have heard the term “Domestic Terrorist” in the media by Senator Harry Reid, when speaking about the supporters of Mr. Cliven Bundy.

One would ask thy self, what exactly is a domestic terrorist and why did Mr. Reid coin the term when speaking about these individuals?

Let me give you a history lesson about this very subject. Keep in mind, I am ONLY speaking about the N.D.A.A. of 2012. (I will get into the N.D.A.A. of 2014, which is a total BEAST within itself, in another article.)

On December 14th, 2011, the National Defense Authorization Act was passed by the U.S. House of Representative. The bill was subsequently sent to the U.S. Senate where it was voted on and passed The bill landed on the President’s desk and was signed (quietly on New Years Eve) into law on December 31, 2011.

There are MANY issues that I could cover on this topic, however, we are going to stay on the one issue that has been presented at present.

Deep within the N.D.A.A. is Section 1021 and 1022, is where we run into the “Counter-terrorism” sections of the bill. [Title X, Subtitle D] Within this, is  the authorization for the indefinite military detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism, including U.S. citizens arrested on American soil.

The AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) already authorizes the President to indefinitely detain an individual, so why would we need this added into the N.D.A.A? Because of one very small word with a very big definition. The N.D.A.A. now states that CONGRESS  affirms this authority and makes specific provisions as to the exercise of that authority.

Your definition of Affirm is different than Black’s Law Dictionary of the word.

 Black’s Law Dictionary:

Affirm:  To ratify, make firm, confirm, establish, reassert. To ratify or confirm a former law or judgment. Cowell. In the practice of appellate courts, to affirm a judgment, decree, or order, is to declare that it is valid and right, and must stand as rendered below; to ratify and reassert it; to I concur in its correctness and confirm its efficacy. In pleading. To allege or aver a matter of fact; to state it affirmatively; the opposite of deny or traverse. . In practice. To make an affirmation; to  make a solemn and formal declaration or asseveration that an affidavit is true, that the witness will tell the truth, etc.. this being substituted for an oath in certain cases. Also, to give testimony on affirmation. In the law of contracts. A party is said to affirm a contract the same being voidable at his election, when he ratifies and accepts it, waives his right to annul it, and proceeds under it as if it had been valid ^ originally.

So, what just happened there? Well, congress vested the power in themselves to bypass the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution and took the President out of the equation.

Note that in section (f) REQUIREMENT FOR BRIEFINGS OF CONGRESS.—The Secretary of Defense shall regularly brief Congress regarding the application of the authority described in this section, including the organizations, entities, and individuals considered to be ‘‘covered persons’’ for purposes of subsection (b)(2).

So, who defines what a domestic terrorist is? The Department of Homeland Security. The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (S.T.A.R.T.) at the University of Maryland (Which was partly funded by the DHS)

In their review, on pages 9 and 10, the definition of particular groups are mentioned below:

Extreme Right-Wing: groups that believe that one’s personal and/or national “way of life” is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent (for some the threat is from a specific ethnic, racial, or religious group), and believe in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism. Groups may also be fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation), anti-global, suspicious of centralized federal authority, reverent of individual liberty, and believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.

Extreme Left-Wing: groups that want to bring about change through violent revolution rather than through established political processes. This category also includes secular left-wing groups that rely heavily on terrorism to overthrow the capitalist system and either establish “a dictatorship of the proletariat” (Marxist-Leninists) or, much more rarely, a decentralized, non-hierarchical political system (anarchists).

Religious: groups that seek to smite the purported enemies of God and other evildoers, impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists), forcibly insert religion into the political sphere (e.g., those who seek to politicize religion, such as Christian Reconstructionists and Islamists), and/or bring about Armageddon (apocalyptic millenarian cults; 2010: 17). For example, Jewish Direct Action, Mormon extremist, Jamaat-al-Fuqra, and Covenant, Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA) are included in this category. 

Ethno-Nationalist/Separatist: regionally concentrated groups with a history of organized political autonomy with their own state, traditional ruler, or regional government, who are committed to gaining or regaining political independence through any means and who have supported political movements for autonomy at some time since 1945. 

Single Issue: groups or individuals that obsessively focus on very specific or narrowly-defined causes (e.g., anti-abortion, anti-Catholic, anti-nuclear, anti-Castro). This category includes groups from all sides of the political spectrum.

So, as we move forward in the election process you will continually hear politician’s, specifically Paul Broun, try and defend their position on voting for the N.D.A.A. in 2012. Congress Paul Broun brings up that he voted for the Amash/Smith Amendment and then the Amash/Gibson Amendment that would have repealed sections 1021 and 1022. Don’t be fooled by this nonsense. If you KNOWINGLY vote for a bill, this radical, why on God’s Green Earth would you vote for this bill to begin with?!

This is known in Washington as “Double Speak.”

I have to give it to Congressmen Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston though, they are both owning their votes like a champ!

Our Constitutional Rights are NOT up for debate nor compromise. If you give up one, you give up all.



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The boys here at ZENINTHECAR.COM just can’t quit. They do what they do and no one does it better than they. It’s often said that when you have nothing left to lose then you have nothing left to lose and I don’t think there is any other group of swashbucklers this can be said about than the boys at ZENINTHECAR.COM. So while all of you were laying comfortable in your beds and pretending to keep your families safe by locking your dead bolts securely, the activists in your town marched down to city hall and put their money where their mouth is by speaking truth to power. The following is yet another example of how activism is done and if you haven’t done it then you haven’t had it and you don’t know what it feels like until it climbs under the sheets with you. So enjoy ZEN IN THE CAR T.V.



Daniel Louis Crumpton

Daniel Louis Crumpton

Ideology is a strong word for those who choose to latch onto it. When one chooses to claim an ideology it is a connection stronger than any other bond on the face of the Earth. Ideology overrides marriage, it overrides the relationship between parent and child, it most certainly overrides the relationship between the individual and the state and regardless of if one chooses to acknowledge it or not; even like it or not-ideology overrides the relationship between the worshiper and the god they worship. Most people gasp at that last revelation, but it is indeed a revelation that at the end of the day always pans out to be true. One may have a god that demands the stoning of children however if the ideology they have tied their flag to demands to first do no harm; then the command of the god is thrown out the window and a more fitting god to one’s own ideology will certainly emerge with a more personable name.

Ideology is the most tangible manifestation of one’s own mind, heart and soul. It is the clearest expression of who one is as a person. Ideology defines the spirit, it charts the course before the sails have caught wind and it is always a beacon for the place one calls home. It’s a concept in which one defines one’s own self, and if you are fortunate its how a group of people define themselves. Ideology is like a commitment with a woman that demands you forsake all others and all other things to be with and more likely than not being committed to it will require such a sacrifice. The reason for this is because ideology is not a cheap thrill one picks up one day only to be put down the next. She will not tolerate such abuse nor will she entertain suitors which lack the moral backbone to stick with her. Ideology demands fidelity in both word and deed. Ideology is faithful, and will always welcome you home, but before you call it yours you must pass the test of being worthy to call it your own.


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Many a man woman and child have placed their hands to one ideology or the other with fickle intent only to be washed away through the phase of testing. Their convictions challenged or their material possessions threatened, they subtly attempt to step away as if it was never their ideology to begin with; ashamed to admit their own weaknesses or failures in being unable to see it through to the end. This is what separates the suitors from the keepers. Ideology only accepts those willing to die for the waving flag above its head. Sadly, it’s true that most lack the fortitude to temper the storm and cling to the pole of what they say they believe. This is what defines us as a species.

Of course the most tragic of these stories is when we meet others who claim to honor the same ideology; however when the time of testing comes, they fall by the wayside. At this point we must contemplate if they must be considered fair weather friends…or enemies. We must choose if the course in which we will set our own sails will pass around the wreckage of the fleet to their souls, or if we have the nature within us to simply purge through the debris of their failure and wail “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” It’s a pickle, I will admit it. One has to be willing to see the faces of the dead in the waters below to lay claim to an ideology. As tempted as we might be to toss out life lines or safety harnesses, the fact of the matter is; when one has abandoned a greater ideology for a lesser one then have they not simply made themselves cannon fodder for the greater good?

The question often arises in my circles of do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Being a philosopher I often like to think the answer depends on who is willing to sacrifice of themselves freely. Rather than the decision being put in the hands of a mob, the most noble of solutions is that an individual will always provide the answer and the way. This means that if the individual has to play the part of the destroyer of worlds to all those around them for the honor and dignity of bringing an ideology to fruition; then so be it. This often means that sister will be pitted against brother, mother against father, husband against wife. However is it not written in the wisest of scripture that the bringer of Light came not to bring peace, but a sword?
Ideology is a sacred thing. One not meant to be handled with whoring hands. Choose yours wisely and when you do be willing to lay life and limb to defend it and make it your own.

My Love Affair with Lady Liberty: Part Three


D.L.C and Huey Duck

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I never wanted to grow up to begin with. On the whole I think being an adult is really a rather silly thing to do and I urge all young people anytime I can to simply avoid doing it altogether. Some people call this “Peter Pan” syndrome and I’m fine with that. It’s sure better than most syndromes I can think of having. Whenever I’m told to just grow up I ask myself; “Why? So I can be just as boring and controlled by a system of working for the sake of paying taxes until I’m too old to actually enjoy the labor of my own hands? No thanks, you can keep that silly idea and cash it in with your 401K, which should be about a week before they shovel dirt on your face.” Money is a master with a long whip and there are too many people, especially in the Liberty Movement, that bare their backs and continue to ask for the crack of the Massa.

As most of you know, I am not a parent, and though some like to shove that in my nose and insinuate that because I have no children I don’t understand what it’s like to have kids I happily flick that right back at them with my extended middle finger. I thank God every day that I as of yet have not Fathered a child of my own. As many of you have said in the past few years, this America is not the America we grew up in. Nor is it the America I want any child of mine growing up in. So yes, I am thankful that so far my daughter and my son have not arrived because I would be ashamed to bring them into a country and a world that I have not done my own part to correct. I would be ashamed to bring them into a system I didn’t understand and in so doing usher in more slaves to a system of bondage. It’s that system I’d like to discuss in this final part to “My Affair With Lady Liberty” and I truly hope that each and every one of you reading this will do your own research and see that what I am going to say is indeed so.


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We in the Liberty Movement, the youth of America that were taught to live in a democracy have uncovered the Truth ourselves that this land was consecrated to be a Republic. A country ruled by Law rather than mob rule. Because of great men like Ron Paul and his son Rand more and more are discovering this Truth hidden from the masses by the public education system, the corporate media propaganda machine and of course let us not forget organized religion. We have seen the millions of dots that have corroded the Ten Amendments to the Constitution, a document crafted to make each of us Kings and Queens, yet for many it is still difficult to connect these dots so that the entire spider web of deceit can be seen and ripped from before our eyes. This part is absolutely necessary if we are to restore the Republic. It is absolutely essential that we either spray liquid or blow our smoke in front of our eyes so the tapestry of control can be seen in order for us to tear it from before us and our offspring. This web was spun in front of the generations before us and we all must vow to bring it down so that the next generation will not get caught in it and eaten by the black widow resting silently in the center.


Life imitating Art
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The system was carefully laid brick by brick from the founding of America and the crafting of the Constitution beginning in 1776. Many of our ancestors came to this land to escape the tyranny of the British crown and its puppet master, the pope. Now before I continue let me make it absolutely clear that neither myself nor any other contributor to ZENINTHECAR.Com have a prejudice against the Catholic people in any way shape or form. As a matter of fact I myself find many of the practices of the Catholic people to be quite useful and indeed spiritually liberating in many ways. The Catholic people are a deeply spiritual people with a yearning inside of them to touch the Divine as all other spiritual peoples. However this does not mean that the Catholic system of religion cannot be, or has not been corrupted by men seeking power and wealth through fear based trauma over what they call the “laity”. Since Constantine the so called great, a system was set up from the dying Roman Republic in order to shift the totalitarian rule of the Caesars into a religious totalitarian government. From 313 A.D. until today this system has survived, appointing Viceroys, dukes, Kings and Queens alike. This system has bloodied Europe with three crusades, centuries of inquisitions and witch burnings as well as silently assassinating any and all who call for dissent. And for what? So that a just a handful of men could hold on to power and gold while claiming to be the voice of God on Earth in public while in private they fund men like Stalin and Hitler. These things are not a matter of opinion; they are simply a matter of historical fact. You may not like to hear them, but your discomfort is merely a discomfort of ignorance.


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And what was this system set up for? The same reason all systems are set up, to create servants. Systems of control need human resources and all of us in the Liberty Movement know full well when we look at the taxes taken out from our paychecks that we have indeed become like oil; resources of humanity. Sucked up from the soil and burned into the air. For quite some time we have all tried to find ways to dismantle this system and many of the solutions are indeed sound, however in my own opinion they are too slow and tend to focus on the details rather than address the tumor of our Country’s cancer. You see this system of control that was crafted by Julius Caesar and passed on down the line through his progeny of popes is one of contract. We are all free to contract with who we wish and in doing so we bind ourselves to obligations and indebtedness. On the surface this is all well and fine when done openly and honestly yet anyone who has ever contracted with a major corporation or credit card company knows full well that the devil is in the details and more often than not all those tiny and confusing words are carefully placed to conceal the fact that the contract doesn’t work in your favor.

When the Caesar’s conceptualized the idea of a corporation (corpse) they envisioned creating fictions or nonliving entities to which they could perpetually receive labor and taxes for merely being written into existence. For all of you aware of the Federal Reserve system and its scheme of printing worthless dollars into existence and putting on us interest that can never be repaid, this concept is easy to grasp. This same format has been layered into our Republic on many different levels. We unknowingly enter into these systems by contracting with the powers that be each and every time we consent to contract. What this means is that whenever you as a Sovereign King or Queen sign any type of license, or join any organization that files for 501-C3 tax exempt status you have allowed yourself to be absorbed into the spider web of control. You have literally signed away your Freedom and natural born Rights for privileges which can be taken away on a whim from Big Brother and papa pope. This system was handed to us by our parents and grandparents when they allowed us to be born in hospital wards, stamped with a birth certificate and a social security number and we ourselves continue to stay in it when we apply for things such as driver’s license and of course a marriage license. We do not know because no one informs us that when we do such things we are actually becoming products of the state. This is especially sad when we get a marriage license for it means that we are giving claim of any product of marriage (children) over to the state, which is controlled by the corporation known as the federal government which is in turn controlled and owned by the British crown which is ultimately controlled by the Vatican.


We are literally selling our children into the bondage we were born into through our ignorance. And why? Because our parents told us these are the things we must do to function in society. Of course the reason they did it is because their parents told them the same thing and they shirked the responsibility of asking why. By not asking the simplest and most demanding questions our Republic has ended up in the shape it is now and we who wave the flag of Liberty in our day and age must stop and ask the question; when does this madness stop?

book on shelfMy life’s dream was to become a published author. I never really cared about money or caviar; I just wanted to see my name on the cover of a book. I wanted to know that I could pull words from the ethos and put them on the page so that maybe, just maybe those words would move readers to find within themselves the same potential to create from nothing. All of us on a path of spirituality are creators; for we mimic the Ultimate Creator Itself and in so doing we become ONE with the Divine. After “Then Came the Flood” was published and I had a copy in my hands I knew that it was time for my second dream to come to fruition and that was to create life in the form of children. Of course me being the son of my parents and having learned from their mistakes I would be damned if those children would be born under the boot of tyranny. Around this time we here at ZENINTHECAR.Com began to become very vocal about the new Real ID, a national ID veiled as a driver’s license in the state of Georgia. We issued an open letter to Governor Nathan Deal regarding his Constitutional obligations to resist this encroachment into our state from the Department of Homeland Security as well as issued a petition to have it repealed. I myself appeared on the “Valerie Sargent Martin Show” proclaiming the dangers of this new license and made a vow publically that I would simply not be complying. And I stick to my vows. Along with that vow I resolved that shackle by shackle I would remove myself from all contracts with the state and that included a license of marriage as well as any other license which would secure my previously secured Rights under the Constitution. Once this had been set in my mind we here at ZENINTHECAR.Com noticed that the Department of Homeland Security was becoming avid fans of our material. Hiya Janet!


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It is one thing to believe your government is watching you; it is an altogether different thing to know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. This triggered in me, as it of course would in anyone, the knee jerk reaction of fear. What writer wouldn’t shiver a time or two, especially after Andrew Brietbart mysteriously dropped dead of an apparent heart attack shortly after announcing he had some dirt on the B rated actor in the White House, Barry Obama? So after much prayer and meditation on what I should do, should I shy away from the call of the Founders or should I risk life and limb for the dream of the next generation, I found before me what we are all seeking. I found Lady Liberty standing before me with her brilliant Light held high above her head.

Now over the years Lady Liberty has been called many things. She has been called a whore, an icon of the devil, a trophy to be owned and paraded around. She has been abused by religious fanatics, spit upon by jealous impersonators, and forced upon by violent and power hungry men. She has been neglected, she has been abused; her honor has been raped. Yet she has stood the test of time. Her arm ever weary from holding up her torch she stands waiting for any and all who would open their eyes and simply see her Light. Like Ernest Hemingway, a writer stalked and threatened by his government, I sought her face for salvation and strength to finish the course before me. As the Bible says; ask and ye shall receive.


Meeting for the first time in what seems like an eternity, the two of us both shared the expression of “Hey, I know you.” And from that moment it was evident that the course of True Freedom and Liberty is most certainly not for the faint of heart or those who merely talk about Revolution. Being in her presence is much akin to nervous drowning and intoxicating drinking all at once. Especially for a man with a ring on his finger and too many ties to a system he hates. Yet looking in the eyes of Lady Liberty reveals that she is a woman unafraid. She is a Lady that doesn’t fear the dim seeing eye of Big Brother and papa pope nor does she tremble at the notion of rolling up her sleeves and flipping off all of her accusers and naysayers that doubt the integrity of her heart. She is not afraid to face off with the police, with the government, with big pharma, with lawyers or secret societies and she is especially unafraid of religious zealots. While meditating in my car one day her presence permeated around me and that feeling of awe and humility sank into all of my pores.


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I’ve never done this before you know. I’ve never even been alone with another woman since I got married.” I said.

I know. “ She replied.

The both of us nearly jumping out of our skin at the intensity of Freedom and Liberty being this close in proximity.

Okay, come on! Are you like this with all the guys you meet?” I ask.

She wrinkles her nose and fiddles with my radio spinning through the tracks on the C.D. player.

No. “She says with a giddy school girl expression on her face.

You promise?” I ask.

Her eyes open wide and she puts her hand up to her mouth. “I swear.”

I shake my head in disbelief that Lady Liberty indeed is a Spirit that can fill your lungs with air and burn within your mind’s eye. Not only that but fill your ears with music and cause your heart to race with the feeling you only knew when you were a child, when Freedom was written within the beat of a child.

You know the government watches me right?” I ask.

Let them watch.” She says as she waves her hand nonchalantly.

Before I can say another word she tugs at her dress almost like she has attention deficit disorder. “Do you like my dress?

I love your dress.” I sigh with exasperation.
Her hands move up to her head and glaze over her hair.

Do you like my hair?

I love your hair too.” I confess.

What if I had horns?” She smirks.
Well that’s not something you hear every day, but at least it’s honest so I reply honestly.

I don’t think it would scare me away either.” I answer.

With the flash of a devilish smile I already know I’m in trouble.

The two of us are a car crash waiting to happen, you know that don’t you?” I ask.

Ya’ think so?” She asks with wrinkled nose.

Yeah, but the good thing about car crashes is the air bags will go off when we hit.” I say.
Lady Liberty smiles and then puts on her serious face as the two of us step out to get some sunlight. She wraps a shawl around her head and gives me another wink.

We have a lot of work to do.” She says, as if she’s giving me a Holy decree.

dragoncon2011part2 038And that was that. I had my marching orders to begin my quest on overcoming the fear it takes to defeat the system by both withdrawing from the system as well as exposing it. I accepted my task knowing full well the path would not be easy and luxuries would be far and few between. Since coming face to face with Lady Liberty I have had my entire world turned upside down. There isn’t enough space for me to list here all the things that I have either had to sacrifice or that have been taken from me (losing my dog was probably the worst) but I can’t say I didn’t see any of it coming. And I can’t say that when I vowed to wave the flag of Freedom and Liberty for all people my name wouldn’t be dragged through the mud, or I wouldn’t be arrested, called insane, bled financially, locked up in mental institutions, have false charges thrown on me, be followed by maniacal freemasons and private investigators that work for law firms with about a billion cameras flashing in my face to catch me in an affair. I can’t say I didn’t expect being called an adulterer, a drunkard, a Satan worshiper, a thief or an arrogant and spoiled little brat or a myriad of other reflicted adjectives from people who are clueless about what confidence and determination are all about; never mind what being a true Patriot is all about.

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Self-sacrifice is what spirituality and Enlightenment is all about. Self-sacrifice is what Revolution is all about, both in our Republic and in each and every one of our own hearts. One must be willing to clearly see a vision of what they want and be willing to have all others forsake them as they forsake all others in order for that vision to come into reality. It is not a path for those who merely want Liberty on social media that do little more than post articles from people like me. It is not one for those content to let the next generation fall into the same traps we fell into by giving more children to the state. No, this path involves everything you have in you and I hope that because of sacrifices made by men like Ron Paul, all Veterans of all foreign wars and maybe somewhere on the tail end little writers like myself that you yourself will see the example and that example will make your path a little easier to walk. Freedom and Liberty is living without fear. It is living without the desire to control others, own others, or dictate to others the way things are going to be. Many of you reading this may or may not know but I am doing as I vowed and getting a legal divorce which is very taboo amongst many circles yet very consistent with what I have said I would do in the same fashion as not getting a license to drive or any other license. Anyone who has gotten a divorce knows this is a very painful and chaotic process because the very word divorce changes people in the blink of an eye. Assumptions and judgments are bound to be made and that comes part and parcel and though the legal verbiage may say otherwise I suppose I would just chalk this divorce up to an affair. Sure, I Daniel Louis Crumpton had an affair. I confess publicly. I had an affair with Lady Liberty, and I haven’t regretted one second since I did.

Namaste. Revolution for ONE is Revolution for ALL



My Love Affair with Lady Liberty: Part Two

Last: My Love Affair with Lady Liberty: Part One


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The story of my own personal Patriarch and Matriarch is no secret to any of my readers. One of my personal favorite commandments is Honor thy Father and Mother. For me this is a unique and dear commandment because I try to make it evident in my writings as well as when I speak of my parents in the highest regard. My parents are my own and I have my own personal relationship with them that only the three of us understand fully and completely. Anyone on the path of spiritual awakening or Enlightenment knows full well that honoring your Father and Mother is the only commandment with the promise of long life and seeing as how I love life I do my best to obey those words written on the flesh of my heart. To me what this means is that you pay close attention to the character traits and personality traits of the man and woman that came together in Holy Union to create your unique DNA with all their strengths and weaknesses. Anyone on the path of spirituality or Enlightenment knows full well that in honoring your parents it doesn’t mean you always sit in the lotus position with incense burning praying repetitious prayers while deep down inside you resent your parents for what they couldn’t or wouldn’t give you. No, in fact it means something completely different.

My parents did not have it easy. It was kind of like a realistic version of “The Brady Bunch” where basically the ex-spouses of all the kids were bitter and angry and so they tried to instill that in their kids whenever they could. Now I always lose count of how many siblings I have but needless to say I was fortunate enough to be the last; otherwise known as “The Baby”. This has always been thrown around as a derogatory remark but to tell you the truth it gives me the giggles every time I hear it because what is that even supposed to mean? Somehow because I was the last in my Papa’s backbone I was at fault? jealousy is by far the greatest of demons unenlightened people have to overcome; but no matter. What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger, as they say, and in honoring my parents I can honestly say that I don’t fall far from the apple trees.


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That being said I took my favorite qualities of both parents and incorporated them into myself. Rather than seeing my parents war inside of me like most people choose to do because of childhood resentment I opted for the higher path of appreciation. Instead of seeing an old tobacco farmer’s daughter with a grade school education and the trouble making son of a painter that could barely make ends meet on his income and a house full of kids I thought it much wiser to see two Individuals that decided to flip off public opinion or social pedigrees to do the impossible and find a way to survive. Being the youngest I was able to see all of my older siblings stumble and fall in their paths and unfortunately many of them took the escape of victim hood over survivor hood; and thank God for their example because it taught me that at the end of the day my Mom and Dad were flawed human beings that perhaps couldn’t always give us what we wanted but as the Rolling Stones would say; they most certainly gave us what we needed.


So what happens when you take a woman that can go toe to toe with Muhammad Ali for an entrée and wash it down with Mike Tyson just to get the Andre the Giant out of her teeth and mix it with a Patriotic Veteran that served in two foreign wars and would shoot snot in the eye of the pope just because he didn’t like the look of him? You get me. A spoiled little Patriotic sum-bitch willing to go to any lengths including death itself to wave the flag of his own personal Matriarch and Patriarch in hopes that those around him would follow such a stubborn example and do the same. Of course going all in for Freedom and Lady Liberty is not for the faint of heart and history has repeatedly shown this to be true. As our Founders taught us, true Revolution means its catalysts must be willing to risk everything; and that means their blood, their lives, and their treasure. As the Bible says before a man decides to go to war he must sit in deep contemplation and count the cost; he or she must look within himself and see if the dream burning within his or her heart is that much of an Atlantis that all things old are worth being stripped away so that finally something new can come. This is the internal debate all Revolutionaries of Victorious Liberty must have with themselves and I assure you; the self or ego is the best of debaters.

Like many of you I came to a point in my life when I could see the corruption that has raped our once glorious Republic from the genetically modified foods, to the corporate propaganda of war for oil and opium, to the horror house of the birthing industry down at the local hospital. I could see all the machinations of Agenda 21 being placed on every meter box in every suburb across my state and across my country. I had done the research on false flag terrorism and looked into history to see that it’s a matter of fact that when governments become as corrupted as ours has they instigate wars with other peoples for the sole purpose of profit. The lies they spin and the havoc they cause have created emotional responses in young men and women for ages who having only low paying jobs or no paying jobs sign on the dotted line and become cannon fodder for men in suits behind smoke filled doors. I could see that when honest men who seek peace like Ron Paul attempt to get on national television they are smeared, black balled, discredited, called crazy conspiracy kooks or in the case of a couple of the Kennedy’s; they get projectiles through the head by a doped up schizophrenics that have to take a pill to take a pill to take a pill before reading the next chapter of “Catcher in the Rye”. Don’t take my word for it, ask John Lennon. He can sing all about it for you…oh wait…not anymore.

John Lennon On the Illuminati

It is not conspiracy theory to think people would kill for money. In my own hometown of Warner Robins I personally know lesser evolved men who have taken human life for crystals of drain cleaning chemicals and cough medicine mixed together and dumped their bodies out by rivers. We are talking about knuckle dragging Neanderthal nit wits that have the I.Q. of a bazooka Joe wrapper willing to bash another human being over the head for the love of money. This is a reality. This happens every single day and typically it happens in gangs of inferior intelligence groups that swim in our streets like piranha preying on our mothers and children. Why are these conspiracies the nightly news and of course the norm while the wealthier, stealthier predators like the Bush’s and the Obama’s doing such on a global scale is considered nuttery? It isn’t and anyone paying attention for the last century to the actual goings on in our government knows full well that we have a rotating door of the same faces in and out of power. And oh what a coincidence that this country hasn’t seen a single solitary decade of peace since the blue blood robber barons bought our Republic and turned it into a privately owned corporation whose primary shareholders are in London City, London and who can forget Vatican City?


photo from

This has been allowed to transpire because of one simple word; ignorance. From the beginning of time those who would control the fate of humanity and claim others as servants and slaves have only one tool over those who would bow down and that is ignorance of the fact that it is being done. And when those of us that do see that we are not as free as they would like us to believe begin to speak up we hit opposition from the sheep that don’t have the eye to see exactly how it is being done. This first stage of awakening to national Freedom, global Freedom and of course Individual Freedom usually scares the living hell out of most who begin to wake up and soon they are pulled back down into the prison of group think much like the two star crossed lovers from the classic George Orwell’s “1984”. A free thinking man and a free thinking woman who dare to defy the judgmental eye of Big Brother by embracing their passion and exhibitionism for the sacred union of intimacy in defiance of tyrannical fear based mind control were on the verge of starting a Revolution; when just beforehand that sudden rush of fear is beaten back into them by O’Brien and his physical devices of torture.


Of course the physical torture is nothing compared to the psychological torture the two endure, and of course as we all know in the end the two star crossed lovers enter back into totalitarianism pretending they never even knew one another to begin with. But me being a writer, and always considering ‘what if’ endings to stories I wasn’t quite satisfied with had to ask the question; what if all that torture didn’t break the hero Winston? What if he was just faking it the whole time so that he could get back out into society? What if Winston was pissed off? Pissed off enough to start a Revolution unlike Big Brother had ever shivered in his sleep beneath the cloud of his worst nightmare? You know, ever since I dropped out of high school I’ve always said I wanted to write the sequel to that book.


Next: My Love Affair with Lady Liberty: Part Three

Catherine Bernard: Neo Goldilocks

Do you like fairy tales? I like fairy tales. I especially like fairy tales that have a thrash metal soundtrack that can be played behind them and seamlessly fit right in there. So if you like thrash metal fairy tales, specifically ones that include a neo goldilocks with a back bone consistency reminiscent of Wolverine’s adamantium laced bones, this is going to make the corners of your mouth reach for your ears.

Once upon a time this cute and cuddly protagonist with curly locks of gold happened to find herself skipping into a forest. Not just any forest either. No, this was a creepy, full moon overhead, limbs that look like zombie arms type of forest. In this forest were bloodthirsty leeches; vultures smacking their beaks at the idea of picking the flesh from the dead… and drunken senior citizens looking to make business connections. It was the last RNC national convention in Tampa. Do you remember that whole ordeal? Good, then you know what a horrible train crash of principles, morality, and human dignity it was. No need to get into all the details of this laughable coronation of Mitt Romney (how’d that work out for ya GOP? Chuckle, chuckle), because the evidence of the republican party’s insignificance is currently live on YouTube for your disgusted viewing pleasure.


No, this little ditty isn’t so much about the veneer flaking off of the dying neoconservative mask from the republican party’s muck and mire as it is uplifting the Bright and Shining Light of our protagonist; Catherine Bernard.

catherine bernard

Catherine Bernard

For those of you who aren’t privy to the tale I intend to unfold for you (in brief), I urge you to do yourself the favor of looking into it because it’s one of those gems in history that make all of us in the Liberty Movement take pause at in admiration of the moral nugget that’s just waiting for our oohs and awes. It is yet another fable which brings to the forefront of our minds why we are in the Liberty Movement to begin with; and it is that we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that one person alone can truly make a difference. One person alone can knock history in a totally new direction with the back hand of defiance in the face of Tyranny, lunacy and hypocrisy. Liberty and Freedom have always been the guardians of the Individual, and subject only to masters worthy of such a title. If the Individual is not Free to exercise their Liberty, then the words have lost their meaning altogether. Conformists do not understand this type of thing. Conformists aren’t able to grasp the heart and soul of the Constitution or the ideals of a Republic because they’ve yet to shake off the shackles of their collectivist thinking. So typically what we find them doing is waddling off a cliff by the tune of El Rushbo, or the Fred Flintstone idiot ‘Multiplicity’ clone; Sean Hannity.

You see those of us fortunate enough to have been born at just the right age to be able to use the internet as the tool that it is, have already discovered quite some time ago that there hasn’t really been a difference between the dems and the pubs since the invasion of the neoconservative infiltrators in the 1930’s. No, thanks to people like Irving Kristol and their imperialistic inclinations of dabbling with every entangling alliance conceivable, the republican party has not had its house built on much more than shifting sand for quite some time. Or should I say sinking sand? Either way, the ideal of the party is quite appealing and to many of us in the Liberty Movement it was appealing when we were still under the impression that when it spoke of conservatism the practice was in regards to the Constitution our Founding Fathers entrusted to us. You know the document penned to declare with a collective up raised bad finger, that the Individuals were taking their Freedom and Liberty back from empire building, war mongers who curtsy when breathing the same air as heads of state?

Of course we in the Liberty Movement saw firsthand in our dealings with the GOP over the course of eight years that the principles of limited government and maximum Freedom for the people are all but smoke and mirror choked out by the smoke filled back rooms of bureaucrats ready to cut our Rights up just as fast as lobbyists can snatch checks out of their checkbook. We simply became so concerned for our precious country that we were compelled to jump into politics because we at least knew that in order to have your voice heard it must be done through some proper outlet. The Liberty Movement gravitated to the republican party and began to swell it’s sad little numbers with young, enthusiastic people who are passionate about the state of our sweet land of fading Liberty- and rather than be accepted with open and inviting arms- we found that our voices would not be heard; because there were very few who wanted to hear them. If vee ver to be gud zittle vepublicans, vee vould need to zit down and tow zee pawtee line! It iz all about zee pawtee!

Many of us were dumbfounded that the GOP was willing to top the monumental laughing stock of running John McCain and Tina Fey against Barack Obama and Mr. Ed after a trough of scotch; by shoving the choice of Reed Richards and one of those guys from New Kids on the Block down our throats. Though I hear they go by NKOTB these days. Or wait, maybe it was “Those Guys related to Mark Wahlberg”, anyway whatever. We couldn’t believe that the party was so far gone that the apparent purpose of the national convention was truly about reading votes off of teleprompters, making party rule changes which choked the voice of the grass roots to the point of death, and of course maintaining the mirage that all was well and the republicans were unified. Those of us in the Liberty Movement were appalled because we actually thought it was about nominating a candidate to run for president that would best represent the ideals of the republican party. But no, they didn’t want Ron Paul; they wanted the man responsible for Obamacare. They wanted the man who makes money from Stericycle; a company which tidies up all the stacks of aborted babies out behind those abortion mills. They wanted to nominate a candidate who openly said he would’ve signed the NDAA which waives all our Rights to a new form of sycophantic monarchy. Heck, in Georgia they were so willing to nominate him that the state party was willing to throw a bone by not supporting the NDAA at the state convention; only to quickly snatch the motion up like a stingy kid not wanting to play with the neighbor when it was brought up that the only candidate who didn’t support the NDAA happened to be Ron friggin’ Paul.

Despite all the mistreatment, people like Catherine Bernard still refused to just sit on their hands and do nothing. They still had that compulsion to make their voice heard, even if it meant being in the minority, being mocked, being ridiculed, and of course being threatened with legal action. They spent of their money. They spent of their time. They spent of moments lost from work or from family. They spent of themselves so that at the very least history would not pass by without those needling little voices of Truth which always say “Let it not be said that no one cared”.

You see at the Sunday brunch with the Georgia delegation, delegates were asked to identify if they intended to support Mitt Romney and if they would be so kind as to sign a pledge stating such. At the time this transpired Catherine Bernard was the only lamp of Liberty in the room and she willingly threw herself to the wolves of gnarling conformists by …oh my goodness…dissenting. Like your favorite Hit-Girl scene from that comic book movie; little prim and proper in appearance pulls a bone crunching, triple back flip maneuver of ‘No, that’s okay. You guys can take your silly little pledge and file it where your pocket Constitutions are’ and stood her ground. Amidst heckles, intimidation and peer pressure that hasn’t worked since ‘Rebel without a Cause’ she refused to buckle to the swarm of voices attempting to quell her voice of Purity for the voice of unity. No, she was not bound to support Mitt Romney and chose to go with that pesky conscience which forced her to support the one candidate who actually is willing to walk conservatism as well as talk it.

As if the tongue lashing and finger wagging from the brunch wasn’t enough Catherine Bernard, as well as the four others willing to stand on their principles, again were openly chastised from the bully pulpit of Sue Everhart and …well take a look see.

Yeah. After you get past the illusion of this being some type of Paula Dean special you click the function button which translates what’s being said and it feels something along the lines of:
“Now yall a lookey here. If we don’t a come tagetha and prop up this here notion that consuvatives find Romney appealing then the state of Gorja might just get a case of the vaypahs. All yall out there willin’ to stand on princpuls, we just gone call libertarians and push you right out the chicken coop of the party less yall play purdy and support candates like good ole Mitt Romne’ and Newty. We don’t want ta hear all this talk about good ole boys like Newt writin’ forwards to books like The Third Wave, which calls for the abolition of the Constiwhateva, and nashuna soverwhateva. So just ignore the fact that the Romne’s family owns a whole turnip load of votin’ machines in this next ‘lection and get your brand new, shiny Real I.D. down at the D.D.S to hep’ us get this ‘lection riggin’ unda control.

Your keyboard probably doesn’t have that function key but I bet you wished it did. Nevertheless we should find out how this fairy tale concludes, and if it sticks true to pure form the heroine will no doubt make some sort of spinning, inferno kick of a comeback and set in motion the dominos of tyranny’s magnificent downfall.

It just so happens that we may be witnessing this triumphal display of Catherine Bernard’s inner flaming phoenix currently; as the magical internet greets all those eyes out there burning with Freedom and Liberty with wonderful news. Catherine Bernard has announced she will be running for 1st Vice Chair of Georgia’s republican party. For those of us in the Liberty Movement this is a very happy moment because shortly after the news that this little neo goldilocks with the raging immovableness of Atlas came to our attention, another precious pearl arrived. Alex Johnson announced he is seeking the Georgia republican party chairman position.

alex johnson

Alex Johnson

Why is this exciting? Because we know they will win? No, not at all because if all We who truly want Freedom and Liberty in our time fail to do as the aforementioned have done and show up to stand on principle come February 9th, we honestly don’t know if they will win. But the real reason this is so exciting is because it is the budding of the flower Ron Paul and other pioneers in Constitutional thinking have so diligently worked to sow seeds for. Like them, Catherine Bernard and Alex Johnson are no longer asking for their Freedom and Liberty; they are willing to stand up and claim them. By the very act of such a thing they are proving that the ideals we are heralding will never go away quietly into the night. They are showing that all the nasty tricks of the old GOP, all the rule changes scribbled from on high, all the hurdles and obstacles thrown in our way to dissuade us from being heard will eventually be eviscerated by the brightness of our multiplying belief. These two, and others like them willing to throw their name in the ring to represent such documents as the Bill of Rights, are just the beginning of an explosion of sparks from the lantern of Liberty. It will be a brush-fire which can only spread exponentially, and in its wake purge out the weeds who are ever ready to sacrifice principle for party.

We here at whole heartedly endorse these two candidates for the respective offices they are seeking and bestow upon them one of our greatest honors; a Radiohead video tribute.


Please support Liberty candidates in your local precinct, county, district and state meetings and please like Catherine Bernard and Alex Johnson on facebook.

HERE COMES THE FLOOD: A Sit down with Daniel Louis Crumpton Part One


D.L. Crumpton and Dorian Flagg in Daniel’s Den

With the upcoming release of Daniel Louis Crumpton’s new novel Then Came the Flood, the folks here at were as giddy as a school girl to snag a sit down with the author to discuss its upcoming release as well as a myriad of other issues such as politics, spirituality and the ideals of ZENINTHECAR.COM.



Dorian: Am I suppose to say thanks for giving this interview?

D.L. Crumpton: If you think it would help.

Dorian: Thanks.

D.L. Crumpton: No problem. Putting a book out is tough as it is, the real challenge is getting the word out about it so thank you for helping me do that.

Dorian: Well, that and you’re kind of obligated to give us the first interview aren’t you? Most of our readers already know you’re one of the editors of, as well as frequent contributor so it isn’t like we had to twist your arm.

D.L. Crumpton: No, not at all. Even if I wasn’t involved with what you guys are doing I probably would’ve agreed to do this anyway. Zen’s been online for less than a year now, I think, and so far it’s been phenomenal. The site isn’t or status yet, but when the webmaster and I look at the numbers its’ still quite remarkable for the short amount of time the site has been live. I travel a lot throughout the week and I can tell you word of mouth is really taking off in Georgia, but also across the country. I’m just grateful to have an outlet for my work and even more grateful that outlet is comprised of fresh, unique and talented voices such as yourself and the guys from the Last Renaissance.

Dorian: That’s so sweet. We should probably hug or something.

D.L. Crumpton: Of course I don’t appreciate you as much when haggling over rewrites. You may be talented but editing your stuff is like eating broken glass.

Dorian: I can be long winded. This I know.

D.L. Crumpton: Long winded doesn’t quite do it. When I get your first drafts I feel like I’m editing Gray’s Anatomy. There’s just so much in there and at first glance you skip right over some of the best stuff and don’t realize what you’ve just read but when you come back to it later it hits you in the gut and all you can do is roll over laughing when it dawns on you what’s actually on the screen. I have to say though; all in all it’s a great experience. Most people get the polished version of a writer’s work, they don’t get to see a piece evolve the way I do and in your case it’s just a treat.

Dorian: Thanks, that means a lot, man. Even if you do think I’m long winded.

D.L. Crumpton: In my social network people automatically assume everything coming from Zen is mine because they identify my face with the site and don’t realize that some articles are from you, some are from Eye of Hours, some are from guest writers and so on. So I have to listen to a lot of complaints about the length of the posts mixed with bittersweet compliments about the beauty of the language. For me though, the length doesn’t really bother me except when editing. When it’s good its good, the length only makes it better as far as I’m concerned. People just don’t have the same amount of patience on the internet as they do with a novel or a movie. They expect articles to be one or two paragraphs and that’s it. On to the ads. The ads are important, yes, but ultimately the product of a news and commentary site is the substance and to me one or two line posts intended for mass circulation is just ripping off your subscribers. They don’t come to your site to click on ads; they come to your site to see things from a new perspective. I don’t know if it’s just the stress on the eyes when reading from a screen or people have simply dropped their attention span down to Fox news and CNN snippets that they can’t stick with it long enough. Of course with us, it doesn’t really change what we do when people complain about the length because ultimately what the site is about is attracting like minded people who actually can dive into a twenty plus page article and wrap up in it like a warm blanket.

Dorian: So you take credit for some of my work?

D.L. Crumpton: What are friends for?

Dorian: Daniel, you’re primarily a fiction writer. What was it that brought you to

D.L. Crumpton: Besides the talent, I suppose it’s the ideal of the site.

Dorian: How would you define the ideal of

D.L. Crumpton: (laughs) …that’s a very good question to which I will have to make up an answer as soon as possible.

Dorian: That would make this go a lot smoother, yes.

IMAG0929-1D.L. Crumpton: Primarily I would say it’s the format. I am a very spiritual person. My spirituality presupposes that those around me are lifted up from the dirt and ugliness the world has to offer and I agree with Gandhi that true spirituality must be married to social justice. For that reason I am very politically active and take a great interest in where our country came from and where it is going. I read a lot of the words from the founding fathers and to me, there is no doubt that these men who changed the world were very connected in their intentions to the Divine and in the pursuit of building something where anyone could come and realize that Divinity on their own, free from the dictates of the state, somewhere we as a people have strayed far away from the foundations. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in separation of church and state as the founders intended. The state has no right dictating a single thing to people of faith. However that doesn’t mean that those of a spiritual proclivity don’t have the responsibility of guiding the gears of government for the greater good. When you believe something like that, you are already walking through a mine field because then it becomes an issue of being able to be involved with government from a spiritual perspective without forcing your particular beliefs onto others. A lot of people do that. They want to use government to force their morals and dogma on others and proclaim that their particular view is the only correct one because God rubber stamped it. I don’t go down that road. I don’t think you need to. Truth is truth and no legislation can change that or make people realize it. The best we can do as activists is ensure that an environment of free thought and expression is secured, and if your Truth is Truth, others will naturally migrate towards it. When Zen came together I just thought it was brilliant. So many people have a taboo of mixing religion with politics, and that it’s some sort of sacred cow. To me though that’s just a load of nonsense because you will view politics through whatever religious filter you have. That’s human nature. People aren’t blowing themselves up around the world, or blowing up others because they didn’t get certain initiatives passed. They are doing it because they think God will be happy if they do it because some nut told them He would be. So, the two are doing a type of dance if you will. What happens in one spectrum does affect the other; just ask the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Dorian: So you like the idea of intermingling the two in intelligent discussion?

D.L. Crumpton: Absolutely. I mean, there are some things that others on Zen put out that I certainly don’t agree with. There are perspectives proposed which diametrically oppose my personal beliefs; however I look to the overall picture and find comfort with that. Here you have a bunch of guys from different religious backgrounds or backgrounds of no religion at all who have managed to come together with a common goal of civilized discussion and consideration. It reminds me of Plato’s Republic very much so. Here you have different minds filled with different experiences all coming together and hashing out what Freedom and Liberty is truly about and who it is truly for without raising arms against one another. It’s fantastic, because at the very least what you get to do is refine your beliefs when a diamond of Truth is proposed. There’s that moment when you’re reading and you go ‘Ah, I never thought of that before’ and from there you go off in a completely new direction. So yeah, I don’t feel that my Truth is threatened by others or by hearing or reading other perspectives I am somehow doing something wrong. Quite the Contrary. Proverbs says it is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honour of kings is to search out a matter, so for me restricting myself from other information or new ideas contrary to orthodoxy is just spiritual laziness. It’s easy to label others and say that because they fall under that label I’m going to plug my ears and sing ‘Amazing Grace’ but it takes something altogether to confront the fallacies of your own beliefs when they are pointed out and modify as needed. That’s what all of us who work on are trying to do I think. Provide a platform of new ideas from a spiritual and political perspective that hopefully will bring others to the realization that at the end of the day we are all humans trying to be and that in doing so we are going to…and have already…made tons of mistakes. I like that, I like the idea of being able to shake hands with people of different ethnicity’s and philosophies in common pursuit of Truth.

Dorian: What would you say is the common thread between the different voices of

D.L. Crumpton: I think the obvious answer is Ron Paul. When I say that though, I don’t want to come across as if it’s the man, rather what the man stands for. What he has done. Nobody I have met within the Liberty movement follows Ron Paul in the way that others follow politicians. They don’t jump in his camp because it’s a camp; they jump in the camp because what the man is saying is something universal to all of us. It’s this idea of Freedom and Liberty for everyone that brings us all together. Say what you will but there is no doubt that he has changed things forever, he has sparked something so intrinsic within all Americans that there is no way to close Pandora’s Box on this thing. I mean you have to stop and admire his life with a sense of awe, even if you don’t support all of his platforms you have to come to the conclusion that what he is saying and the legacy he has left us is something….special.

Dorian: Certainly Ron Paul has made quite the impact on your life as well as this entire generation. Want to elaborate more on what drew you towards his philosophy?

D.L. Crumpton: Sure. For one, the man was in congress for three decades and somehow or another he managed to never compromise on his convictions. One has to stop and let that sink in. Can you imagine going to Capitol Hill every day, feeling the overwhelming pressure from special interests groups every time you turn around only to go to the floor and vote no on almost every single thing that came down the line? That takes some testicular fortitude in an arena which I cannot begin to imagine. When I first found out about him and reviewed his record to find out that it was true I remember slumping back in my chair with a palm across my face. I was awe struck. I really was. I said to myselfI want to be that type of man. I want to be someone who draws a line in the sand, not just for myself but for others, and not budge one inch and from that moment on my life was on a different course. It wasn’t just me either. Millions of people are looking into his life, his record, his writings, and they are starting to see that politics as usual doesn’t have to be politics as usual. It can be something so much more. It can bring others out of gutters, it can empower them, it can make them become better people. I don’t mean that in an entitlement way either. I mean that Ron Paul showed us that one person really can make a difference. One person can endure a life time of ridicule and dismissivness, but so long as they keep speaking Truth others will come around. To tell you the truth, when I first heard Ron Paul in the 2008 debates I thought that what I was seeing was such a monumental moment in history that to not be a part of it would be insane.

Dorian: Do you find that others share that enthusiasm?

D.L. Crumpton: No doubt. You and I both could go on for hours about our experience with other Liberty lovers. This thing has given me the opportunity to meet some of the best people I have ever known. You know what I’m talking about, you were at nearly all the political functions this past election and saw the electricity running through all of the other people out there who are beginning to not only understand personal Freedom and Liberty, but beginning to own them.

Dorian: 2 Lowndes Crew.

D.L. Crumpton: Yup, 2 Lowndes Crew all the way. Those guys are nuts down there and I don’t think it’s a big secret that we both have an affinity for that gang of swashbucklers.

Dorian: Some of our readers may not exactly know what we are talking about; but to simplify there’s a group of patriots down in Lowndes County Georgia that jumped into activism this last go around for the white house, and they are nothing short of flaming infernos of pissed offedness. Anyhoo, we had a chance to caucus with them at the district and state levels and by the time some of us at started writing about them the name ‘2 Lowndes Crew’ came up and just felt right, so that’s how we refer to those guys down south.

D.L. Crumpton: If the shoe fits…

Dorian: It fits.

D.L. Crumpton: Now don’t get me wrong, I tend to shower those guys with a lot of praise for the work they’re doing down there, but we have a lot of people in my neck of the woods that are just as fired up about saving this country and I have high hopes for the upcoming caucuses where our district is concerned. If you look at the big picture across Georgia, it seems like the diversity amongst patriots-the diverse styles and approaches to politics- is chaos but when you step back and observe the whole picture I think it’s clear that nothing could be further from the truth. What we are seeing is the perfect combination of individuals mixing together, and I think the reaction is going to be spectacular if only we keep stirring the pot.

Dorian: Stirring the pot is what we do best I think.



D.L. Crumpton: Yeah, yeah. That’s getting back to the core of Zen and what all our ideals are. In Star Trek the Vulcan’s have this philosophy of the IDIC, or infinite diversity in infinite combinations. Tell me Gene Roddenberry wasn’t onto something with that because it’s true; often the missing piece to puzzles in life are found in the unlikeliest places and you can’t be closed off to searching in foreign territory for answers. Can I give you an example of what I mean?

Dorian: I’m more of a Star Wars guy so I can’t promise you I won’t just tune you out from here on.

D.L. Crumpton: Here we are talking about tolerance amongst differing points of view and you have to start picking at scabs.

Dorian: My indiscretion.

D.L. Crumpton: Is that what’s replacing ‘my bad’?

Dorian: If I have my way it is. Sorry, go ahead.

D.L. Crumpton: Anyway, not too long ago I went to a voter registration drive that was put on by the guys down in Lowndes, and afterwards when it started to get dark we all went into town and sat outside a cigar bar on the strip, some were sipping a beer, others a glass of wine, and we just talked. We talked about the concerns we have for this country, we hashed out all the ugliness being inflicted upon us by an overbearing government, we talked problems, we talked solutions and then the inevitable happened. All the issues ultimately took us to spirituality and philosophy.

Dorian: Well what do you know?

D.L. Crumpton: Well of course, right? This isn’t some new phenomenon; it’s just been suppressed. I don’t know when this divorce between politics and ideology allegedly became the norm, but how idiotic? The very idea of governments and laws being instituted have a foundation in the philosophy of protecting the innocent, and the ideas of innocence and guilt are drenched in the notion of spirituality. What is right to do to another person and what is wrong? I mean the idea that murder is against the law wouldn’t even exist if people didn’t have this deep seeded knowledge that man is created in the image of God. That all life comes from a Divine source and that source has laws which when broken unravel the fabric of the universe. Things go wrong, everything spins out of control, people get hurt and the law is off balance. So we have governments, right? What do we have them for? Well we have them essentially to punish the evil doer, or the jerk that’s going around hurting other people by breaking God’s Divine law of not hurting other people. In government you have politics, it is what it is, and for the life of me I can’t bring myself to understand how people pretend that the two don’t swing hand in hand. I don’t believe that, the founding fathers didn’t believe that; and the reason is because it’s just so obviously false, it’s silly. You want good government? Then the hearts of its people must be good. Governments are made of people and when good people become apathetic and stop paying attention then government goes bad. Simple.
But getting to the point, while all of us were discussing this stuff I would occasionally shut my mouth and just look around the table, listening to the different perspectives from the different types of people. There was an agnostic over there, a pagan over here. You had a couple of fundamentalist Christians sitting across the table, a Buddhist type of guy near the light post…and yet no one was trying to kill each other. No one was even raising their voice at someone who understands spirituality in a completely different way. You had all this diversity yet at the same time you had this perfect feeling of oneness in that all of you were in pursuit of a common Truth. Freedom and Liberty. People that are in a place of honestly saying they don’t know, or those that are at least on some type of search for a spiritual life are eventually going to meet with those two concepts because as it is written, as they say, where the Spirit of the Lord is; there is Liberty. I mean, just ask people of different faiths and philosophies and what you are ultimately going to find out is that no matter how a person defines God, or the path one chooses to seek the face of what they define as God, at the end of the day the intention behind all of them is that man was created to be Free. When you scrape away the differing doctrines and suspend the idiosyncrasies of scripture, not looking for a fight or needling for an argument, you’re going to come to an agreement with just about everyone that Freedom is the point of all of it.

Dorian: I see where you’re coming from, like, essentially all schools of thought start off with the premise that one is in some type of bondage. Be it sin or ignorance or what have you?

D.L. Crumpton: I think that’s obvious when you stop trying to bash others over the head with your point of view and listen for fifteen friggin’ minutes, yeah.

Dorian: A lot of people aren’t there yet, like you said a minute ago, ask the Palestinians and the Israelis.

D.L. Crumpton: Well for example, sometimes when I have discussions with people of a dogmatic persuasion there comes a point when you can see this shut down happen right on their face. They hear something you say, it conflicts with the comfortable set of doctrines in their head, and they just shut you out. They don’t want to hear anymore, they don’t want to even entertain the possibility that you might have a point.

Dorian: How come, do you think?

D.L. Crumpton: Fear. It always boils down to fear. They have a comfortable view of the world, they have it all figured out, they have their mental foundations laid and when someone comes along and starts huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf; they panic. You’re shaking their little world up and they don’t like that because it feels uncomfortable. ‘You mean I don’t have it all figured out? You mean I may have to adjust my view of the world and how I interact with the people in it? That’s too much trouble, that’s too scary, that’s too much work’. So most people take the easy way out, they hit you with words like blasphemy, infidel, heretic or whatever happens to roll off their tongue. It would frustrate me if I honestly gave a crap what titles other people would have me wear around my neck.

Dorian: I think that’s one of the reasons is catching on, there’s none of this dividing up the cause with this bunch.

D.L. Crumpton: Right. Freedom and Liberty are the end goals of all peoples in their right mind so why should there be factions or groups? I think when the majority of people out there who are either outside this movement, or just joining this movement get that; then we win. I guess that’s why I enjoy working with Zen so much because for me that seems to be the direction we are all nudging people in.

Dorian: Stir the pot.

D.L. Crumpton: Stir the pot indeed.


In the next half of the interview Daniel Louis Crumpton discusses his new novel, Then Came the Flood




A Message for all District 8 Patriots: The Caucuses are Coming!

ronpaulrevolutionGreetings all Liberty Lovers in the 8th Congressional District of the great state of Georgia. I am writing to you after the attendance of our local Houston County Republican monthly meeting. I suppose the first thing we need to cover is exactly what must be done from this point on if we are to secure a Republic for the children we so claim to cherish. The following is the least you need to know:
• The precinct meeting is February 9th, at the Centerville City Hall, located at 300 East Church Street, Centerville, Georgia.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M., and must be completed by 10:00A.M., a $5.00 registration fee is required.
• The county meeting is March 9th, at the Centerville City Hall.
• The price for the county meeting will be $20.00 delegate/$15.00 alternate.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M. and must be completed by 10:00 A.M.
• If you plan to be a delegate to district\state you must fill out an application which must be submitted to the nominating committee at least 5 days prior to the county convention.
• In order to participate in any of these functions you must be a paid up member of the Houston County Republican Party.
• Yearly dues are $35.00 for couples. $25.00 for singles. $10.00 for students and senior citizens.
• These dues must be paid no later than the mass precinct meeting, (but can be made at the mass precinct meeting)
• If you need any additional details contact the following: Heath Clark, Valerie Sergeant Martin, Eddie Causey, Jason Patrick, Justin Huff, Daniel Louis Crumpton, Kisha Crumpton, or Curtis Sirmans on facebook.

• For additional information on the Houston County GOP rules and registration forms please see their website:  Copies of the rules can also be found on their facebook page.

Now the following is the most you need to know, and I hope you will not begrudge me the length of this post to impart upon you how utterly important it is that you pay close attention. These aforementioned requirements for the attendance of the local conventions were put in place by the party in order to dissuade certain people of certain perspectives from flooding the caucuses and sweeping conventions. It is felt, by the party, that by imposing such tedious rules and regulations many lukewarm patriots will simply raspberry the whole process and stay at home. They will say that they would rather give their time and their money to other organizations, or pull out of the political process altogether. I cannot impart to you enough how absolutely asinine this line of thinking is.

RonPaulFreedomMarchIn the 2012 presidential election, all of you who have heard the call of Ron Paul and the message of this REloveUTION we are all partakers of, managed to flood into your local precinct, county and district conventions giving us a critical foothold in our fair state. In the aftermath of the debacle which was the 2012 presidential elections, the Republican Party is broken. It is shattered. It is licking its wounds, bleeding out, shedding its mortal coil etc. etc. etc… Having been participating in the party on your behalf for the past few months, I, as well as the Houston County Liberty Leaders, will attest to you that we have not lost one inch; rather we have been inching towards this moment for quite some time.

With the humiliating defeat of Mitt Romney to the worst president in American history, the GOP has a black eye that smarts something fierce. They have been humbled. They are now beginning to see that even when they win the house, their very own speaker will betray them with atrocious deals with Beelzebub. Most of the old neoconservatives are beginning to scatter, counting their losses and cashing out because they now see that there isn’t going to be much of a return in this business for very much longer. The Republican Party, which once stood for the conservation of the principles enshrined within the Constitution, has been hijacked since the invasion of Irving Krystol’s philosophy of neo-conservatism in the 1970’s. Since that time, well meaning conservatives have been lead as mice to the piper by the tunes of neoconservative talking heads on the radio, and of course on Fox news. Unbeknownst to them, and their well intentions; they have been useful idiots in the incremental degradation of our Bill of Rights, and it’s founding Declaration of Independence. Now their empire of ashes is crumbling and the obviousity of the naked emperor is glaringly evident.

rising-phoenixOf course all you patriots out there need to do is look on the back of your one dollar bill and see that the imagery emblazoned there is nothing short of the Phoenix. The bird of Resurrection. From the ashes of the old, comes the glory of the new. This is what our country is all about. We simply have let that slip for a time, but now that time is over. We are at a critical moment in history; I am not going to lie to you. This is the moment where we, We the People, decide if America will go down the path of some sick, Orwellian, Brave New World, nightmare-or pull a brilliant 180. This is the moment when we remember the cycles of history, and put the brakes on the downward spiral which is empiricism. This is the moment when we bring our troops home…to their families for God’s sake. This is the moment when we start to give the proper attention to the returning troops, aiding them for all the ailments we asked them to endure. This is the moment when off shore banks stop bludgeoning us to death with imaginary debt that neither we, nor our children owe. This is the moment where We; where you can make a difference.

Essentially what we are asking you to do is put aside all of the grumblings about the new rules, regulations, fines, fees, and hurdles you are asked to endure. We are asking you to understand that these rules were put in place to keep the apathetic away from the political process. To an extent; surely you can agree with this. You, as Ron Paul, or Liberty Lovers do not idealistically believe in apathy in politics. Therefore, you understand in your core that to be apathetic at this point would be self defeating. We are asking you to prove the Republican Party wrong come this February by showing up to your mass precinct meetings, your county convention meetings, your district convention meetings as well as your state convention meetings. We are asking that you help finish what Ron Paul started thirty years ago by becoming a party which can save the Republic by inflaming it from the grassroots up with the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.

Those of us who have been carving out a place for our ideals in the local Republican Party could not have accomplished what we have without your help. And now we are asking for your help again. Beginning in February the entire infrastructure of the Georgia Republican Party can be arranged in such a way as to lean more towards Liberty than closer to tyranny. The more seasoned republicans in our state are beginning to see that perhaps it will take our young ideals, and explosive zeal to take this country back from the clutches of fascism. They are coming to a point in which they are beginning to see that what we have been saying may not have been so crazy after all. So I cannot express to you enough how important it is for you to participate in your upcoming caucus’s. As well as the monthly meetings preceding such caucus’s on a regular basis.

If you have supported Ron Paul and the principles he has revived within our collective spirit, if you have contributed one dime, or placed one call, or walked one street, or exhausted any soul into reviving this country; then now is the time for you to stand up in a non violent, revolutionary way. Now is the time for all your hard work and effort to pay off. And all you have to do is show up. Show up and support the candidates who will be running for office that actually Know and Love the Constitution. Show up and make sure that your representatives actually represent you. Show up and secure your slots as delegates for the next election cycle where we might actually see a Rand Paul ticket.

Because our ideas seem new, the establishment is understandably resistant to them. They have seen us as a force which is invading the party, rather than coming in to save it. It must be understood that this is truly the case. We are a band which hold the precious notion that this can be a republic again, and the words of our Founding Fathers can be echoed more brilliantly now than in decades prior. We are not here to destroy the Republican Party, nor are we here to invade the Republican Party. We are the Republican Party which has been negligent in our duty for quite some time. We apologize, but now we can take things from here. Those of you who have been within are our friends in Liberty. We appreciate what your intentions have been in the manner of our government. We just think that the path to hell is paved with the best of intentions. We will respectfully participate in our republican form of government in a civilized way. We will pay the fines imposed. We will meet the deadlines dictated. We will jump through all of your hoops in order to be heard; because the thing in which we want to be heard is ‘Give me Liberty, or give me death’.

I don’t know what else to say. This really is up to each and every one of you. If you’re reading this then you must understand that the reason the message of Ron Paul resonated within you so deeply is because it is the message of personal Freedom and personal Liberty. What else are Personal Freedom and Personal Liberty than the ability to change that which one sees is not right? And you can. And you will, if only you simply arrive. Ninety percent of every battle means just showing up. I would encourage you to make the appropriate connections on social media such as facebook and twitter with Liberty pages in your area. I would encourage you to make contact with Liberty activists in your vicinity and get to know others which are fighting to save this country within the Republican Party. This message has been specifically directed at District 8 in Georgia, however let it also be understand that our readers in different districts and states are needed as well in order for this reclaiming of America. I urge you to find the appropriate dates, times and rules which apply to the areas you are responsible for.

May Liberty reign, for all of us.

Now sit back for ten minutes and let Billy Corgan and the gang blow you up.

Below are a few videos to help you brush up with Roberts Rules of order.

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Republican Civil War: The GOP Strikes Back

If you can use ‘Star Wars’ as an analogy, it’s usually a good idea. People like ‘Star Wars’ and the people who don’t at least know everything there is to know about it because our culture has been permeated with George Lucas’s creation far beyond my decades on Earth. It’s also easy to do because the story of ‘Star Wars’ isn’t just the crazy imagination of a kid from the sixties who pulled the mythos from nowhere; no, like any good artist George Lucas understands that his role in the world is to somehow take the lessons of our collective, repetitious history and present it the next generation in a way they can understand. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, as history shows over and over again, and now a day you won’t see many people actually opening up a history book of any fashion for any length of time, however you will have no problem seeing them lined up outside of theatres in pitched tents for hours on end waiting to purchase tickets to a midnight showing of the entire ‘Star Wars’ saga in 3D wearing makeup while they wave around plastic light sabers. With this truth in mind, George Lucas has clearly decided to try and make the world a better place in the best way he can; which has been by encoding our history and inevitable future in bubblegum for the mass consumption in hopes that some might have it dawn on them that Republics fall in galaxies far, far away exactly the same way they do here.

If one were so inclined, they could probably use the ‘Star Wars’ mythos as a type of divination to see what era they are living in, as far as Republics go. Are they living in a Republic just prior to false flag terror attacks which bring about fear, warmongering and a bleak empire under the banner of national security? Or are they possibly living on the cusp of the empire falling (as all empires do because it is their nature) and a Republic resurrecting? Even to a historical impotent, the remembrance of the falling Roman Empire would seem to indicate that thus far George Lucas’s model has been correct. As in Episode III, as the Jedi Knight were all eradicated in a single blow; so too were the Templar Knights by the pope on that notorious Friday the 13th all those centuries ago. Extinguished were the remains of the Republic as the flames of the dark ages flickered black over the Spanish Inquisition. Or if you prefer speeding forward we might find ourselves at the night of the long knives around the same time Adolph Hitler designed a false flag terror attack on his own government building in order to blame it on Poland to justify an empirical, expansionist war that took the lives of millions. You see history and ‘Star Wars’ lay over one another like a nice transparent slide. So where, in the series are we? Well let us consider current events and see what lines up, so that maybe we can see where this thing is going. Sound like fun? Well if you are over thirty, under fifty and still get excited when they bring back ‘Count Chocula’ and ‘Franken berry’ of course it sounds like fun.

The Liberty Movement has been simmering for years; however there is no doubt that it came to a boiling point with the Ron Paul Revolution in 2008, exponintiated in 2012. People from all walks of life began to understand that something is seriously wrong with the state of our country and the preservation of the principles our Founding Fathers tried to entrust to us. We have been asleep at the wheel, and while we slumbered politicians and opportunist flooded our political system. Rather than independent statesmen, serving out of piety and gracefully returning to the private sector; we have been strangled by career politicians and CEO’s revolving in and out of the congress and the senate. While we are paying for endless wars and paranoid schizophrenic devices within Homeland Security, our Freedoms have been all but completely stripped away from us by the rewording of our Constitution at the stroke of an executive pen. This threat to our Republic finally started to get some resistance in 2008 and had it not been for Fox news and its propagandistic deception to the senior citizens unable to use the internet, this resistance would have put a stop to the likes of Karl ‘look a -like a piggy from animal farm’ Rove, and of course republican party favorite Dick, Morris. Alas, it would not be so; yet victory seemed assured in 2012.

Well, that’s if you were assuming that the GOP establishment still had humanity within it and wasn’t willing to dive to the depths of Satan’s bunghole itself in order to change rules in order to garner centralized power at the tip of the pyramid, wiping away actual local and grassroots opinion whatsoever, and blocking delegates from entire states in order to ram a limp fish down our throats. I mean seriously, this is a meme but it’s the truth…the republican establishment picked a candidate that lost to the worst president in history…that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Yet, we see the fruits of their death star approach. It came in the form of the wide swath of people who are simply fed up staying home or writing in cartoon characters preferable to the joke which was Mitt Romney. Could this have been the destruction of the first death star in Episode IV?

The Liberty Movement had been cheated at every turn in 2012. Cases of voter fraud and election rigging are widely documented and available to any honest truth seeker, live on the internet. The only excuse for not knowing now days is that you simply don’t want to know. So, as expected and as delivered, the GOP pushed our voices completely from the national convention, and in doing so they ensured that what is good for the goose will most certainly be good for the gander. What they reaped was the second coming of Barak Obama. This may have, on the surface, seemed to be a deadly blow to our Republic but actually it was a sign that the voices of descent are legion. The empirical ideology of the republican party suffered a devastating blow and could no longer assume that its base were going to do the lesser of two evil thing one more time. From this refreshing backwash in the face of the neoconservatives, everyone paying attention understood that within the Republican Party a civil war had begun. Who would take the helm from this point on? Would it be the old school Trotskyites, or the up and coming Liberty Folk? As the stew began to mix we were fortunate enough to see men like Rand Paul and Justin Amash wedge themselves in key places to confront key issues. For the Liberty Movement it was not a complete loss. They had managed to get key people in key places. Now things such as indefinite detention and the Federal Reserve would be screamed about by a chorus rather than the solo of Ron Paul decades in the keeping.

You would think that in the aftermath of the Romney slip and slide joke of a run for office the GOP establishment would learn from their mistakes and evolve by including the incites of the Liberty minded activists activated by Ron Paul, …but as you know they haven’t.

No, it seems that the republican big wigs are hell bent on steering the party itself directly into the bosom of the democrat party, which we all know has been hijacked by the communist left for quite some time. In some freaky bosom embracing of ideology what we now see on the public screen is a hybridization of the republicans and the democrats. Now they are all for big government and in order to show you how much they waste no time with the neo night of the long knives; first hacked is Justin Amash.

That’s right, speaker of the house, Boner, and I am so sorry but that is how you pronounce his name. You can put lipstick on a pig etc. etc. but etc. etc. so that’s his name okay? Continuing; Boner has decided that he and the hidden few of the GOP can now monitor the votes of republican fellows, score them, and based on if they lean towards empire or not, can be removed with the whisk of a teary eyed speech. That may sound like a conspiracy theory but here’s you some chops to lick on my friend.

If we team this with the lines being drawn with the new catch phrase…fiscal cliff, which really means “Surprise! The Federal Reserve has been ripping you off your entire life!” we can begin to see a pattern. There aren’t two parties in Washington. Only one. As any student of history,  or ‘Star Wars’ fanatic will tell you this revelation of absolute tyranny is only the beginning. Now they will lash out, they will attempt to suppress the rebellion on the ice planet Hoth. Justin Amash must be purged. As he was, in suit of many to follow.

The GOP is beginning a purge of the concerned citizens who marched in this last election cycle. What that means is that they are beginning a purge of you and your voice. John Boner is selecting who is and isn’t a republican with the new, up scaled, rules they established at the national convention and quite frankly, you as a citizen have no say in matters whatsoever. You may click like on Fox news all you wish. You may share Glenn Beck’s feminine product commercials to kingdom come, yet Kolob will still await.

In Georgia we have the snot rag of history known as Saxby Chambliss. That’s right, from here until eternity the word snot rag and Saxby Chambliss will forever be connected,…and this is a good thing because that’s what he is. Here we have a person of privilege who could’ve joined the political process in order to help his fellow man; however that’s not what he did. No, he joined the political process in order to further himself and his imaginary value of self worth in the stock market rather than actually represent the people of his office. How do we know he is nothing more than a circumstantial whore of opportunity and compromise? By his own words of course.

So here we are. We are seeing the GOP establishment not only not learning from their sad mistakes before, rather they are digging in. They are digging in and they are attempting to strike back by stripping our people from places earned by our consent, and changing rules to restrict the voice of the lesser man. So you tell me, where are we in the series?

Perhaps it’s that dark period in Episode V, when all seems lost and the heroes seemed scattered. The Empire of the authoritarian, neoconservative Republican Party is drawing its line in the sand; they have not been willing, nor are they now neither willing, nor will they in the future be willing to compromise with you, the voice of the old Republic.

We have two choices here, if George Lucas has anything to say about it. We can either take the position of believing the senator from Naboo, has indeed become the emperor; or we can rip away the façade and know that the emperor is indeed the terrorist and begin to formulate a solution. In the very near future the republicans will be holding their mass meetings. We will see one of two things; either the numbers from the Ron Paul Liberty movement will show up, or they won’t. It’s as simple as that. If we see the same amount of volunteers appear for the precinct meetings, then we will be able to say Liberty is around the corner. If we do not…then you are free to paint your own apocalypse…because it is a surety unless the Liberty Movement finds a way to make it not so.

As the objective observer, I can honestly say that the outcome will be as much as a mystery for me as it is for all of you. Almost like a serial novel, yet in this one you play the pivotal part.