Skeletons of the Media Closet


Isn’t it just what our future needs – a drug dealer in a political seat? Well, what do you expect from a Black American?

OUCH! That’s harsh, isn’t it? Slanderous. The epitome of racist. It’s more saddening that these are the tactics of those running for public office. Unfortunately, it goes without saying that once you enter the public arena, anything goes – even your skeletons – right out of the closet. At least, for the person with the fattest wallet.

Despite their ability to focus on personal strength and what campaigners truly bring to the table, it’s much easier (and likely more affordable) to call out the flaws of opponents. TRUTH in reporting simply does not pay well, or produce the hype that our mainstream media seeks to boost their ratings.

Instead, the media (in the pockets of more financially formidable opponents) will gladly report on the dark places a person has been to in their life. They do it without care for how it will affect runners, or the people for whom these candidates are running for.


Rob Cunningham of “About Common Core” presents the Education Freedom Award to U.S. Senate candidate Minister Derrick E Grayson. Mr. Grayson is the ONLY Senate candidate in the state of Georgia to receive this award. Photo courtesy of About Common Core

It’s very true that Minister Derrick Grayson has a past – a more than 20-year old history that he may never fully live down. Who doesn’t? Who hasn’t in their youth done something they have only lived to regret?

However, isn’t it more likely that if the media has to dig as far back as 20 years  to find that crumb of dirt on a person, it’s probably because he learned from his mistake since being PARDONED  by Former Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue  and has moved on with new purpose?

It just doesn’t make “good” news to report on one’s growth from an experience.

Ratings are everything in a world of the “deaf, dumb and blind.

1.) Here’s an example of how media is bought and paid for.

2.)  Here’s what actually got reported.

(note ZENINTHECAR.COM  field reporter, Jason Patrick, in this video recording Mr. Castelan during the interview with Cliven Bundy.)

Although, being the absolute case with Mr. Grayson – a man who saw his share of struggle in life and turned it around – you won’t find this being reported by the media. His wallet is just not fat enough to make a million dollar offer to reporters for TRUTH.

Don’t ignore the negligence of our mainstream media. The bias in their reporting is immensely a direct relation to the numerous problems our country has faced, is facing, and will continue to face until WE THE PEOPLE stand up for what is right.

Derrick Grayson is a Black American that has battled at points in his life not unlike many of the Black American communities do to this very day. His progression from a past – in which he served time AND received pardon – ought not to be viewed so horrendously. Rather it should be seen as the inspirational opportunity that it is – not just to America, but to the Black communities of our country, that desperately need more strong, intellectual, and life-changing ROLE MODELS.

But this isn’t news. It’s certainly not news that sells. If you want biased news that sells – stick to mainstream.

TRUTH is a non paying job, and that’s all you’ll find here from the hearts of those that believe in one man’s proposed future. If we’ve reached you, we’re doing our jobs, unpaid and with utmost respect and faith in Minister Derrick Grayson.

“But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them,  He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7


This article was a collaborated between Sabrina Black and  Jason T.