A kiss to miss upon the blue yonder of time.
You are no longer yours and never more mine.
No locket or key and never more moments of glee.
One instant of lust carries a handsome fee.
A payment to be trodden by horses and men.
Eating dust of others in a race hopeless to win.
Her grapes gave wrath upon a broad tapestry.
My life I did give and was buried in history.
No other doors opened and no knob to see.
I question the path of my own misery.
My pen did probe the vessels of my heart.
And coffee did not keep me from coming dark.
Lies of sweetness, became bitter in the gut.
Was my heart decieved to drink of her cup?
I picked a rose, and yes my fingers did bleed.
Her beauty drained the life I thought to need.
Sultry lips with dark eyes of deep wonder.
Indeed it was I that shuddered at thunder.
Many misfortunes crept to seal my fall.
Yet in her mirror, she was the fairest of all.
Many starless nights along to suffer the cold.
I yelled at the wind that did break my mold.
No fame. No glory from whence the grave to go.
Many agonies reaped from what the heart did sow.