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Here’s the main problem we face.

The Selfish Nasty Private Global Banking Cabal (or whatever you want to label it) that is hell bent on destroying humanity and our Earth home, so they can remain in power and wealth, via endless false flags, wars, lies and corruption in ALL levels of our society, can be easily removed from their power structures, if WE the united people do so via their controls of us.  Namely “Ownership of Corporations”.  No one should own anything but their primary residence and safe keeps.  Everything else in our structured society should be public managed for the benefit of humanity, not for lining the profits of these egocentric, Satanic practicing leeches, keeping us enslaved, sick and brainwashed.

So I have heard various intelligent and vocal people like Michael Tellinger, and Ken O’Keefe tell us that all we have to do is remove their ability to issue, print and control the money supply, and then all their agencies, backdoor funded terrorist groups, illuminati etc, will dry up due to the lack of funding, and all those politicians, CEO’s, Hollywood producers, diplomats etc… that are willing to do their dirty work for them (at a price) will no longer have these backdoor contracts with no money to pay them anymore.

This I entirely agree with.  But there is one great big brick wall in the way of this happening.

And that is the brainwashed, deceived and consenting populace are still lost and trapped in their minds, and unable to see the truth in front of their faces, and in most cases act to defend the cleverly disguised system.  They cannot distinguish a Lie from truth.  The Media Prostitutes keep the deception going and young minds born into this slavery system are distracted and deluded further and further with each generation.  Not all but most.

So the question is; What is it going to take to get our heavily deceived and helpless people to open their minds, so we can get on with removing the corruption and healing this whole situation?

My answer is EGOIC AWARENESS.  Each individual must reflect inwards as recognise the ego mind and the damage they are causing to themselves in areas of their personal lives.  For example: In one’s past will be trauma events that happened, where the individual made it mean something about themselves or the people or circumstances involved.  Sure what was thought may have been relevant to then, but they continue to hold that as TRUE about themselves.  “The teacher said you are useless at Maths Johnny” and from then on Johnny has made it mean he is this way forever onwards.  These ‘Inner Dialogue Trauma Loops’ as I like to define them, are rampant in our past.  We are constantly evaluating and judging every situation, mostly based on our past experience.

However this is UNREALITY based in what’s happening right NOW.  All this meanings and emotional trauma based on past events keeps ‘looping’ over and over again due to the egoic mind wanting to protect and survive any further trauma. Instead of learning from the experience (whether bad or good) and then letting it go and moving on.  Just like a family member dying.  It hurts, and we need to grieve for a while, but then if we don’t let them go and move on we are only further hurting and damaging ourselves in grief.  There is a deeper spiritual aspect to our physically dead, but very much alive in spirit forever & ever.

Now these traumas vary from something small and seemingly insignificant, to massive emotional scaring.  Just look back in your past and find them.  But the good news is they are NOT real any more than the past was real once before.  When one is in the moment of now is New and refreshed.  We should only be bringing past experiences with us to help better understand what MIGHT be happening in a new and present moment.  But this rarely ever happens.  Instead the egoic mind goes back to the past and sees the possible incoming hurt or emotional upheaval and does whatever is necessary to stop it or survive it.  This in most cases results in assuming what is happening in the now, and reacting in a way that seemingly attacks or defends the situation, so it will go away.  This separates the person from REALITY, and creates a false reality or perception in the face of what is usually an entirely different situation or circumstance or people involved.

So my point here is… In this very corrupted world, those in power and doing a great job in allowing the egoic mind to rule.  TV media, movies, music,  education, luxury, competition, business, the list goes on and on, and is everywhere.  The brainwashed populace are so conditioned to act or re-act from the ego mind or at the (very least be distracted) via false fear creations and invented social normalities, that it seems almost useless to escape it when generation after generation, parent to child have been under this SPELL.


So how do we counteract such a massive situation?  My answer is to work on the individual. Each person must look back into their past and take responsibility for the fact that THEY have allowed THEMSELVES to become brainwashed.  The Cabal might seem to be the cause, but the CONSENT still ends with the individual.  This is why we DO see people Waking-up, regardless of how bad or easy their lives have been thus far.  Usually those that have suffered enough or are on their death bed recognise this on their own, and have let go of the past self-conditioning, and go on to ‘do the work’ to find and let go of more.  Then as these ‘Inner Dialogue Trauma Loops’ become AWARE to the individual they can bring to the present moment and clear and open mind to each new situation, and not the egoic past that separates, attacks and defends from the minds perception of UNREALITY.

The future outlook of the individual shifts, or transcends the past and lives in the present moment of REALITY.  Then one starts to see with REAL EYES, the REAL situation of the Cabal’s lies, games,  deceptions, power control, genocide etc… and is able to actively pursue a better future, if not only for themselves, but also for other people in their lives, or even the World of humanity.

ONLY then can each individual have the inner want to do something about creating a world that works, without the nasty Cabal Egomaniacs holding the reins and taking us to our graves in slavery.

So if we want the remove the Cabals control of money and power, then we must focus on helping each other to see that it is US, each of us individually and personally that requires inner reflection and work to be done in stripping away the false identities, and past UNREALITY traumas that our Inner dialogues have created.  We must take responsibility for the fact that we are allowing ourselves to be deceived time and time again.  And that the deceptions of the Cabal is only part of the factor.  We must each go to work on stripping away the Egoic Mind, and all the layers of the onion skin that have made it up over time.  The older the individual the more layers and traumas there are to work on.

Without this, we are forever trapped by our own minds and the Cabals brainwashing techniques to keep their power and money structures, and US all enslaved.  Enslaved by our own minds allowing it be this way.  Let’s help each other.  Let’s have compassion for those that are suffering and heavily brainwashed, and stop blaming them and calling them names, and being upset at them for not seeing the corruption and doing something about it.  Sure they are going to be deep in it, but we can only change this world together and united together so the Cabal cannot find ways around the small resistance and crush it.

We MUST stand together and help each other to Wake up.  This is not an easy task, but it is better than stamping your feet at the next protest march.   Start learning how to be a compassionate ‘mirror’ for people’s out of control and automatic selfish ego’s.  Start learning how to make a stand for those that need emotional support in getting past their ego’s manifested traumas, dramas, attention seeking habits.  Start looking deeper into yourself as well, as the ego always goes very deep and all the way back to your early childhood.   The pain that we all suffer from lies within, and is not something ‘out there’ to fix or change.  Who we are in spirit never changes, only the egoic mind is released from the damage it is causing to the self, and in the world.

Then we can start working on the Egomaniacs at the top of the money chain that are also very deluded, and think to control the people in the world is the only way.  Love &/or Compassion is the only way.  And love starts with the self before it can effectively be given outwardly and help and heal others.


We need to nourish the Body, Mind & Spirit, for without bringing awareness and wisdom to these 3 elements of the self, there is only the selfish ego on auto-pilot, trying to survive, with some occasional joys thrown in or forced in.

First, one must know and master the Body, in various ways.  Health and Healing from Nature ALONE, and not via today chemical loaded and nutrient and enzyme deficient, mono-cultured big corp and pharma shit we given at the shops.  Real food grown with love in your own backyard, that’s seasonal.  The non-use of anything artificial and chemical.  There are many ways around the shit we have been programmed to use over the last 100 years or so.  Go and find them!  Nature has the answer for ANY Illness, Disease, Parasite, and also for building a strong immune system.  Start doing your research away from what the medical In-Doctrinated Folk are telling you, and their chemical pharma buddies that pay them and keep them blind.

Second, is the Mind as I have already spoken about.  And the Third, Spirit can enter into a realm of discovering the Truth with Real Eyes.  The Churches that create spiritual Suppression, Fear generating & Ego mind engaging, that takes a past text from the word of man, and only interprets the messages from a literal perspective, instead of literately, being a story that encompasses a higher transcendental meaning.  All Religions are fine when it comes to showing you a path of being good to your fellow man, but then get lost in translation about what God is, and what the scriptures are really saying.  Instead the Churches manipulate the spirit into something that is external and never connected within.  They make us Fear God, and tell us we are sinners from birth. No, the Ego Mind is the Devil /Satan and it resides in your unbalanced Spirit. It is YOU.  But, so to does God, and your Higher Self.  But they speak without words, and one has to master themselves to hear silent messages, of one’s purpose or path that lies before oneself and everyone else.  The Egoic Mind is a mess of constant chatter, judgments, evaluations, and righteousness.  And is a part of you for a good reason… to learn and grow from, to transcend the negative impacts of selfish manifestations and suffering. When one grows up in an environment with Zero Egoic awareness, Spiritual Suppression, and bombarded with bad food and artificial health treatments, the individual cannot function in anything more than the selfish survivalist Egoic mind state, and suffer.  Then enter manipulation, competition, violence, and death.  In the face of a Church telling you, you are a sinner, and the Law wielding its punishments for crimes, its no wonder the world is the way  it is.  And those holding all the money simply wanting it to continue.  It is not wrong, It’s just the Collective Egoic Mind, way out of control.

However, we can rein it all in.  Anyone can turn their lives all around.  But this takes Being honest with yourself, taking Responsibility for your past misgivings, and being someone of integrity in the present moment.  Pain that comes up is part of the healing process.  Because on the other side of acceptance is Freedom and a chance to start again, in the Now in a more balanced way from within the self, and with others around you.  You make your own second chance, and you can do it time and time again.  Or little steps at a time.  The only thing standing in the way of your inner freedom and Peace, is your own WILLINGNESS to transcend the messes and mistakes you have created in your life thus far.  Every single second, every single moment is a change to turn it all around, and regain a life worth living.  Spreading it out to others, so we can all BE and LIVE this way, and return the world back into balance. Manifested from Love of Who We Are, and for each other.

So what’s holding you back?  Money? Job? too Busy? too Distracted? too Programmed? Or maybe just too Messed up?  These are just REASONS and EXCUSES for why not.  What are your reasons for blindly manifesting a life with suffering, and incompletions from the Past?…  A life of bad diets and diseases?… and the Spiritual programs of fear, submission, misinterpretations, and Guru external seekers?  There is only YOU and your excuses, justifications, reasons and Sob-stories.

So the only question is; When are you going to be willing to Wake YOURSELF up? ? ?

And then, get with the Earth mission of helping others towards their own path of self-discovery, so we can start moving forward as a collective, instead of backwards into destruction?


Ryan Marshall. (Revised 09Mar2016) Originally written 27Nov2014.

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