chickwithomeletAt this point just about everyone has had their inbox pinged or a friend request from the conveniently idiotic internet whore whose I.Q. is half of the three measurements they are peddling for your fundage. At this point most of us have developed the safe habit of ignoring these little cyber temptresses outright and that even includes a large portion of college age guys who still have all their pokemon nick-knacks displayed who typically fell for this type of thing. Obviously I get a lot of these digital pop-tarts propositioning me for cyber prostitution; but hey I always look for teachable moments in any situation. Recently while promoting my new book HEARTS AND ARROWS, HALOS AND HORNS on JADED with Kim and Chuck OChelli, a conversation I had copied and pasted to my Facebook wall with a webcam succubus came up on their show and it made for some rather funny radio. So if you happened to miss the two hour interview and hence this little bit of hilarity I thought it would be kosher to share with you all. The best medicine is laughter…unless you have V.D., that crap’s not funny. Enjoy!

About D.L. Crumpton

Daniel Louis Crumpton is a philosopher, political activist, and researcher of spirituality and comparative religions. He has compiled his research into the novel “Then Came the Flood” (on sale now at, AMAZON.COM, BARNESANDNOBLE.COM , WESTBOWPRESS.COM, BOOKSAMILLION.COM and ZENINTHECAR.COM), which offers an alternate and daring perspective to the events transcribed in the book of Genesis. Daniel is also an editor and frequent contributor to the political/spiritual/news website ZENINTHECAR.COM as well as the producer of ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. which covers topics ranging from political activism to enlightenment.
Daniel does not identify with any particular faith, however describes himself as a Sophian-Helio-Gnostic. He uses his experience and knowledge of the metaphysical as well as the occult to guide others to their individual understanding of enlightenment so they might be free from the bondage of Plato's cave. His message of wisdom, compassion and balance is heard by many who wish to see free and tolerant societies where all are allowed to walk their unique path without fear of condemnation.

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