Why is it so hard to uncover the Truth?


The truth(s) of our World & Nature is really getting out there thanks to people posting it everywhere. They will try to stop the world waking up to their scumbaggery, be the truth comes down to this 1 question… WHY? Why must they keep the truth(s) hidden, suppressed, disinfo’ed, delusions, distractions etc… 1 answer = no, not the money… no, not the power/ego and enslavement (but they required that to get the job done)…, Its to hide our spirits and connection to each other and beyond. For our creator is also working on fixing things up here on our flat earth, the centre axial spin of our known Electromagnetic universe/dome/stars. Our Creator is causing the wake up! Don’t you feel it? We are electromagnetic creatures with a soul/spirit, we are an amazing organic antenna. Why would you be blind to this and then over the space of a few years/decade say, some of us start to wake up, and we are doing it together. We discover for ourselves our true nature and our Corrupted world via egoic corruption of the mind and his-story.

The internet is a tool that has back fired on their plans. IF they take it away (shut us down), we will find other means to continue the push for truth. New people arise and new opportunities come forward. New videos are made, new members and subscribers that know you from reputation come back in a rush. … Think of it like losing your PC hard drive, no back-up. You just start again and it all comes back. Why? because we are the ones who care, we are the ones who want for a peaceful Utopia world, another golden age that is always possible. It will happen if we don’t let them get to us. Stand firm in your heart and self-power of knowing the truth. For this is what we that will bring about justice in this very corrupted world. The house of cards will fall soon, as long as we are tenacious and stay in the present moment of mind and one’s power, we will change the world… piece by piece, person by person, conversation by conversation. For it is the mind/spirit that we are communicating to.  To other people’s hearts’ and minds about what is the truth. All that is required is Words and the actions manifest themselves. The signal that we hu-mans are receiving from the Creator is why we are waking up. Listen to your heart (with awareness of the egoic mind to keep you balanced), and together we be Triumphant!  Stick it to ’em Truthers. I am, with every conversation. And everyday you do speak up and sow the seed with people, you are to. Don’t let the minions, the shills, and their scumbaggery get to you. Otherwise they win.  Point is, WE ARE WINNING, because you can’t hide the truth forever, and that’s all that matters.

One has to know how to deal with egoic scumbaggary. To do so one has to first recognise it in the self, then after working on the self, be able to recognize in others. Then one can see how to interact and communicate with them in such a way that they cannot get what they want from you. If you stick with “love and light, karma and christ consciouness” then you are leaving yourself open to their nasty selfish tactics. You will be screwed over time and time again until you have suffered enough, and force yourself how to learn to deal with their selfish egoic scumbaggary. This IS what humanity at large is dealing with. We are still hoping to be looked after, whilst actually being screwed over, and we are suffering over and over, until eventually we have had enough, and will deal with these corrupt selfish pricks properly.

Like say END ALL OWNERSHIP, ie Private Central Banks, Corporations, The Crown, and the corruption of Political figures via money.  No single person should own anything other than a basic home and simple luxuries. We are all familiar with the pyramid structure of power creating enslavement of the entire worlds human population. The common man at the bottom. the ownership level of the minions and their corporations, the political prostitutes and inhuman laws created and enforced by the Judges and Magistrates. The next level is how the later is also owned via the Private central bankers. The handful of major PCBanks that control the flow of money via the anti-generous, anti-human, anti-love for life and mankind, with structures of taking. These created structures are things called, interest, tax, registration, licences, fees, venue raising fines, rates, insurances etc… I will call them Money subtractions. Everything in our lives is about paying for it. You must have money in-order to live and exist.

Well sure, when it is stripped down to just the need for exchanges of goods, and services, wages for work done, (and not profits made)… we find there is NO NEED for any of the money subtractions, and is only created for profit and benefit someone else ‘above you’. Taxes are not needed to create things for the community. We just make them. We use our labour and skills to create them from natural resources from our mother Earth. So why do we need someone making money from this process? Why because of PCBanks and their ownership of greedy selfish racist and nationalist egoic minds. They must continue to take, take, take and justify the system of enslavement is the only to get things done. WRONG! If we all stood up to the criminal thieves, we could very easily RESET the financial system for benefit humanity.

Ryan Marshall. 19April2016.

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