Cannabis Giveaway

As a thank you to our supporters and followers, we here at thought it would be just ever so neat if we gave something away. What could be better than free cannabis, right? Team Zen has been in close association with the CannaSense Total Wellness collective for some time now, assisting Americans suffering from a multitude of physical/mental/emotional ailments with access to plant based medicine such as cannabis in all 50 states.


What you could win:

  • A preconfigured Welcome Kit from the CannaSense Apothecary selected by the winner or a customized Welcome Kit with medical cannabis/psilocybin items selected by the winner. The total amount of the Welcome Kit is $420.00, so expect the selected medicine to calculate at that value.
  • Significant discounts on future procurements of medicine in the CannaSense Apothecary for a lifetime (discounts on items range from 5% to 30% on average).
  • Entry into the CannaSense Affiliate program where winners can receive monthly earnings for referrals to the program.
  • Did we mention $420.00 worth of cannabis?

Rules for Entering:

  • Simple. Be 21 years of age with some form of ID to present for validation.

How to enter:

  • Also simple. All you have to do is subscribe to and its social media platforms to enter.
  • Each subscription is an entry (if you subscribe to the site that puts your name in once. If you subscribe to the site and the YouTube that puts your name in twice and so on until you have subscribed to all the little social media doo-dads available). Icons for all our available outlets are in the sidebar of the site (if you are on your smart phone scroll til you see em’.)
  • Thoughtful, insightful and hilarious comments on our YouTube channel will warrant a smaller door prize from the CannaSense Apothecary. You give us dopamine, we give you cannabis. Fair enough, right?

How Winners are selected:

  • All subscribers from all platforms will be put through the excruciating and complicated process of having their names put in a hat, shuffled around for a bit, then selected at random each month.
  • Winners will be contacted after the drawing to select the medicine they would like in the Welcome Kit on the platform they were pulled from.


Pretty simple huh? All you have to do is hit a few subscribe buttons, listen to some goodness from and you in all likelihood will win yourself some free cannabis as well as become the coolest kid in your group of friends for a few days. The variety of items in the Apothecary are sure to ease whatever ailment you have, from flower to vape cartridges. Topicals to bath bombs and my personal favorite; edibles. For questions or comments just click on that live chat button you see on the bottom left of your screen. So thanks for your subscriptions, good luck and Stay Well!