phaze5posterZENINTHECAR.COM is a collection of authors, bloggers, radio personalities, activists, film makers, spiritualists and philosophers who have come together in Socratic fashion in order to make sense of the world we happen to find ourselves swimming about in. The contributors of ZENINTHECAR.COM have ran the gauntlet of questions many of our readers find themselves still struggling with; be it how one deals with the police state, false flag terrorism, propaganda of the main stream media machine or be it the most pressing questions the spiritual as well as metaphysical communities are asking-the members of Team Zen have all been there before. Here we discuss current events and topics of the metaphysical/spiritual realms through the lenses of simplicity, clarity, philosophy and of course with the proper dosage of sarcasm with a dash of wit.


Having been in the shoes of those who have more questions than answers, our highest goal is to hold our individual and collective lanterns up with arms outstretched to offer simple solutions that will not freak you the hell out as we all get oriented in this Age we have found ourselves collectively existing in. The contributors at ZENINTHECAR.COM have no interest in generating fear, panic or the threat of impending doom so you can stop stocking your underground bunker with storable foods now and come along with us as we view, imagine and create a much more interesting world. We choose to do this through every medium available to us whether it is through commentary, fiction, music, radio, and video or finger-paint. We aim to answer for all seekers of the Truth and Light that you indeed are not alone. You may be a little weird, but you are not alone. So enjoy ZENINTHECAR.COM because as we like to say around here, It Good For You.


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