Popcorn Politics: Justice League Snyder Cut Review

Dylan Wade

Maybe you heard something about a little indie film that was recently released called “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”, or what the heathens refer to as “The Snyder Cut”. Regardless of if you have sat through all 72 hours of it or not, Dylan Wade and D.L. Crumpton are more than happy to fill you in on what all the buzz is about in this review. Put on your pajamas with the footies and grab some popcorn before smashing that play button like Superman smashed Steppenwolf’s face in. Groovy!


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Dylan Wade loves cinema. I mean, he really, really loves cinema. Therefore, Mr. Wade has accompanied Team Zen to do that which he does best. Review cinema with the most excellent form of snarkiness with a hint of introspection. He also hosts the live podcast "Popcorn Politics" with the Ochelli Network. Groovy!

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  1. Hey Dylan! I interviewed Daniel on 13 Questions last year and he recommended you as a guest for the show also so I was wondering if you would be interested.

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