From the Book of the Cog we read “There is no machine large or terrifying enough which cannot be brought to a stop when a solitary Cog decides to turn in an opposite way”. If we, members of the growing Liberty movement look back at where we come from there is no doubt in our mind that we have all come from some type of bondage. Some of us came from the bondage of partisan politics, others came from the bondage of the mainstream media’s narrative, while others came from the bondage of institutionalized racism and yet others the bondage of state sponsored religion.

Bondage has many prisons and within those prisons there are many cells. Though each of us do come from a diverse swath of different control systems in this machine of bondage the one truth which can be applied to all of us within the Liberty movement is that once we were blind, but now we see. One can know about freedom yet remain enslaved, one can also know about freedom and understand how it works; all the while still being enslaved. However for one to truly know freedom they must not only know about it, or merely understand how it works; rather they must know about it, how it works and then put it into the wisdom of action. It is only when all three of these components are simultaneously engaged that a person has an intimate relationship with true Freedom and becomes a beacon of Liberty lighting the dark prison cells of bondage for others to see the way.

After heavily pondering these issues with heartfelt compassion on those still running around the rat race of control systems our world has to offer, I have settled on the following blueprint or road map as the core of what our movement should adopt as its guidepost for the present tense as well as the unforeseeable future. The body of this mission statement will attempt to lay out for those reading a clear course for all our navigation systems to go by in order to effect powerful, lasting, self perpetuating change in a state and country quickly approaching a totalitarian prison camp. I am in no way suggesting that the following is perfect or free from flaw nor am I suggesting that it cannot be modified or changed by others who may look at it with a fresher perspective and offer course corrections. This mission statement is simply your humble author and activists attempt at slapping a nice hunk of clay on the potter’s wheel and asking for others to help shape it into a vessel worthy of holding the untainted waters of Liberty for others to drink from. It’s implementation and its success is built on you. The individual reading now. Not the person beside you, nor the friends you have on face book. If after reading this mission statement you believe it can work and must work then it is imperative for you to understand that waiting for others to do it first is fatal. It is also fatal to trust in the illusory numbers our movement has on the Internet because quite frankly many who are members of the various Liberty pages in our state don’t even bother to show up to the monthly republican meetings. Commenting on activist pages is great but when the rubber meets the road it is clear to see that many claiming to be Liberty activists won’t even trouble themselves enough to be involved in the local tyranny they can immediately change much less the national tyranny springing up all around us. In short, talk is truly cheap where Freedom and Liberty are concerned and in order for this blueprint to work you, the person reading now, must put your money where your mouth is and take action more involved that simply clicking post, like, or share.

Our movement has a good many obstacles to overcome and has a few long term goals already on the radar but there will never be a time when we can put this country back on autopilot, for that is what got us into this mess to begin with. We, as a nation, sat on our hands for too long only paying the corruption of government brief attention long enough for just a few snide remarks or punch lines about politicians being at the bottom of the sea being a good start. What honestly allowed things to get this bad is the fact that we were derelict in our duty of keeping the Republic. Because our Republic afforded us, as a people, with the maximum amount of freedom that freedom afforded us the most prosperity the world has ever known; if materialism is left unchecked this can become a problem. The American people began to give more nurturing to the prosperity part rather than the Freedom part and in a short amount of time became complacent and apathetic. We ceased from holding our public servants accountable to the Constitution and in so doing allowed these prisons of bondage to be built around us.

Thankfully though, there is still an open door of opportunity to put the brakes on our race into the ditch and that is the structure of the republican party. It has been demonstrated by our lightening rod, Ron Paul, that by simply following the rules of the republican party we can ensure that only Constitutional candidates are elected and burdensome legislation’s are stripped from the books rather than added to daily, however the one hurdle in our efforts to do this has simply boiled down to a numbers game. In order for the Liberty movement to get a firm grip on the wheel of power again it really is only a matter of getting enough like minded people in the room on a regular basis to stop corruption as a little leaven on the local level before it leavens the whole lump of our nation as a whole. Thus far I have yet to hear of any real plan on how this problem should effectively be addressed but it is the foundational presumption of your author’s argument in this mission statement and therefore will be the focus of all its working parts as a solvable problem. An easily solvable problem because each of us already know from experience what the solution is. We were not politically active before we were Liberty minded and we did not become Liberty minded until we first realized we were in some sort of bondage and that the way things were told to us are not actually the way things are. We woke up, so to speak or more preferably we became enlightened to the reality of our situation. This bubbled up inside of us the Spirit of Freedom which does not seek the leadership of any man as the almighty, wise, shower of the path to be walked rather we understood that Freedom and Liberty are personal concepts which can only be understood, appreciated and obeyed within the confines of the individual. We all are agents of the change we want to see and because of this, we do not need to be lead or prodded into becoming active. We can see the problems and each of us simply feel compelled to do our part with the talents and skills we each bring to the table.

So the solution to our numbers problem is simply to replicate what happened to us. We must seek out others who are still in the bondage of control systems, held there by the shackles of ignorance and give them the key of knowledge that they too might become free. Is this not already common knowledge among us? Aren’t we all doing our parts to share with family and friends the message of Liberty and the warning against tyranny? Perhaps we are and perhaps we aren’t. Whichever the case with you, the reader, what I am proposing in this mission statement is this same simple formula we all know only on a much larger and much more aggressive scale.

Though the enthusiasm of the newcomers in the 2012 presidential race to the movement is encouraging, my honest assessment is that the current level of activism and political participation on behalf of the Liberty movement in our state leaves much to be desired. I am in no way demeaning the efforts of those who have been active nor am I saying that the accomplishments that have been made are futile or not noteworthy it is simply my intention to point out that it is within our capacity to do much better.

We may not have the swelling numbers of committed activists as other states, however we do have a very committed core of activists and that is enough. The vision of this project would first be to consolidate those committed activist into a roundtable group made up of the committed core already installed within the republican party. This roundtable group would be free from any permits or legal documents which would only serve to restrict its activity and purpose. This roundtable group would simply be a private gathering of Liberty minded people who all share the long term goals of restoring the Constitutional republic by means free from all forms of violence or bloodshed. This group would have no hierarchy, no chairman, no rank or membership by degrees of any form and have no power over any group or person attached or branched off from it. This group will not conduct its business in secretive manner, nor will it engage in any activity which violates the civil rights of a single human being at any time.

The primary purpose of this roundtable group is simply to set goals for itself as a body and the multiple off shoots it will ultimately spawn once formed. It will also be a pulling together of resources both intellectual and human.

One of the fascinating things about our movement is that it is comprised of such a diverse swath of people, which if put together outside this movement would seemingly be at each other’s throats; yet somehow this inevitability is void in our gatherings. Because of the common desire for Freedom and Liberty all other differences among us seem a distant secondary where our disagreements stay nicely put within the borders of the ideological marketplace. The reason this phenomenon is exclusive to the Liberty movement is because of the multiple forms of bondage we all have come from. We are all coming to this from different places but we understand that we are now all in the same place. Up until now this unique little trait has not been recognized as the weapon that it truly is. It is the aspiration that this roundtable group be comprised of people as diverse in its membership as the diversity we see within the movement as a whole.

The purpose of this would be for the effectiveness of this mission statement’s goals to be as wide reaching as possible. You see, each member would have a particularly unique perspective on how they emerged from former control systems and from that perspective see clearer ways in which others from the same system can be brought into our movement as well by means of education. With the pooled resources and support of the roundtable group, the individuals making it up would then go back to the control systems they left with the goal of waking those still in them up and bringing them into the fold of the Liberty movement both fully awake and eager to jump into the political process with the same passion and fervor as many of us.

Essentially the role of the roundtable group is to be a central hub for several ‘waking up’ projects which will be performed simultaneously, each headed up by members of the group who have a passion for particular projects and have volunteered to take on the challenge. Like cogs in a machine, the roundtable group will act as the central gear from which all attached gears ultimately turn from in a concentrated effort to take back our state and country from special interest politicians who have long since abandoned the notion of a Constitutional republic. Once the projects begin and people from all different walks of life scattered within the numerous groups of systematic control structures are awakened to Freedom and Liberty, the central roundtable group will be responsible for preparing them to enter the republican party. As our numbers grow from the hard work of reaping future activists our goals of binding the government will become easier as well as more expedient with the advantage of the roundtable group being able to concentrate on certain short term and long term goals with laser precision.
The following will be some of the major control systems that your author believes should be focused on for this endeavor first and foremost based on their effectiveness thus far in furthering the agenda of those who wish to dissolve our sovereignty into the hands of a few as well as their efficiency in keeping people in the dark to what is really going on in the world. I will give a very brief overview of the nature of these control systems and how they have been enslaving Americans for quite some time as well as lay out a general idea for how the members of the roundtable group might go about reaching those inside. I want to stress that if this mission statement moves beyond the phase of me writing and you reading into actual activism, the mission statement comes second to the ideas of those participating. The words here are in no way to be construed as rules which cannot be changed, added to, ignored or modified from those of you who may have better methods of the ultimate goal. The name of the game is numbers. As it stands those pulling us into a dictatorship have the numbers at least in the mechanisms which have all the power. The only purpose of this mission statement is to offer a solution to that problem and if you have suggestions or a blueprint which will shift the numbers to our side faster than the methods laid out here, then by all means take action not mentioned here. I also want to stress that the following control systems are the ones your author is most aware of and is convinced to be the primary systems which need our immediate attention so if there are some I have overlooked those should be thrown into the mix as well.


When the expression “Driving while black” has become an idiom of our modern culture, there is needless to say a problem in America that has yet to be properly addressed. There is no denying that every other mile marker on the freeway is sure to have several police tossing a young black man’s car while he stands near the hood of theirs. Though it has become something of a punch line with people, the truth of the matter is that it simply isn’t funny. Rather, it is one of the biggest indicators that we can see all around us of something being extremely wrong with our country and it’s so called justice system. I am of the opinion that the time for making light of the matter should come to an end and it is the goal and deliberate intent of this mission statement to offer a well thought out solution for how this should be done and how it can be done.
I understand that for some it will seem unlikely that the thoughts and intents of this mission statement are coming from a young white male raised mostly in the southern states which is why I feel it necessary to elaborate for you exactly how I came to the ideas I will present here and more importantly; why.
Growing up I was raised to believe that all men are equal regardless of skin color, ideology or any other label man chooses to place on us in order to divide and group us into smaller camps. There was never a time in my life when I felt that certain races were superior or inferior to one another and upon further examination of the topic I am now of the belief system that races do not exist at all, rather only cultures. You and I both know scientifically there is no basis for classifying humans into “races” and genetically the differences between any ethnicity is around.002%. Theologically we also know that if the entirety of mankind came from only one male and one female, the only way you could get all the ethnicities in our world today is if the original two had brown skin tone. So anyway you honestly look at it races simply do not exist; rather are gates having been placed between us by those seeking to keep us apart.
This mindset was firmly cemented within me around the age of fifteen when my brother and I experienced an event late at night in a dark parking lot after having come out of a movie theater. We were starting our walk home when from seemingly nowhere ten to twelve young black guys came storming at us full speed. Ten to twelve really big black guys. The moment I heard the stomping shoes on the concrete and realized something didn’t seem right I shortly thereafter found myself on the concrete. All I could see were bursts of light every other second in between the flickers of boots stomping my collar bone or sneakers being thrust into my temples repeatedly with tremendous force. As I was beaten and kicked, unable to get up I could see across the concrete my brother also getting brutalized to the point of death. It seemed like an eternity of pummeling but I’m sure it could’ve realistically only have lasted less than a minute or surely we would be dead. They ran off into the night, laughing as they left us for dead and apparently feeling more powerful having assaulted defenseless, unprepared and outnumbered by passers. The incident left both of us bedridden for days, unable to eat or move more than a few feet and stricken with post traumatic stress disorder.

The guys were never caught but we did find out later that it was some sort of gang initiation which required the severe beating of white people. So from all the wounds I had to heal from, the one that took the longest was trying to understand how so much hate could be inside people towards others they don’t even know, yet somehow still insist on hating because of petty differences. I distinctly remember months later relying the story and someone listening chimed in with a violent response ending with the word nigger. That was when I understood that this was a cycle. Hatred was being fed off of hatred and I could see how the weak minded were being drawn into something they didn’t fully understand and refused to question.
After having nearly been killed by black men simply because I was white not too many would fault me had I chosen the path of the weak minded and become racist or began to judge all people with dark skin poorly due to the savage acts of a handful of foolish young men. However I refused to let those foolish young men win, I refused to let them pull me into a cycle of ignorant hate and deny the apparent truth all around us that all men are created equal.

However, though I was fortunate enough to grow up with such a mindset I still was ignorant to a great many things regarding racism in our time. I was under the impression that the plight of the young black man was nothing more than an overblown figment of the imagination, that all of the harassment I heard them complain about from police and other “authority figures” was at the very most an exaggeration drawn from paranoia passed down from previous generations. It was in my early twenties when working a job requiring me to travel all throughout the south when my eyes were finally opened and I was educated to the fact that not only is racism still alive and well, it is institutionalized.

The job I worked required plenty of travel and more motel rooms in strange places than you can possibly imagine. Constantly being away from home began to wear on my morale and it didn’t take long before I started recruiting friends and family who were also experienced in my line of work. Week long trips go by much more comfortable with familiar faces and among some of the faces I recruited was a long time friend who happened to be a black male. It was during that two year period of practically being with him twenty four hours a day and five to six days a week that I had the opportunity to see through the eyes of a black man living in the south.
I witnessed waitresses refusing to serve him, cooks deliberately undercooking his food, police officers harassing him for doing simple things such as walking into a gas station or instinctively getting ready to slap the handcuffs on his wrist when it was I who was being unruly. I saw for the first time that “driving while black” was not simply a funny punch line but was indeed an unfortunate reality. For me this was quite a perspective changing event and for the first time I could see from both sides of the racism equation. The combination of the two life changing events compelled me to search out more on the matter which lead me to the designed assault targeted generally at minorities but primarily the black community.

For reasons I will bypass for the moment due to time, I think it is becoming and has been for quite some time apparent that major corporate powers have deliberately placed fabricated, public figures for the black community with the clear goal of hijacking the culture of black America. These figures range from the likes of Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton to Jay Z and the legions of other hip hop stars waiting in the wings. Rather than present the black community, and present to the black community an image which is more akin to the truth, these pied pipers have instead taken them down a path which only leads to materialism and the glorification of ignorance, specifically regarding the natural rights belonging to them by birth from an Almighty God who sees us all as equals. This ignorance delivered to the black youth of our country within the Trojan horse of entertainment and false civil rights advocates has only served to grease the wheels of a machine which ensures minorities are subject to more police brutality, false arrest, haunted by felonies for frivolous offenses and detained in privately owned prisons from where their labor is sold for pennies on the dollar. It is almost a given that any young, black, man in this country on probation will surely be snatched right back into the money making leviathan as soon, if not within weeks of having paid off prior ‘debts to society’ and I for one am disgusted at what is being done to them by the enablement of my tax dollars. I am not paying law enforcement to participate in a Ponzi scheme of human lives and neither are you; yet this is what is happening with our protectors and servants.

Just as all other injustices within our constitutional republic, the problem will always lay at the feet of ignorance, be it voluntary or forced; therefore the solution must be education. The following is merely a foundational idea which can only be built upon by the action of volunteers seeking none other profit than that of lifting their fellow man up in our degrading society.

The format of a one, two, three or more hour speaking seminar with a power point presentation or slide show should be developed. The speaker should be both charismatic, entertaining as well as fully capable to explain such issues as Liberty, Sovereignty and civil rights in a manner which doesn’t come across as classroom or dull. Personal Freedom is an exciting topic and should be delivered in an exciting way. The first hour should be a brief explanation and demonstration of the Ten Amendments to the Constitution also known as the Bill of Rights. A quick but powerful seminar on the sovereign citizen’s rights and more importantly how to exercise them will be given in an environment that is as interactive as possible. The one hour crash course on the Bill of Rights will heavily emphasize how to assert and protect your rights specifically when dealing with the police. For the young black man and woman this is typically the first area where their civil rights begin being stripped away and thus should be the first area most adamantly guarded by the knowledge of one’s own rights. At the end of the first segment or hour all in attendance will receive a free pocket Constitution and a Liberty card which states they understand their Rights and will not be waiving them, a business card size type up which can be handed to the police with license and registration at their next stop. In addition each in attendance should be given a free packet of contact information for organizations such as the ACLU et al that offer free representation to minorities who feel their civil rights have been violated.

The sole purpose of this first hour is to equip a room full of young people, regardless of their ethnicity(no one will be excluded in this endeavor) of their God given rights and give them the information and the confidence they need to go out and stand up for them individually. Imagine one hundred young black men who know their rights flooding into a community and surprising a local police force accustomed to searching every minority driven automobile without a warrant for time immemorial. Imagine one hundred young black men remaining silent from the beginning and refusing warrantless searches to the detriment of the police by way of multiple lawsuits. Imagine if those one hundred young black men taught one hundred more and finally imagine this being duplicated in communities around the country.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the Liberty movement a second segment or hour will be presented which will, in no uncertain terms, lay out the devastation being inflicted upon the black community by the military industrial complex in a very ‘Alex Jones’ fashion. A power point presentation and or slide show will also be included which will tell the story of eugenics in America and the desires of people such as Margaret Sanger to ‘exterminate the black human weed’ as well as president Obama’s support of her legacy, Planned Parenthood. The second hour will drive home the fact that there is a designed effort by the powers that be to neutralize the black community with a web of entitlement programs as well as prevent them from being politically active so that they might once again change the course of history.

The third segment or hour will be nothing but solutions. It will lay out systematically that for those who wish to honor the memory of such great, historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa parks it is imperative that they join the Liberty movement in restoring this country to its true republican roots. The message of Liberty championed by the likes of Ron Paul will be explained thoroughly and the philosophy of grassroots activism will be pressed upon to those willing to hear. For those willing to join us in our efforts it will be explained that the best chance for turning our country around is to insert ourselves into the fractured local republican party and restore it to its conservative roots. A brief course on Robert’s Rules of Order will be given and contact information obtained for all those willing to join our cause.

Though this is merely a germinal idea for a program intended to be built upon, once structured in detail it should be advertised as a free ‘learn to deal with the police’ on local hip hop and R and B radio stations as well as presented to owners of hip hop clubs in hopes they will offer their establishments for such seminars during non club hours of operation free of charge out. Such owners and radio station operators should be appealed to out of a sense for the betterment of the community and enlightenment of the culture they are ultimately responsible to.
I believe the sole reason the black community has been targeted first and foremost is because of the passion encapsulated within its people. Some stereotypes are true and anyone who has heard a white church choir sing versus a black church choir sing knows that there is no lack of passion within the heart and soul of the black American. Those attempting to engineer a socialist, Orwellian future for this country know that the passion which brought about the civil rights movement of the sixties is quite possibly the greatest threat in bringing about a civil rights movement of the new millennium. For this reason I believe the mass reawakening of the young black community should be an area heavily focused upon with efforts of Constitutional education. I am sure it would do nothing but please our local neoconservative republicans to see an army of young black faces marching into the monthly meetings, all aware of their rights, all skilled in Roberts Rules, and all chomping at the bit to run for any and all open offices.


Organized religion in this country has become nothing more than mass trafficking of the souls of men. We are beginning to see once again the rise of a state sponsored church in the guise of the tax exempt 501-C3 corporations and the doctrines revered by the likes of Adolf Hitler, namely that Romans 13 teaches the unwavering fidelity to government no matter what. We are seeing houses of worship spring up all around with more flavors than Baskin Robins to choose from yet it is blatantly obvious that the well of spirituality in America is as dry as a bone.

How is it that two out of every three people you meet gladly have their name on the roles of some religious organization but most people still remain ignorant of such simple, spiritual concepts as the Golden Rule; of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? Why do we see most people in America, claiming to be religious, praying for the repeal of such things like Roe V Wade but when it comes to actually running for office or participating in local politics they are absent from the roles in that arena? It would make sense to me for those truly passionate about turning this country around and getting it back to its “Biblical” roots of all men being created equal and allowing others to live their lives as they see fit so long as it does no harm to others, to not simply pray for change; rather be change’s agent. Sadly, the fact of the matter is that those kneeling at altars every Sunday and keeping the offering plates moving do little in the way of actually getting anything done at all.

Only a casual glance at the American religious corporation will show that regardless of the title on the sign outside or the method of baptism on the inside, our varying schools of multiple American religions are nothing more than a rat race to keep the masses in a distraction based on fear and works salvation, to which your author is violently opposed. In my estimation any religion claiming to offer a means of salvation to its adherents based on works for salvation’s attainment is little more than a spiritual bear trap designed to keep men’s souls tightly controlled by means of fear. I believe this system of control, which typically manifests itself by way of a priest class hierarchy is the most ancient of control systems because we can see the terror and human tragedy it has wreaked upon us going all the way back to the beginning. Because of its efficiency in keeping the masses under control it is understandable that those seeking to destroy our republic and bring about a one, all powerful, state government have chosen to utilize religion in their agenda. Therefore it is the intent of this author and this mission statement to take this dilemma head on and work diligently to undo the vice grip clamped on the hearts of those trapped within its schemes.

For the most part this control system in America has infiltrated the different sects falling under the banner of the “Christian”. Specifically within our state, you would be hard pressed to find any house of worship which somehow or another doesn’t connect itself to the person commonly known as Jesus Christ. For this reason I will only focus on this area and ask that those reading who come from other spiritual schools of thought try to amalgamate your own solutions from your own perspective. Though it is the common American experience to encounter this system with a Bible in its hand, there is no doubt in my mind that this spiritual infection has managed to creep into the faith of the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim alike.

I do not believe it will be beneficial to the goals of this mission statement to address the endless doctrinal disagreements and teachings which are in clear opposition to the plain reading of the scriptures, that should be done within the marketplace of ideas. I do believe that there are a handful of critical teachings held in most denominations which are ultimately going to have to be addressed if we are to bring the churches into our cause. Hopefully, with the right members of the central roundtable group, a means of addressing these teachings with as little contention as possible will allow us to side step many of the argumentative trappings one comes across when trying to communicate reason to “religious” people and the cause of Freedom and Liberty will be received by all who hear it’s message. Tactful speech and strategic delivery of information will be key in waking the sleeping masses stuck in the hamster wheel of organized religion.

One of the primary problems facing this endeavor in regards to the churches is undoubtedly the left\right paradigm. Almost all church members are absolutely convinced that democrat means the devil and republican means Jesus. Without any fund of knowledge regarding the misdeeds of the republican party, “Christians” across our state are convinced that so long as they vote republican they have fulfilled their obligations to the inner workings of our government. They do not monitor the votes of their congressman and they do not call the senators who help pass legislation like the NDAA which will ultimately destroy freedom of worship in this country. They are under the impression that all republicans are committed Christians who seek the scriptures and prayer before voting on anything. The activism of those within the churches never goes beyond the walls of their 501-C3 building, and the exercise of their free speech in disgust of tyranny is never uttered louder than the muttered mantras they whisper at the feet of the preacher and his pulpit. Those still in this control system have been convinced that so long as they keep praying for our country, God will magically intervene without their participation at all. This left\right trap is probably the most effective in keeping those seeking a spiritual life from ever taking action into their own hands and will need to be dismantled straightway.

The next teaching which needs to be addressed is this asinine notion that the Bible itself teaches obedience to government no matter what. There is no church whose doorstep I have darkened, nor any sermon my ears have been dulled by on this issue which didn’t attempt to inject a line of reasoning which would leave the lesser mind to think that in obeying tyrants one is actually obeying God. Such nonsensory is decorated with half quoted phrases such as “Render unto Caesar” and “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers”. Preachers across the state and country who are typically members of the clergy response team indoctrinate their flocks with the idea that those in office are placed there by God and should be prayed for and supported even as they enable the wholesale slaughter of millions with their tools of war, sanctions, and tax funded abortions. This teaching keeps the church goers in a state of fear, worried that if he says or does anything antagonistic to those in “authority”, God will become displeased with them and remove some sort of magical hedge of protection. This allows the church goers the levity to shake his head at tyranny but in the realm of changing tyranny he is obviously castrated. If we are to wake up and recruit the minds of those sitting faithfully in the pews this issue of Romans 13 must be dismantled methodically.

One of the biggest hot button issues, as well as the trickiest topic to traverse will be that of the nation state of Israel. Because the Bible is derived from the Hebrew scriptures and most Christians, in their multiple sects feel that the genetic offspring of Abraham are God’s chosen people, speaking in condemnation of the actions of the nation state of Israel’s misdeeds is the spark of a great many debates. Depending on the denomination or “Christian” school of thought you will find the topic of Israel may vary in its interpretation, but consistently remains one of the chiefest cornerstones of passionate discourse of them all. While some sects hold the nation state of Israel as a genetically superior race, to be blindly supported and protected at all costs; there are other sects which do not hold this doctrine as militantly. Because touching the topic of Israel often has the same effect as the cold touching an open nerve of the tooth, all efforts in the endeavor of this mission statement should be taken to avoid an interpretation of the nation state of Israel one way or the other. It is not our goal to correct the beliefs of some who through fancy words or no, believe that God has predetermined the superior or inferior genetics of a people with no design of their own or were born with a particular lineage that the case is otherwise. This notion again, will be dealt with later in the market place of ideas. However, because this topic is the center of a great deal of controversy we will need to handle it on a touch and go basis. The members from the round table group who would wish to pursue our efforts in this area will need to utilize a great deal of discernment from congregation to congregation on how the nation state of Israel should be addressed. There is no doubt though, it must be addressed. The fact of the matter is the government of the nation of Israel, in conjunction with the government of Great Britain, as well as America, are coluding together to do a great deal of damage to the natural rights of all men everywhere. As a result of lobbyist, and their bought and paid for special interest politicians, the men and women of our armed services have been pulled into global conflicts which have nothing to do with protecting our borders and everything to do with protecting the borders of Israel. Fear, once again, has been summoned in the control system of the American religious corporation to quell dissent in regards to Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinian people, as well as their documented involvement with several acts of false flag terrorism.
When it comes to the platform of Ron Paul and his message of Freedom and Liberty the average church goers hits a brick wall when any mention of cutting Israel’s foreign aid is brought to the discussion. Designed reactionary fear invokes instantanious rejection of the message we bring. A way must be found to systematically show that our tax payers dollars being sent to Israel, as well as our eager willingness to fight her enemies for her is actually putting the Israeli people in graver danger than the church goers realizes. In demonstrating this truth our message of Liberty can easily be received by all the diverse interpretations of Israel’s place in the world by those stuck in the control system of the American religious corporation.

Sadly, the issue of Islam has also blinded the masses within the American religious corporation. Though I have no doubt this will be denied by those warming the many pews, preachers across our state and country are dehumanizing the men, women, and children born in parts of the world where the Koran is the accepted scriptures. The heart breaking number of civilian deaths as a result of our military actions are addressed with mere shrugs by the clergy. Though it is not taught in words as clearly as you’re reading here, it is glaringly obvious to anyone who has been in a church over the past ten years that the intolerable amount of bodies we are piling on top of one another are simply statistics thrown into the category of mere casualties of war. The religion of Islam has been painted by the clergy of the “Christian” churches as demonic, and all its followers worshipers of the wicked one. This train of thought allows those stuck in this control system to dismiss the millions of civilians dead or looked upon as if they are merely getting what they deserved. This ideology which strips the reverence of individuals and replaces it with the garbage heap of classifying by groups has allowed the church goers to feel that somehow all the innocent lives lost are necessary in the struggle of good versus evil, when in reality it is merely pitting world religion against world religion in a never ending blood bath. We must therefore put faces on the numbers of the dead for those who have not seen them. Hopefully, when those who believe we are fighting terrorists see that our government includes women and six year olds in that number, those in the American religious corporations will begin to cry out against our participation in crimes against humanity.

Lastly, awareness of the Constitution must be revived within this control system. One of the largest tragedies with those claiming to be followers of the Bible is the complete and utter ignorance of our countries founding document. Though many churches understand that its design has been solely drawn from the old testament, as well as the new, this acknowledgment and reverence is only manifested with lip service. “Christians” are anemic in their duty of reading, memorizing, and asserting their rights which in effect is a contradiction to any claim being made on belief of biblical principles. More disturbing than this, many pastors have their congregations to the belief that the Constitution is irrelevant in a person’s spiritual walk and any follower of Jesus Christ is devoid of rights at all. As ludicrous as this teaching is, it has caused millions to simply shirk off their duty of knowing such documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution at all. It should be our goal to illustrate the flawless synchronicity between our founding documents and the teachings of Jesus Christ to those who have been told that the two are distinctly different from one another. A clear reading of both the Bible and the Constitution can leave no doubt that Freedom and Liberty are at both of their core.

It is the suggestion of your author that a member or members of the central round table group head up our endeavor within this control system, already having a familiar knowledge of the ins and outs of the American religious corporations. Someone having experience as a preacher, evangelist, or deacon under their belt would probably be best suited to speak the lingo of the “Christian” world. Not to mention, being well versed in the scriptures will allow such members to better answer any oppositions which will undoubtedly arise. When members seeking to wake those up inside of this control system have been established it should be their goal to develop a one to two hour speaking presentation/sermon that is appropriate for a congregational audience. The structure of this sermon should aim to address and undo the aforementioned issues which have kept the spiritual seeker from becoming politically active. This sermon should be delivered in a manner which can be adapted from one congregation to another regardless of the name on the sign outside. When speaking before congregations that hold to the diverse and controversial issues previously discussed in differing manners the delivery of this sermon or presentation should adapt to accommodate such differences with little to no controversy. It is essential that all participants in waking up those stuck in the control system of the American religious corporations be charismatic speakers fully capable of presenting these ideas with passion and improvisation. It will also be beneficial to design a slide show or power point presentation which can be shown in conjunction with this speaking engagement. This slide show should include documented images and information proving the validity of the issues we have already discussed. I would also suggest that the images of civilian causalities and fatalities be included untainted of editing.

This speaking engagement and its power point presentation should be marketed to pastors and church bodies as a Christian seminar on civil rights in our day. Another benefit of members taking up this endeavor having already come from within its structure is that of human relations. A long and upstanding member of a long established church will be given more credibility when seeking to present this speaking engagement to various congregations around our state. Contact lists of pastors, associate pastors and deacons should be compiled in order for a word of mouth and good recommendations to accrue. This speaking engagement should be marketed free from denominational titles or doctrinal labels and only present itself as a perspective on civil rights and current world events from a “Christian” perspective.
At the end of any speaking engagement free pocket Constitutions, as well as free information packets should be given so that those willing to hear us will have access to research beyond the talk. It also would be beneficial to hold a question and answer period free from time restraints. After the speaking engagement contact information of those willing to join our cause should be obtained at which point more in depth tutelage of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Roberts Rules of Order will be given. Any and all donations/ love offerings taken up will be for the sole purpose of purchasing more pocket Constitutions and like materials. Absolutely no monies or love offerings will be taken up for any other purpose. It would also do this endeavor well for this speaking engagement to be brought to the attention of local “Christian” radio broadcast, television broadcast, social media pages or other media outlets with contact information given so that pastors and congregations may contact and request the presentation for themselves.

It is the desire of your author that our endeavors within this control system not be used as a means of doctrinal argumentation or a cause for interpretational division. Freedom and Liberty exists so that each man may come to the knowledge of true salvation on his or her own. The discussion of the means and methods of personal salvation shall be left in the market place of ideas where it rightfully belongs. This is not to suggest that our particular beliefs as volunteers in this area should be compromised or hampered, it is simply my hope that all discussions on such matters be outside of the establishment of this platform.

The control system that all of us can agree must be reached is that of our local military, police, and other first responders. If there is ever to be a conflict in the wake of a collapse it will be between us and them. Undeniably this conflict would be the most unnecessary, as well as the most tragic. For these are the men and women we are more likely to know on a personal basis. Most of us, if not all of us, have relatives and friends whose occupation is that of a public servant. Unfortunately, for the past few decades we have seen a deliberately designed plan to create a disconnect between the people and its servants. Rather than being trained to serve and protect, to deescalate tensions, and to save tax payer dollar our local police and military are being trained to see us all as suspects, to inflame tensions with police brutality as well as suck the hard earned dollar from every car which passes through the radar beam. A great many peace officers view the public as dangerous and ignorant serfs which need to be monitored and caged for a myriad of offenses which have no victims. It is apparent that this misplaced view of who is servant and who is master has also bled into the public mass, where the people themselves are also beginning to see themselves as sheep fit only to be sheered. This ever growing problem of wrongly situated positions is producing a very dangerous environment for those of us who are aware of our rights and who truly fit the description of patriots.
It is one thing for the military to be centrally controlled by the federal government, but it is an all together different matter for this to be the case with our elected sheriffs and deputies. Rather than being taught the full authority and jurisdictional powers of the office of sheriff, the misnomer of being subservient to the Department of Homeland Security is being propagated exponentially. This fact coupled with the militarization of local law enforcement is creating a powder keg situation which needs to be diffused with great haste. Fortunately for us there appears to still be time for us to do so by means of education. As many of you are already aware of the dire situation to which I am referring there is little need for your author to expound further.

Volunteers from the central round table group, with resources pooled from said group should begin producing information packages specifically targeted for our local police, military and first responders. These packages should include the essential copyright free documentaries found virally on the internet. Titles produced by the likes of Alex Jones, Stewart Rhodes, Jack McLamb, and Sheriff Richard Mack should be considered for inclusion in these packages. Once the essential titles of documentaries, literatures, and websites have been decided upon enough should be compiled to be given to every police prescint and its entire roster of officers, free of charge. It would also serve our goals for the volunteers in this area to develop a good rapport with our local sheriffs and deputies with frequent dialogues over the issues that we are primarily concerned with. Once this good rapport is established and our volunteers are seen as respecting law enforcement, this credibility should be used to persuade our local law enforcement to invite such speakers as mentioned above to visit our state and counties.


Agenda 21 is breathing down our necks and now that everyone has a smart meter on the side of their home there is no denying that a surveillance grid is being set up all around us. We are getting cameras on every other street corner and red light. Our highway patrol depots are being turned into “emergency response and detention centers” and the people in our cities are generally apathetic to the writing on the wall all around them due to chemical warfare being waged on us in our drinking water. We all know the problems, which seem legion, creeping into our communities day by day yet none of this can be done without the cooperation of local officials and Sheriffs.
I would suggest that all existing members of the central roundtable group as well as any and all recruits from among the myriad of control systems we will be plucking them from, form an active block in their local city halls. This block should regularly attend city council meetings and perpetually bring the issues falling under the umbrella of Agenda 21 up at every and all opportunity with documentation and a firm grasp on the facts in order to better swat down the dismissive attitude we are sure to receive. This block must consistently demand that our city and municipal water supplies not be contaminated with chemical poisoning as well as all hazardous electric meters be banned within our communities. These are merely two of the attacks the United Nations, and our federal establishment are blunting us with, though they are not construed to be the only attacks that should be addressed.


I understand that there are a great amount of issues in which I have failed to cover in the body of this mission statement due to my limited or lack in knowledge of. I also believe action on our part needs to be taken in areas such as the medical industrial complex and the vaccinations being inflicted on our children, yet will not touch on those here due to time. Therefore this mission statement has not been intended to be the letter of some sort of law, rather the back bone and blue print for an easily workable system in which to wake up those in our local community. For all other issues, (as well as the issues stated above) information pamphlets should be prepared with appropriate contact information, websites, and up to date bullet points on the severity of our situation should be prepared and arranged in a package with free DVD’s included. This information package should include a crash course of materials designed in order to wake up the average American and get them caught up to speed on the history most of us are already aware of, in the shortest and most concise way possible. Maps of our local communities should be made and routes of canvassing for all volunteers should be created. It should be all our efforts to walk every street in every neighborhood we are connected to and do our best to wake those around us up.


Clearly this mission statement has not covered the wide spectrum of issues that need to be dealt with. That is not required. All that is required at this point in history is that a group of individuals with independent thoughts join together under the banner of Freedom and Liberty in its purest of forms. From that core group all other functions will form as needed and required so long as that core rests its laurels in the soothing waters of unalienable rights for all human beings.
If you have read this deep into such a notion I assume that the ideals of men like Ron Paul are something that burn within your bones. You don’t understand why you feel so passionate about this yet, but you want to know more and more every day. You are searching for the meaning of Freedom and you truly want to taste from the milk of Liberty in your lifetime. This is to be commended but also cautioned. Freedom and Liberty are based in the notion that the self is a better governor than not and without this understanding Liberty and Freedom can only be beheld through a mirror darkly. It must be known and accepted that in order for the fruit of our hearts desire to come to fruition one fact must be accepted and it is this; there is no one coming to save us. Though we love Ron Paul, and though we hope for Rand. Though we are running for offices and supporting others in whom we put our trust…the fact of the matter is that there is no outside source for salvation and the sooner we accept this, the better.
We have been getting informed on the internet, we have been watching the documentaries and reading the books. We have been shaking our heads at how ignorant the people around us are and we have boiled our concerns into a movement that is now shaking the foundations of the republican party as well as the world. What we have failed to do is pinpoint our downfall, which is numbers, and seek a quick remedy. I know that it is easy to see those still in the ignorance of the left right\democrat republican trap as enemies. I know it is easy to want to condescend to them because they are lazy in their endeavors to make decisions based on facts but I cannot express to you how toxic such lines of reasoning are.
The people in our city halls and local republican parties are merely clouded with illusion and in their stumbling in the dark, they make decisions which cost lives. Lots of lives. We, as a movement, need to look past this and understand that these people probably have the best of intentions though sorely misguided. No one wants to be a party to mass genocide and typically only do when mislead as to the reality of the situation. Therefore it must be accepted that the way our movement is to win this is not through force of arms, rather through education and enlightenment as to what reality is unfolding around us. When the “Us and Them” mentality is dissolved or at least heavily reduced, conflict will naturally subside. I am committed to non violent solutions and will not be a party to, nor shall never endorse any solution or activity which involves pre emptive violence in any way. Violence cannot be defeated with violence and there is no need to disarm weapons when disarming relevance will suffice. There is no need to fight a system we can simply ignore and in ignoring strip of all its relevance. This system is dependent on our compliance and for this reason I do endorse peaceful civil disobedience in all its varied forms.

This blueprint now belongs to you, the reader. At every great pinnacle in history a round table is established in order to bring about equal justice for all as in the days of old with wise Arthur and his knights of the round. It has not eluded your author that the control system also implements roundtables and C.O.G’s but I say that we learn from such effectiveness. Learn from it, back engineer it and use it as a weapon to bring others to our side rather than mow them down.
I suggest this roundtable group be intertwined between Houston and Lowndes and the two counties coordinate in all future endeavors so that the state may now and forever represent the ideals of Freedom and Liberty. I utilize the imagery of cogs in much of my sayings in order to impress upon the reader that this goal of ours truly is a group endeavor and the action of the individual truly does matter to the action of those surrounding it. Those willing simply leave the comment box below with your John Hancock and a “I am the Cog” moniker. In the event this post gets say, 12 volunteers, the post will become a page. From there a group on social media outlets will be established as well as physical, in person dialogues. After that we have a movement with goals and guidance which just might take back our state for the sake of Freedom and Liberty for all and from all. Thank you for your time and consideration to action.

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