The Prestige Decoded: Apprentice, Magician, Wizard & Sorcerer

Dylan Wade

Christopher Nolan’s 2006 masterpiece The Prestige, is much, much more than a cinematic trick from a stage magician. Hidden deep within its flickering frames are layers of esoteric truths only perceivable to those who have completed the journey of the hero a few times and have made their feet to travel the path of the Wizard. In the path of the Wizard are new challenges, new story-lines and new antagonists to face and overcome; predominantly the darker half of the Wizard himself. Dylan Wade and Daniel Louis Crumpton pick through all of the Easter eggs of The Prestige in the following review. Enjoy!


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Dylan Wade loves cinema. I mean, he really, really loves cinema. Therefore, Mr. Wade has accompanied Team Zen to do that which he does best. Review cinema with the most excellent form of snarkiness with a hint of introspection. He also hosts the live podcast "Popcorn Politics" with the Ochelli Network. Groovy!

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