The WAR-TOWN TIMES S2 E13: Board of Elections Bounces Bibb

Bunty Mills

On December the 5th, the Houston County Board of Elections had their follow up meeting regarding the allegations that city councilman, Charlie Bibb, violated election law to procure a one vote victory. The good residents of the fictional city of WAR-TOWN showed up to hear the results of the investigation, but shucks…the board wasn’t too transparent about what they found. In this episode of the WAR-TOWN TIMES, we sit in on that meeting to experience first hand what happens when We the People, the BAR association, and public officials get together to attempt the redress of grievances. Enjoy!

– Election Recap –

In another astounding example of how mob rule democracy can really put a stick in everyone’s craw, the recent City Council Post 2 race in the fictional city of WAR-TOWN had at first seemed to come down to a matter of merely 3 votes to declare a winner. But nothing in WAR-TOWN is simple or without hilarious consequences and good ole Charlie Bibbity Bibb Bibbers can always be counted on to deliver the punchline! Like a plot twist in your favorite streaming show, the integrity of the election is now being called into question by the Houston County Democratic party after a press release was sent out making allegations that incumbent city councilman, Charlie Bibbity Bibb Bibbers, violated election laws by penetrating within 150 feet of polling stations. Sheesh. You can’t make this stuff up. Enjoy!

– Season Two Overview –

Once more into the messing-about-with-local-gubment fray for Your Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character; Daniel Louis Crumpton & the War-Town War Room Crew! After a long hiatus, the team of the War-Town Times hath returned for the highly anticipated second season where the story is juicier, the stakes are higher & the sphincter muscles of those in elected office within the fictional city of “War-Town” will get tighter! In the second season of the War-Town Times, the mystery of gubment’s role in all our lives will be solved and actionable information for each and every one of you will be distributed more than the narcotics unit can disseminate fentanyl into our streets. Neat!! But wait! There’s more! Could it be this season, that our Humble Author, Narrator & Fictional Character has managed to find himself caught up in a conspiracy of corruption within the halls of War-Town gubment goofiness? Probably.

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