Political Requirements: Expert liar and profane sarcasm


In the age of modern technology, one has come to understand that anything we say or do, can
be easily verified and documented, by the simple click of the mouse. Our Republican form of government has been “of the people, by the people, and for the people” since it’s inception. Despite the hope of our Founding Fathers, it didn’t take long after the formation of our Nation, that political parties started to form.

George Washington, in his Farewell Address, warned the nation that the spirit of a political party serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. From our country’s inception, we formed compromises between the Federalist and Anti-Federalists. It was then, that started the divide of the people into political parties.

Fast forward to modern-day America. Our Nation is in a state of divide between the radical right and liberal left, with the more sensible middle, being the so-called “Liberty Movement.” These folks have been mocked and ridiculed in the most sardonic manner. During the 2012 Presidential elections, one would have thought that the Republicans would welcome, with open arms, the amount of young people that were clambering to the party; It was quite the opposite actually. Nevertheless, most people within the “Liberty Movement” have been turned off to political parties, in search of a place that will accept them, with open arms. Some went the direction of Anarchists, some went the route of Anarcho-Capitalism, but there are a lot of us that decided to stay. We stayed because we saw hope. The hope that we can redirect the Republican Party back to its core principles of Freedom, Prosperity, Vision, Strength, and Future. That seems to be something they like to boast about on the National GOP website.

Whether it’s on the National, State or Local level, people have come to expect political parties to be fair and consistent. I started getting involved in politics after my enlistment was over and I moved back to my hometown. To my astonishment, I came home to find my county to be completely swamped in debt, to the tune of $96 million dollars. This prompted me to look deeper into the reasoning behind this debt. In my quest to find the source, I began to see a trend. Every single person on the local Board of Commissioners has always ran on the Republican ticket. I found this completely ironic, in that, anytime you hear the name “Republican,” you also hear the word “Conservative” that is quick to follow. How can one claim to be a “conservative” whilst taking out loans, in the name of the citizens that they claim to represent?

The Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian Parties are indeed semi-private organizations. This brings me to my next point.

In a meeting that was held by the Republican Women of Forsyth County (RWFC), Citizen Journalst, Nydia Tisdale (www.aboutforsyth.com) was triple-teamed in a show of intimidation by Peggy Green, Carla Radzikinas, and Carolyn Hall Fisher on April 16, 2014. In the video you can clearly see what appears to be three women conspiring to have Tisdale kicked out of the venue. A few moments later, Tisdale was approached by the trio, and demanded that she leave the restaurant. Keep in mind, the RWFC has published this event as “Open to the Public” on their website as well as on Forsyth County News. According to Tisdale, “Contrary to statements by Peggy Green — Norman’s Landing owner Bill Norman, did NOT ask me to leave. He said that they don’t want you to record. Guest speaker candidate Susan Zereini said that she wanted me to record. Mr. Norman told us to work it out — he was busy running his restaurant and did not want to get in the middle of it.”

Then, the TRUE motive of the trio is made known, acting as the spokeswoman for the group, Green states:

“Will you turn off the camera please, you’re not wanted here.”

further stating,

“We do not like your tactics; we do not like your strong, attack, tactics (sic) so please leave; or we will go get Norman and he will personally escort you out”

Now comes Fisher (VP of the FCRW and 2nd Vice Chair of the FCRP) : “This is just a women’s group” interrupted by Radzikinas who says “This is not an official group, its a women’s gathering”

Again, Tisdale reiterates that it was on their official website as “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

And wouldn’t you know it, Green didn’t like what Tisdale had to say and say’s… Ready for this?  “So sue us, you can’t stay…


In a bitter fit of rage, Green then goes on to assault Tisdale, by hitting her on her arm and grabbing at her camera, as if to try and snatch it off of the tri-pod.


Is this what being part of the Republican Party or its affiliates is all about?

Evidently so and here’s why I say that…

Below is letter sent to Tisdale, by the Chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party:

From: Bradley Wilkins
To: Nydia Tisdale
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 9:02 PM
Subject: Recent video posts on Face book‏ (sic)


Based on your continued social media posting of video’s selectively edited for political purposes, I no longer view your body of work as Journalism.

Going forward, I will consider your video and writing efforts to be political activism and not journalism. As such, I will not grant you the same access to Forsyth County Republican Party Meetings that I offer to journalists.

Please consider this a formal request to refrain from videoing or recording any meetings of the Forsyth County Republican Party.

Thank you.

Brad Wilkins
Forsyth County Republican Party

In keeping with the spirit of the Republican Women of Forsyth County, Wilkins decided to sucker punch Tisdale, as well. Adding insult to injury, he states “Going forward, I will consider your video and writing efforts to be political activism and not journalism. As such, I will not grant you the same access to Forsyth County Republican Party Meetings that I offer to journalists.”

Bradley.Wilkins_Chairman_Forsyth.County.Georgia.Republican.Party_06-21-2014Not only do these people think that they can assault you, but they also think that they get to decide who/what journalism is. In a show of bigotry, Wilkins states he will consider her video and writing efforts as “political activism and not journalism.” It’s a shame that someone who considers himself to be a “Conservative” and has taken the leadership role of the Republican Party of Forsyth County, thinks that HIS decision completely nullifies the 1st Amendment as well as the many Supreme Court rulings that protect this inalienable right. As far as I’m concerned, activism comes in MANY different shapes and forms, to include being the Chairman of the local Boys and Girls Club, also known as the Republican Party. So, does this mean that Bradley is going to ban himself and his cohorts from attending their own meetings? Or does it mean that The Forsyth County Republican Party is only going to allow you to receive the information that THEY want you to hear?

You know, the same kind of controlled media that took place in Nazi Germany or the “Speak No Evil” Communist China. Lets be honest here, if you’re going to censor one but allow others, is that not exactly what you’re replicating, Bradley?

The moral of the story is this: All too often we hear the folks of both parties stating how they want to attract “young folks” to be on their team. On the surface, that sounds amazing but as you start digging into this “social club” they don’t want you to be a part of this club at all! Its merely a sad attempt at trying to appear as though they all want to fight for the rights and freedoms. If you have a differing opinion, you’re shut out. If you don’t follow the orders of the elders, you don’t belong and if you actually hold the values of the Republican Party, to a higher moral standard, well, that’s just totally unacceptable. Don’t you ever try to hold the very people that get to choose your delegates, alternate delegates, nominee’s to elected office to a higher moral standard. You will be locked out and labeled as an activist. Apparently, being an activist is now being held to the same equivalency as a “domestic terrorist.” After all, it IS the Republican Party that condoned the dismantling of your basic, Constitutional Rights, à la “The Patriot Act, Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).






Apparently, Tisdale has pressed charges in this case of Green committing simple battery against her at the event posted above.
Below is the audio from an investigator from the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office. Note the third video (Sorry, it wont link directly to the page like the others no matter how hard I try) of the owner, Mr. Norman. His story is quiet different than the story of Green when she decided to start acting like a spoiled little child who was just told “NO, you CANNOT have any candy” by her mother. Peggy, you aren’t helping the perception of the Republican Party these days. Might I recommend you leave this side of you at home, tucked away from the prying eyes of the general public from now on?



Evangelical Enigma Part One: Who Would Jesus Vote For?

You guys in the mood for a giggle? Sure, who wouldn’t be? Check out this video from “droopy the hound dog Huckabee”, then go wash your face and continue reading my bright shining words to the cavern of your heart.

Awkward, wasn’t it? I remember back in the ’08 election being utterly lost for words when the evangelical Christians swooned over Mike Huckabee as a potential contender for the office of president. I folded my arms and sadly shook my head as I listened to many of them completely dismiss the fact that most of his positions are diametrically opposed to the alleged core, fundamental beliefs evangelical Christians claim to hold sacred, and dear. It seemed to me that most of them were simply shirking their duty to be knowledgeable and well informed by simply moving into the camp of someone waving around the title of a Baptist preacher from the Bible belt. They supposed that if he waved the Bible around and dropped Jesus’ name a few times, he must be God’s man. Well he wasn’t because he lost, so, sorry evangelicals but God disagreed with your shallow logic last go around. This isn’t about Mike Huckabee though. This is about trying to understand how the evangelical Christians are going to justify voting for the republicans this go around without implicating themselves in hypocrisy, and finally solidifying their invalidity in a rational and honest society.

Mitt Romney’s stunt double

Now, even though Mike Huckabee never mentions Mitt Romney in the video, his endorsement of Reed Richard ‘stunt double makes it obvious who he’s rooting for while he throws back another fried chicken leg down at the fellowship hall. Soon after this video was released the evangelicals began spreading it on social media as instructed. So once again I am back to where I was in ’08 and can’t figure this enigma out. To understand my perplexity over this, we must closely examine the beliefs of both evangelical Christians and Mormons to see how incompatible the two are.

Granted, there are bound to be some deviations in what I say because of hundreds of splinters from the two different schools, but let’s keep in mind I am speaking generally of evangelism and Mormonism. Also let it be understood that I am neither condemning or concerting either’s interpretations of spirituality, I am simply laying them out for you; the objective observer.

Evangelicals believe that the sixty six books of what is commonly known as the Holy Bible is the literal, infallible, and inerrant word of a monotheistic God who happens to also be three separate entities . They believe it cannot be added to, nor detracted from; and anyone who dares to do either is damned to an eternal raging furnace because they are in actuality, demon possessed tools of Satan seeking to deceive the meek and dumb. They believe that the personage of Jesus Christ is God in the Flesh, and that he walked the Earth around two thousand years ago in Palestine (oops, I mean Israel). He taught for roughly three years, performed miracles, was persecuted by the religious people of His day, and ultimately captured and killed by crucifixion. Evangelicals believe that three days after His crucifixion he was resurrected where after he ascended to Heaven and sprinkled His shed blood on the mercy seat of God causing all who believe on Him to be “saved”; or spared from having to go to Hell based on default.

Evangelicals also believe that one day Jesus Christ will physically return to the Earth and rescue His genetically superior people, the Israelites, at the battle of Armageddon after which He will rule and reign for one thousand years from Jerusalem. Until then, though, evangelicals believe they have been left instructions and codes of conduct in the pages of the Bible in order to assist them in replicating themselves, or converting others, into a universal (or catholic) body they call “the Church”. This “Church” is made up of all believers everywhere, which subscribe to their prescribed, orthodox interpretations of the Bible of course, and if you hold to interpretations of doctrine from another orthodoxy, then the evangelical does not recognize you as belonging to the “Church”.

Evangelicals believe that the ethereal head of their “ Church” is none other than Jesus Christ and those within it are commanded to adhere to His will in all manners and practices within the multiple aspects of life. Knowing His will is typically performed by reading His words in the Bible and conforming to the intents of their meaning in one’s life. They believe God is a moral absolutist and never accepts the lukewarm, or compromisers of the faith to which He has delivered. A faith which is based on the concepts of Love and Tolerance among all people enshrined within the golden rule and written as Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself. Evangelicals are typically pro life, anathematizing any who endorse, allow, or profit from infanticide. They believe marriage is between one man and one woman. And they believe that where the Spirit of the Lord is; there is Liberty.

So, what do Mormons believe? Well,…take a look.

No, that was not a preview of the upcoming Star Wars trilogy. That was a video produced by Ed Decker, a reformed Mormon turned evangelical Christian, and I have to be honest with you; it’s very accurate.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. He believes in a pantheistic diadem of gods, adding to revealed scripture via prophets, that all men are not created equal, a works based salvation rather than faith based salvation;…and let’s not forget that papa Elohim loves orgies. That’s right, up until the federal government put some pressure on the latter day saints, they openly practiced polygamy, the marriage of more than one man and one woman. He believes Jesus was a swinger, that he can pop down here any ole time he wants to, and that when God speaks about Israel, he really means Mormons.

Now as I said earlier, I am not endorsing nor concerting either school of thought. I’ll let you judge betwixt the two but what I am doing is demonstrating that last time the evangelical pick of Mike Huckabee was a cutting off the nose to spite the face; however this time it is simply the thrusting of one’s own self upon the sword with Mitt Romney. In order for an evangelical to go to the polls on November 6th and push a Diebold machine button in favor of Mitt Romney; they will have to deny the core of all they claim to believe. They will in effect be saying that their existence as evangelicals, purposed to further their agenda of adhering to the orthodoxy of their “Church”, is completely invalid because its creeds and doctrines come secondary to presidential elections. I mean, up until a Mormon became the republican candidate the evangelicals have vehemently proclaimed that Mormonism is a cult; crafted by the devil in the form of Joseph Smith and that all of its adherents are antichrist. That’s not me saying it, that’s them and I think the Ed Decker video pretty much encapsulates the evangelical’s position of the Mormon faith.

Setting that aside, the Mike Huckabee video purports that evangelicals should vote in favor of repealing Obamacare, the protection of life from conception to natural death, more Freedoms and Liberties, and maintaining the definition of marriage as one man and one woman. However let’s not forget that the candidate he is hinting at wrote Obamacare, said he would sign the NDAA which strips all our rights, believes the definition of marriage is one man and woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, ad infinitum; and let’s not forget that he profited a great deal of feddies from a corporation called Stericycle. Yeah, Mitt Romney was a mover, shaker and profiteer from a company that cleans up all the piles of dead, aborted human beings from behind Planned Parenthood clinics. So in every way possible, an evangelical vote for Mitt Romney is nothing short of hypocrisy in the craziest way possible.

I am very curious to see which way they will go on this one. Honestly, the only defense the evangelical supporting Mitt Romney can fall back on is that they are playing the whole lesser of two evils game. Again, I don’t think Jesus Christ would vote for evil. Call me a nutty heretic, but…lips smack…I just don’t see it happening. I have a hard time picturing the Messiah walking into a cave- voting booth and choosing Caesar over Caiaphas because at least one of them doesn’t want to kill him, yet.

However if the evangelicals can speculate that Jesus wants you to vote for a Mormon, and the Mormons certainly agree; then I don’t think anyone will begrudge me for speculating as well. Not that Jesus Christ is actually endorsing anyone this election, but if reading his words are any indication of who He would vote for, I would speculate that it would be the candidate whose platform is actually based on His own belief of the Golden Rule,(ya know, the one booed at the South Carolina debates) and He would walk into his cave-voting booth and write in Ron Paul…and He’d look like a badass doing it. Then afterwards, He would probably go to all the evangelicals who supported Mitt Romney (because at least he’s not a Muslim like Obama, right?) and deliver a very similar speech as the one below.


Leave thy comments beloweth.

Evangelical Enigma Part Two: Those Filthy Muslims



Waking into Nightmares: State of our Union 1

We are on the cusp, lassies and laddies. We are on the absolute cusp of the turning point in history and I look around and wonder just how many of you out there are actually aware of this fact. You see one of the first things you notice when you manage to fiddle your fingers to the back of your skull with the direct desire of removing the plug inserted into your cerebellum, is that our generation (and when I say our generation I mean those of us privileged enough to be alive on this planet at this particular moment in time) has been somehow deceived into believing that there is no more history. We have been fitted with the collar of obedience by thinking that all that can happen has happened already and all we are doing is holding down the fort. I cannot express to you how futile and fruitless that line of thinking actually is. Let’s take a real, long, hard look at this shall we.

Lets face it, most of the people alive today might as well be soaking in the cyber pod simulated reality we see so prevalent in science fiction these days. Their world may be only in the early days of such a matrix but we on the outside can see the desired effect has still been achieved. Most people’s idea of how the world is and how the world should be is directly formed by the monster in our living rooms and bedrooms known as the television. It, for the masses, has written a narrative of reality and the masses have swallowed it sweet in their mouth and bitter in their belly. They walk around in an unprofound daze, these left brainers as I coin them. Only able to have thoughts in the left side of their brain which we all know lacks the creativity and imagination which is required to really get what’s going on here. Their best friends are judges on meaningless idol shows, their dearest family ties are in the sitcoms they never miss, and what they will wear to work tomorrow will indeed be predetermined by someone spotted on the red carpet of a place made of stone and sand like every other place. They will passionately pronounce their theories on why so and so should win the singing contest, or have a winded discourse on why Jennifer Lopez done been did dirty to but what do you expect from those of us who were raised on MTV and babysat by Kurt Loder and Kennedy? We are a generation that willingly walk around like human commercials and billboards adorning ourselves with name brand sneakers and trendy shirts with logos emblazed across the front so others passing us by know round about how much we spent for a shirt or a pair of jeans that otherwise is inferior when it comes to actually serving the purpose of covering us up and sparing us from the elements. Our cars have now become clownish candy wrappers and the vocabulary of the many has been reduced to what can fit into a text on the face of the latest cell phone that we fit snugly into the back pocket of our pants which now have to be pulled up every other second because their usual placement is well below the area of the crotch.

There are some in this stock having one foot firmly planted in the materialistic, realize that perhaps they should also be somewhat aware of what’s going on in the world in case they are ever engaged in a conversation about such topics. So they dabble in the realm of world news, and in my estimation are much more dangerous to us than those who simply choose to ignore it all together. The reason I say this is because they limit their delving of the news to small sound bites or five minute pieces aired on the propaganda channel of their choice and walk away feeling they are fully informed when in fact they couldn’t be more ignorant than they were before. Yet, with this flimsy idea of knowing what’s going on they actually go out and vote sometimes and heaven forbid; run for public office on occasion. If there is any doubt to this statement all you need to do is take a look at the current field of candidates running for president of these United States. How is it possible that such a gang of no nothings have managed to slither upwards into the public eye and somehow convince a multitude that they are operating on all cylinders in the area of logical and rational thought? They have though, and what are the fruits of this labor?

FOX=Good guys\Other guys=Bad guys

Our country is suppose to be different. Its suppose to be a beacon of freedom, peace and prosperity for the world to envy and to top it all off we invite the downtrodden to make their way to our shores and become a part of such a great experiment, namely a nation not ruled by monarchs or the power elite, but ruled by the people who are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. To secure this we even have a document called the constitution which enshrines these ideas and to which we demand all in office swear an oath of allegiance to its inklings. How’s that working out for us? Not so good I would have to say. We look to our economy and see it is completely controlled by a privately owned Federal Reserve which can simply print up unseemly amounts of monopoly dollars at the drop of a hat…any hat, and often done before congress can put its hand out. The money is created from thin air, loaned out, and on it interest which is passed on to you and I to pay back with the curious technicality of it actually being impossible to pay back never brought up. I mean have you ever stopped to think about our national debt? Have you ever wondered how insane it is that we are suppose to live in the wealthiest most powerful country in the world yet somewhere on Times Square is a billboard with digital numbers in the negative racing across the eye at warp speed? I mean, you, Billy Smith or Ethel Jones, why is it that you feel obligated to take your hard earned money, money you have created by the sweat of your brow and the passion of your heart, money which in all actuality says something about your value as a human being and send it off to a system which will put it to uses you probably despise and find abhorrent? What are we doing? Why do we not all see the madness of this and if by chance we do why are we only shrugging our shoulders as if this is the way its suppose to be?

I assume that none of us are actually still under the illusion that there is a terrorist hiding under every doormat or that all our mail is being spiked with anthrax cocktails. I’m sure that most of us know by now that the myth of radical Islamism coming to kill us in our shopping malls is nothing more than a creepy bed time story to keep us distracted from the fact that the C.I.A is actually responsible for putting drugged out, brown skinned, teenagers on airplanes with M-80’s in their fruit of the looms to keep the show going. So why is it then that our government can pass laws like the NDAA which aims to protect Americans by making all Americans terrorists, forever deprived of habeas corpus and subject to a black bag over the head never to be seen again? Why would we allow them to do this knowing full well that the war on terror is actually a war on the frightened and insecure? How is it that we consistently fail to heed the warnings of Ben Franklin when told never to sacrifice liberty for security?
These crusty old suits filled with what once were men who congregate in the halls of the district of Columbia and simply throw darts at a map of the middle east to choose where next they will claim their little Frankenstein, Al Qaeda is plotting and planning take no thought to the lives which will be shattered and lost at their whimsical wars. They do not see children kissing their uniformed father goodbye, possibly for the last time. They cannot hear the cries of the maimed and crippled civilians of the countries they send eighteen year olds to fly a video game controlled predator drone over reigning hellfire below as it whizzes by. No, the fact that our military has an epidemic of suicides and untreated PTSD does not phase them at all. The depleted uranium which caresses the ammunition they use seeps into their skin and sends them home with a lot of little unexpected treasures like testicular cancer for one, or two. Those of us who have compassion on the soldiers and civilians caught up in a spider web neither weaved and stand up to suggest that perhaps we should stop abusing their loyalty to follow orders by sending them all around the world in wars as of yet undeclared, we are branded with labels like unpatriotic or accused of not supporting the troops. As if sending young men and women into the battle field for three, four, five on up tours of duty which is undoubtedly taking a toll on their psyche somehow equals supporting the troops.

To be continued…



What exactly are we suppose to remember on Memorial Day anyway? Memorial Day is a symbol of something in the form of an annual markage of time, but a symbol of what? I think I have an idea and here’s what we should do, because it’ll be fun; we should go through my line of thought and see if it makes sense and if not poke holes all through it if something seems unstable. Thumbs up? Thumbs up!

Myron Jackson Crumpton. That’s my dad. Today I’m going to be remembering him and will now proceed to craftily tell you what I will be remembering about him in order to lay out my thoughts on the matter and sneakily force you to think of the person you are remembering, so that in doing so my ideas on the topic will subconsciously be bound to your thoughts by mere emotional association and by the end of this you will be forced to agree with me.

Myron J Crumpton

Myron was fated enough to be born in a country which was also fated to be the freest the world has ever known. I think that fate when thinking Myron was also one of the freest men I have ever known. Yes he was born with the supernova spirit of freedom and liberty burning within his bones and believed that on the sea of life a vessel should be able to traverse the waters in a form and fashion in the choosing of its captain. After all this life is nothing to sink over rather ride with the waving of the waters beneath simply …floating atop. That was his philosophy on pretty much everything and he was absolutely sure to instill in the longboats of his posterity the same attitude of not giving a flying flip de do day about what others thought or felt of them. Freedom is being able to be unrestricted in deed or thought by the deeds or thoughts of those who would presume to be over you.

With this pulse pumping from his heart he was able to enjoy a rich and diverse upbringing in a nation which allowed him to live the philosophy he knew to be true. Freedom for all to live life as they see fit unrippled by the waves of those around them. So when his country called him at a young age, informing him that outside forces were attempting to put an end to his, and everyone else’s ability to live like that, he said ‘Hell no’ and signed the dotted line soon to be set adrift troubled waters in yet another vessel, which also had really big guns and a supernova engine which allowed it to separate the sea. He was pissed and when they handed him a gun he wrapped his hands around it and clenched it with his soul. The tyrannical bastards have gotsta go.

It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy and there certainly was great loss along the way. Some scars time doesn’t heal it just makes you forget that spot use to be whole. A little battered and beaten up when the conflict was through and for a while he was set adrift until the day came when his government would call on him again to repeat the noble act of preserving freedom in yet more lands he had never been to with inhabitants he had never met yet were apparently, because his government said so, his enemies. Vietnam took much more from him and learning to live freedom rather than fighting for it took some time to recall.

In all the talks he and I would have over coffee whether it be politics, religion, philosophy and of course the occasional filthy joke exchanged between father and son there was one topic we never delved into. One topic where when mentioned the only detail I was ever graced to hear was the simple phrase “War is hell, son. War is hell.”

Though it was hell, he did always take pride in the fact that it was not all in vain. He had protected freedom, he had ensured that his little skippers would be able to live an entire life of freedom because he sacrificed his own. For this it was worth it and though his body began to get more and more weathered with the passage of time, that spirit was still a supernova…until.

In his seventies he could see that the conflicts in the middle east are nothing more than a chess game where human lives are the fleshy pawns torn up in the killing fields so a few could amass power and wealth. He could also see that these pawns were not doing this because they were stupid, or crazy or unpatriotic rather they were being deceived. They were being told that it was freedom they were fighting for and the noble spirit within them fired up and all they knew was that they were pissed. This made Myron upset. This made Myron ask some serious questions about perhaps the things he had done and unlike most chose to examine evidence presented before him that perhaps his efforts overseas had been in vain.

I remember watching a documentary called “Terror storm” by Alex Jones where the sinking of an American battleship was ordered by the president of the United States of America in order to begin a conflict with Egypt for the security of Israel. As Myron heard the words of his president in the form of “I want that god damn ship to go down” I saw out of the corner of my eyes my father wince in physical pain as his chin fell to his chest in a gasp. He had been deceived and his good intentions had been taken advantage of and aimed at a goal most wicked indeed. I can’t tell you how many times after that event I heard him say “If I had known then what I know now, I never would’ve went.”. This was not because he did not love his country, it was because he so very much loved his country. This realization, and the restrictions of his body burdened his soul greatly in thinking that he had done damage to the nation he loved from his ignorance and with no youth left to fight in effort to make amends. For a time all he could do is watch as the government that manipulated him through false fear manipulated my generation through even worse false fear. Things were looking dark…until.


Having the advantage of the internet I was able to show him that in the ’08 presidential race we actually did have a real choice and there was this old Neo who definitely had the sight in regards to what is really going on in our country and our world. This lifted Myron’s spirit and he could feel those engines firing up, but still astonished at the prospect that there was no way to now fight alongside the cause of freedom. Then it occurred to him that Ron Paul was just as old as he, and he was actually doing something to turn things around despite all the disadvantages most would use as excuses.

He was shocked that the masses were dismissing Ron Paul as some sort of nut, or being a blame America first liberal simply because he believed in a just war theory. Yet let’s not forget that Myron had chosen before the worlds began that public opinion in opposition of oneself is usually a good indicator that your course is set in the right direction. Dad would say that he could never have been a sailor when the vessels traversed the seas on nothing but the whims of the wind, rather a captain should be able to plot a course and make serious bubbles in its wake on the way to the X on the map. Because of Ron Paul and the spirit of the Liberty movement he was awakened to the fact that Freedom truly is under threat and outside forces wish to stop his and our ability to live free and to this he again said ‘Hell No’ and singed the dotted line of the oxymoronic pledge to the republican party. The tyrannical bastards gotsta go.

Screw Gubment

As I handed him the cane he had always been reluctant to take, he clutched it with his soul and like a slightly taller Yoda, he hobbled alongside the rest of the Paul Bots to fight in the trenches of precinct, district and state functions in order to become a delegate and actually vote for a man whose compass of the heart allowed him to spend over thirty years in the gears of our government and never compromise once.

Myron’s spirit had been restored by not merely talking, but taking action to fight for the country which once was and will be again the brightest beacon of Freedom the world has ever known. Though Myron was ordered to return to that great celestial dry-dock in the sky before the battle we are in now, known as the 2012 presidential race, began; he was sure to pop off some torpedoes before leaving.

Myron could see that our at the present tense our country and its Constitution is in great distress. When laws like the NDAA, Codex Alimentarius and the Patriot Act are allowed to exist by the American people then something is terribly wrong and that thing is mass ignorance. Myron understood that in times of mass ignorance what is needed is a symbol, as Memorial Day is a type of symbol. As a Navy man he knew that the best symbol to let those around you know that you are in distress is the jarring image of an inverted American Flag. It automatically catches the eye because it screams ‘something is wrong!’. This is the point, for it is a symbol which beacons the informed to come to the aid of the flag bearer.

It is easy to see things are wrong, and it is even easier to talk about how they ought to be fixed however those whose engine is going supernova with the blinding spirit of Freedom and Liberty are those who take action. This Memorial Day resolve to remember that it is not ant-itroop to reject the unjust wars of an unjust government nor is it unpatriotic to use everything at your disposal to rally the troops around you to the call of the cause. Get informed, get involved, and get vocal yet vocal in motion.

I personally fly the inverted flag in the tradition of the great sailor before me and I love this country. If you feel the same I would suggest that you too warn those around you to the great danger we are in and support the troops by bringing them home. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you posted an inverted flag on your social media page with the status of “I LOVE MY COUNTRY” so the symbol can be infused with the spirit of Liberty.

Happy Memorial Day. May your engines be nuclear and we all be the sons and daughters of Liberty.