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A Reading of “The Anarchist Messiah”

Well, what can I say? We have arrived at and are crossing over the threshold of the long-awaited apocalypse everyone has been all the rage about for the last 2,000 years and some change. Armageddon. The revealing or unveiling within and without the stage of this world. Yes, all those horrible things scribbled down by prophets and shamans the world over are upon us, and a populace unprepared are now found absolutely losing their minds. Those who have cried “peace & safety” all their lives with the delusion that government is a god and will watch over and protect them with benefits to boot will be the first to pop at whats-a-coming from the great gig in the sky. The horrors of wars undeclared, We the People have allowed to be executed in our name and on our dime were convenient when they were offshore…but won’t be so amusing and patriotic when they are on the block of our suburbs. And they are coming, if not already here.


It can now only take the average resident of America 17-33 minutes of thumb, flicking up on one social media platform or the other to be educated about the massive fraud that has been perpetrated upon them their whole lives. Nothing is what you thought it was. You are not who you were told you were. Your precious institutions have deceived you about everything and put you on paths of mind-bending mazes into the clutches of corporations that have monetized your very soul. Up has been down. Down has been up. Black has been white. White has been black. What has been “good” was actually evil and now the world is being forced to make evil, good. Of course, this must come with a firm comprehension of what the word ‘evil’ actually means to understand what will now occur in the land of the ‘Serpent People’; America. Of course, after decades of systematic destruction of language & words most will be kites in the hurricane of what is come, ignorant of which lines being drawn they ought to be behind or against.


How do we make sense of all that is transpiring in the world, with no longer rumors of wars but wars coming to our front doorstep? How do we begin to comprehend where we are on the map, in order to know where we are going? Civilizations enjoy the fruits of the labors of their forebearers, apathetic to how they inherited such great blessings, that have made them bloated and lazy. Being filled with instant gratification and easy access to the goodies that keep them in their slumber, they disregard the Philosophers, the mystics, the poets, the authors, the artists who have always been able to tap into the Ether and determine which way the winds are truly blowing. Though the people at the end of a civilization have long puffed themselves up at labeling the Lovers of Wisdom mad; it nevertheless always seems as if those labeled heretics, mad men, or demoniacs were ahead of the curve. Take Christ, Yeshua for example. The last great Avatar of the Most High, sent at the threshold of Revolution, where the once Roman Republic had reached the pinnacle of its ambitions to be an empire.

He made His appearing at a time when a people had all but forsaken the concepts of personal Freedom & Liberty, rather outsourcing their sovereignty to a Caesar and all his appendages, who with the consent of the governed went forth to conquer the world through military occupations. All of the institutions within the Roman Empire had been infiltrated, corrupted, and zombified through the magic spells of corporations which gave their Caesar near absolute power of the will and minds of the People. What was once the Law, which was protected rather than enforced, had now been hidden away through endless statutes, codes, acts, ordinances, & policies. Only scribes & lawyers would navigate through the endless maze of legalese, shutting up the ability to touch or know Freedom by the ‘citizen’ or slave of the empire. It was during this sort of state of affairs that a Messiah in Christ, Yeshua came forth with little fanfare saying those things which were not convenient for the People to hear.


With Power and a crude tongue, Christ called out the so called ‘authority’ figures who pranced around the empire in long, flowing robes which to them, asserted their stature in the scheme of things, but to Him made plain their hearts of stone and shit for brains. It is apparent to even the cursory reader of scripture, that one of the primary pisses Christ had with the priest class was that they had not read, while portraying to the people that they were well read. This perpetuated phoniness on the part of the pharisees, sadducees, scribes and lawyers had lulled the People into a long standing, slumber where even their Spiritual expressions were dictated to them by the establishment of a zombie/corpse/corporate state. The frustration of Christ, Yeshua’s mission was that He came to set the captives free but first He had to enlighten them to the fact that while they may not have wanted to believe it; they had most certainly been slaves. Born into bondage with invisible chains locking them out of the door within to the Kingdom Christ had come to herald.


Make no mistake that Christ, Yeshua was a political activist & a Revolutionary. Don’t let your corporate churches misguide you into believing that His aims were anything short of tearing down the old systems to bring in the new. A clear and unadulterated reading of the texts which tout the mission of Christ, Yeshua are crystalline with their clarity that if there was anyone eager to watch the world fall apart; it was He. With the empire standing upon a house of cards, He was more than happy to be the asshole among the multitude to huff, puff, & blow it all down. The state, in its monopoly over bodies and the sanhedrin with its grip over souls; Yeshua was fed up with every, last bit of it and though most refuse to comprehend the aspect of their “Lord” that comes with horns, it nevertheless is an archetype within Him. And while most are waiting for His next incarnation with delusions of a pacifist, carpenter riding on a white pony with peace signs for all; most will be stricken with horror to find that is not the face He will be wearing at all.


It wouldn’t be too much of a leap to assume that when Christ, Yeshua pulls the curtain of His apocalypse He may be donning His blood smile; let them who readeth understand. Because when Messiahs roll into town, Anarchy is always the name of the game. Messiahs don’t show up to make you feel good about the horseshit situations mere mortals have made their way into; no not at all. Messiahs have to come down to this world to thump it with their Divine Fingers which send ALL the established world orders into the brilliant depths of absolute chaos. The People have always cried out for a conquering king but who always arrives is a trickster or clown that makes a mockery of all those “truths” they thought they knew, turns over their money tables, and just for shits and giggles flicks the domino which brings about the destruction of the empire whose tit they have been so dependent upon. Yet so many across America have held up their hands with the words “maranatha” on their lips while fornicating with the very institutions Christ will come to destroy, and praising the men with titles in whom He hates.


None of this should come as a shock of course; that the lifting of the veil before the Son of Man will find many who believed they were “saved”, whatever that means, are actually the chaff which will be burned in the fire of His wrath from the wheat. For many will come in His name, while also being key players in the holding up of the pillars Yeshua is set to dismantle upon his emergence. And in case you have not been paying attention, that will indeed include what most Americans have believed is their government. Having been unaware that from the top down, from the district of Columbia to our small towns, this illusion of government has actually been a corporation with subsidiaries which have relegated all our Fundamental Rights into privileges, benefits, and “services”. And those who have assisted in the establishment and perpetuation of this beastly system; regardless of party affiliation, have a lot of explaining to do. But not really, because when Christ, Yeshua shows up He won’t be hearing any of their bullshit this time, for they are without excuse.


While the current ongoings of the world have most in the red of flight or fight mode; the collective consciousness knows that a box of Pandora has been opened globally and its probably a good time to freak out. As the institutions all fall to their knees, sure to try and bring down as many as they can with them; those who have the seal of the forehead taken care of do as their Great Master and eagerly grin for the Anarchy to come. It will not be pretty. It will not be clean. It will not be confined within the rectangle shaped gods held in our palms but before our very eyes in all its divinely chaotic & primordial application of evil. True evil. An evil that mankind could only tickle and have no concept of in regard to how the King of Kings & Lord of Lords will wage His war. Evil is the force of destruction which plows up the ground for new things to come and few believe that their corporate mascot, jesus christ is capable of the evil to come; but make no mistake that evil belongs to Him, for He made it.


Humanity, with the parasite governments of America thinks highly of its ability to make war. But rest assured; eye hath not seen nor hath ear ever heard the maddening and efficient horrors of war which will be unleashed by the Anarchist Prince of Peace. Without regard to party affiliation, whose division-ing is despised, He shall thresh the floor to any and all who were ignorant enough to think one side or the other shares His Philosophy. A recompense will come upon lawyers, scribes, judges, & magistrates who have assisted the giant corpse of all world government to consume the economy of man’s Spirit. They will burn with their volumes of ‘Blacks” in book and in robes, having profited on the woe of mankind for far, far too long; by delegating away the preciousness of Freedom to ‘privileges’ their cronies on Capitoline hill slid them some stacks for.


The ministers will wail, the pontiffs will tremble. The mousetrap, houses of ‘war-ship’ that were set up in His name will snap, and the sound of countless cracking necks will billow up towards the sky; in the ears of He who warned them to come out of her. The whore and the harlots of religiosity, who have pan-handled fairy stories of pre-tribulation raptures and notions of superior genetic bloodlines to justify and pay for holocausts in lands deemed Holy will rent their clothes. Yet these foolish and slothful maidens, with no oil in their lamps, will not stay the hand of Yeshua Christ when His grip is firmly around their throats. A Saviour is what most on Earth are waiting for. The Son of God, petting a farm animal with a reverent demeanor. Yet what will shock the world is that He tried that already, and the point He was making fell on mostly deaf ears. Which means this go around, it will be the mask of a monster that reveals itself from behind the curtain. And that mask cometh with ten thousand upon thousand of His saints.



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