REVOLUTIONISEVOLUTIONLOGOThere is little doubt by now for most people privileged enough to be alive at this moment in history that something big is happening. Even to those still stuck in the mud of fluoridated water who have yet to really awaken to the much larger truths emerging all around us are at some level aware that great change is upon us all. For those of us ahead of the curve on this little notion it is commonly called Revolution. Something is revolving; something is turning back around on itself and performing a 360 of unimaginable proportions. Obviously the usage of the word Revolution tends to evoke imagery of guns, war and bloodshed which really is an unfortunate thing because quite honestly it shouldn’t. Perhaps in the past such imagery would have been synonymous with the word and rightfully so; however this time it is my belief that the word Revolution is due for a makeover. This is one of the reasons that the term Evolution is frequently coupled with Revolution by your humble author and others of his ink and ilk.

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Obviously I am not referring to Darwinian Evolution so fundamentalists of any flavor can stop squirming; rather I am speaking of an Evolution in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional sense. Our species’ current state of being in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional realms is the very thing that has allowed the world to become the mess we all now sense that it is. Be it proxy wars, fiat currencies, genetically modified foods, the raping of Earth by the delusional notion that fossil fuels are actually the best we can do or any of the other issues that make the Enlightened among us scratch our heads in frustration; one thing is certain and it is that Einstein was correct when he said “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Humanity has no choice but to begin thinking, feeling and acting in a different way if it wishes to keep on ascending than it ever has in the past.

As an American Patriot that reveres the Founding Fathers and the concepts written in the Constitution as well as the Republic it was written to protect and preserve, it becomes quite a task for me to iterate to other Revolutionaries the position of a non-violent stance in the face of the tyranny that has been passed along to us by previous generations considering the Revolution of our Founders was indeed washed in the blood of violence. Some in the Patriot or Liberty movement would say that I am naïve for not advocating a hot revolution and point back to 1776 as if the solution is to repeat the exact steps that began the path we currently find ourselves on. While it is true that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it; it is equally true that those hell bent on repeating the past will indeed do that too and I for one am not entirely keen on the idea of bullets flying from all directions on the streets of the country I love. The war and violence of 1776 had its place in 1776 and served its purpose for its day and time but the fact that is staring us directly in the face is that when lead to its final and current outcome; it did not purge tyranny by government but instead suppressed and postponed it for a few generations. It is my belief that the Founders were well aware of this when they played their part in history and put their hopes in a wise and Enlightened generation yet to come to find a way, a better way, to enact change. Hopefully here we are.

A hot revolution in the age of nuclear weapons that can fit inside of briefcases, drones, GPS on everyone’s person and assault rifles behind every blade of grass is the surest and quickest way for the homo-sapiens to be added to the list of endangered or extinct species. One has to wonder about the IQ of anyone advocating such a thing and examine if indeed such an advocate is a member of our species or a leftover knuckle dragger from the Neanderthal age that just wants a chuckle as they watch us fade away into the history books as well. One of the reasons the idea of violence against the government cannot work in our time is because quite frankly no one would actually know who to shoot at. There won’t be uniforms passed out that clearly identify tyrants from patriots, there won’t be flags that say ‘Freedom’ or ‘Slavery’ and there certainly won’t be clearly identified borders for either side to retreat to. The fact is that the people who are assisting the tyranny make up just as much of the police and military as those who want Freedom and Liberty and what both sides have in common is that in their minds they both believe that the actions they take on a daily basis is a means to the end of preserving peace.


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Advocates of a police and surveillance state are for the most part convinced that there is a demon under every sofa and a terrorist behind every lamp-stand therefore they justify within themselves the necessity for participating in the perpetuation of such a state. As wrong as they may be for giving into the Machiavellian mindset they were sold, no one can seriously believe that they are mustache twisting villains who actually get off on committing treason or mindless storm troopers content to punch a clock on the death star and blow up planets before lunch. Sure, there is no doubt in my mind that there are a handful of lunatics in secret cabals that do indeed get off on the suffering and misery of we mere mortals but the biggest part of their orgiastic enthusiasm is that the suffering and misery we endure is done by our own hands and requires but a little nudge from them and nothing more.

In the event of a hot revolution the tiny few so called elite would be safe and sound in bunkers somewhere sipping on chianti while the masses cut each other to pieces on the streets in the name of some glorious revolution that will do little more than cause quite the drop in population and put us right back on the hamster wheel humanity was unable to get off of in 1776. I don’t hunt but from my understanding there are hunting seasons to keep the populations of certain animals in check so once or twice a year bullets must fly and bodies must fall. Hot revolutions are the equivalent of hunting seasons ordained by the tiny few who do enjoy pushing for a servant and master class.

While it is true that the military is conducting itself in an unconstitutional manner and has done so for quite some time, and it is most certainly true that the police are behaving more and more like the gestapo at an alarming rate these problems will never be solved with pre-emptive violence. Violence in self-defense, absolutely, shooting at every man or woman with a badge? Asininity. Ultimately the poor actions of those perpetuating tyranny is a problem of the mind. It is the sickness of a poor fund of knowledge. Police state adherents are simply ignorant of the Rights we have been endowed with by our creator and the depth of that ignorance obviously stimulates violence in greater degrees. We, as Enlightened Revolutionaries have to understand that within the thinking process of tyrants is the self- justification of their actions. All villains believe they are the hero in some sick and twisted way. While our task is much more difficult than pulling a trigger, which is easy, in the greater scheme of things taking the time, patience and proper attitude to educate and Enlighten them to our way of thinking is ultimately going to reap the greater reward as well as keep mankind from extinction in some pointless getting off of guns.

Now I will be the first to admit that I certainly don’t have all the answers and cannot provide all of the solutions on how we stop tyranny dead in its tracks in a peaceful way but I will also be the first to say that at least I have some and at least I am willing to exhaust those solutions with every fiber of my being before believing that picking up a rifle is what will do the trick. When I’m done exhausting those solutions I will be more than willing to exhaust your peaceful solutions as well because as I have always said and will continue to say; when violence goes up against violence the one who wins is simply the most violent. In that instance it should be noted that the most violent is always the least right and who wants to be a part of a post revolution world that is simply so wrong?

Of course all of this brings me now to the most recent episodes of Zen in the Car T.V. which are also titled Revolution is Evolution parts one, two and three. In the past year or so I have had the privilege to take the message of peaceful Revolution to many alternative media outlets and do my part in this whole thing to inspire, encourage and hopefully help steer the course of our fate in some small way in the direction of non-violent resistance to the tyranny we have had to endure in the country. This is not always an easy task, especially when communicating with those on either side that are so filled with anger and rage the only outcome they can conceive is a violent one. These types of folks can be found on the side of the state as well as the side of the Patriot movement. For the past year we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM have documented on multiple occasions the aggressive nature of the state and some of those behind badges that have no problem violating civil rights but for the sake of fairness it should also be shown that the Liberty movement has its fair share of douchebags too.

Untitled-1Your humble author was invited on The Ochelli Effect not too long ago to discuss the concepts we are talking about here and the catalyst for the interview was in regards to an article previously published on ZENINTHECAR.COM where I saw fit to make commentary on the views of a caller who in fact does advocate a violent response to the state. The article is read during the first episode so I won’t exhaust the details here, however what ensued as a result of the interview is something I do wish to elaborate on before you view all three parts in their entirety.

Evidently the network which currently carries The Ochelli Effect has a hand full of dedicated …chat room buddies and these…chat room buddies…have had this special bond for quite some time apparently. Unbeknownst and completely irrelevant to me was the fact that the subject of my article, Mr. Cracker, is a member of this dedicated group of chat room buddies and my usage of his words and position (which were voiced by Mr. Cracker himself on a public forum and subject to commentary and criticism) to demonstrate the futility of violent revolution in my writings didn’t sit too well with them. After the chat room brigade got good and tanked by the end of my reading (hey fellas, the steps work if ya work em’ but they won’t if ya don’t) deciding to call in to rip me a new one or whatever before Mr. Cracker himself called back in only to bail after roughly eight minutes of not really saying a whole lot of anything significant or useful but proving he was very proficient in yelling “THE SECOND AMENDMENT” into his phone, the insanity only snowballed further. I’ll let you experience it for yourself in the episodes below and have your own internal dialogue on which side makes the most sense.

CENSOREDThankfully though there is always an opportunity to turn any situation into a teachable moment and this ordeal did allow the contrast between the two positions of revolution to be examined. My position of a peaceful method of change was allowed to get in the proverbial ring with the method of violence in an open forum for all of you to weigh the results in the balance of common sense. This is a win for Enlightened Revolutionaries like you and I. Unfortunately as a result of the entire interview a decision was made somewhere over at UCY.TV to have yours truly banned from their particular airwaves. It is still unclear to everyone over here at ZENINTHECAR.COM and me as to why exactly I was banned and we can only speculate as to the whom and how this decision was made seeing as how this ban was only relayed to us through third parties and not directly by those responsible. The only thing we know for certain is that I am indeed banned as a result of The Ochelli Effect interview that night.

Obviously this has come as a disappoint to us at ZENINTHECAR.COM, not because we don’t have other outlets to spread our message but because as members of the alternative media it saddens us to see others who would fly that banner betray the philosophy that goes along with it. Ultimately all of us here are individual writers, bloggers, philosophers, poets, commentators and activists of all different walks of life that have come together for some common causes through the medium of alternative media; or media that the mainstream will not allow due to censorship or the fitting of politically or financially correct muzzles on our views. We don’t always agree with one another and have the understanding that nor should we; however it is our duty as individual members of the collective alternative media to at least allow one another the opportunity to express our views no matter how unpopular, offensive or controversial those views may be. On the day that current or future contributors to ZENINTHECAR.COM lose sight of that philosophy then it is my hope that this site and all its outlets be scattered in the wind because it will no longer be able to serve the purpose in which it was conceived to perform.

It should be noted at this point that neither the host of The Ochelli Effect or Jaded; shows I have frequented on UCY.TV, are responsible for the decision to have me banned and in no way should my banishment reflect poorly upon them because it was simply out of their hands. I happen to find both of them very kind and professional and have thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on both of their shows. The unfortunate part about them being carried on the network that had me banned is that it begs the question of just how much UCY.TV has tied their hands behind their backs in regards to who can come on their shows and what can be spoken about. That is a disheartening thought in light of the desperate need the alternative media has for articulate and daring voices. It is my hope and prayer that their talent and genuine love for Freedom of expression is noticed by other networks that are more deserving of what they have to offer, and if that transpires they not hesitate to leap at the opportunity. So there is no need to protest the network, no need to blast them ad nauseam. The only thing required is to simply note that at the very least they have engaged in censorship with me and then to ask yourself how many have they censored that you don’t know about.

RevolutionariesAll of that being said the good news is that the situation has been salvaged to bring forth goodness for your viewing pleasure in the following three part series Revolution is Evolution. So sit back, enjoy a tasty beverage of your choice with snack or two in hand and join Jason Patrick, Sabrina Black and myself as we freely express our views of peaceful Revolution, non-violent disobedience and the importance of the First Amendment. It is our hope and desire that not only are you entertained but you are Enlightened as well. See you around.






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Once again we welcome you back to year three of ZENINTHECAR.COM, and year two of ZEN IN THE CAR T.V.. We appreciate all of your urges for us to come back but as we said, everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to and though we have taken a considerable amount of time to evolve, it seems that now it is appropriate for us to return and it couldn’t have been one second sooner. So with little fanfare and little prose to reintroduce you to who we are, we present the first episode of this new and exciting season. Thank you for liking, sharing helping us grow and of course if you agree with what we here at ZENINTHECAR.COM are doing don’t hesitate to donate so the cause can spread further and further. Enjoy, ZEN IN THE CAR T.V..


Catherine Bernard: Neo Goldilocks

Do you like fairy tales? I like fairy tales. I especially like fairy tales that have a thrash metal soundtrack that can be played behind them and seamlessly fit right in there. So if you like thrash metal fairy tales, specifically ones that include a neo goldilocks with a back bone consistency reminiscent of Wolverine’s adamantium laced bones, this is going to make the corners of your mouth reach for your ears.

Once upon a time this cute and cuddly protagonist with curly locks of gold happened to find herself skipping into a forest. Not just any forest either. No, this was a creepy, full moon overhead, limbs that look like zombie arms type of forest. In this forest were bloodthirsty leeches; vultures smacking their beaks at the idea of picking the flesh from the dead… and drunken senior citizens looking to make business connections. It was the last RNC national convention in Tampa. Do you remember that whole ordeal? Good, then you know what a horrible train crash of principles, morality, and human dignity it was. No need to get into all the details of this laughable coronation of Mitt Romney (how’d that work out for ya GOP? Chuckle, chuckle), because the evidence of the republican party’s insignificance is currently live on YouTube for your disgusted viewing pleasure.


No, this little ditty isn’t so much about the veneer flaking off of the dying neoconservative mask from the republican party’s muck and mire as it is uplifting the Bright and Shining Light of our protagonist; Catherine Bernard.

catherine bernard

Catherine Bernard

For those of you who aren’t privy to the tale I intend to unfold for you (in brief), I urge you to do yourself the favor of looking into it because it’s one of those gems in history that make all of us in the Liberty Movement take pause at in admiration of the moral nugget that’s just waiting for our oohs and awes. It is yet another fable which brings to the forefront of our minds why we are in the Liberty Movement to begin with; and it is that we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that one person alone can truly make a difference. One person alone can knock history in a totally new direction with the back hand of defiance in the face of Tyranny, lunacy and hypocrisy. Liberty and Freedom have always been the guardians of the Individual, and subject only to masters worthy of such a title. If the Individual is not Free to exercise their Liberty, then the words have lost their meaning altogether. Conformists do not understand this type of thing. Conformists aren’t able to grasp the heart and soul of the Constitution or the ideals of a Republic because they’ve yet to shake off the shackles of their collectivist thinking. So typically what we find them doing is waddling off a cliff by the tune of El Rushbo, or the Fred Flintstone idiot ‘Multiplicity’ clone; Sean Hannity.

You see those of us fortunate enough to have been born at just the right age to be able to use the internet as the tool that it is, have already discovered quite some time ago that there hasn’t really been a difference between the dems and the pubs since the invasion of the neoconservative infiltrators in the 1930’s. No, thanks to people like Irving Kristol and their imperialistic inclinations of dabbling with every entangling alliance conceivable, the republican party has not had its house built on much more than shifting sand for quite some time. Or should I say sinking sand? Either way, the ideal of the party is quite appealing and to many of us in the Liberty Movement it was appealing when we were still under the impression that when it spoke of conservatism the practice was in regards to the Constitution our Founding Fathers entrusted to us. You know the document penned to declare with a collective up raised bad finger, that the Individuals were taking their Freedom and Liberty back from empire building, war mongers who curtsy when breathing the same air as heads of state?

Of course we in the Liberty Movement saw firsthand in our dealings with the GOP over the course of eight years that the principles of limited government and maximum Freedom for the people are all but smoke and mirror choked out by the smoke filled back rooms of bureaucrats ready to cut our Rights up just as fast as lobbyists can snatch checks out of their checkbook. We simply became so concerned for our precious country that we were compelled to jump into politics because we at least knew that in order to have your voice heard it must be done through some proper outlet. The Liberty Movement gravitated to the republican party and began to swell it’s sad little numbers with young, enthusiastic people who are passionate about the state of our sweet land of fading Liberty- and rather than be accepted with open and inviting arms- we found that our voices would not be heard; because there were very few who wanted to hear them. If vee ver to be gud zittle vepublicans, vee vould need to zit down and tow zee pawtee line! It iz all about zee pawtee!

Many of us were dumbfounded that the GOP was willing to top the monumental laughing stock of running John McCain and Tina Fey against Barack Obama and Mr. Ed after a trough of scotch; by shoving the choice of Reed Richards and one of those guys from New Kids on the Block down our throats. Though I hear they go by NKOTB these days. Or wait, maybe it was “Those Guys related to Mark Wahlberg”, anyway whatever. We couldn’t believe that the party was so far gone that the apparent purpose of the national convention was truly about reading votes off of teleprompters, making party rule changes which choked the voice of the grass roots to the point of death, and of course maintaining the mirage that all was well and the republicans were unified. Those of us in the Liberty Movement were appalled because we actually thought it was about nominating a candidate to run for president that would best represent the ideals of the republican party. But no, they didn’t want Ron Paul; they wanted the man responsible for Obamacare. They wanted the man who makes money from Stericycle; a company which tidies up all the stacks of aborted babies out behind those abortion mills. They wanted to nominate a candidate who openly said he would’ve signed the NDAA which waives all our Rights to a new form of sycophantic monarchy. Heck, in Georgia they were so willing to nominate him that the state party was willing to throw a bone by not supporting the NDAA at the state convention; only to quickly snatch the motion up like a stingy kid not wanting to play with the neighbor when it was brought up that the only candidate who didn’t support the NDAA happened to be Ron friggin’ Paul.

Despite all the mistreatment, people like Catherine Bernard still refused to just sit on their hands and do nothing. They still had that compulsion to make their voice heard, even if it meant being in the minority, being mocked, being ridiculed, and of course being threatened with legal action. They spent of their money. They spent of their time. They spent of moments lost from work or from family. They spent of themselves so that at the very least history would not pass by without those needling little voices of Truth which always say “Let it not be said that no one cared”.

You see at the Sunday brunch with the Georgia delegation, delegates were asked to identify if they intended to support Mitt Romney and if they would be so kind as to sign a pledge stating such. At the time this transpired Catherine Bernard was the only lamp of Liberty in the room and she willingly threw herself to the wolves of gnarling conformists by …oh my goodness…dissenting. Like your favorite Hit-Girl scene from that comic book movie; little prim and proper in appearance pulls a bone crunching, triple back flip maneuver of ‘No, that’s okay. You guys can take your silly little pledge and file it where your pocket Constitutions are’ and stood her ground. Amidst heckles, intimidation and peer pressure that hasn’t worked since ‘Rebel without a Cause’ she refused to buckle to the swarm of voices attempting to quell her voice of Purity for the voice of unity. No, she was not bound to support Mitt Romney and chose to go with that pesky conscience which forced her to support the one candidate who actually is willing to walk conservatism as well as talk it.

As if the tongue lashing and finger wagging from the brunch wasn’t enough Catherine Bernard, as well as the four others willing to stand on their principles, again were openly chastised from the bully pulpit of Sue Everhart and …well take a look see.

Yeah. After you get past the illusion of this being some type of Paula Dean special you click the function button which translates what’s being said and it feels something along the lines of:
“Now yall a lookey here. If we don’t a come tagetha and prop up this here notion that consuvatives find Romney appealing then the state of Gorja might just get a case of the vaypahs. All yall out there willin’ to stand on princpuls, we just gone call libertarians and push you right out the chicken coop of the party less yall play purdy and support candates like good ole Mitt Romne’ and Newty. We don’t want ta hear all this talk about good ole boys like Newt writin’ forwards to books like The Third Wave, which calls for the abolition of the Constiwhateva, and nashuna soverwhateva. So just ignore the fact that the Romne’s family owns a whole turnip load of votin’ machines in this next ‘lection and get your brand new, shiny Real I.D. down at the D.D.S to hep’ us get this ‘lection riggin’ unda control.

Your keyboard probably doesn’t have that function key but I bet you wished it did. Nevertheless we should find out how this fairy tale concludes, and if it sticks true to pure form the heroine will no doubt make some sort of spinning, inferno kick of a comeback and set in motion the dominos of tyranny’s magnificent downfall.

It just so happens that we may be witnessing this triumphal display of Catherine Bernard’s inner flaming phoenix currently; as the magical internet greets all those eyes out there burning with Freedom and Liberty with wonderful news. Catherine Bernard has announced she will be running for 1st Vice Chair of Georgia’s republican party. For those of us in the Liberty Movement this is a very happy moment because shortly after the news that this little neo goldilocks with the raging immovableness of Atlas came to our attention, another precious pearl arrived. Alex Johnson announced he is seeking the Georgia republican party chairman position.

alex johnson

Alex Johnson

Why is this exciting? Because we know they will win? No, not at all because if all We who truly want Freedom and Liberty in our time fail to do as the aforementioned have done and show up to stand on principle come February 9th, we honestly don’t know if they will win. But the real reason this is so exciting is because it is the budding of the flower Ron Paul and other pioneers in Constitutional thinking have so diligently worked to sow seeds for. Like them, Catherine Bernard and Alex Johnson are no longer asking for their Freedom and Liberty; they are willing to stand up and claim them. By the very act of such a thing they are proving that the ideals we are heralding will never go away quietly into the night. They are showing that all the nasty tricks of the old GOP, all the rule changes scribbled from on high, all the hurdles and obstacles thrown in our way to dissuade us from being heard will eventually be eviscerated by the brightness of our multiplying belief. These two, and others like them willing to throw their name in the ring to represent such documents as the Bill of Rights, are just the beginning of an explosion of sparks from the lantern of Liberty. It will be a brush-fire which can only spread exponentially, and in its wake purge out the weeds who are ever ready to sacrifice principle for party.

We here at whole heartedly endorse these two candidates for the respective offices they are seeking and bestow upon them one of our greatest honors; a Radiohead video tribute.


Please support Liberty candidates in your local precinct, county, district and state meetings and please like Catherine Bernard and Alex Johnson on facebook.

Heroes of the Faith: John Lennon

This week we celebrate the birthday of John Lennon, a hero of the Faith, and giant among men. I thought it appropriate to take a moment and Imagine that he were still with us, and if that wish were to be granted, what would we find him doing?

John Lennon, more likely than not, would be celebrating his anniversary this year with some type of pajama clad protest against the decade plus long war our nation has been engaged in with countries most Americans can’t find on a map. We would probably find him also throwing impromptu concerts for political prisoners such as Brandon Raub, Julian Assange, and Marc Emery. He would spare no expense, nor allow his voice to be silent when it came to the wrongful imprisonment of men charged with crimes lacking victim in our clear cut “Just Us” system.

John Lennon would no doubt be quite vocal on such legislation as the NDAA and the evil gnomes of molestation it, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, have released on a Free people, namely the TSA. He would release songs every week if he had to in order to bring the attention of the youth to the stranglehold on Freedom the powers that be are flexing on the Red, the White, and the Blue.

There is no doubt that John Lennon would be screaming from the rooftops that it is not only Un-American, but inhumane to have sixteen year old boys assassinated without charge or warrant for the “crime” of being the son of a radical Muslim, without so much as paying lip service to the Bill of Rights.

Even though his cries of injustice would bring him the peril of losing fortune, favor and fame, John Lennon, if he were with us today would no doubt risk deportation from any government monitoring him in order to hold up a banner for all that is Right, and True, and Just. He would be a thorn in the side of “authority” and welcome all the ridicule, berating and persecution that comes when one is ahead of their time by knowing the Truth rather than believing it.

Then some government or another would have him shot,…however his music, like ideals, are and forevermore shall be bulletproof.


I think it would be prudent for all of us who recognize what a Bright and Shining Light we had with us not too long ago, to honor the week of his birth by remembering the things which inspired the music responsible for shaping the lives of our parents, and of course our own lives by hearing the words of the music rather than simply listening to it. Happy Birthday, John Lennon.