With recent legislation such as HB 310 being passed here in the state of Georgia by politicians so caught up in the web of legalese they can’t understand the simple language of the Bill of Rights, the flippant attitude towards the People has once again been openly flaunted by representatives who seem to only represent themselves. With all of this new open tyranny by a state government that seems to just want to laugh in our face as they stick it to us, I think it’s about time we return the gesture.


download (2)Cannabis use has been with us since the dawn of time and for good reason. With a plethora of medicinal and spiritual benefits, this wonder herb or as some call it, the God plant, only has the negative side effect of late night runs to Krystal’s (or White Castle for all you yanks). Shamans and seekers have benefited from its use to attain Enlightenment per the instructions of their spiritual texts and those suffering from a myriad of maladies have found its profound curative properties in its multitude of forms. Then the state comes along and puts a stick in all our proverbial craws. Thanks again state.

By changing the actual name of cannabis to the legal term marijuana, the state has pulled a sneaky snake and convinced the masses that it is unlawful to partake of a God given Right the Constitution protects above state laws regardless of their legislative whoredom. With miles and miles of legalese which create a spider web of words to get caught up in, cannabis activists have blindly walked into the trap of spinning their wheels against a game that doesn’t need to be played. With several organizations fighting for “legalization” throughout the states a spotlight on cannabis use being illegal as nonsensical has indeed been shown; but is the effort to “legalize” it even worth the time or effort?

Here at ZENINTHECAR.COM we are not interested in wasting time or effort. We find no progress in over-complicating matters or making them so confusing that the heart of the matter is lost on those to whom it matters most. When there are people in need of the healing properties that cannabis provides we have no desire to fornicate about with the issue. In the following public service announcement we have attempted to resolve the issue of cannabis use in a short video packed with key information rather than years and years at state capitols,  with greasy politicians and no results. Buckle up, light up, and learn ya sumthin!

Skeletons of the Media Closet


Isn’t it just what our future needs – a drug dealer in a political seat? Well, what do you expect from a Black American?

OUCH! That’s harsh, isn’t it? Slanderous. The epitome of racist. It’s more saddening that these are the tactics of those running for public office. Unfortunately, it goes without saying that once you enter the public arena, anything goes – even your skeletons – right out of the closet. At least, for the person with the fattest wallet.

Despite their ability to focus on personal strength and what campaigners truly bring to the table, it’s much easier (and likely more affordable) to call out the flaws of opponents. TRUTH in reporting simply does not pay well, or produce the hype that our mainstream media seeks to boost their ratings.

Instead, the media (in the pockets of more financially formidable opponents) will gladly report on the dark places a person has been to in their life. They do it without care for how it will affect runners, or the people for whom these candidates are running for.


Rob Cunningham of “About Common Core” presents the Education Freedom Award to U.S. Senate candidate Minister Derrick E Grayson. Mr. Grayson is the ONLY Senate candidate in the state of Georgia to receive this award. Photo courtesy of About Common Core

It’s very true that Minister Derrick Grayson has a past – a more than 20-year old history that he may never fully live down. Who doesn’t? Who hasn’t in their youth done something they have only lived to regret?

However, isn’t it more likely that if the media has to dig as far back as 20 years  to find that crumb of dirt on a person, it’s probably because he learned from his mistake since being PARDONED  by Former Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue  and has moved on with new purpose?

It just doesn’t make “good” news to report on one’s growth from an experience.

Ratings are everything in a world of the “deaf, dumb and blind.

1.) Here’s an example of how media is bought and paid for.

2.)  Here’s what actually got reported.

(note ZENINTHECAR.COM  field reporter, Jason Patrick, in this video recording Mr. Castelan during the interview with Cliven Bundy.)

Although, being the absolute case with Mr. Grayson – a man who saw his share of struggle in life and turned it around – you won’t find this being reported by the media. His wallet is just not fat enough to make a million dollar offer to reporters for TRUTH.

Don’t ignore the negligence of our mainstream media. The bias in their reporting is immensely a direct relation to the numerous problems our country has faced, is facing, and will continue to face until WE THE PEOPLE stand up for what is right.

Derrick Grayson is a Black American that has battled at points in his life not unlike many of the Black American communities do to this very day. His progression from a past – in which he served time AND received pardon – ought not to be viewed so horrendously. Rather it should be seen as the inspirational opportunity that it is – not just to America, but to the Black communities of our country, that desperately need more strong, intellectual, and life-changing ROLE MODELS.

But this isn’t news. It’s certainly not news that sells. If you want biased news that sells – stick to mainstream.

TRUTH is a non paying job, and that’s all you’ll find here from the hearts of those that believe in one man’s proposed future. If we’ve reached you, we’re doing our jobs, unpaid and with utmost respect and faith in Minister Derrick Grayson.

“But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them,  He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:7


This article was a collaborated between Sabrina Black and  Jason T.



D.L. Crumpton and Derrick Grayson


I can remember during the last couple of presidential election cycles feeling very much like an island at times in my support of Ron Paul. Now keep in mind, no one that supported Ron Paul really supported the man, rather what the man stood for; Freedom, Liberty and the Constitution. In a world where people focus on the technicalities of what a document says rather than the soul of what is written, it was rare to find others that had such concepts burning in their bones. It was rare to find someone who didn’t approach the Constitution like a legal document rather like a Holy document. While others were supporting politicians, we were supporting a statesman. We were supporting a man who was open, honest, and not offering to butter our bread more than he was offering us the opportunity to butter our own damn bread.


Derrick Grayson with Jason Patrick

During that time there were few media voices willing to shout from the rooftops and echo this message of Freedom and Liberty, so we as supporters had to become the media. Derrick Grayson (TMOT) was one of the loudest and clearest advocates for the concepts we all embrace here at ZENINTHECAR.COM. I can’t tell you how many days I raced home to catch his “Drive Time” rants on YouTube and sat on the edge of my seat with the feeling that finally I was not alone. Finally there was someone else that understood this type of thing without having to walk them around the pond. He doesn’t mince words, he doesn’t dodge questions, and he doesn’t water down the words of our Founding Fathers. When we released the project statement I AM THE COG, a comprehensive plan to take back our Republic, Derrick Grayson was one of the first to throw his support behind it, and since that time we knew he was as Stan Lee would say, a True Believer. So it tickled us to no avail to find out that he was running for the House of Representatives for our fine state. Team Zen scrambled to find out how we could contribute to his voice getting louder and his campaign becoming a success. And after all that scrambling we decided just to do what we do best. Cover him as we would any other politician and let his own words either uplift or condemn him.

We find it ironic that Derrick Grayson is known for “Drive Time” where most of his ideas probably come to him while stuck in a car, and we here attained Enlightenment in ours while stuck in traffic. It appears a hybrid baby of ZEN and DRIVE TIME was inevitable with all that hindsight being 20\20 and all. So we hope you enjoy a little Drive Time Zen.


A Message for all District 8 Patriots: The Caucuses are Coming!

ronpaulrevolutionGreetings all Liberty Lovers in the 8th Congressional District of the great state of Georgia. I am writing to you after the attendance of our local Houston County Republican monthly meeting. I suppose the first thing we need to cover is exactly what must be done from this point on if we are to secure a Republic for the children we so claim to cherish. The following is the least you need to know:
• The precinct meeting is February 9th, at the Centerville City Hall, located at 300 East Church Street, Centerville, Georgia.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M., and must be completed by 10:00A.M., a $5.00 registration fee is required.
• The county meeting is March 9th, at the Centerville City Hall.
• The price for the county meeting will be $20.00 delegate/$15.00 alternate.
• Registration opens at 9:00 A.M. and must be completed by 10:00 A.M.
• If you plan to be a delegate to district\state you must fill out an application which must be submitted to the nominating committee at least 5 days prior to the county convention.
• In order to participate in any of these functions you must be a paid up member of the Houston County Republican Party.
• Yearly dues are $35.00 for couples. $25.00 for singles. $10.00 for students and senior citizens.
• These dues must be paid no later than the mass precinct meeting, (but can be made at the mass precinct meeting)
• If you need any additional details contact the following: Heath Clark, Valerie Sergeant Martin, Eddie Causey, Jason Patrick, Justin Huff, Daniel Louis Crumpton, Kisha Crumpton, or Curtis Sirmans on facebook.

• For additional information on the Houston County GOP rules and registration forms please see their website:  Copies of the rules can also be found on their facebook page.

Now the following is the most you need to know, and I hope you will not begrudge me the length of this post to impart upon you how utterly important it is that you pay close attention. These aforementioned requirements for the attendance of the local conventions were put in place by the party in order to dissuade certain people of certain perspectives from flooding the caucuses and sweeping conventions. It is felt, by the party, that by imposing such tedious rules and regulations many lukewarm patriots will simply raspberry the whole process and stay at home. They will say that they would rather give their time and their money to other organizations, or pull out of the political process altogether. I cannot impart to you enough how absolutely asinine this line of thinking is.

RonPaulFreedomMarchIn the 2012 presidential election, all of you who have heard the call of Ron Paul and the message of this REloveUTION we are all partakers of, managed to flood into your local precinct, county and district conventions giving us a critical foothold in our fair state. In the aftermath of the debacle which was the 2012 presidential elections, the Republican Party is broken. It is shattered. It is licking its wounds, bleeding out, shedding its mortal coil etc. etc. etc… Having been participating in the party on your behalf for the past few months, I, as well as the Houston County Liberty Leaders, will attest to you that we have not lost one inch; rather we have been inching towards this moment for quite some time.

With the humiliating defeat of Mitt Romney to the worst president in American history, the GOP has a black eye that smarts something fierce. They have been humbled. They are now beginning to see that even when they win the house, their very own speaker will betray them with atrocious deals with Beelzebub. Most of the old neoconservatives are beginning to scatter, counting their losses and cashing out because they now see that there isn’t going to be much of a return in this business for very much longer. The Republican Party, which once stood for the conservation of the principles enshrined within the Constitution, has been hijacked since the invasion of Irving Krystol’s philosophy of neo-conservatism in the 1970’s. Since that time, well meaning conservatives have been lead as mice to the piper by the tunes of neoconservative talking heads on the radio, and of course on Fox news. Unbeknownst to them, and their well intentions; they have been useful idiots in the incremental degradation of our Bill of Rights, and it’s founding Declaration of Independence. Now their empire of ashes is crumbling and the obviousity of the naked emperor is glaringly evident.

rising-phoenixOf course all you patriots out there need to do is look on the back of your one dollar bill and see that the imagery emblazoned there is nothing short of the Phoenix. The bird of Resurrection. From the ashes of the old, comes the glory of the new. This is what our country is all about. We simply have let that slip for a time, but now that time is over. We are at a critical moment in history; I am not going to lie to you. This is the moment where we, We the People, decide if America will go down the path of some sick, Orwellian, Brave New World, nightmare-or pull a brilliant 180. This is the moment when we remember the cycles of history, and put the brakes on the downward spiral which is empiricism. This is the moment when we bring our troops home…to their families for God’s sake. This is the moment when we start to give the proper attention to the returning troops, aiding them for all the ailments we asked them to endure. This is the moment when off shore banks stop bludgeoning us to death with imaginary debt that neither we, nor our children owe. This is the moment where We; where you can make a difference.

Essentially what we are asking you to do is put aside all of the grumblings about the new rules, regulations, fines, fees, and hurdles you are asked to endure. We are asking you to understand that these rules were put in place to keep the apathetic away from the political process. To an extent; surely you can agree with this. You, as Ron Paul, or Liberty Lovers do not idealistically believe in apathy in politics. Therefore, you understand in your core that to be apathetic at this point would be self defeating. We are asking you to prove the Republican Party wrong come this February by showing up to your mass precinct meetings, your county convention meetings, your district convention meetings as well as your state convention meetings. We are asking that you help finish what Ron Paul started thirty years ago by becoming a party which can save the Republic by inflaming it from the grassroots up with the ideas of Freedom and Liberty.

Those of us who have been carving out a place for our ideals in the local Republican Party could not have accomplished what we have without your help. And now we are asking for your help again. Beginning in February the entire infrastructure of the Georgia Republican Party can be arranged in such a way as to lean more towards Liberty than closer to tyranny. The more seasoned republicans in our state are beginning to see that perhaps it will take our young ideals, and explosive zeal to take this country back from the clutches of fascism. They are coming to a point in which they are beginning to see that what we have been saying may not have been so crazy after all. So I cannot express to you enough how important it is for you to participate in your upcoming caucus’s. As well as the monthly meetings preceding such caucus’s on a regular basis.

If you have supported Ron Paul and the principles he has revived within our collective spirit, if you have contributed one dime, or placed one call, or walked one street, or exhausted any soul into reviving this country; then now is the time for you to stand up in a non violent, revolutionary way. Now is the time for all your hard work and effort to pay off. And all you have to do is show up. Show up and support the candidates who will be running for office that actually Know and Love the Constitution. Show up and make sure that your representatives actually represent you. Show up and secure your slots as delegates for the next election cycle where we might actually see a Rand Paul ticket.

Because our ideas seem new, the establishment is understandably resistant to them. They have seen us as a force which is invading the party, rather than coming in to save it. It must be understood that this is truly the case. We are a band which hold the precious notion that this can be a republic again, and the words of our Founding Fathers can be echoed more brilliantly now than in decades prior. We are not here to destroy the Republican Party, nor are we here to invade the Republican Party. We are the Republican Party which has been negligent in our duty for quite some time. We apologize, but now we can take things from here. Those of you who have been within are our friends in Liberty. We appreciate what your intentions have been in the manner of our government. We just think that the path to hell is paved with the best of intentions. We will respectfully participate in our republican form of government in a civilized way. We will pay the fines imposed. We will meet the deadlines dictated. We will jump through all of your hoops in order to be heard; because the thing in which we want to be heard is ‘Give me Liberty, or give me death’.

I don’t know what else to say. This really is up to each and every one of you. If you’re reading this then you must understand that the reason the message of Ron Paul resonated within you so deeply is because it is the message of personal Freedom and personal Liberty. What else are Personal Freedom and Personal Liberty than the ability to change that which one sees is not right? And you can. And you will, if only you simply arrive. Ninety percent of every battle means just showing up. I would encourage you to make the appropriate connections on social media such as facebook and twitter with Liberty pages in your area. I would encourage you to make contact with Liberty activists in your vicinity and get to know others which are fighting to save this country within the Republican Party. This message has been specifically directed at District 8 in Georgia, however let it also be understand that our readers in different districts and states are needed as well in order for this reclaiming of America. I urge you to find the appropriate dates, times and rules which apply to the areas you are responsible for.

May Liberty reign, for all of us.

Now sit back for ten minutes and let Billy Corgan and the gang blow you up.

Below are a few videos to help you brush up with Roberts Rules of order.

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