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TMOT’s Drive Time regarding Rand Paul in the 2016 race, the inequality of the justice system and the history of blacks in America.


Talk Radio: Sucky Sucky Five Bucky

When you were a teenager did you ever find yourself in the awkward situation of having to figure out a bra strap? Well, just as a pointer here’s what you do; two fingers above with thumb below and snap your fingers. You are very welcome. Now enjoy the view because all the studs are still going to be busy flexing their muscles while you go for the win my friend. This is the way it is in life and this is the way it is in politics.

sean hannity

Yabba dabba doo

I have made it a point to avoid talk radio for the past few years because it just became this circus of hypocrisy and commercialism pretending not to be. People want to believe that Rush, Hannity, and the rest of the pundit league are actually on the radio because they care but when the commercials and ads come on they suspend their logic and reason. Rest assured, Glenn Beck and all the other sweater vest whores aren’t sold on the ideals you are sold on. At the end of the day what they are doing is selling you air time. The show isn’t their words; the show is the commercials you wait through until they come back on the air waves to pat your patriotism. Sure, at one point they probably had passion. At one point they might have actually cared about this country but make no mistake that somewhere in that sea they got lost in the ocean of advertising and ratings. They have equated numbers to success, and success to people conforming. But all of you really paying attention know not to trust the words of the neo conservative talking heads because you have seen their hypocrisy up close and personal.

When the last election was hot and heated not a one of them wanted to give Ron Paul or his message a shot. No, they called him a nut job. They demeaned him and his supporters and whole heartedly backed the republican nominee, Mitt Romney, even though just months prior none of them would support him at all. But when the party spoke, the talking heads all fell in line. And why? It wasn’t because they believed in Mitt Romney or that he was actually a conservative; no it was because they wanted uniformity over principle. They wanted the illusion of justice rather than justice itself. They flip flopped. They shifted ideology. They metamorphosed into what you wanted them to be, what you needed them to be. And in doing so the ratings went up.

black-horse-and-sea-wallpapers_12032_1600x1200So just for kicks and giggles I happened to hop in the Silverado (brought to you by Chevrolet, a company I could care less about but just so happens to produce the vehicle I get around in and doesn’t pay me one cent for mentioning them) and turn on the radio. What do I hear? I hear the likes of Bill Bennett and Laura Ingraham gushing their love for Rand Paul and his prospects for 2016. Is it because they believe in his ideology? I don’t think so considering they called his father, who shares the same ideology, a nut ball. Do they believe in the policies of the Paul family? Well based off their past diatribes I wouldn’t think so. So why the sudden love affair with Rand? Well it should be obvious to all honest observers and it’s because he is kicking the ass of the federal government. He is doing the one thing his father instilled within him and us as well and that’s to never compromise and never back down. Rand is distinguishing himself as a man who is fed up and no longer willing to play politics over personal gain and that type of attitude is not only contagious, it’s good for the soul. People are beginning to feel it. People are beginning to believe it within themselves and when that happens no amount of propaganda can stop it. It is becoming obvious that when he throws his name in the ring for President of the United States the majority will line up and vote for him…so the pundits must align themselves now so they can appear to be prophets.

Hannity and the likes of his ilk, they need the creds in order to continue hocking you junk you don’t need. How do they do that? Simple, they lick their thumbs; stick it in the air, and whichever way it blows is the way they will blow too. They have never believed in our principles, they have simply tried to sell them. If you have any doubt of this do yourself a favor and listen to Glenn Beck talk about Ron Paul five or six years ago compared to today. After doing so, if you still support these pundits I would advise you take a knife to your nose so you can cut it off to spite your own face.