Adam “Yellow Bird” DeArmon Speaks Part Three: Narcissism and the Twin Flame Delusion

Alan Merrit

Adam “Yellow Bird” DeArmon, of the Oklevueha Native American Church, returns to the ZEN in the CAR podcast with Mona Lucia & Daniel Louis Crumpton to dive deeper into the underlying issues of our decaying society that precipitate the need for healing. As a result of some of these issues not being addressed, the recent and rapid phenomenon of wide spread, narcissist abuse specifically in the online spiritual community has become an epidemic. With the number of people becoming aware of narcissism, the increase of the information regarding how to spot them is now more readily available. As anything on a spectrum, this epidemic of toxicity has spread into the spiritual community through ease of access to the internet, and new, twisted doctrines and dogmas, such as the deluded “Twin Flame” deception continue to pull in unsuspecting victims to the hive mind of the narcissistic collective. Join Mona Lucia & Daniel Louis Crumpton as they conclude their talk with Adam “Yellow Bird” DeArmon on how to best navigate the maze of the insanity and recover from the wounds of narcissistic abuse. Enjoy!

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Alan Merrit is an author, private speaker, social commentator and holds six origami champion medals in four counties. He has dedicated most of his public life to the furtherance of Polygamist Rights advocacy but only does that as a gag because he finds the institution of marriage a joke in and of itself. Alan lives and writes from Wellston Georgia where he can faithfully be found perfecting his cynical viewpoints on politics, society and anything else in need of being brought down a peg or two with exquisite contempt.

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