Jury Nullification, Liberty & Conversations on Bill Cooper with Dan Oneill and Lynn Genrich

Alan Merrit

Dan Oneill & Lynn Genrich join Team Zen to promote the upcoming Jury Nullification Event, 2023, taking place February 25th in Hightstown New Jersey. The philosophy of Jury Nullification is a key component to the ideals of Freedom, Liberty and true Patriotism; as it removes the misplaced “power” society places upon officials and returns that power to the People. In our current times, the BAR association seem to be the gatekeepers of the “law” and the courts have apparently become a playground for their benefit alone, utilizing the endless list of statutes, acts and ordinances to line their pockets and strip the Individual of Natural Rights. Brining awareness to the concept of Jury Nullification is a paramount mission, brought to us by Dan & Lynn. Additionally the discussion steers us to our personal origin stories in Liberty as well as tip-toes into the world of the late Bill Cooper and his warnings for America. Enjoy!

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Alan Merrit is an author, private speaker, social commentator and holds six origami champion medals in four counties. He has dedicated most of his public life to the furtherance of Polygamist Rights advocacy but only does that as a gag because he finds the institution of marriage a joke in and of itself. Alan lives and writes from Wellston Georgia where he can faithfully be found perfecting his cynical viewpoints on politics, society and anything else in need of being brought down a peg or two with exquisite contempt.

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